Zach’s Mail Stack 1/10


What a week it’s been in Florida football recruiting.

So much for that Sugar Bowl loss killing momentum.

Five-star cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III won MVP of the Under Armour All-America Game, defensive tackle Caleb Brantley recommitted to the Gators early that next morning, receiver Demarcus Robinson picked UF over Clemson, seven early enrollees reported to Gainesville and linebacker Alex Anzalone joined the party Thursday.

With the addition of Anzalone, Florida’s 2013 class is once again ranked No. 1 by ESPN and has more commits in the ESPN150 (11) and ESPN300 (16) than any other school. UF has the top class on, too.

The Gators also landed cornerback Duke Dawson, the fourth member of their 2014 class.

Will Muschamp and his coaches are on a roll right now and show no signs of slowing down.

On to the questions!

How many more can we take?Robert, Tony, Kyle

Florida currently has 27 commits and three more scholarships available after the recent departures.

The eight commits who enrolled early this week will be counted back toward the previous year, so the maximum number of recruits Florida can sign in February is 33. For the Gators to reach that number, they will need three more players to leave between now and when the signees report in June.

In my opinion, the most likely canidates are receiver Stephen Alli, tight end Tevin Westbrook, offensive linemen Tommy Jordan, defensive end Kedric Johnson, linebacker Gideon Ajagbe and cornerback Jeremy Brown.

With only a few spots left, who do you think finishes out the class? — Bill, Sam, RKellyComedy, Mr. Eko, John, GatorGeorge

If there is no more attrition and the Gators can only take three more targets, I think they finish with receiver James Clark, defensive end Elijah Daniel and either Jarran Reed or Jaynard Bostwick at defensive tackle.

Clark unofficially visited UF this past Sunday and was offered by Muschamp. Florida made his Top 5 the next day and will get his final official visit on Jan. 25. Clark said the Gators want both he and Robinson, which isn’t an issue for him.

He will visit Nebraska this weekend and Clemson on Jan. 18 before his official to Florida. If Clark doesn’t commit to either one of those schools before returning to Gainesville, UF could be in the driver’s seat at the end of this month.

Florida will also get the last visit for Daniel on Feb. 1. The Under Armour All-American told me last week that his academics are in order, which is key for the Gators if true. Many believe they have been his favorite since he decommitted from Clemson, but low test scores kept him from visiting earlier in the year and potentially pulling the trigger. Ole Miss and Mississippi State are still in the picture, but the fact that he visited those schools over a month ago and hasn’t committed is a good sign for Florida.

If Daniels doesn’t decide on UF, Auburn commit Tashawn Bower, USC commit Jason Hatcher and Mississippi State commit Chris Jones are the other top targets at defensive end. All three, however, seem less likely than Daniel.

Five-star defensive tackle Montravius Adams officially visited Florida last weekend and gave the Gators high remarks, but Reed and Bostwick have more interest in UF (at least publicly). Reed, who is the teammate of JUCO early enrollee Darious Cummings, is committed to Ole Miss but will be Gainesville this weekend on an official. Bostwick visits Florida on Feb. 1 and things have been trending upwards with him since his grades improved.

If more attrition occurs, fullback Kennard Swanson is a strong candidate to make it into the class. He officially visits UF on Jan. 18. and has been adamant about pledging to the Gators since his decommitment from LSU.

Florida is still after running back Alex Collins, tight end Durham Smythe and cornerbacks Mackensie Alexander, Jalen Ramsey (USC commit) and Shaq Wiggins (UGA commit), but all have visits remaining and their recruitment will become clearer in a few weeks.

And for all those who asked, I’m told UF is not actively pursuing quarterback Asiantii Woulard and former linebacker commit Quinton Powell.

Do you see us losing anybody before National Signing Day?Leland

With Brantley back on board and linebacker James Hearns no longer taking an official to Ohio State, defensive lineman Antonio Riles is the only UF commit considering another school. He is officially visiting Michigan State this weekend, but he appears to be solid with the Gators judging by his tweets and most recent photo. Riles takes his official visit to Florida on Jan. 18.

That’s all for this week! Be sure to put your questions for the next mailbag in the comment section below!


  1. The future looks mighty bright for GatorNation. The run defence is going to be sick. It’s time for the Joker to put NFL quality receivers on the field with Jones and the Mac truck in the backfield, this is how you build an all SEC club.
    Go Gators

  2. How many spots will we have next year? I am sure the transfers are going to have to slow down a lot now that most of Meyers guys and those that didn’t work out are gone. I would rather us save some spots for next years studs instead of shooting for 33 and then having a 15-18 member class. Also, if we make a habit of taking guys and then dumping them after a year or two of not working out, then coaches are going to start steering their star players in another direction. Sometimes those players that ride the pine are best friends or cousins of the 5* guy in the next class. I remember being at a birthday party several years back and Adam Weis the coach of Sandlewood was there and mentioned that he doesn’t push his kids to any school, BUT he seemed to not want any of his kids going to Florida. Demarcus Walker and Cain Daub anyone……

  3. you must know how recruiting works huh Doug? we should all just listen to you… LOL clearly Florida has NO ISSUE with kids waning to come here because if you can read.. we have the #1 RECRUITING CLASS and it’s only going to get better.

  4. Sorry Adam Geis and Kain Daub before the hate mail starts. If I remember right he was upset that some of his players were not getting a sniff from Florida in his first year ’04 I think. I doubt he feels the same way now, but your past effects your future. ’05 Maurice Wells, Marvin Sapp….’06 Jamar Hornsby which did go to UF but didn’t work out to well, ’13 Demarcus Walker, ’14 Kain Daub. Just one high school, but does get some good kids going through there.

  5. It is Geis, not Weis. And isn’t the fact that he doesn’t push his players to one school a GOOD thing? Let the kids decide on their own instead of pushing them somewhere that is not the best fit for them. And, by the way, one of his players, Jamar Hornsby, did come to UF and was a thug and Adam told the UF coach that was recruiting him the kid was a thug and we still signed him. Adam did not go to UF but he runs a good program and is very fair to all schools recruiting his players.

  6. Geesh Ryan, I was just making a statment. UF always recruits good. I really just wanted to find out how many we could take next year and voiced my opinion about wanting to save some ships for next year. I like the excitement of following recruiting and getting the players. Its not as much fun if you get 15 commitments vs. 25. Thats all. Ignore the rest of it if you want..

  7. A competitor site says we can currently take 4 more recruits before hitting the 85 team cap. My impression was we could take 31 when Nick Alajajian was announced as not coming back. How certain are you about 3 rather than 4?

    • ETGator1,
      Nick Alajajian is included in those numbers. Florida has 30 spots available right now excluding walk-ons (whose scholarships won’t be renewed if more recruits want to commit). Whoever says differently is incorrect.

  8. We have 27 right now, and number calculate out that we can take 30.

    We are done at OL and LB, but WR, DL, and RB could have another edition, and I like our chances at DT M. Adams because of the star power of this class. He’s got to be looking at this class and thinking what a great chance they have to win it all.

  9. Gees, you guys – following recruiting is fun and all. But, don’t get your panties in a wad until signing day. EVERYONE will lose a few and EVERYONE will get 1 or 2 they didn’t expect. The proof is in the results 2, 3, 4 years from now, not how highly they are ranked coming out of high school.

  10. For a top DL UF is almost paradise right now! 1. Academics and Academic Support System 2. SEC/National Champion Contender 3. Position of need 4. Depth Chart/Play right away 5. Program rising fast with very bright future 6. NFL Hall of Famer position coach. 7. Play beside NFL talents that will draw double teams 8. Facilites and Strength and Conditioning Program 9. Young hungry coach/coaches 10. Gatornation has no boundaries…(and I could go on and on) – I am bias, but I only speak on this one because it SCREAMS “Mon Adams, UF is the way!” The addition of Adams, Daniel and Clark would make this class, well, CLASSIC. Got my popcorn!

  11. If we get the QB play that we all hope Driskell can bring to the table this coming season, even with or with out those final 3 that were mentioned; Clark, Adams, Daniels. This COULD and SHOULD be the MAGICAL season, if we have no big loses (injuries or de-commits) and with what we have coming back this SHOULD be that year we have been hoping for the last 3 or 4 seasons (SEC and NC). I know the more conservative NATION members are saying not just yet, But who is there to stop us especially in the east?? I think with consistency and good QB play we can take any team in the west. PLEASE remember this is just the ole Creek Gator’s OPINION, and I’m told I’m entitled to one! GO GATORS!!!!

  12. You are entitled to an opinion, Creek Gator, and I am with you that if some of these young players can have immediate impact, it could be a great year. Judging by some of the earlier posts, some people think others are not entitled to their opinion at all. Its sad to see some of the childish fighting that goes on. Unless someone is being flat out insulting to a player/coach without basis, people should not attack others for their opinion. But, jackasses are everywhere.

  13. Nothing against Adams, if he comes that’s great, but to me, the way to recruit DT”s is to find the guys that have a frame that can handle 330+ pounds, have a low center of gravity and leg drive, and are mean as a snake. Could be Oline or TE or even a big FB. Bring them in, put them in the S&C program, and, after a redshirt, send them out there to commit mayhem. You got 4-5 guys like that, you own the middle, and when you own the middle, you own the field.

  14. Creek Gator, I am with ya. QB play will be the key. One thing is for sure, the coaches have done a great job of filling needs and getting support – I believe we all can agree upon that. If Jeff makes strides, and our offense is balanced, we should be right there in the mix for all of our goals. We won’t have the same team, but I expect nothing less than what we put on display this year. @ Lizardgrad89, I like your description of the ideal DT, it sounds like you were looking at film on Mon Adams as you typed. Can’t wait to find out what he decides.

  15. @ james, Simple immediate playing time. Some of these kids think they should just walk on the field and play (don’t get me wrong) some are really capable. But for the majority they NEED to realize that Top Tier SEC teams are a bit different, you have to LEARN the speed of the game, and technics that you did not get from the ole high school cxoach. I think they just want to play right away. GO GATORS!!!!

  16. I’m no analyst but I’m a pretty big recruiting fan and I keep up with just about everything. So here’s wat I’ve heard lately:
    Mackenzie isn’t come here its a Clemson/Rutgers/tamu battle for him. As far as everyone else with percentages.

    Daniel-75% should be a gator as long as his grades permit. He visits feb 1.

    Clark-50% we got a pretty good shot. I think he is on an official to NEBRASKA this weekend and Clemson just lost out on Drob, Ryan Jenkins, and probably north so they’re gonna come after him hard. He visits on the 25th

    Swanson…? Haven’t heard much lately but I would be would be a take if extra spots open up

    Montravious-35% I say this because even though he says the visit went really good, we got the first visit and he’s going to see at least three other colleges. We could still land him.

    Bostwick-50% Miami/UF battle IMO. I think we get last visit so that should help.

    Reed-55% he visits this weekend and has two former teamates(Damien Jacobs and Darius Cummings) already at UF who could try to sway him while he is on his visit

    Collins-25% basically I think he recommit a to Miami soon although we have a slim chance

    Tunsil….who cares

    Chris jones-15% he seems to be set on miss st. Things could change if we get him to visit.

    Ramsey-40% he’s visiting a lot of schools soon including USC last which could seal the deal for them depending if they have a Def c. By then

    Wiggins-25% it seems if he’s going to flip to anyone it’ll be South Carolina

    Bower, hatcher, and Ryan green(who I think would be a great addition to this class) are backup plans righ now. Hope that helps you guys

  17. Btw I know people wonder why schools like Clemson, ole miss, etc. are doing good in recruiting. Clemson has a very explosive offense which is really appealing to offensive recruits. And they put bowers in the nfl recently which is appealing to dline recruits. Ole miss has a very beautiful campus(and girls as well) I think they have the no 1 tailgating ranking. Many prospects really enjoy the place when they visit and plus its an sec school. And they weren’t too bad this year. Hugh freeze is a pretty good coach as well

  18. @Doug, it was widely reported when Walker and his Sandlewood coach visited with Muschamp that they hit it off and that they trusted him. I recollect Muschamp saying that ‘he would take care of Walker because he would not do anything to tarnish his relationship with that school.’ That Saban didn’t have to go back and recruit Sandlewood next year, but that UF had too……something along those lines. But I agree that the number of percieved transfers the last 2 years has me concerned. A lot of “one and done” players. And it would appear that the Palm Beach pipeline that was just established a few years back has all but blown up, with the number of kids that didn’t pan out in a Gator uniform.

  19. You can’t forget about the universal appeal of a nice campus. UF’s campus is nice but Ole Miss and Clemson have a little more of the scenic beauty going on. After all you can get to the NFL from pretty much any school so the players know to consider the vibe with coaches, quality of facilities and overall campus life in addition to the football prestige of a program.

  20. I hate to complain, but isn’t it concerning at all that we signed only two OL last year, and the four this year are all three star players. The SEC is a line of scrimmage leage, and I’m concerned this won’t translate to a dominating OL, the way Alabama is dominating.

    • Ron F,
      Focus on quality, not quantity. The two they signed last year were both All-Americans. One (D.J. Humphries) was a Top 10 overall prospect and started as a true freshmen. The Gators have five OL commits this year and only one (Octavius Jackson) is a three-star prospect. He’s also a prospect that was literally given last-minute offers by Alabama, Florida State and Georgia on the day he committed to UF. Cameron Dillard is a solid player and a four-star on ESPN, Rod Johnson was an Under Armour All-American and Trenton Brown and Tyler Moore are two of the best JUCO prospects in the nation. Florida isn’t up to par with Alabama yet, but IMO things are headed in that direction.

  21. Cindy,
    Skyler Morningwig or however you say his last name will be Driskels backup. Hill be a red shirt So., Tyler Murphy backing him up. I think if Murphy ever got his timing right he would have challenged for the starting spot sooner. Max Staver will red shirt.

  22. Ron F- Dillard is one of the best OG’s in the country and labeling RodJ and Jackson 3 stars is a little misleading. All 5 starts means, is that they are a rare talent and could start right away at the college level. And you are leaving out the JUCO’s Tyler and Trenton……it was a pretty good OL class.

  23. All of this talk, names, back and forth is exciting to talk about and speculate on. When this all plays out on National Signing Day, Fla will have a great class. Is the verbal with Alex Anzalone SOLID, or is it just talk right now? Go Gators.

  24. I agree w/ Zach about the quality of the OL recruits. Do not forget that Tyler Moore was the #1 tackle recruit in the nation coming out of Countryside, and 1 of only a few kids to ever start as a freshman at Nebraska before transferring… I also agree with Kyle about the CB situation, would love to get 1 or 2 more, rather than another RB. We struggled covering people this year, and got burned more than a few times… What a great class though, and addressed many needs, but would love to get another DL or 2, and another corner or 2. What are the best chances for either?

  25. we should offer the FB. we have a lot of depth and some of these guys will leave due to just the nature of the game. but a FB to get some reps and time so he is ready to replace Joyer would be good. instead of hoping for a guy to step in right away.

  26. Zach, I appreciate your efforts,
    Question, The players are ranked by stars to show how good they are.
    The stars were assigned before the commits HS Sr year.
    Which UF commits star ranking have increased or decreased by how well they played or did not play their Sr year of highschool ?
    Thanks, John