Zach’s Mail Stack 1/3


Happy New Year everyone!

I know 2013 couldn’t have started any worse for Gator Nation, but there’s still a bright future ahead for the Florida football program.

First of all, Wednesday’s loss shouldn’t have much of negative impact in recruiting. Most of the verbal commitments chose UF prior to the season, so they didn’t base their decision on the 2011 results and won’t change their mind because of a bowl loss. Besides, the Gators still had a great year at 11-2 and exceeded everyone’s expectations, including those of recruits.

On another positive note, UF is expected to land receiver Demarcus Robinson at Saturday’s Army All-American Bowl and flip defensive end DeMarcus Walker during or immediately after his unofficial visit this weekend (assuming he takes the trip as planned). The pair of early enrollees would fill two of the biggest remaining needs in Florida’s 2013 class, which should jump to No. 1 on several recruiting websites if both jump on board.

With the returning starters, amount of young talent on the roster and 24 incoming recruits, the Gators will be loaded for years to come if Florida coach Will Muschamp and his staff can the develop players.

Almost every question this week was about defensive tackles, so let’s get to it!

Defensive tackle situation — Alec, Brandon, BJ, Chentee’, Cody, C-Slim, Devin, Justin, Kaleb, Ken, Kevin, Richard, TheWooDaddy

National Signing Day can’t come soon enough.

Caleb Brantley decommitted from the Gators  on Wednesday because of his desire to take official visits, among other factors.

Then tonight, Florida cornerback commit Vernon Hargreaves III tweeted that Brantley is “coming back to UF.” When I asked Brantley if he recommitted to the Gators, “No comment” was his reply.

Brantley publicly became a soft verbal to Florida in May and then solidified his commitment following the UF-FSU game. But the truth is that he’s always been unsure about what he wants to do. He’s just that type of teenager.

Brantley has a lot of factors tying him to Florida, but at the same time he likes the idea of visiting other schools and enjoying the recruiting process. Regardless of what he does over the next few weeks, his recruitment will not be over until he signs his NLI on Feb. 6.

The Gators haven’t been eliminated and are still the favorite to land him. However, if continues to be wishy-washy with his decision, don’t be surprised if Muschamp moves on.

As much as he needs Brantley, he is not going to bend over backwards for him and put up with his drama. Remember what he told Yahoo! Sports on Dec. 3.

“I’ll turn my back on a five-star guy if he isn’t a good guy. I have zero reservations about that. ZERO reservations,” Muschamp said, raising his voice. “I’m the recruiting coordinator here. You’re not a good guy, you go somewhere else. We’ll play you. We’ll beat you.”

Muschamp has been actively recruiting other defensive tackles and will turn up the heat even more after Brantley’s latest episode. Montravius Adams and JUCO Ole Miss commit Jarran Reed are officially visiting this weekend, and Florida gets Jaynard Bostwick’s last visit on Feb. 1. Robert Nkemdiche, the nation’s No. 1 recruit, also plans to visit UF this month. But don’t get your hopes up, Gator fans. He ain’t comin’.

Brantley, Bostwick and Reed are the most likely candidates to join Darious Cummings, Damien Jacobs, Leon Orr and Dominique Easley if he stays. Defensive linemen commits Joey Ivie and Antonio Riles will play both end and tackle next year, but they could end up inside on a permanent basis once they add weight.

With the way that this offense has seemingly gone from bad to worse, what impact it is having on offensive recruits? If I am a receiver, do I really want to come play for this offense? — Ryan, Aaron, Ivo

I think most offensive recruits view Florida’s offensive struggles as an opportunity to play right away, and that’s how the UF coaches are selling it. Receivers recognize that the Gators are a running team and have a strong stable of backs for the future, but Florida doesn’t have enough threats at wideout to be effective through the air.

That’s one of the main reasons Ahmad Fulwood & Co. committed to UF and why someone as dynamic as Robinson could make the most immediate impact out of the whole freshmen class. There are some like Marquez North who are turned off by Florida’s passing game (or lack thereof) and want to play in an already productive system. But the majority of kids are intrigued by what offensive coordinator Brent Pease brings to the table and believe they are missing piece to the puzzle.

After the juniors decide and transfers take place, how many do you think we can take in this class and who do we add? — Kevin

With Sharrif Floyd and Matt Elam entering the NFL Draft, Florida now has 26 scholarship openings for the 2013 class. I expect that number to reach 30 with Easley staying, tight end Jordan Reed leaving and about three more players to transferring.

I think the Gators close with Robinson, Walker, two more defensive tackles, another cornerback (Mackensie Alexander or USC commit Jalen Ramsey) and either running back Alex Collins, fullback Kennard Swanson or tight end Durham Smythe.

That’s all for this week! Be sure to put your questions for the next mailbag in the comment section below!


  1. Is there not another cb on the board? I think it is a need
    J Brown (sr) he played wed night hmmmm
    J Watkins (sr) fs candidate? But versatile enough nonetheless
    C Riggs (jr) fs?
    L Purifoy (jr) let him concentrate at cb
    M Roberson (jr) baller
    B Poole (so) recruited as cb but played mostly as fs
    V Hargreaves III (fr)
    Point is there are only 2 fr/so with the soph a ? as a cb

  2. I hope this is true with Robinson and Walker. Those two will help bigtime! Brantley needs to get onboard and recommitt. Concerned about “taking visits and other factors”. Adams and Bostwick are interesting but what happened to Daniel?

  3. C. Brantley needs a good talking to before he shoots himself in the butt. At this rate, he’s not going to make it at ANY University. Dude keeps his immaturity and arrogance right up front so EVERYBODY sees it. Somebody please help him. Bummer that Mon Adams injured himself…couple that with, never-mind don’t want to bring it up, just hope he enjoys his visit. Shout Out to #49 DARRIN KITCHENS! INTEGRITY: Doing what you’re supposed to do, even when no one is watching – OR when everyone else around you, INCLUDING YOUR SUPERIORS are not doing what they should be doing or doing things they shouldn’t. Somebody raised you right! Wish I had that at your age!

  4. Kitchens is a true Gator. Much love to Taylor for getting Robert N. to give us a look. Hope all goes well with Robinson and Walker. With Driskel looking like quicksand of the brains at times, Brissett is not out of this race just yet. Would be nice to surprise everyone with a Adams commit. Not much hope but would be cool. If it did though, all of a sudden Brantley would want back in right away. lol Kids. Pray for them guys. Collins or Kennard would be a nice little piece as well.

  5. From 7-6 to 11-2… Obviously dissappointed in the way we were repped in the Sugar Bowl. But the body of work and growth was pivital and as (Boom) continues to add layer after layer of his kids I feel very good about where we are headed.

  6. Our biggest need is a passing offense. I love what Driskel brings to the table but he has got to become a better passer; L’ville loaded up on our run game because Strong new the weakness was passing. I think our stable of recievers could of course be better, but a lot their prodeuction has to do with reading the defensive field and that’s the QB’s job.

  7. I was at the SB, seeing as it’s only an hour away from me in Baton Rouge & I was not at all pleased with what I saw. Having said that I feel that these young guys coming in can & will have an immediate impact on the team next year. I think Fulwood, Hargreaves, Robinson, & Brantley will contribute much like Fowler, Morrison, & Bullard did this year. Let me tell you guys something-UF has a future star in Morrison. Dude plays with a nasty streak that you need at LB & will only get better. Driskel needs to get his crap together this offseason-the coaches need to work with him on looking off safeties & stop staring down his primary target. He just locks onto his target & never looks off. Brissett should get another look in the spring, IMO….Go Gators!!

  8. Lack of playmaker at WR has been this offense’s Achilles Heel the last couple of years, and these new WR commits know that too. They’ll have a chance to create a very balanced Gator O with their arrivals.

  9. Gator Todd, here’s what I know: How could our coaches not play another QB when Jeff struggled as bad as he did? Give him a chance to see the game from the sideline and calm down! This season we used closed practices and a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde offense to our advantage and caught a lot of teams off guard. This won’t work again. If we don’t get some quality QB play, we’re in trouble; and it won’t matter what WRs, OL or RBs we bring in. 9 man fronts and blitz pressure will be the norm. An unexpected 11 win season has pushed up the due date on Driskel dramatically. Good luck to him but with his slow progress we have to treat the QB position the way we’re treating all other areas of need – LIKE WE CANT MISS AGAIN!

  10. Thanks Zach. First of all not worried about the effect of the Sugar Bowl on recruits, UF just couldn’t get up for Louisville after playing hard against USC, LSU, UGA, FSU, pretty much the same way Bama didn’t against Utah in Jan 2009 Sugar (31-17 loss). Bama won the NC the next year. In fact after that game I think Robinson and Fulwood can see how much we need their talents.

    The Brantley de-commit is a real head scratcher. A big physical 300# (cut in the mold of S. Floyd) that we need right away and would play next year, probably more than he would want. With Floyd, Hunter, Okine, all departing and UF devoid of DTs in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 classes we are in a desperate situation at DT. Brantley should hope we get another tackle to help him out … don’t even want to think about what happens is Easley bolts for the NFL. I think UF looks great now for Adams and Walker, especially with Dan Quinn and Bryant Young.

  11. We praise Driskell for average play see FSU about 150 pass yds, defend him when he’s bad four straight games under 100yds passing still can’t believe he came out of that without having to look over his shoulder, in 11 games he threw for less yds than most good running backs run for. I can’t figure out why we make soo many excuses for a qb’s with such poor play, don’t think we would have been this patience with Brisett.

  12. Also if we are supposed to be a pro set offense why did we pick a spread option qb over a pocket passer, and the one game Brissett got to start he only got to throw the ball 3 times in the second half in a one score game until Bostic’s pick six. He had about 145 pass yds at the half, which is like Driskell’s game average. Can’t figue this one out. And most gator fans including myself was soo mad at Rex Ryan for not playing Tebow with such poor play from Sanchez, but ok with our coaches sticking with Jeff playing average at best.

  13. @TigerCatZeroZero – The only thing I can think of is the other QBs look worse in practice. Remember these coaches see all the QBs play in practice… That being said, Driskel still needs to improve. He is way too slow to make a decision in the pocket. Leading to sacks, incomplete passes and ints. He does seem to make the right read most of the time just a bit late. I just hope they keep the competition for the starting QB spot open in the spring/fall practices. That way if Brissett looks better he plays!

  14. I guess we will know soon about Robinson and Walker. These two players will enroll early so it is showtime. I hope Daniel joins this class and Brantley understands that he needs to be helping recruit not running out. Does Bostwick, Alexander, or Ramsey join the Gators?
    Interested in Kirkland. He has received high marks from his performance this week. I know the OL is almost finished but with Turnsil not interested then Kirkland or Denson could be a fit.

  15. To Travis do the math over 140yds in a half projects to over 280 for a game, he only had 2 att in the 2nd half. Also every football team needs balance and not the kind of balance where your qb & rb has almost equal yds in rushing for the rb and passing for the qb. Also Alabama is as power running as they come 2rb’s over 1000 but qb over 2800 yds in the air, it’s called balance, and our defense and running game won 11 games not our average qb. It is what it is the numbers don’t lie.

  16. @Mike, I agree that the QB competition needs to be opened. I have conflict with our response to Jeff’s slow development and mediocre play. If the others are worst, we needed to have gotten some immediate help as we have with the OL via JUCOs. I know we missed out on some QBs earlier but that was because we didn’t see it as a priority, instead we bet on Jeff. I am guessing the coaches are going to open things up and let Jeff sink or swim…this year’s dog paddle won’t work. I am sure Jeff will come back better, however when under fire he’ll do what he does, ‘just a bit late.’ I would guess that Brissett will move on, so will/should T. Murphy. @Derek, you’re on point, IMO.

  17. @TigerCatZeroZero Driskel’s slow development?? Have you watched the Bowling Green and TAMU games?? If you watch Driskel beginning to end he has shown a world of growth. Yes he is definitely too hesitant, but as a sophomore with very below average receivers, is that really unexpected? Now I haven’t seen the Sugar Bowl yet, so I won’t comment on his play in that game until I see it, but his progression from the beginning of the season to the end shows a world of difference. He has shown flashes of brilliance that were Heisman worthy. All he needs to do now is take the next step in making those flashes permanent, and we need to improve the whole passing game not just the QB.

  18. @Derek Are you kidding me right now? Our passing game is not all on Driskel. Why don’t you try going out there and playing well when you have a line that isn’t very good in pass protection and receivers that completely disappear? And if you’re wondering why we went with a running QB over a pure pocket passer, then try watching college football. You’ll notice that there is a trend going toward running QBs. Why? Because they give you more options with their ability to create time and make plays when things are going down. And as far as trashing Driskel for low passing yards that’s weak man. Again the passing game is not solely on him. There are more pieces to that puzzle. And did you try ever watching the games you mentioned? The games where he threw under 100 yards 1. we won, and 2. we were focused on running those games so the pass was unnecessary and unneeded. Watch the second half of the LSU game. We ran the ball like 20-something or 30-something (don’t remember exactly) times in a row because their line was worn down and couldn’t stop it. Also go watch the SC game where we didn’t get much yardage because we always had such great field position that we never had to go far enough to get good stats. Then you talk about the FSU game, but did you even watch that? He was on fire passing the ball and then we cruised to a win so again he didn’t need to pass the ball anymore. And you say we would’ve done better with Brissett because he threw for 145 yards in the first half of the Bowling Green game? 1. Dude he was 3-5 for 31 yards. We only had 145 passing yards total. 2. Really Brissett would’ve automatically made the line block, and the receivers run their routes, get of the coverage and catch the passes? Wow he must be really amazing! No dude. It’s our whole passing game that needs work, not just one player. This is the worst type of fan out there: When things go bad you find one person to blame even though the whole team played bad. As fans we can’t turn on the individual players just because one game went wrong! I’m for keeping an open mind on Brissett and keeping the position open for competition, but don’t make Driskel out to be as bad as a Pop Warner player! And DON’T turn on your own players.

  19. TJ, my problem or complaint is with our banking on Driskel ALONE to be our QB. Our coaches have known and used the run game to conceal what was painfully exposed in the Sugar Bowl – PLEASE WATCH THE GAME – (Timeout: Zach I thought it was a pre-requisite to watch each game a minimum of 2x before commenting? ). In obvious passing situation when behind we can’t pass. Each time that we’ve been forced to, we looked bad in our failure (Georgia and Louisville). Driskel did his best and always does, he just is not where we need him to be. Next year, the weekly theme will be teams overloading the box with 8 or 9, bringing blitz pressure, daring us to throw. IMO QB play is going to make us or break us and I am not willing to bet that Driskel makes the mental leap necessary to become a guy who punishes defenses who dare blitz him. I am about to struggle thru the Sugar Bowl again…saw some things that made me question whether or not we were running football’s version of “4-quarters”….it was either that or our coaches loss confidence in our pitcher. I love our team and am not blaming anyone one individual. I think Driskel will continue to be a valuable weapon for us, just not the guy who is going to lead and give the team the comfort and confidence it needs to go where we all envision…but if he’s our starter, I am in his corner! Race has no place in sports…I’m not the Boss, but let’s not do that.

  20. After seeing the complete body of work this year. I feel we should of taken our lumps with a 9 win season and given Brissett the starting job. Yes Driskell’s running skills won us a couple of games, but his lack of progress will be the achilles heel forever. Look at other freshmen and sophomore quarterbacks tearing it up, he’s over-rated. Brissett shows much more control, calmness and pocket presence in every game he has played. And btw, he ran when he had to in high school, look at the tapes. We would be serious contenders next year with Brissett having had a year under his belt.

  21. Hell, if you ask me, Driskel showed a lot more courage standing back there in the pocket than I would have shown. With those defensive linemen making a bee line for my head I would have heaved the ball as far as I could, as soon as I found the laces, every time I had it; just to save my butt. The Gators need improvement in many areas and I suspect Muschamp doesn’t need my help figuring out what those areas are. Keep the faith.
    Go Gators. Win or lose.

  22. You and me both Doug! 🙂 We all want us to get it together and trust that our coaches can and will do the job. Recruits will come and Florida will ALWAYS be among the best to do it. Welcome back C. Brantley…although you’ve got some issues to work on, your room is as you left it.

  23. Driskel’s mental development as a QB has been very slow, he has good legs and an average passer. But if he is to be the guy that takes this team to the next level (CHAMPIONSHIP, SEC, or NATIONAL) he has to improve greatly in the next 6 – 7 months. He’s no JOHNNY FOOTBALL, but if he can develop his decision making processing he could be a pretty good QB. The progress of this team next year will depend on the QB or QB’s that we put on the field. I am another one that does not blame him for all of the lackluster performances of the offense, but he is the key. It not like we don’t have someone else to put in the game when he is not getting the job done. IF and I sayy IF, the coaches CLAIM these two QB’s were neck and neck, WHAT”S the hesitation for pulling one when he’s not performing up to par? Were the coaches lying to us or Brisset???

  24. The only way for Jeff to get better is to know that he can lose his job. The pressure of knowing that fact is the same pressure he faces when he need to anticipate the throwing window. He is a spread option qb learning on the job. Jacoby is a pocket passer who cannot run the spread option. If we are a true pro-set team then cut out the “spread option” and “wild-cat” play calling. Joker Phillips will add more to the staff because of his offensive input. He will get the wide receivers to play with more effort or bench them. The real problems IMO is that the team is very undisciplined with all those penalties, OL had too many break downs, Pease does not call enough crossing routes or layered routes and Muschamp thinks he is an OC. IMO, if any player gets a personal foul or unsportsmanlike conduct which results from shoving or trash talking then he should be benched for the remainder of the game.

  25. TigerCat ZeroZero, It was actually your initial post that inspired me to actually express my opinion. I’m not blaming Driskel but he has some developing to do and quick. If Brisset is SUPPOSE to be as good a QB why haven’t we seen him? Did the coaches just say we go with Jeff no matter what barring injury? Did they give us that NECK and NECK fairytale to keep Brisett from transferring at the beginning of the season to have some insurance? I’m not trying to be critical of ANYONE, but things just didn’t line up. I’m NO football GURU, but it seems that we should have had some options. I LOVE the work these guys are doing, don’t get me wrong, but we have a lot of talent and the receivers are getting plenty of blame for the offensive woes, but I haven’t seen the DROPPED passes we had last year. I just don’t see them getting a chance or the throws are not in time or accurate. Now I know some are going to be upset with my opinion, but guess what it’s JUST an opinion (MINE). GO GATORS!!!!

  26. @TigerCatZeroZero I didn’t really disagree with most of what you said in the original post I was replying to. The only thing I disagreed with was you said he was developing slow and I have seem a lot of improvement from the Bowling Green game to the end of the season. As I’ve admitted he is way too hesitant and does have plenty to work on. As far as his mental development, I think you’d see it a lot more if the receivers didn’t have a habit of disappearing. I do definitely agree that the QB job should remain open to the best player though! No doubt. That’s how it should be with every position. Just because you were better in September doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the best choice in January. So as we work through spring and into next year I do hope the coaches keep an eye on Brissett (and the rest) with an open mind. However, I am very excited about Driskel because with the improvements I’ve seen this season, I think he’ll only get better, and the game will slow down a great deal for him and with better receiver p[ray and protection I think he could come out to be one of the premier QBs in the league.

  27. I think so too Creek Gator. “September to January’ – EXACTLY! Keep things open and competitive and the cream will rise. I can understand avoiding a QB controversy, but nothings wrong with relief when needed. We’ve got several good QBs who, with development could be starting in the right situation and soon we’ll be adding to that group. I say let the natural selection process begin and never end – the best performing QB/players play (see San Fran’s Alex Smith).

  28. To the ga gator I don’t know what over tones you’re listening to, but I just stated things that actually occurred the fact that you see it like that is sad. Also we do need better receiver play nutlets not be so quick to right them off, how many receivers cam newton played with at auburn were knocking down nfl doors, or the ga recovers that aaron Murray almost got to 4000 yds with, sometimes the qb makes the receivers. And Aaron Rogers was sacked like 54 times this yr and the pack are in the playoffs and his numbers are off the charts, guys all I am saying we should not settle for average at any position especially qb it far too important to a team, not settling for average is how coach Spurrier built us into the powerhouse we are today, Goooo Gators.

  29. Caleb Brantley is somewhat over rated. ive seen him play in person. He has potential but he goes hard 1 outta every 10 plays.. The dude has bad character too.. But maybe he’ll mature and turn into another Floyd. Go Gators

  30. Robdinson I can believe we get, and we’ll probably know by Sunday if he is enrolling early. he knows he has the chance to start as a freshman at UF and will be playing in the SEC and have a REAL shot at playing for some serious hardware at the end of the year. He won’t have that chance at Clemson.

    As for Walker, he’s all Bama IMO. I’ll believe he’s a Gator when I see him enrolled in classes at UF.

  31. @Gator Todd
    Now it looks like we won’t get either. Bama committed a recruiting violation and now Walker won’t visit UF, and Robinson’s coach said he’d make a decision on the ride home from the All American game, which mean the coach will be putting the pressure on for him to go to Clemson. Oh well Robinson will regret his decision when he sees James Clark take his place and be one of the pieces that gets UF’s passing game going again and he’s lost in the crowd at Clemson and still can’t get any rings. Now Walker may not regret his decision because at least Bama has a shot at getting rings, but then again I’ll be happy with Elijah Daniel

  32. You know what I like about these opinions(and I’m not being facetious), I never read the “let’s just trust the coaches” garbage. The sycophants who continue to write that obviously don’t understand that the coaches at all the major schools(with 3 exceptions) were basically guys who could not play in the NFL, hung around as graduate assistants after majoring in “Recreational Park Therapy”, eventually made it as a position coach, stayed around for about 7 years, made some contacts, got job as OC or DC at fairly large school, head coaching gig at a smaller school and eventually a head coach. I’m not saying these guys don’t know enough to be head coaches, I’m saying the skill set involved qualities mostly having to do with perseverance and not what you would asociate with medicine, dentistry, law, economics, science, accounting or about 20 other disciplines. These guys are football coaches and if you check out many of the recruiting gaffes made at schools over the past 10 years and longer you will understand they should not be viewed as omnipotent in decision making as to personnel and all other aspects of the game.

  33. Get J. Clark in here! Reports are surfacing that J. Brissett will transfer…no surprise when you are neck and neck with the starter and aren’t even rewarded with mop up duty – nevermind the opportunity to give the team a spark when the 1st guy is rattled. Seems to me he was being asked to leave. T. Murphy next…?? If the reports are true, thanks for your contributions 12 and best of luck chasing your dream.

  34. Red Shirt Freshman Skyler Mornhinweg, walk-ons Christian Provancha (lis ted as WR but played QB in HS), Jacob Guy, Ryan McGriff are on the team now..Max Staver is on board as a commit…Will Grier is on board for 2014. An injury to Driskel and we turn to…

  35. TJ, Robinson’s HS school has done more damage with pressing D-Rob more than anything, and from what I’ve heard, his mother is getting frustrated withy the pressure being put on her son from him too. Lets just siot back and see how it plays out. D-Rob has openly said UF leads, so we’ll find out soon enough.

    Again on Walker, he’s all Bama IMO.

  36. Btw, not getting Robsinson or Walker does not make or break this class. This is already a top 3 class and ESPN’s #1 class right now without them. So guys, so stop with all the panicking. This class has addressed needs so well it’s incredible.

  37. Zach, whatt’s the deal with Tallahassee Lincoln WR Taj Williams? I saw him play four times this season and he was the best player on the field everytime. He is a legit 6-4, runs a sub 4.5 and catches everything near him. He was Big Bend POY, MVP on the 7A state runner-up team, has a former teamate in Gainesville, another on his way and his OC was a Gator great. Why aren’t we recruiting him? Is it grades? Thanks for all you do!

  38. Gator Todd, I agree with you about this essentially being his “rookie” year. You are not seeing my point about Brisset (who’s gone and I don’t blame him), Both of these guys were suppose to be “NECK and NECK’ in the QB standings, Right (At least that is what the COACHES told us!! Rookie or not, if your #1 QB is not getting the job done (I’m not saying bench him for the year) and according to the coaches you don’t have ANY drop off with the next man in line of “we can win with both of them” remember those quotes?? Why not sit him for a quarter, half and give that other (no drop off QB a shot at sparking the Offense and possibly winning the game. I know they shouldn’t be afraid that he will go out and shine and now we have a QB controversy! I hope that was not the problem. BUT ALL THAT IS WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE NOW, BRISSETT HAS MOVED ON AND IT IS TIME FOR US TO DO THE SAME. They won’t have to worry about if they HAVE to leave Jeff in the game now, they have no choice. GO GATORS!!!!

  39. Creek it could be JB is/was not putting in the effort in practice or was holding the ball longer then Driskel.

    For those blaming everything on the QBs, was it there fault the line didn’t touch some of the blitzers most of the night? Was it their fault receivers tipped balls or didn’t catch them?

  40. @Gator Todd
    I agree with your sentiments about Robinson and Walker not making this class. Even if we didn’t have anyone to replace them this class is amazing, and I’ll be just as happy with James Clark and Elijah Daniels. It’s a good time to be a Gator!

  41. Well three days have passed would you like to re-think any of these picks, Zach? Recruiting is hell is it not? The only thing that could be tougher is tring to pin point what the hell a high school kid is thinking much less what the hell he is going to do! LOL!