UF trying to flip 2014 RB committed to Alabama


Bo Scarbrough, one of the nation’s top running backs for the 2014 class, competed in the Under Armour Combine on Friday at Tropicana Field.

The 6-foot-2, 222-pounder from Tucaloosa, Ala., committed to Alabama back on Sept. 7. Most assume he won’t change his pledge with the hometown Tide, but he’s going to give other schools a fair shot.

“Honestly, there are some that still have a chance with me,” Scarbrough said. “Florida, Georgia and Notre Dame are the main three schools I’ve been looking at.”

Florida is now the biggest threat to steal Scarbrough from Alabama. (Photo by Zach Abolverid/The Gainesville Sun).

The Gators were once his fourth on his list, but they moved up over the last few months.

“They’re my second favorite school,” Scarbrough said. “Florida is recruiting me just as much as Alabama. It’s head-to-head as far as who’s recruiting me the hardest. But Florida is really interested me and I like them a lot.”

The Under Armour All-American is high on UF because of its success on the ground.

“I like how they put an extra tackle on the field for extra blocking,” he said. “I think the Gators are a great team to play for. They have an awesome rushing attack, they run the ball very well and they’re more of a downhill running team. That’s what I like.

“They’re running game that they had this season was dominant. It was excellent against LSU. They had a couple losses, but I didn’t care about that because it’s the SEC and every school has bad games.”

Scarbrough said he will officially visit Florida in the fall for one of its home games and┬ácan’t wait to see The Swamp.

But not the one in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

“I heard that they have a swamp with real live alligators in it,” he said. “I’ve never seen one in my life, so I’m looking forward to seeing one.”

Scarbrough couldn’t put a percentage on his commitment to Alabama, although he said it’s solid right now. He isn’t sure what it will take for Florida to flip him, but he’s willing to find out.

“I can’t tell you what Florida has to do to make me switch,” Scarbrough said, “but that’s why I’m going to take a visit and I can’t wait to get down there.”


  1. Sounds great!!! Sounds like a quality young man that knows a good running game when he sees one! C’mon down to Gainseville and be a part of Coach Muschamp’s rebuilding of the teams of old-winning championships as well as playing for them! UF would love to have you!!

  2. why do u people keep saying he wont leave cuz he is from tuscaloosa. i go to northridge high and took strength training 1st period with him. a few weeks ago he said he would visit other schools with florida being one of them. he also said that he may have to decommit in order to do so if saban didint want him to take visits. his interest is legit. trust me.

  3. I like the fact we’re going after this kid. It’s CWM telling Saban, “you better always be looking behind you because we ARE coming and we’re gaining on you….” Odds are, if he’s good enough to get offers from Alabama and Florida as a junior, he’s probably going to stay home. But, it does tell Saban his backyard isn’t sacred. That he’ll have to decommit from bammer in order to make the visits tells me Saban plays tough with his kids (which we all knew). Conversely, CWM tells the kids, “Go visit anywhere. We want you to be sure Florida’s the best choice for you.” Which coach has more confidence in their program’s ability to convince the kids to honor their commitment? It ain’t bammer….

  4. I would agree it is a long shot but this kid can see UF is going to run the ball at least 35 times per game. Will is building this team in the mold of the old SEC when Charlie McClendon was at LSU, Bear Bryant at Bama, Pat Dye at Auburn and Vince Dooley at Georgia. Here it is in a nutshell: Tough defense, powerful running game, great kicking and special teams. Muschamp is really trying to win games in the NFL style of 17-10, 20-14, 21-13 or 13-3.

  5. Hey Zach, I know this is off topic, but don’t worry about the a$$ hat on twitter trying to blame you if Walker doesn’t visit this weekend. Based on previous information that came out, if a recruit asked you not to report something, you didn’t. If he didn’t want you to report it, or anyone esle, I’m sure it could have been kept quiet. Keep up the hard work getting us the scoop, we love what you do for us!

  6. Maybe it’s the location of the meeting.
    The way I understood it was a recruit can go to the college campus, on his own dime, and meet with anyone there at any time.
    The NCAA does have restrictions for the phone calls, text, tweets, ext. and the way I understood it was that’s for the coaches contacting the recruits.
    A personal visit from a recruit to a college is a different situation.

    Im not a 100% sure about that but I bet Zac is, what’s the deal with that?

  7. Saw Zac on espn at the Under Armor game getting VHIII to pose for a pic right after they named him MVP.
    Thought it was cool to see you on the job.
    I’d say dealing with all the different egos and mood swings of these young sports stars can make your job difficult at times.
    We all really appreciate it, Thanks man.
    Go Gators!!

  8. This is a GOOD sign that we (WM & STAFF) are doing a good job of saying we are going after good players wherever that may reside. Saban doesn’t let location stop him from raiding our sacred land. And I’m no foolish dreamer in thinking that between FLORIDA, FSU and the “U” that we are going to keep ALL of the best in this state, but we should have a stranggle hold on the top 50. This land is too rich for us to keep all of them but we should pull the very best and keep them at home. We won’t but since we can’t we should be going into others back yard that raids our back yard every year (BAMA, CLEMSON, USC, NOTRE DAME). GoO GATORS!!!!

  9. If Saban can come into JAX and get a top player, Muschamp has to go into his main territory and steal one or two as well. It is only fair and right.

    Anyone concerned about Muschamp’s use of language and highly expressive negative actions when talking to refs during a game. He even seems to go overboard when talking to his players at times…and his emotions might be helping cause some of the on field penalities by players. I read his lips during the Sugar Bowl…..and I would have started calling penalities on Florida if I were the ref he was talking to. I think he needs to tone his act down some on the sidelines. I really like Muschamp and think he is doing an outstanding job overall, but his behavior on the sidelines is starting to get negative national attention….and could become increasingly embarrassing to the University. Not good.

  10. @Tampa Gator
    I actually share the opposite opinion. Maybe not with the players sometimes, but with the refs I definitely agree. I’m tired of refs being allowed to make crappy or one sided calls all game and just get away with it without being held accountable. At least Muschamp lets them know how he feels and that he won’t tolerate it. And I guarantee you if the refs get to calling things very one sided, and basically cheating that he’ll have some words for them and he’ll go to the higher ups and make sure they at the very least get reported. It’s nice to have a coach that doesn’t let the refs slide. Besides that, it’s hilarious to watch as well. Even when a game is going wrong Muschamp can still make me laugh. Good stuff

  11. I wish people would quit whining about Muschamps actions on the sidelines. Its part of him. Its not like someone like him can just turn that off. All this whining sounds like the politically correct crowd who always says they are for individual rights but are actually always trying to tell others what is acceptable and what isnt. I agree he needs to be careful with his players, but the refs are paid professionals who know what they are getting in to when you hold the outcome of D-1 football games in your hands.

  12. TJ..

    Saban is very effective with working the refs…..without screaming and cursing at them….but you are wlcome to your pointof view. But I am hearing a lot of Gators wondering abou the imact his obviously out of control emotions are impacting the sometimes overly aggressive play on the field….see the penalties called on the Gators…..that are personal foul penalties. They seem excessive, and were in the Sugar Bowl for sure.


    There was nothing political correct or incorrect with my post.

  13. Maybe this is suited for the mailbag, and listen, I’m not naive, I know thousands of shady recruiting things go unnoticed or swept under the rug, probably the least important of which was the Asst Alabamlam coach talking to Walker at the game. But out of curiosity, what does the process look like for something like that? Can anyone report that? And when? And how long would (hypothetically) something like that take to go through to the NCAA, even though I’m sure it would be a very minor slap on the wrist if anything. Just curious about the NCAA process really. Even when we’ve had our doubts about Clemson, this question came to mind. Thanks Zach.

  14. GREAT POINT Tampa Gator! IF you PISS off the refs and they think you are trying to show them up, They can call many infractions that we don’t see(or even they don’t see) if its close there is NOTHING that will be said because the league knows these are split second JUDGEMENTS sometime. He can tone the Bullsh… Down. The REFs will not make your team perform better. The thing that he was arguing about they showed several time were the TWO PERSONAL FILES were committed. Both NO BRAINERS. GO GATORS!!!!

  15. The only thing about getting onto Muschamp is the refs have been pretty bad when Florida was playing for about as long as I can remember. I know this may sound like a whiny fan grasping for straws, but I’m not. I admit when the penalties are good calls or when the refs missed a penalty they should’ve called on us, and I don’t blame the refs for any loss except the 03 debacle and that was just obvious. But watching the game, I see most calls don’t go the Gators way, and this year seems even worse. I mean when’s the last time anyone see a Gator opponent get a holding call? I mean really our opponents just never hold?? Ever? And just one example for this year, the refs are trying to tell me that FSU didn’t do anything penalty worthy until late in the 4th and yet Florida had like 12 penalties?? It’s insane. It’s messed up. And the players don’t deserve that. That’s why I like that Muschamp doesn’t put up with it. And I bet if this crap continues he’ll do more about it than just yell at the refs. He’ll make sure it gets brought to light. And that’s what the players deserve. They deserve a coach who will go to bat for them. As for the personal foul penalties, I think that has nothing to do with Muschamp’s sideline behavior. He probably needs to make more of an emphasis on playing smart and the players cleaning up their act, but I highly doubt it has anything to do with his sideline behavior. I’ve had coaches go crazy on the refs, get in my face, chew me out, yell until they were blue in the face (not quite Muschamp level but still) and I never committed a personal foul penalty in my life. Never got caught up in a fight. Heck I never even talked trash to another player (I mean like fighting and telling him how I’d beat him up or something. Now talking trash about how we were a better team, or that he’d never be able to block me, or such now that’s just part of the game and an extremely fun part of the game! haha). Personal foul penalties and stuff like that is affected by the attitude of the individual player and how he’s taught every day in practice, not what he sees on the sideline. Muschamp can go as crazy as he wants, but if he has good guys and teaches them right then personal fouls shouldn’t be a problem. Now if you do see a problem then maybe you should question what time of players we have or what Muschamp is teaching them, which I pray he’s not pulling a Bobby Bowden!

  16. TJ, I see this as a truly mixed up message, too many different things and not all on the subject. You start out with a conspiracy theory that ref’s are out to get the GATORS. And how others are not as bad as WM on his side line antics. Then the players personal fouls having nothing to do with WM’s sideline show. and what a player is taught in practice and the attitude of the players and what type of players we have.I think we have good players, MOST PERSONAL FOULS COME FROM FRUSTRATION. And the Bobby Bowden comment, just went over my head. Go for one argument at a time and be concise with it. I’m not being critical of you , your post is just confusing. GO GATORS

  17. Call it a conspiracy theory if you want, but go back and watch the calls refs have made in Gator games over the years (especially this year) and see if you don’t find something fishy. Especially look at holding. Do you remember the last time a Gator opponent got called for a hold? I think we had one this entire year. Do you expect me to seriously believe that none of our opponents ever held us? I don’t think so.

    With the sideline antics I was just bringing personal experience in. I was saying, while my coaches weren’t quite Muschamp level, they still could go crazy. However I never even came close to getting a personal foul penalty or anything like that. And believe me, I got very frustrated plenty of times. Trust me, the personal foul penalties have nothing to do with how Muschamp acts on the sidelines

    As for the Bowden comment, I was straight up calling Bowden a dirty coach and saying I pray that Muschamp isn’t taking that route. I don’t think he is, but if personal fouls keep popping up then that can be an indicator that you have a dirty coach. Again I don’t think Muschamp is, but then again I didn’t think Meyer was a liar and he proved me wrong.

  18. If Bo Scarbrough chooses to put on the orange and blue, it will great for UF as we need several top notch running backs to compete with Bama. Bama has plucked several top players from Florida’s backyard, so why should not do the same? Tailbacks are prone to injury as they are guaranteed to get hit and hit hard virtually every play. I can envision a UF running game that stays the course with fresh legs. I have no doubt that Bo would make the rotation from the get-go. His contribution would be an awesome plus for the Florida Gators. Come to Gainesville, Bo, and stay 3-4 years. You will never regret it! GO GATORS!!!