Gators getting double dose of Demarcus & DeMarcus?

Will Robinson rejoin the Gators? (Photo taken from his Twitter account)

Demarcus Robinson and DeMarcus Walker are as much different as they are alike.

For starters, they spell their first name differently and play on opposite sides of the ball. One has had a rollercoaster recruitment, the other has been committed to the same school for over four months.

But both are All-Americans, ranked in the Top 50 of the Rivals100 and No. 1 positionally in their state.

And based on Sunday’s reports, they could also be enrolled early at Florida on Jan. 7.

Robinson is no longer a Clemson commit and Walker plans to unofficially visit UF.

In an interview with national recruiting analyst Mike Farrell, Robinson said he has backed off his second pledge to Clemson. The four-star receiver from Peach County in Fort Valley, Ga., will chose between the Gators and Tigers during the Army All-American Bowl on Saturday.

Robinson gave this necklace to his mother for Christmas, which is also her birthday. (Photo taken from her Facebook)

Several signs seem to be pointing toward UF. Robinson hasn’t changed his profile picture on Twitter of him wearing Gator gloves, and he also had on a Florida beanie during his interview with Farrell. Moreover, Robinson gave his mother a UF necklace (pictured left) for Christmas. On her Facebook account, her Timeline photo is still Robinson in a Florida jersey.

Robinson grew up rooting for the Gators and favored them early on in his recruitment. Unfazed by his commitment to Clemson, the UF coaches pursued him the hardest and eventually got him to flip.

Flipping Walker would fulfill Florida's DE needs. (Photo taken from his Twitter)

On Saturday, several sites reported Walker would visit UF after the Under Armour All-American Game. He confirmed the news Sunday with ESPN’s Derek Tyson, telling him the trip has been in the works for awhile.

Last week, The Sun first reported that Walker was seriously reconsidering the Gators and in the process of applying for early enrollment at UF.

Florida coach Will Muschamp built a bond with Walker over the summer and at Friday Night Lights. And despite his Alabama commitment in August, Muschamp and several UF verbals continued to recruit the four-star defensive end.

Their efforts have apparently paid off, and Walker will make a final decision next weekend following his visit to Gainesville.


  1. Robinson says it is 50/50…….the kid should just wait until signing day to announce. I am not sure what he says at the all star game has much merit at this point. The kid is obviously very conflicted and pulled in two directions by different people. Just will say this…..I would rather play in the SEC than the ACC…if you want the possibility of playing in meaningful championship games.

    And…you would think playing with you best friends in college….and going to college with them…..will be an important factor for Walker. I hope it is….and will be the deciding factor for him.

  2. TampaGator, both of these could be enrolled on January 7, so this is really the last chance for Robinson to make his splash. I think that we still might have a shot with Ramsey as he continues to see this class build. BOOM feels like an understatement. Very excited about this class and where we are headed.

    • gatordave,
      Early enrollees can count toward the current class as well. But UF has seven early enrollees right now and can count up to nine back, so Robinson and Walker would fill the final two slots available for the 2012 numbers.

  3. Walker rotating in with Easley, Powell, Fowler and Bullard would be awesome! They could wreak havoc on QBs for the next few years together. Robinson could be part of a break out year at WR with Dunbar, Purifoy, Debose, Pittman, and Fulwood. The Gator Nation is getting stronger by the day, GO GATORS!!!

  4. Had feeling we could swing Robinson back to Uf because when a HS coach like his starts laying on the pressure like he did, it tends to upset the recruit. When all is said and done, I think he’s a Gator.

    As for Walker, I think he still ends up at Bama.

  5. I figured we still had a really good shot with Robinson and I think we’ll end up with him. Don’t know if well be able to land walker but I sure hope so. I think that could be a big statement grab stealing one that looked so solid to Bama. Go gators!

  6. Solid SOLID news!! This would be great momentum going into the game on Wednesday!!! I’m rooting for you guys to make the switch back to UF!!! Come on & join the best class in the nation this upcoming year! GO GATORS!!!!

  7. DT Adams comments at the UA practice today……..

    “I want to get my mom around the Florida coaches and see how she likes them,” Adams said. “The chance to play under Bryant Young helps Florida stand out because he has done a lot of things I want to do.”

    Doesn’t sound good for Clemson and Georgia…..the mom will love coach Young and the Florida staff.

  8. We are well on our way to completely dominating BOTH lines of scrimmage. The rest of the SEC better be on watch, especially BAMA. We are coming to take out the mean kid on the block and give him a bully beatdown. Saban got lucky this year not playing us. Next year, everyone who we play is going to feel very unlucky! Go Gators…

  9. Tampa … you are on the money with the development of Fowler and Bullard. Not only did both play a lot of snaps … often during critical times … and both excelled. Walker doesn’t want to ride the pine a year at Bama before getting action, he knows Champ is serious about getting him in the rotation. Also think of the big gator fan base in J’ville, Walker will make them proud, imagine his friends and family hooting when we clean up UGA the next 4 years.

  10. I think Robinson realizes the reason we don’t throw the ball that much right now is because of the current lack of quality at WR, which means he will see action right away. He must also be watching the steady demise of the ACC, likely he’d be unknown until after graduation if he enrolled at Clemson. ACC stadiums are getting emptier by the year.

  11. You hit the nail right on the head bob! People act like UF refuses to throw the ball when the truth is the coaches would love to sling the ball around, they just don’t have receivers stepping up to do it! This makes Florida a paradise for you talented receivers looking to make a name for themselves early!

  12. Debbie Young (M. Adam’s mom) said in an interview that she felt more comfortable at UGA (over UF and Auburn). Let’s show them a good time this weekend when they visit Gainesville! As he should be, the kid is excited about the opportunity of being coached and trained by Coach B. Young…but he wants his mom’s approval and she doesn’t grasp the magnitude of her son joining an already great DLine! I’m looking forward to buying Debbie a drink! 😉

  13. Adams would be a blessing if we could get him. I hope we can get both Walker and Robinson in the Florida Orange and Blue. They would see immediate playing time. Just look at Fowler and Bullard and their progress as true freshmen. We need a big receiver like Robinson. Go Gators!

  14. We can get him/her! These are small town folk, mom works a lot and really is worried whether or not she can get back and forth to Gainesville. Small things to a Giant like UF, but a nightmare to small families.

  15. Not at all … this was a case of LSU just not caring about playing in a small bowl and/or against Clemson. I recall Alabama wasn’t thrilled about it’s matchup with Utah in the 2009 Sugar Bowl, and lost 31-17. Alabama proceded to win the NC the next year, Utah has dropped off the face of the earth since then. ACC has been in a constant downward spiral for a long time now, empty stadiums, little national attention, ect ect ect.

  16. If that abysmal display last night does not scream ‘early playing time’ to this recruiting class, then they are deaf. Glad we’ve got a good crew coming in on O-line with the the red-shirts, juco transfers, and prospective signees.

    With our DB’s getting exposed by Louisville I hope we sign some longer, faster guys to protect the top end of this defense next year.

  17. Strange that Brantley would decommit after all he said after the FSU game. Wonder if all the talk about Walker, Adams, Daniels got into his head and his self esteem was bruised. If so, go play elsewhere. Obviously, after last night, the Gators need more players with more than just gifted physical talent.

    And….when is Pease going to teach Driskel how to look down the field when moving away from the center. All those days playing in the spread in HS is hurting his development in the pro style offense. Takes too long to deliever the ball, does not make quick reads, and then has almost no pocket presense. You move up in th pocket….not to the side into defenders waiting arms….but he does it over and over and over and over again. Either teach him better skills, or put Jacoby in there…..but he is probably transferring.

    Embarrassing performance by the Gators last night….but Teddy Bridgewater is the REAL deal

  18. Wow…we were undressed last night! I’ve said all along, this notion of our WRs not being able to make plays or get separation is garbage! All night they stood around waiting for the intended pass to reach them. Our QB is simply not ready. Our OL needs improvement, but Jeff is making every pass rusher we face looking like Clowney! The only reason we don’t have a QB controversy is because Muschamp is stubborn! How could you NOT play J. Brissett last night…AT ALL? We must REALLY want him to vacate his scholarship. We’re in OBVIOUS passing situations and WE CAN’T PASS, we’re RUNNING the ball, wildcat, reverses, play clock down to single digits …what happened to PRO STYLE OFFENSE! National Undressing! Hope this doesn’t hurt us too bad in our recruiting.

  19. wow we play 1 bad game and its time for a new team. are u people serious? u wanna know why brisset didnt play? he is nowhere near fast enough to get away from the 3-4 cardinals that were in the backfield every play. i will brisset has better vision n doesn’t stare down the wr’s as much but would have been sacked a lot. and then u guys want to put it on muschamp. the only reason we passed at all is because the oline was atrocious all night. and u really think 1 game will impact how we finish this recruiting class. come on