Florida staff using social media as recruiting tool

Florida's offensive coaches have started using social media as a recruiting tool.

The Florida football staff is going on the offensive when it comes to social media.

Over the past month, UF’s assistants have picked up their presence on Twitter and Instagram in an effort to attract more offensive recruits to the Gators.

It appears to be the brainchild of new recruiting coordinator and receivers coach Joker Phillips. He was the first offensive coach to post pictures with a personal hashtag — his is #ComePlayWRForTheJoker.

Offensive coordinator Brent Pease, running backs coach Brian White, tight ends coach Derek Lewis and offensive line coach Tim Davis have all followed suit. They each share photoshopped images with their own hashtag on almost a daily basis.

Most of the pictures have corny messages, but some have been pretty funny and recruits are taking notice.

“I think it’s cool for them to have a Twitter and Instagram. It shows a different side to them and they’re having fun with it,” said George Campbell, a 2015 receiver prospect from Tarpon Springs East Lake.

Some of the shots include UF players, which is something 2015 running back Jacques Patrick likes to see.

“It’s nice because they post pictures of the team and you know they’re proud of them. I’m sure a lot of recruits look at that and want to be a part of it,” said the Orlando Timber Creek standout.

Although both prospects enjoy seeing the Florida staff on social media, they said it doesn’t influence them at all. It’s just something to joke about with the coaches.

Below are links to their accounts and some pictures from them.

Twitter and Instagram for offensive coordinator Brent Pease.

Twitter and Instagram for running backs coach Brian White.

Twitter and Instagram for receivers coach Joker Phillips.

Twitter and Instagram for tight ends coach Derek Lewis.

Twitter and Instagram for offensive line coach Tim Davis.

Earlier this month, I asked UF coach Will Muschamp about his assistants on social media and the impact it has on his program. His response was classic.

[youtube DwXutgxYVoY 580]


  1. I wonder what Ol’ Sigmund would say if he could see our society handling their electronic tool every waking moment, especially the ones that “flipped” open like a Star Trek communicator. Hmmmm…

  2. It’s never a bad thing to get attention – as long as it’s not the kind Miami has received, lately. Having young kids, I realize how much social media means to the younger generation – even if I don’t understand half of it? It’s , also, good to see the coaching staff having fun with it and Muschamp’s reaction was classic.