5-star DT Montravius Adams talks UF official visit

Adams gave his UF official visit high remarks. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Following Friday’s Under Armour All-America Game, five-star defensive tackle Montravius Adams (Vienna, Ga./Dooly County) headed to Florida for the first official visit of his recruiting process.

The Under Armour All-American previously visited UF for the LSU game on Oct. 6 and was impressed by the win and The Swamp. This trip, however, was even better for the 6-foot-3, 303-pounder.

“It was probably my best visit so far,” Adams said of his UF official. “I mean I haven’t taken any other officials, but Florida set the bar pretty high. I think it’s a great place and I could see myself going there.”

Adams indicated last Wednesday that the official would be an opportunity for his mother to build her relationship with UF coach Will Muschamp, defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and defensive line coach Bryant Young.

According to Adams, things went well in that department.

“She liked the coaches,” he said. “She spent a lot of time with them and got to see what they’re all about. I already know everything they have to offer me, but it was good for her to see it and I’m glad she did.”

Adams was hosted by Florida redshirt sophomore defensive tackle Leon Orr and enjoyed hanging out with the players, which was his main objective heading into the trip.

“Leon showed me a good time and I got to know the players like I wanted,” Adams said. “They told me they need defensive tackles and I think it would be fun to play with those guys.”

Adams wouldn’t call the Gators his leader, but he admitted that the visit improved their chances of landing him and guaranteed them a spot in his Top 5 when it is released this month.

He will officially visit Clemson this coming weekend, Alabama on Jan. 18, Georgia on Jan. 25 and possibly Auburn or Ole Miss on Feb. 1. Adams plans announce his decision on National Signing Day (Feb. 6).


  1. I dont… and the reason i hope he chooses someone else is because… can you repeat after me…

    Jacoby Brissett…. Florida should be a ashamed of theirselves. This kid deserves to play for a National Championship, and I promise with Driskell.. we will not play for one at least until he is gone.

    Sorry but i am just being truthful.

  2. Im so tired of hearing this garbage about Brissett not getting a fair chance. Why dont people look at the facts? Muschamp gave the kid a chance all the way up to the opening game. All reports from practice was that Driskel was ahead the entire fall but Muschamp wanted to give Brissett as much time as possible. It was OBVIOUS that it was hard for Muschamp to tell Brissett he wasnt going to be the starter. Thats why he gave him the “honorary” start in the first game. Driskel hasnt looked great but he did win multiple games for us this season by playing well late in games. Brissett surely didnt look ANY better than Driskel in 2011 or 2012. Why anyone would think Brissett would have done any better is beyond reasoning. Do any of these people ever think about the facts that our offensive line was well below average on pass blocking and the offense is totally without playmakers and that makes it tough on any QB? No QB has looked good since the offense lost all its playmakers at receiver 3 years ago!!!!

  3. Mr.Bobby, what exactly did you see in your little peebrain mind that makes you feel Jacoby did not get a fair shot. He did nothing in the game he started that would make anyone except you believe he was better than Driskell. Oh I forgot that Muschamp gave you a seat on the crossbar during all the closed practices that you evaluated the QB’s.

  4. Brissett was in a bad situation because of our wideout problems jeff gave us added addition to the run game and it showed in the Vandy game. He clearly was the best option for the offense florida ran. Can he improve he passing sure, remember this is Jeff’s full year of being a starting Qb in th best conference in College football be patient. Jeff understands what he needs to do to become a better and 11-1 record isnt bad either!

  5. Lets stop beating up on Bob guys. His sentiments to his opinion are no less valued than yours. As for Adams, Hope he gives us a real chance and hates the cold and mountains. Praying he thinks UF after his visits are all done.

  6. Driskel….not Driskell……any real Gator fan would know how to spell his name…..ONE L……like the beginning letter in the word, LOST….lke FSU just did to the Gators.

    …..and I will miss the interviews with Brissett. What a classy, funny, intelligent person.

  7. I think that Mr. Adams will be a good fot for for the Gators. I think that the initial impression that he got while attending the lswho game will be the deciding factor. The subsequent visits after the UF visit will all be great as the other schools will pile it on but in the end I think UF wins out. Keep up the good work Zach & Go Gators!!

  8. Hmmm…it’s obvious that our offense was far from perfect. It required someone with Driskell’s skill set rather than Brissett’s. Jacoby was a much better quaterback in the traditional sense. Nothing I have seen from Jeff convinces me that he fully understands how to play the position intellectually. Compare his performance to that of Tony Bridgewater’s in the Bowl game. Both are sophmores and both play quaterback but it was obvious that Bridgewater had a clearer mental picture of how to play the position than Jeff did. Jeff is a wonderful, gifted athlete and for the sake of the Gators I hope he grasps the concept of being a quaterback with great athleticism rather than being an athlete who happens to play quaterback. GO GATORS!!!!!!

  9. Driskel runs the zone option better out of the Pistol/Spread offense. Gillislee was good but not Ingram/Richardson/Lacy and O-line not as good as Bama’s. Couldn’t just turn around and give it off like Bama does. Driskel has a similar skill set to Kaepernick when he was at Nevada. Just need him to either go through his progressions better or go through – First read -> Check down -> Haul ass – more decisively.

  10. @ Carlos W. Clarke, That was the best observation of the UF QB situation yet. Jacoby is the better Traditional QB. Jeff is the better athlete playing QB. I think the arguement is a lost cause at this point as Jacoby has moved on and we should too. As for Jeff I too hope he gets it when it comes to being a real QB. WE won three of our biggest games by way of our running game and not anything special Jeff did. If we are going to rely solely on Jeff’s running ability we should have Trey be our starting QB. He is definitely the better runner of the two. While I agree that we must rally behind Jeff. I will not sit here and act like he was exactly the better qb or best option epecially when you bring in Trey to be a running QB in the wildcat. Isn’t that why we started Jeff in the first place?

  11. To compare Jeff’s progress to Bridgewater’s is a silly arguement. Bridgewater has been the unquestioned starter since last season. He has had the same coaching staff and he lines up against Big East defenses week in and week out. They played the 113th toughest schedule in the country last year nfor christ sakes. If Jeff inked his name to be a Louisville Cardinal 2 years ago, I’m confident he would probably look like a bad ass right now too. He came into tough situation with the coaching staff being completely blown up, adopting a new offensive identity and average OL, with no playmakers to take the load off against the toughest defenses in the country – I think he has held his own and deserves the benefit of the doubt from Gator fans.

  12. I echo scooterp. In the NFL, when there is a change in the offensive coaching staff, QB’s seem to need a period of time to adjust. Look at Josh Freeman this year, who has the third offensive scheme in the last 4 years. In Jeff, we are speaking about a kid, and one who has limited experience on the college level. Why would any of us be surprised that he needs more time to adjust to the passing game?

    Plus, as we all know, he had VERY little help this year in the passing game. Give the kid a break. Despite everything, he went 11-1. Supposedly, our OL next year will be outstanding. With a few playmakers, Jeff will do a great job.

  13. I watched Jeff play a game on ESPN when he was in high school and one thing the announcers kept harping on was that it would take him longer to develop as a QB in college since he wasn’t in a passing offense in high school. Now that he is in his second offense in two years at UF, its understandable that he is still a little unsure. Hopefully with another offseason to learn the reads even better, along with an improved WR group, we should see great strides. I can’t wait to see our offense next year, and even if it still needs some improvement, but we end up in another BCS game, I think it’ll be too hard to really criticize the team. GO GATORS!!

  14. Unfortunatley we are in the lead for most recruits until the visit other school… why not hold all the hoopla until this kid commits to where he is going. Its like a upset stomach that you dont know when it really going to come out…. ups and downs… Of Course he would say he loved his visit.. do you think he would say he hated being treated like a king. Well Georgia, Clemson, Bama and anyone else will make him feel like a king also.. unfortunately someone will make him feel like the kind the last. And that is more than likely where he will go. So until a recruit comes to visit The Mighty Gators and decides there are no other trips to be made… than let us know.

  15. Mr. Bob will see the growth and maturity with Driskel this coming season, mentally and physically. He should be very much improved next season, wait and see. I think to win in the SEC, anywhere, you have to be able to use your legs also, as well as throw. Myself, I wish Muschamp could have given Brissett more PT, used both of them. Oh well, Fla needs to developa 2nd stringer, which they will. Go Gators.

  16. Really, not concerned about this guy. The Gators have had 4-5 5 star DT’s in the past 10 years, most of them were busts. Give me a big guy with a big frame and lots of room for growth who is mean as a snake and a motor that never quits. (I don’t care if he only has 2 stars. Stars don’t matter with DT’s.)

    I don’t care what position the kid played in HS, if he’s got these attributes, you move him to DT. Warren Sapp played TE in High School, you know.