Reidel Anthony training incoming Florida receiver


Alvin Bailey was a jack-of-all-trades for Seffner Armwood’s high school football team.

He played every offensive skill position, defensive back and special teams.

His triple dose of duties didn’t give him much time to prepare for what his primary position will be in college. But with the help of former UF and NFL receiver Reidel Anthony, Bailey has been dialed in this spring.

“Wide receiver is all I’ve ever wanted to do,” said the Florida signee. “But being an athlete in high school, you can’t focus on one thing. Now all my focus is on that, and it’s great to have a mentor like Reidel to put me in the receiver mentality.”

In 1996, Anthony was a first-team All-American, All-SEC mention and finalist for the Biletnikoff Award. (Photo by Sports Illustrated)

Anthony was a wideout for the Gators from 1994-96 and finished his UF career with a national title and 126 catches for 2,274 yards and 26 touchdowns. He spent all five of his NFL seasons in Tampa Bay after being drafted by the Buccaneers with the 16th overall pick in 1997.

Anthony is now a skills coach at the Performance Compound in Tampa, which trains youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes from several sports.

Bailey started seeing Anthony two months ago and they’ve been working out at least twice a week ever since.

“You’re never too good to stop being trained,” Bailey said. “He has a lot to teach me and there’s so much stuff he knows that I don’t. I’m just taking it all in.”

The 5-foot-11 Bailey is also training with former NFL receiver Yo Murphy, the director of sports performance at the Performance Compound. According to Anthony, the Under Armour All-American has improved his agility and increased his upper and lower body strength. He’s added eight pounds of muscle and weighs over 180.

As a senior, Bailey accounted for 2,045 yards and 10 total touchdowns. (Photo courtesy of Bailey)

“He’s really enjoying what we’re doing with him,” Anthony said. “He’s soaking it up. He takes everything in and he’s willing to learn. He will go out and do whatever we ask him to do.”

Anthony, who trains USC sophomore receiver Nelson Agholor as well, believes Bailey will see the field as a freshman and make an immediate impact for the Gators. He compared him to Ike Hilliard, his former UF teammate who played 12 years in the NFL with the New York Giants and Bucs.

“The way he’s built and the way he moves, he reminds me of Ike,” Anthony said. “Remember, Ike also came out (of high school) as a running back/quarterback/receiver. Alvin is going to be that guy who can catch the ball and go from zero to 60 at the drop of a dime.”

After spending time with Anthony in the offseason, Bailey is confident in his abilities as he gets ready to report to Gainesville in late June. The Florida coaches plan on using him as a returner, slot receiver and wildcat quarterback.

“It’s definitely special learning from him,” Bailey said. “He was a legend in Tampa Bay and he did his thing as a Gator. He’s basically showing me the blueprint for everything that’s coming up for me. He’s giving me some cheat codes to the game of football and I can’t wait to use them.”

For more info on Anthony’s services and the Performance Compound in Tampa, click HERE. Below are some of Bailey’s senior highlights and one of Anthony’s top plays from his Florida days.

[youtube cNUUp4P0r_4 580]

[youtube NpzQBstrWRY 580]


  1. If the Ike comparison is legit, then we should see a very pleasant improvement in the passing game. I’m trying not to get over-hyped about it, but this year’s WR class could be something special.

  2. @ Joke last 10 yrs Chris Leak & Tim Tebow has hit many big passes like that. To the tune of over 11 ,000 yds for Leak & over 9,000 yds for Tebow in the air. I’ll give u those plays have been absent since 2009 though.

  3. Notice no defenders within 10 yards of Danny when he launches. We rarely saw protection like that for Driskell last year.

    Alvin Bailey- this kid is under-rated and will make an early impact for the Gators.

  4. He should be a very welcome addition for the Gators this fall. Nice that Driskoll will finally have a go to receiver with good hands and open field running skills should compliment the Gators greatly!!!

  5. After watching these attached videos, this young man’s ability in the open-field is impressive. He utilizes his blockers like a SR…in COLLEGE!
    R.A. compared him to IKE, but I see another Jacquez Green.
    Either way, I hope that Pease and the Joker find some ways to get him the ball, because ‘IF’ the Gators block DOWNFIELD as well as his High School teammates did, then look out!

  6. Thanks for that play. It was so SOS and the Vols were so done after that play. Early in the game,fourth and ten, and they were getting the ball. “Happy Feet” Manning with his helmet strapped on and getting ready to finally beat the Gators…oops Touchdown Gators, Oh My!!! As I remember they went flat after that and it was over….still puts a smile on my face.