UF closing in on Miami’s lead for Clark

Clark enjoyed his first visit to Florida. (Photo courtesy of Clark)

Khairi Clark, one of the nation’s top defensive tackles, visited Florida over the weekend for the Orange & Blue Debut.

Clark arrived in Gainesville with his mother on Friday for his first trip to UF, and the Rivals100 member was impressed with what he saw.

“The thing that really caught my eye was the campus,” Clark said. “I just liked the way it looked. The facilites and the field were also real nice. I liked it all. It was a very good visit.”

The 6-foot-2, 315-pounder from Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna had lengthy conversations with Florida coach Will Muschamp, defensive tackles coach Bryant Young and defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson, his primary recruiter.

“They were just telling me how I can make an impact in their program and that Florida is a great place to be,” Clark said. “Coach Robinson showed a lot of care for me and was straight up with everything he said. Then coach Young, I think he can help me reach a lot of potential because he used to play in the NFL and he has the body size of a real thick D-lineman. I know I can get like that if I just work with him at my best ability.

“And I got a real good impression of coach Muschamp. He told me everything I needed to know about Florida and just had a long talk with me and my mom about how thankful he was for us to come up there and that he hoped to have us back.”

Miami has been the long-time leader for Clark, who grew up rooting for the Hurricanes. He claims closeness to home doesn’t give them an advantage.

“Distance is not a factor for me at all,” Clark said.

UM is still on top following his trip to Florida, but the Gators are gaining ground.

“Florida is also real high right now,” Clark said. “They’re right behind Miami. Both schools are recruiting me hard.”

Clark named Clemson, Nebraska and Notre Dame as his other favorites. He plans to take official visits in the fall and make a decision late in the recruiting process.


  1. Let’s see: Miami or UF?? Miami or UF?? All it takes is seeing Miami, then coming to Gainesville, truly one of the most beautiful campuses in the country, with football coaches and facilities at the absolute top-level. It should be a no-brainer.

  2. Come on up, Clark! What could be better than being at a top SEC school with a chance to play right away?
    Just ask yourself this, Clark. Would you rather be doing the Gator Walk, preparing to play LSU in front of 90,000 fans and a national TV audience, or riding a bus over to the stadium, preparing to play Virginia in front of 20,000 indifferent fans and no TV at all? Seems like an easy call to me.

  3. As a Chaminade alum, I urge my young brother Lion to become a Gator and bring a national championship back to Hollywood some day soon. Khairi needs to go up to Gainesville on the day of a big game and compare the Mardi Gras atmosphere to the Canes playing in an empty stadium 20 miles from campus. And then compare the campuses. No comparison, really.

  4. when its all said and done, we all know he will become a Cane. Also, when was the last time you observed all those people at the Swamp disguised as empty seats? Gators arent exactly tearing it up on the attendance figures the last few yrs either!!

  5. Larry, the lowest Florida attendance was more than twice Miami’s attendance. He needs to see a real team play a real game in a real stadium with a real crowd. He can get that in Gainesville. He can’t get that in Miami unless he goes to a Dolphins game, and the “real team” part would depend on who the opposition is.

  6. Larry, there’s no comparison between UF and Miami, in attendance. We had very few empty seats, compared the Miami and the root cause was the economy. Miami had poor attendance when the economy was booming and could sit all of their fans in UF’s student section. Plus, when one considers the campus; academics; facilities; playing in the SEC; playing for championships – which UF is poised to do, every year; the quality of coaches; with NFL experience; lingering sanctions, that will hit Miami hard; family atmosphere and most of all Gator Nation, there is no question which school is better and which school prepares players for the NFL, the best.

  7. forget attendance. Isnt miami still facing prospects of serious penalties from the NCAA?

    Who wants to play for a team that has no chance of playing for championships?

    Secondly would he prefer to be in the league where national championships and BCS games are the norm? Or in a league where a couple bcs games in a decade is an accomplishment?

    no comarison. Go Gators!!!