Bronson, coach respond to rumors of poor grades

Bronson was the first commitment to Florida's 2014 class. (Photo by Chris Fields)

Fort Myers Dunbar receiver Ryeshene Bronson wants to clear the air.

Contrary to recent rumors, the Florida commit said he’s not about to be dropped by the Gators due to poor academics.

Bronson’s GPA is currently 2.8 according him and his position coach, Chris Fields. He’s only behind in one class at this time.

“I have one bad grade right now, and that’s Spanish,” Bronson said. “I have a 59 in the class and I’m trying to get a tutor to help me out. But other than that, all my grades are good. I’m trying to go to college and I don’t want anybody looking at me in a bad way, especially when they don’t even know me or my situation.”

Bronson said both UF coach Will Muschamp and receivers coach Joker Phillips haven’t told him he’s in jeopardy of losing his spot in the class.

“They’ve came to my school to see me and never told me my grades were bad,” Bronson said. “The only thing they’ve said to me is that I need to bring up my grade up in Spanish.”

Fields said while Bronson could improve in the classroom, he’s well on track to qualify next year.

“As far as qualifying, I’m going to squash all those rumors right now because he’s definitely going to do that, without a doubt,” Fields said. “He always can do better, but he’s not one of those kids who are way behind. He’s good to go with his grades and he just took his ACT last week.”

To be ruled eligible by the NCAA Clearinghourse, a prospective student athlete must complete 16 core classes, earn a minimum required grade-point average of 2.0 in those courses and earn a combined SAT or ACT sum score that matches the core-course grade-point average and test score sliding scale (HERE).

For example, Bronson would need a combined minimum SAT score of 700 or sum ACT score of 57 to qualify with his current GPA. If he raises his GPA, his required SAT or ACT score would be lower.

“I’ve been pushing him to get over that 3.0 and stay above it,” Fields said. “He’s capable of doing it. I want to see him making strides and improving in his grades, which he has done since his freshman year. That’s very important to me. But again, his grades aren’t an issue. Florida has never told me or him that they’re thinking about dropping him.”

Fields is proud of the progression Bronson has made throughout his high school career.

“I know the kid personally, that’s like a son to me,” Fields said. “I talk to him everyday. He’s from a one-parent home. Right now there’s a lot going on in his life and things of that nature. It’s overwhelming for him, but he’s in the process adjusting to it and staying focused.”

Bronson is ranked No. 119 overall in the Rivals250 and was one of the top performers at the Under Armour Combine on Jan. 4.


  1. This kid is open about his academic status and admits where he needs improvement – a great indication of his character and integrity. He’s exactly the kind of student athlete Muschamp is looking for! Can’t wait to see Bronson in Orange & Blue! Go Gators!!!

  2. Well of course a 2.8 would not cut it for the common student. That said a 2.8 is really not that poor and Spanish can be difficult for anybody. Now I have a BS in Physics from UF (long time ago) and had trouble in Spanish in HS, and not much better GPA (perhaps in more difficult courses). Don’t sell him short since he will have to pass classes at UF, just like anybody else but with normal assistance.

  3. C’mon Joke, we’ve litigated this topic on past posts a gazillion times. Where have you been?

    Unless you’ve been in a bubble the last 40 years (or the northeast), you should understand the role of the NCAA clearing house and their constituents.

    You are the Joke!

  4. If you want to support a team that requires 4.0 grade averages, become a fan of Yale or something. If those students with 4.3 GPA’s put in all the extra work these kids put in, to become good enough to be recruited, they wouldn’t have the time or energy to maintain a 4.3 GPA. I have a few friends, whose kids were recruited to play Div. I ball and they worked hard, year around; especially in their Jr and Sr years.

  5. Joke & Dagger….you’re the joke. You have NO idea just how well respected UF’s J-School is. UF regularly places in the Top 3 of the Hearst Championships, which are considered the be-all and end-all of journalism competitions. You can’t get into UF’s J-School with less than a 3.0 in your undergraduate and prerequisite classes.

  6. joke & dagger is a troll, or has unrealistic expectations. UF’s academic requirements for student athletes are higher than most major universities. And would someone please refresh this old man’s memory – isn’t the highest possible SAT score a 1600? Not sure how UF freshmen had an “average 1958 SAT” score???

  7. @cggater

    I don’t agree with joke and dagger, however before you comment on a topic you should know what you are talking about or else you make your side look bad, the highest score on the SAT is a 2400 becasue there are three parts, (Reading, Math, Writing) where you can score up to 800 on each part

  8. In a hopefully non offensive manner, I believe what others may have been trying to state is that UF is a damn tough school to get into academically (just about the hardest in the state of Florida). Average SAT score of 1380 (reading and math/no writing score) and 88% of incoming freshman had 3.75-4.00 GPA. I know kids with 4.0’s that had to wait in hopes of receiving their acceptance letter. So, yep, if you have ball skills you can get in with a 2.8….. Where others don’t get the shot with a much better GPA.

  9. @Jimmy. I had to google it, but the 1600 SAT scale is the old scale (like way back when I was in college). I didn’t know about the new SAT scale, hence the question. That still doesn’t change the fact that UF has tougher entrance standards for student athletes. So what exactly was your point?

  10. LMAO at the 4.3, those are weighted GPA’s. This kid didnt say if his was weighted or not. I never knew my weighted GPA until my senior year nor did I care. Kids are not dumb or stupid if they have a 2.8 GPA and many high schoolers (me included) didnt try that hard or apply themselves like we could have during those very young years. I bet my GPA in high school unweigted GPA could have been lower than yours but I would probably say you didnt have a higher GPA in college or acheive the academic status I have post bach. You have to take several things into account for high school kids, a GPA is not the end all be all. I knew people at UF with excedingly higher GPAs in high school than me at UF but were dumb as rocks, but I did attend public schools ranked in the top 100 in the nation. Also when I attended High School a 93 was a B+ and a 74 was the lowest C- so this deflated GPA’s in our county compared to othrs and made us look worse than we were but UF probably knew this since it was alachua county.

    a first semester of a 2.2 ish GPA is hard to improve with honor roll level thereafter grades 3.0 ish… Do the math or homework. Dont judge a book by one or two facts, it questions the education one garneshes

  11. @Jimmy. I am sure of the fact that I stated concerning requirements for our student athletes. The follow up question was not related to my initial statement – just an “oh btw, I’m curious about this SAT stat…”