5-star LB compares Muschamp to Alabama’s Smart

McMillan was named the state of Georgia's defensive player of the year in Region 3-4A. (Photo by Richard Burkhart/Savannah Morning News)

In his latest diary with 247Sports, five-star linebacker Raekwon McMillan (Hinesville, Ga./Liberty County) went in-depth about the college coaches who are recruiting him personally.

When he got to Florida’s Will Muschamp, the Under Armour All-American compared him to a coach from the defending national champs. But it wasn’t his old mentor, Nick Saban.

“Two coaches I’ve talked to a lot are Coach Will Muschamp and Coach Kirby Smart,” McMillan wrote. “I think Coach Muschamp would fit right in if he was on the Alabama coaching staff. To me, him and Coach Smart are spitting images of each other. Coach Muschamp and Coach Smart are defensive-minded guys. Muschamp is a head coach, but they have the same mentality. And they like great-size linebackers that can run.

They both coached at Valdosta State. They can relate to the people in my part of the state because of that I think. That’s where they first started. They mention each other sometimes.”

Another talking point Muschamp has with Peach State prosect is his history in Georgia, where he went to high school and played college football.

“Muschamp also talks about when he was a Georgia Bulldog. He always refers back to his Georgia days,” McMillan wrote.

The 6-foot-2, 235-pounder currently has Ohio State leading and plans to announce a Top 7 in July, which is expected to include the Gators. He has visited UF twice — most recently in Febuary — and was evaluated by the Florida coaches earlier this month.

McMillan is ranked the No. 1 inside linebacker by ESPN, Rivals and 247Sports. As a junior, he recorded 151 tackles, seven sacks, one interception, five forced fumbles and returned a fumble for a touchdown.


  1. Urban must have a SILVER tongue, all of the best athletes in the top 100’s have or is considering OSU. They have proven that they can compete with the SEC on the field, but they certainly beat us for a lot of great recruits. It amazes me that kids that live in SEC country elect to play in places other than where they know the best of the best play. I know these kids can compete in this league, whats th pull?? GO GATORS!!!!

  2. After Muschamp’s last two concensus top 5 classes, he’s proven he can recruit with any of the greats out there. We’ll get our players we want for the most part. Some, you just won’t get.

  3. Let’s see. Urban has lifted all three of his previous schools’ teams from mediocrity to amazing successes by his second season at each place. He’s won a pair of nat’l titles at UF, came reasonably close at Utah and nearly got another with UF. He turned around OSZu at once and can recite names of Harvin, Tebow , Spikes et al. Why would anyone wonder why he has recruiting success?

  4. Urban’s ability to get on their level and be accepted is the new wave of recruiting and no head coach does it better at this point (Charlie Strong is not far behind; Muschamp is gaining ground, thus the flips). Traditionally, this was the role of an assistant coach who the recruits would flock to. Urban is not the same guy with his players or recruits as he is publicly…he’s becomes one of them, only with plenty of money, power, and respect (sounds familiar?). Urban is hot right now, he’s trending. Bama and its success are hot right now, they’re trending…This kid actually sees our head coach as the equivalent of Bama’s DC… MOTIVATION!!! Muschamp is viewed just as Driskel is: despite his recent success, not everyone is convinced. Let’s hope Driskel is working as hard as our coach and we’ll undoubtedly get ours! Go Gators!

  5. First of all, I am thankful for the two championships Urban brought to UF. Almost had 3. The one thing I have always questioned Meyer about even after he won his first championship with UF, was can he sustain success? And in my opinion he hasn’t been able to. His spread offense system takes opposing defenses a couple seasons before they figure out how to stop it. Secondly, Meyer is handcuffed by the type of players he can recruit. Bowling Green (2yrs, not his players), Utah (2yrs, Bcs game, not his players), UF (6yrs, first champ 2nd season, not his players. He recruited Tebow and won a second), OSU(1yr, undefeated, not his player. His only classes that went through the urban system for 4-5 yrs are the 08′ 09′ and 10′ teams which we saw which way the team was trending. The bamas, LSU, UF under Muschamp will have continued success with the types of systems and players they recruit.

  6. GatorMac & Wes, I hope you guys did not read my post in the wrong way. I’m an urban Myers guy, and I appreciate what he did for this great university. I mentioned the “SILVER TONGUE” to make the point that he is able to come in the SEC territory and still taske some of the best players in the region out from under some great coaches and programs. He’s good (very good ) at what he does. I was in no way trying to suggest anything misleading about coach Myers and looking back over my post, I don’t see how it was interpreted in such a way. As Gator Todd said we will get ours and the type that fits our system. My point was an in GENERAL type comment. Sorry if anyone got offended. GO GATORS!!!!

  7. I agree with CREEK GATOR with everything he says about Urban Meyer and recruiting in the SEC. I think Meyer is a great coach and all that and the timing of his hire and his persona, personality and style, wowed the young men he recruited and still does. I think he has learned from his recruiting mistakes at Fla, the kids he brought in who had discipline issues. I think he will recruit a higher level quality of kids at Ohio State and I don’t think he will have the discipline issues at OSU that he permitted at Fla.

  8. Losing Meyer I don’t think now was a big loss, with the success of Muschamp, etc. and the recruiting momentum he has brought. I hope Gator Nation will totally embrace Muschamp and his program, even on the same timetable as Meyer, with winning 2 national championships. Fla is getting better and the nations top teams are also getting better. Muschamp quite possibly might never win a national championship at Fla but he will be successful at Fla and be a national power at Fla.

  9. Besides talent, recruiting, and coaching I think a lot of luck also factors in winning a national championship. I think as good as OSU will be under Meyer, they wouldn’t be able to beat the upper echelon of power teams in the SEC, consistently. I think the record of the SEC has proven that over the past 8 years or so, but football is won on the field and not on paper. It’s fun and interesting to talk about the past, etc. but the present and the future is what really matters. GO GATORS.

  10. Irrespective of all of the comparisons, it was a great day for Gator football when Urban Meyer no longer wished to be a part of the great Gator Nation and we were fortunate enough to get Coach Champ.
    by gatorhal