5-star LB visits Florida, will return next weekend

McMillan made a surprise stop in Gainesville on Saturday and plans to return next weekend. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Florida appears to be climbing the ladder for five-star linebacker Raekwon McMillan (Hinesville, Ga./Liberty County).

He made a surprise trip to Gainesville on Saturday and spoke to head coach Will Muschamp and defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin about their vision for him in UF’s defense.

“It was a great visit,” McMillan said. “Haven’t been here in a while, so I came back down here to talk to coach Muschamp and coach Durkin again. We just talked about coming to play here, filling Jon Bostic’s role, stepping in as the next middle linebacker to play under him.”

The Under Armour All-American likes that Muschamp is a defensive guy and Durkin coaches his position.

“You always wants your linebackers coach to be the defensive coordinator because he builds the defensive around you,” McMillan said.

As for Bostic, who was selected in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears, McMillan believes he can similar success with the Gators.

“It’s real intriguing,” he said, “because the job (Bostic) is taking is a real prestigious job for Brian Urlacher. I think Jon Bostic is going to pan out great. And I think that if I came here I could do the same thing that Jon Bostic did.”

The 6-foot-2, 235-pounder is also drawn to Florida by its current linebackers, Antonio Morrison and Michael Taylor.

“That’s my guy, man,” McMillan said of Morrison. “Last time I visited I chilled with him and Mike (Taylor). They’re real cool guys and I could see myself playing here because those are the type of guys I like playing beside.”

From players to coaches, McMillan just enjoys the UF environment.

“It’s a great staff, campus is beautiful,” he said. “But the people here, man, they are great people.”

McMillan shared this picture on Twitter following his visit to Florida, then inexplicably deleted the photo minutes after it was posted.

McMillan plans to be back at Florida again this coming Saturday, which will be his fourth time in Gainesville and last recruiting trip of the summer. He’ll then take officials in the fall, and the Gators could receive his final visit.

“I want to see a game,” he said. “Last year I came to the Missouri game, but they don’t really pack out Missouri games. So this year I’ll probably make the Florida State game to see a packed house.”

McMillan, who is ranked the No. 1 inside linebacker and a top-20 recruit by every recruiting site except Scout, will be an early enrollee and wants to make his decision in mid-December or at the Under Armour All-America Game. His Top 5 schools (in no particular order) are Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Georgia and Ohio State, his presumed favorite.


  1. not sure if we need him or not… being a 5-star recruit is not being Jon Bostic… it takes blood, sweat, tears, and work to even use that name… Hopefully, he is just really confident, and not arrogant, but either way, any linebacker would be proud to be a Gator, not sure he is that guy just yet…

  2. Mr. Morrison must be a egotistic idiot….and I am tired of such idiots on college football teams. What the heck is a college football player doing out at a bar after 2am….and drunk? I hope Muschamp comes down hard on him….and finds out who the other players were….and comes down hard on them as well. Suspensions for sure, with no more nonsense allowed from any of them. Enough of this nonsense.

  3. Kids will be kids. Hope Morrison learns from the punishment. This close to the prize and you start acting stupid. Wise up guys. He told him who he was, just wow. McMillan may have to come to fill in for him if he doesn’t wise up. Wouldn’t be the first time.

  4. Swampman what are you talking about all he said was he feels he can come in and contribute like Jon Bostic he didn’t say he was on his level ur misinterpreting. Trust me he would be a terrific addition to this defense

  5. Morrison is my favorite defensieve player. However, with what he did, Muschamp needs to come down hard on him to make an example for the younger players: it doesn’t matter who you are, you will represent FL the right way. Morrison out the first 2 games, so he misses Miami would be appropriate.
    I hope we get this this guy if he’s more like Siler or Spikes, not Bostic. JB was so overrated. I appreciate what he did as a leader and keeping his nose clean (Morrison, why couldn’t you learn that part from him), but he was not a playmaker like previous Mike’s have been.

  6. This kid will be better than Bostic! He’s on the level of a Brandon Spikes. Hopefully, he will see that Muschamp is building a program that will win NC’s and could become the next dynasty. The weather in Ohio sucks, there’s nowhere near the things to do, as in Florida and Meyer has proven that he doesn’t run the kind of program you want your kids around.

  7. Real Gator…..

    Oh……Physical assault is no longer a “serious” thing. Using your fist on someone’s head is just minor today. Excuse me, I guess I thought I was living in a civil society. Must have been mistaken. But you seem to be correct, civility seems to be a thing of the past, and physical aggression and verbal abuse towards others for whatever reason seems to be the accepted norm now by the youth of America.

    Sorry….I am not buying in.

  8. Did I say it wasn’t serious?? I said you’re making it worse than it sounds. Do you know what happened? Where you there? No? Then how can you judge and say he needs to be punished. By the way you talk if you were our head coach nobody would be on the team cause you would punish them for any and everything. Take it how you want to take it I don’t care about your feelings

  9. Well…I bet it was serious for the guy getting punched in the head. Just saying…put yourself in his shoes. I was REALLY hoping we’d make it through the summer with NO ARRESTS. Oh well, one can dream.

  10. Real Gator….

    No, you posted that I was making it “more serious” than it sounds. Serious….is SERIOUS. And hitting someone in the head with your fist, unless in self defense, is a SERIOUS crime. And I did not read that Morrison was hit fist, or even that the person even threatened Morrison. If not, hitting him in the head is VERY SERIOUS…..and those are not my feelings; it is the law of this land.


    I was wishing for the same thing. But there seems to be a couple of morons every summer. You think they would learn, but they do not. Rarely, is the person doing this a 3rd stringer. Why is that?

  11. Tampa,
    Yes, hitting him in the head is serious. However, don’t buy into the idea that civility is a thing of the past. Quite the contrary, things are far more civil now. Things are much tighter, as well. I remember getting into fights at school, and having the PE coach “break it up”. Nowadays, it’s grounds for suspension if not expulsion. What you are seeing is older people who remember when this sort of thing was truly not a big deal. We don’t live in that world any more. Heck, I remember stories about riots after baseball and football games. Does that happen now? No. So, while I agree that this is a serious issue, I also think you need to retain some perspective on the larger picture.

  12. McMillan….since his act of drunken stupidity is not a felony…..I would assume he will get a serious slap on the hand only from Muschamp this time. Better not make the mistake again, however, if he wants to play football at Florida. My suggestion is that, if he is going to drink, do it in private and stay the hell out of bars late at night.

  13. Tampa Gator, I agree with your line of thinking. Though I must admit that I was VERY suprised when I read the article. It floored me, I thought from all of the reports and article I had read about Morrison that he had better self control. Would have never thought that I would read anything about a DRUNKEN RAGE. It must be dealt with swift and hard, not just to set an example but to set the STANDARD. People handle fame and spotlight differently, obviously Mr. Morrison doesnt do well in that category. This Kid worked very hard to get in the position that he is currently in and it only took about 5 idiot moments to (START to) ruin one of or possibly the greatest chance he has to make a good life for himself and whatever Family that supports him. I hope coach doesn’t just SLAM him but get GOOD counseling for him now, so that this incident(or anything like it) will never enter his mind again. GO GATORS!!!!

  14. why would you ever think of releasing a kid for simple battery? He got in a fight, which for a mike backer is 3 times a game… He needs to learn to control himself, learn some humility, and stop drinking if its a problem, but to talk of releasing a 19 year old kid for fighting is premature… He needs some sanctions, to face his brothers and apologize, and be restricted from downtown for a year, and he will be fine… He is a kid who needs to be taught, and Champ will do just that, nothing more, nothing less…as for McMillan, hope he does come, but remember guys, he is a recruit with potential. All I said is he has to earn his way just like everyone else…some people get it, some don’t…peace

  15. For some reason ‘bouncer’ and ‘Hookah Lounge’ do not relate. Maybe this is a big deal because a skinny yoga instructor (who makes his own yogurt) was taking money at the door of a zither concert and Morrison made a threatening gesture. All the pot-smoking Krishna-types loitering outside backed up the story of ‘battery’ and the keystone-cops pulled out their long knives and dragged him in to custody.

    Large African American Man vs skinny white granola dooosh — throw into the mix a bunch of overweight baton-wielding cops itching to crack a skull or two and PRESTO you have a story on a slow news day!

  16. Read McMillan’s comments in the Atlanta paper this morning on his recent visits and current plans. Based on what I read, Florida is at best 4th on his list of teams. Seems to me it is a race between Ohio State and Bama, with Clemson a distant third. Here are a couple of quotes:

    “If Urban Meyer was still the coach at Florida, I would be committed to Florida already.”

    “I might consider a visit to Florida and Georgia.” He never said anything about coming back to Florida this coming weekend.

    Sounds like he might be headed to play for the liar up there in Ohier.

  17. Raekwon McMillan is exactly what the Gators need to further shore up our linebacker corps. He may feel, however, that Antonio Morrison and Michael Taylor are too much competition, and decide to go up north to play in a less challenging league. Florida football is on the rise since Coach Myer left the program. Don’t get me wrong – Coach Myer led UF to two national titles. However, the SEC figured out how to beat the spread offense, and our former OC thought that dive plays up the middle with small running backs was how to succeed in offense (wrong!). Raekwon is needed at UF and would be an excellent fit. He will see more success and develop into the best he can be if he joins the Florida Gators!

  18. The SEC did not figure see last yr’s heisman winner. Also if Cam had taken over for Tebow like Meyer intended who would have stopped us, we went down because John Brantley, he seems to be a good guy with a great arm, but he’s no spread qb