Clemson continues to have UF’s number in recruiting


It started with Spiller.

It has resurfaced with Robinson.

Over the last few years, Florida has lost several recruiting battles to Clemson. UF still finishes with top classes annually, but it’s an interesting topic nonetheless.

C.J. Spiller and Jacoby Ford chose Clemson over Florida in 2006.

Five-star running back C.J. Spiller shocked the recruiting world in 2006 when he chose the Tigers on National Signing Day over his beloved Gators, the team he grew up rooting for in nearby Union County Lake Butler. That same year, receiver Jacoby Ford also committed to Clemson just one week after his official visit to Florida.

Urban Meyer saw the Tigers beat him for many more recruits during his UF tenure.

“I remember when I was coaching down at Florida,” Meyer said last year, “we would always lose kids in recruiting battles to Clemson. I would tell my coaches that we shouldn’t be losing kids to Clemson.”

But they did, and the outcome hasn’t changed since Will Muschamp took over in Gainesville.

In 2011, the following prospects chose Clemson over Florida — running back Mike Bellamy, receivers Charone Peak and Sammy Watkins and linebackers Stephone Anthony and Lateek Townsend. However, only the latter two did so after Muschamp’s arrival, and both were from the Carolinas.

Last year was a draw, with Clemson getting defensive tackle Carlos Watkins and UF landing five-star defensive end Jonathan Bullard. A big factor for Bullard was Rhaheim Ledbetter, his best friend and teammate at Crest High School in Shelby, N.C.

Robinson is the latest top recruit to spurn UF for the Tigers.

But it’s been more of the same in the 2013 recruiting cycle. Defensive tackle Scott Pagano picked Clemson over UF in July, and receiver Demarcus Robinson recommitted to Clemson last Monday less than a week after flipping to Florida. Both Pagano and Robinson were Gator fans growing up.

In some cases, factors like distance and playing time have favored the Tigers. But it’s still surprising they’ve won so many head-to-head battles with the Gators. Florida has a stronger academic reputation, plays in the SEC and owns two national championships in the last decade compared to one conference title for Clemson.

Meyer’s comments were made during his broadcast of the Clemson-Auburn game last season. He said his former defensive coordinator Charlie Strong, now the head coach at Louisville, suggested Clemson has a nicer campus.

“Charlie Strong responded, ‘Coach have you ever actually been to Clemson?’ I hadn’t,” Meyer recalled. “But I’ll tell you what, I’ve been here now and I get it. This is an exceptional, special place.”

As someone who’s never been to Clemson, I’d like to know from Tiger fans why you think your school has had Florida’s number in recruiting recently. And Gator fans, what will it take for Muschamp & Co. to break the cycle?

Leave your responses in the comment section below.


  1. I live in Charlotte, about 2 hours from Clemson. Sure, it’s a decent campus. But it is absolutely in the middle of nowhere. There is on highway leading in from Greenville, SC which is about 30 minute drive. The place can’t compete with Florida and the stadium is large, but dumpy. The pre-game atmosphere is ACC at best, and very spread out. If they are beating us with recruiting, it has nothing to do with the campus. More to do with a pumped up coaching staff making promises they can’t keep!

  2. “C.J Spiller and Jacoby Ford both chose Clemson over Florida in 2006″… and neither one of them shared either one of the SEC and National Title rings UF won during their stay at Clemson either.

    Look, I’m still a little raw with Robinson’s HS coach literally pressuring him to Clemson. A coach should be worried about what his players’ best intrests are, not what his own best intrests are, and it’s obvious that his HS coach will eventually be an assistant at Clemson in the near future.

    Something in Denmark )Clemson) smells rotten, and it will all come out in the wash in a couple more years just like it did at AU and Miami.

  3. I’ve been a Gator fan for over 50 years. I have lived my life loving the Gators and I’ll die loving the Gators, but growing up in Gainesville I never thought I would actually GO to UF. I always figured I’d had that experience, to a certain degree, by selling cokes at basketball and football games, getting stoned at free concerts on the Union lawn, lurking around frat parties when I was way underage, tripping at the Halloween Ball and watching Mudcrutch concerts at the UF Auditorium, etc. I just assumed that when the time came to actually go to college I’d go elsewhere and see a little bit of the world. Why not? Right? It didn’t effect the way I felt about the Gators, it was simply a life decision based upon a wide range of factors. I went away, but I never got around to going to college until I came back to Gainesville and ended up getting two degrees from the school I love: The University of Florida. BUT, I completely understand these guys wanting to go somewhere new, somewhere different. Yeah, maybe it’s smaller and they play in a different conference, but maybe they like small towns and, believe it or not, a lot of folks actually root for ACC teams, too. It doesn’t matter if we understand it, or not. It’s their life and their decision to make. I applaud them for going against the grain and following their own dream.
    Go Gators. Win or lose.

  4. Who cares about the one or two great recruits Clemson signs here and there? They still play in a candy @$$ conference and haven’t won spit ever. The Gators end up with the better recruiting classes most years and play in the greatest conference in all of college football. That’s the formula for winning championships, not ocassionally signing a highly rated recruit that was also considering UF.

  5. Are we talking about the College team that lost

    70 – 33

    to WV in the bowl game? I don’t care who goes to Clemson, the only reason a recruit would go to Clemson is to play soccer.

    Never ever mention Clemson in the same breath as the Mighty Gators.

    70 points ? 70 Points….Basketball teams don’t allow 70 points.

    You want Football? Come to UF. You want get embarrassed ? Go to Clemson

    Go Gators

  6. Why would a highly ranked athlete go to a 2nd rate school in a bad conference when he could play with the best of the best and have a chance for a National Championship? Maybe these kids are dumb and have no common sense. If that is the case go to Clemson and continue to watch the SEC dominate. If you grow up a Gator fan how can you switch? Clem$on! You have to be crazy.

  7. Who cares about Clemson getting lucky with a few recruits? Has it helped them win any national titles? no. Have they become the powerhouse that everybody says they can be? no. Players like that go to Clemson because they know they can be a big fish in a little pond and get to the NFL the easy way. If i were a coach, i wouldn’t want those players because they are only out for themselves, and selfish players don’t win championships.

  8. Recruits remember you are either a Gator or Gatorbait. Oh never mind with Clemson you won’t have to worry about the Gators you will be in the ACC. They don’t play the big boys! South Carolina owns them since the Ole Ball Coach joined up. Oh yes he’s a Gator at heart.

  9. Last I checked we have two national titles and they have none since 2006. If a kid wants to go to Clemson and play in the weakest league in the country, let him. The real big boys come to play grown man football. Clemson has playing time to offer and the roster is not that deep with talent. You know you can play early there because they are not 2 and 3 deep at every position. Someone remind me of when the last time was that the Gators gave up 70 point, and I don’t mean in basketball.

  10. Why wouldn’t a top flight player want to come to Clemson? We have everything a student athlete could want. The perfect town, finest campus and the best staff. A player can come here and feel like they’re at home and part of a family, not get lost in a town like Gainesville that is polluted with rednecks and weirdos. Also they can shine and get better national exposure in the ACC. In the SEC, you’re just one of many playing old man football.

  11. And one more thing, you guys are so arrogant. You wouldn’t need a article discussing Clemson stealing your guys if you weren’t butt hurt and jealous of Clemson. Who’s to say you aren’t stealing our recruits? Dabo will take who he wants, from where he wants. Florida doesn’t scare anyone on the recruiting trail.

  12. I grew up outside of Gainesville and went I went to Clemson because it is one of the top colleges for engineering. I love UF but it is definitely not as pretty of a campus as Clemson is and Clemson has a very unique family feel amongst the student body. This draws a lot of students to Clemson. A lot of people are saying UF has more difficult academic standards but that all depends on the college within the University that the student’s program of study is. Some have higher standards than the others and I really don’t think that affects many recruit’s decisions. I think its mostly their personal preference in their collegiate living environment and the program which they believe will give them the greatest chance to sow their athletic talents.

  13. Its ridiculous to say recruits want to go to Clemson because they are afraid to play the “big boys.” No player would make their decision based on that. In the ACC players can typically get more playing time from the very start thus more recognition. This is probably what draws some recruits from UF to Clemson. I am a Gator fan through and through but I can’t knock Clemson at all. Players go where they feel they will fit into a program best, thats it.

  14. You guys act like academics really matter with these recruits. When I run down tha list of field of studies with our own team I don’t see anyone looking for engineering degrees. Playing time has a lot to do with it I’m sure…..nothing wrong with that. And stop making it look like Clemson is East Carolina. They’ve got tradition and are competitive and there fan base is nuts – very SEC like.

  15. Of the many things I find amusing about these attacks from Clemsonites (or maybe y’all prefer “Just-Another-Tiger-of-a-Different-Stripe”?) is the very fact that they are here: We don’t even think about them except when they grab, re-flip or otherwise hold onto another talented-but-jelly-spined little paranoid who’s afraid of competition, and who hopes for “big-fish-in-small-pond”-status instead (one of your own commenters here claims this state-of-mind PROUDLY, like it’s the SMART way-to-go!). Otherwise, the rest of the time we give y’all little thought at all either way…But here you are on OUR site, reacting with aggressive defensiveness at the idea that we tend to both wonder at and dismiss the foolishness of a kid’s choice in this regard. We comment on tHEM, not on you, though it IS implied by our attitude that yes, y’all aren’t on our level, either as a program or in a similar comparison of our respective leagues–but this is common KNOWLEDGE. Meanwhile, the actual substance of your comments is puzzling, as YOU attack everything about us, the town where our school is, and the rest of the citizens of that town! Talk about PARANOID–turns out it is SCHOOL-WIDE: maybe these scared little weasels have picked the right place for themselves after all!

  16. Also, Btw, even if I am to believe the claims of “I am from Gainesville, but…” (NOT impossible, and, where actually true, I can sympathize with 18-yr.-olds who wish to get-away/go-away to college), there sure are an inordinate former Gainesville citizens AND supposed Gators making defensive excuses for Clemson here. Aside from only reinforcing my comments above, there’s another point I wish to suggest: Gainesville, just 30 years ago when I went to UF there, was still a small, sleepy southern town whose population doubles (from 30,000 to 60,000) when school was in session and the students were in town, and maybe you Gainesville non-Gators may want to warn your fellows that, given the realities of population expansion and the trends in where that will continue to accelerate in the future, the same is likely in store for THEIR town over the next generation or so–and given its location, THEY’RE incoming-population-explosion is likely to be YANKEE-dominated…they might find the idea of those “red necks and weirdos”, aka “southern folk”, less worthy of scorn as time goes on. On the other hand, it may well be that process has already begun among the students and fan-population itself, explaining such an attitude and accompanying comments in the FIRST place.

  17. I know for a fact that they provide cash under the table to top-flight recruits. They absolutely did that for Spiller per his own words in a private conversation. I also know for a fact they have done it for certain recruits this year. I also know from recruits this year that there is a very free and open drug culture amongst the program that certain athletes may wish to be a part of when they are 18 years old. There will be a day soon when Clemson earns it’s comeuppance.

  18. Never been to Clemson but heard the people are nice and the women must be also.

    UF must either have more stringent academic requirements or the SEC might intimidate recruits who prefer lesser expectations and demands in the ACC.

    High School coaches might encourage closer schools for their players also.

  19. We are, Clemson! What kind of weed did you smoke before making the post you did on this website? This is not What’s the matter? Clemson doesn’t have a website? LAME – 64-41 record in the “Mighty” ACC since 2000 LAMER – giving up 70 points in a football game (last time I saw that was Florida hanging 70 on Kentucky when Spurrier was coaching at Florida) LAMEST – someone making idiotic posts on another team’s website. What happened – nothing else to do around the trailer? I wish you well against the “old man football” team LSU. Just remember that LSU did not give up 33 against Johnny Football, and they have had a lot more time to prepare for your Juggernaut.

  20. Fsu had as good of shot at spiller as Uf,pretty sure we were his third choice.Clemson is in the middle of nowhere but Gville three clubs are not much to brag about.Also Clemson has a great atmospere like the Sec,great fanbase,full stadium,it’s a good program.No surprise we dont get every prospect,but I’d rather see them at Clemson than Fsu or Uga.

  21. As a Gator and a Florida native living in Charlotte, I get a kick out of the poster referring to Gainesville as a “redneck” town compared to Clemson. Interesting, in that a lot of North Carolina folks view South Carolina as the Carolina’s trailer park. UF does see a lot of Florida high school kids go to Clemson, but UF sems to get the best of them in recruiting North Carolina kids. Chris Leak for one.

    The one I didn’t understand was Sammy Watkins going there with his brother playing for UF.

  22. Carolina Gator, I recall reading last year how Sammy Watkins’ mother was put up in a swank hotel in SW FL during Sammy’s recruitment. It’s not for just any reason some say IPTAY stands for “It’s Probation Time Again, Ya’ll”.

  23. I live in NE Ga only about 45 minutes from “Clempsin” as they call it up here. It is a lovely campus but a very small town. There are rumblings up here is it is not “if” Dabo gets in trouble, it is “when” he gets in trouble. Clemson gets more than there share of big recruits, but for some reason, even when Bowden was coach they always underachieved.

  24. I grew up in Gainesville and got my Bachelors at UF but a few years afterward, I found myself in the “upstate of SC” as they call that area of SC and actually wound up getting my Masters from Clemson. I am a Gator fan first and foremost and always try to attend a couple/few football and basketball games each year. I read Gatorsports daily. While there has been an investment in the UF campus which has gone a long way toward making it an attractive campus including the Harn museum and Philips Center, the chapel (Baughman Meditation Ctr) on Lake Alice, as well as the older chapel (Auditorium) and other buildings on that side of campus, Clemson has a much prettier campus and has a quaint college town atmosphere instead of the progressive liberal transient stink around Gainesville. Meditation Center and Auditorium, really? Florida has a nauseating in-your-face progressive/liberal odor about it which many young kids and their families probably don’t much care for with the LGBT, Hare Krishna, African-American studies, Obama socialism supporting agendas permeating the university experience. The Swamp is awesome and wonderful to visit yearly but attending a game at Clemson is much nicer. Tailgating areas are nicer. Death Valley is a nicer more modern stadium and I believe more impressive, rising higher into the Carolina sky. Clemson has the “Most exciting 25 seconds in sport” pregame entrance of the team and they allow the fans on the field after the games. The Clemson campus and town is a cleaner conservative familial old fashioned college atmosphere which is very appealing. Most Clemson grads seem to stay in the Carolina area as it is a beautiful area of the country and state and alumni are very dedicated (eg.IPTAY). Clemson is situated in arguably the most beautiful area of the state of SC with views of the Blue Ridge mountains from the campus and football stadium and the campus is situated on a large dammed lake (Hartwell) providing water sports and water hazards for their college golf course which is a nicer track than what Florida offers. While the Gators play in the dominating SEC conference, Clemson is a top tier team in the ACC and regularly places players in the NFL. The Clemson offense is undeniably exciting. Clemson has a football tradition which is approximately equal to that of Florida having one National Championship and a number of ACC championships although of course Florida has a much more impressive recent history. Florida fans seem to forget the lean, dare I say empty years prior to Spurrier. I was in Gainesville when we went 0-10-1. Nice. It is understandable why many kids find Clemson very attractive if they compare the unfavorable liberalism of Gainesville with the homely dorms and buildings and cramped aging football stadium on the UF campus with what Clemson University offers. And, by the way, Clemson has very good academic programs, albeit not the wide array offered at UF. I definitely yell Go Tigers at Clemson games and am a proud alumnus but I remain a Gator thru and thru. Just wanted to share my perspective as it may offer a unique perspective, well not entirely unique. My brother actually went to Florida and Clemson also and he actually considers himself a bigger Tigers fan. Hmm.

  25. I have a good friend, who is a big-time Clemson fan. I have even been to a few Clemson games with him. He is worried, to death, about what’s going on at Clemson. It appears that the inmates have taken over the asylum! That’s what happens when you break the rules, to get players and they know you are doing so. Based on what I have been told, there’s access to girls, money, cars and other things made available to recruits – certain recruits, that is. Sammy Watkins lives BIG and it didn’t come from the Tooth Fairy! It’s just a matter of time and Clemson will get nailed, again; especially, now that certain players do as they please. Dabo will get down, in flames and Clemson will be a non-factor, for many years or until they get another coach who likes to take advantage of the many Boosters who offer to help the coach out, to get a little extra access.

    As for Robinson’s coach, he’s trying to get a college job. Instead of doing it the way most coaches do it. He’ll hook his wagon to the wrong horse. I’m sure Muschamp will have a lot more influence, amongst college coaches, than Dabo; especially, after Dabo gets nailed. Muschamp has a good memory, I’m sure!

    As for the comment, that Gainesville is full of “rednecks”, I can’t help but laugh. You can travel 10 miles, in any direction, from Clemson and find a bunch of Gofer egg eating hillbillies.

    Regardless, we have better coaches, facilities, academics, town, etc., than Clemson. We will be ok, doing things the right way!

  26. I’ve been to Clemson a few times. The campus is nice, but not any nicer than Florida, just different. They have a great fanbase. Their stadium is not nearly as nice as the swamp. Their other facilities seem to be behind as well from what I’ve seen. Not sure why we lose kids to Clemson, but you can’t get everyone. Not worried about Clemson, heck, they are 2nd fiddle in their own state right now.

  27. I am from FL but currently live 5 miles from Clemson

    – Great campus probably half the size of UF.
    – The passion for football is equal.
    – They do alot with the community around here. Notice after each home game that kids under 10 can go on the field and interact with the players.
    – Great football camp although I didn’t care for Sammy Watkins talking to the campers and my 8 yr old son about responsibility a month after he got arrested for weed.
    – Football players are treated like rock stars.

    – The locals are not rednecks, they have hillbillies around here.
    – No Sunday alcohol sales.
    -No frat/sorority houses on campus. THey are way off campus and there is a local law that 8 or more females in a house is still considered a brothel.
    -They play in the ACC.

  28. You could go crazy trying to figure out the motives of 17 and 18 year old kids. In the immortal words of Coach Boom “Man down, man up” which in this case really means “Next!!”. The Spiller melodrama (he is rumored to be once again re-considering Florida ; ) perfectly illustrates that campus, academics, coaching, conference, football and loyalty will always take second place to girls. ; ) If DeMarcus Robinson wants to go to Clemson that’s fine with me. Let’s either go get another kid or coach up the ones we have because Robinson is not Percy Harvin or even Sammy Watkins. In the meantime we need to shelve the annual debate on building an indoor football facility and start beautifying the UF campus. I always thought it was fine but now I’m not so sure… ; )

  29. Its pretty simple to me. These high profile recruits want to go somewhere where they will be able to play right away and pad their stats against mediocre teams. The ACC is still shown on TV in prime time, albeit Thursday nights, but this gives them the ability to show their skills to NFL scouts early and often. Clemson has done a good job of putting players in the league.

  30. We are Clemson….How corny can you toothless South Carolina rednecks get?

    You are the Clemson that gave up 70 points to mediocre WV team. You goobers also allowed 49 points from Clown U this year. Can you people be as stupid as you look?


  31. I had no idea so many Gator fans were this insecure about an ACC school. Why is it so hard to understand that some kids want to go play for the school of THEIR choice? To insult them, question their manhood, make accusations against their parents and their coaches while belittling their educational goals makes us all look small. Some of the posts here are far more embarrassing to me than a few football players going to Clemson. Good grief. The Gators have a killer recruiting class and there are so many panties wadded up about this one guy? I think I’m going to go crack open a beer and wait for the Sugar Bowl.
    Go Gators. Win or lose.

  32. I think another reason its hard for us to nail down these 4/5 star WR is the offensive production they have seen on the field. You can’t deny that a 17 or 18 year old kid is going think twice when he’s watched our 2010, 11 and 12 offense’s sputter through games. Then they see Clemson slinging the ball all over the place…..I have no idea about the improper behavior suggested by some posters that may or may not be going on at the Clemson program, but I do know that we can end this drought if we start opening things up offensively. I certainly would go a long way.

  33. The recruits are looking at the pretty package….not the results like Florida has and the winning and education……and Gainesville is beautiful too….Good luck losing in Clemson they do not ever win nothing…The nicest place is not always the best…check out the substance….It is like dating a woman that is 10 in looks and -5 with heart……Florida might be 7 in looks but it is 10 in education and winning…..and on that scale Clemson is overall a 5 cause they do not win squat…see West VIrginia hanging 70 on them in their bowl game last year…RIck Gator

  34. Who cares if a player chooses clemp-sin over UF? We will continue to get top players and we will continue to dominate and we will always be better than they are so who cares? We only want true Gators anyhow. Go Gators!!

  35. Zach,
    Clemsons offense is only fun because of the one or two key guys that where Gator leans/fans that chose to go to Clemson. If those players were at UF, Gators would be playing for another title. If you could have an honest moment with CJ spiller or Sammy W., etc…? Would they have chosen Clemson knowing they could have played for a title and helped to make there child hood team as revered as Bama is right now. Their names should be entering into the Gator ring of honor with titles in hand. Even if Clemson was the prettier school and what not would you rather win big. Let me put it to you like this Clemson fans. Would you rather be attractive or well endowed? noff said!

  36. Others have covered this reason well but… I grew up in a small town and once when I jay-walked my mother had a phone call about it before I got home less than five minutes later. It has to do with being your own person, on your own, and without your family and friends watching over you. Then again most people who live at the beach love to take vacations in the mountains and those in the mountains want to go to the beach. UF is within easy driving distance to some of the greatest beaches in the world and Clemson is a stone’s throw away from the Blueridge Mountains. Each to their own! Bottom line – if they do not want to be Gators, let them go Noth, we do not need them!

  37. @We are, Clemson! Haha you’re smoking so much it’s funny! Gainesville is full of “rednecks and weirdos”?? I assure you that that is very very wrong. Maybe go into Newberry and Trenton (gotta rep my Tigers making it to state!) for the rednecks, but trust me Gainesville definitely not. As far as standing out in the ACC rather than getting lost in “old man football” in the SEC, remind me how many players the ACC sends tyo the pros compared to the SEC? That’s what I thought. And I’m sure you had fun with the old man football South Carolina played to whoop you. Have fun with LSU’s “old man football”! As for butt hurt and jealous of Clemson, the only reason there’s an article here is that Clemson is so far below UF that it’s crazy that Clemson can get any recruits we want. Florida is better in every way! As for Florida not scaring anyone on the recruiting trail, who has the number 1 recruiting class and constantly has top classes? That’s right, Florida. Where’s Clemson at? That’s what I thought. Do some thinking before you come back in here!

  38. No offense DRU2012 but your way off on your Gainesville population. Not that it matters since your point is taken Clemson is much smaller etc. My source is Wikipedia not that they are gospel. I went to school there about the same time and thought G’ville was a decent size town and it was around 80,000 in 1980 which is just the city and doesn’t include the metro area. It’s 125,326 in 2011. All in all still a decent size town but not that big.

  39. STOP ALL THE MADDNESS, go back and look at scooterp’s last two post and you have the answer to all this Bullsh– that most of you and acting like babies over. I realize many of you just need some thing to be negative about, calling people “rednecks” and the like, downing their school and their conference and the athletes that make their own personal choice to go somewhere that they think is good for them. THAT’S a judgement and a CHOICE these kids are given and if it does not agree with you and your choice for them TOUGH, get over it and move on. I wanted to say be adults about it but your comments show that you may NOT be capable of achieve such a level.Sorry if I offended anyone but look back at your comments if you were offended, you have offended many others that I’m sure you don’t know . GO GATORS!!!!!!

  40. I’m a Gator and have been to Clemson. They really do have a nice campus; every bit as nice as UF’s and the country is beautiful up there. It’s truly in middle of nowhere however. It’s 100% a college town. It’s like driving into a high school with the panther paws painted on the ground and the banners everywhere so maybe that’s some of the appeal. If you haven’t been you should really go sometime. The drive (from the west (?) not from the interstate but over the river there) is something else. It’s also in the south…so you know the girls are hot. Atlanta’s probably 2 hours away, and Greenville is not a terribly small city (I lived there for a short period of time in 2000) and it’s about an hour away. Not that much different than being 2 hours from Tampa or an hour and a half from Orlando.

    I can definitely see the appeal, and couldn’t fault anyone for wanting to play there. It’s not like they are a MAC or WAC team…there’s a lot of money at Clemson for sure. All that said, it’s great to be a Florida Gator; and there’s something about traveling all over the United States and being able to find a Gator Club in every City worth mentioning. Take a road trip to Clemson sometime, you won’t be disappointed…you won’t want to stay…but you’ll be glad you went.

  41. @scooterp: I disagree with you a little bit. The offense hasn’t been great…we agree on that. But the type of offense that Florida, Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, and Georgia try to play is more like what these kids are going to see in the NFL. So I would add the caveat that our system will never be a sling it all over the field system, but if you are a 4/5 star recruit with visions of the NFL dancing in your head, you should lean where they play more pro-style offenses. Again, maybe when we actually start doing that it will help, I agree. But I don’t know how much slinging it all over helps overall.

  42. I remember the shock when Spiller jilted the Gators. The story that came out was that Spiller laid down an ultimatum- take my teammate- we’re a two-for-one package. The kid was an O.K. player, but not a priority. The Gators balked either because they didn’t want to get saddled with the kid, or didn’t want to set a precedent. I’m sure having to meet admissions and go to class figures in as well.

  43. How many titles has Clemson won with all these recruits they’ve stolen from the Gators? How many times in a row have they lost to Spurrier with all of these stolen recruits? How many wins against top-ten teams did Clemson have this year with all those great recruits? Hmmm, seems like Clemson can really recruit but they can’t coach worth a f***! Sounds a lot like Zook Syndrome to me!

  44. Clemson….really? Since 2006 they’ve only had one top ten class (according to Rivals). So they flip a recruit on us now and again, big deal, we do the same every year (just ask FSU). Even after Clemson’s flips, we’ve still consistently out-recruited them year after year…and it’s not even close.

    The vaunted hall of hated Gator rivals is occupied by the likes of Georgia, Auburn, FSU, LSU, and UT. I wouldn’t put Clemson in such company because they can manipulate a 17 year old kid’s decision making process better than we can now and again.

  45. $…there’s no other rational explanation for a school that really hasn’t done anything significant in its history to consistently get nfl talents over many schools (including UF) with better history, tv exposure, chances of winning a championship, etc.

  46. Clemson will have several flip from them in the last days before signing. It will be interesting with the kid who’s brother is playing for Ole Miss. (Nemekesee?) Would love to know the bidding #s on him from those two. Hey Clemson a Kiffin strikes again.

  47. I don’t think that we ever lost schit to Clemson. So they get a couple of recruits; who cares? We get a whole team of blue chippers willing work hard and compete against the best in practice and in games. UF’s second teamers are better than clemson’s first teamers, so they can kiss our crystal balls!

  48. Loosing a recruting battle to Dabo Sweeny? These guys were never serious about Florida…if they committed to the ACC wanting to play at Clemson, and chose Clemson over South Carolina, they did not have an interest in the SEC…let’s face it, the receiver will get to run up and down the field, in the Almost Competitive Conference. In the SEC, he will have to earn every catch, and if the Def Tackle is worth his salt, he would want to strut his stuff in the SEC…and if they are from the mentality of “guaranteed” starting time right away…then Enjoy the anonymity of the ACC…

  49. Clemson:

    It ain’t the campus and it ain’t the coaching staff. It’s the spirit of the student body. Clemson students are some of the most cheerful and enthusiastic people you will find on any campus in America.

    I know, you’re going to scoff. But I HAVE BEEN TO CLEMSON. My niece just graduated. You can’t believe what it is like there.

  50. Just wanted to clear a few things up from the Clemson perspective. We actually struggle with high academic entrance qualifications–we can’t admit any JUCO’s at all–it sucks and will hopefully change soon. UF last year shouldn’t have admitted some guys (like Bullard) but pushed it through at the last minute. Clemson coaches don’t have that power over academics here.

    Bellamy money didn’t come from Clemson, it was an uncle’s and not his.

    Clemson pays less for recruits than most schools (all schools cheat, lets not be naive) and UF does just as much as anybody. We can all agree that Ole Miss is cheating the most this cycle though. We have a winning record against FSU this past decade just like you.

    Dabo Swinney may be flawed as a head coach (certainly x’s and o’s) but he is a great head cheerleader and can flat out recruit and pitch family values to a recruit and his mama. That is mainly what is helping us–a head coach who can close.

  51. Florida is a big septic tank thats why. Florida didn’t even play football competetively until the middle of the 90’s. Clemson was rattling off the nation’s 3rd best decade long run when you guys were still playing B squad football. Watching Alexander’s story is proof that Florida is a dumpster fire. Outside of Orlando and Sebastian Inlet anywhere you go in Florida is a flat out run down ghetto or the butt rape scene from Deliverance. Florida has benefited from the whole SEC love fest the voters have been on the past 5+ years. Clemson doesn’t need to suck Bama’s tailpipes to feel good about themselves. Clemson does it their self while Florida bends over and takes a fat one from sorry ass Lousiville. Yeah you guys need to be “talking USC instead of Clemson” Overrated just like USCw. Florida looked good this year when the other team went ballistic and self destructed (USCe). Get real butt plugs. Clemson is far superior in every aspect. Better campus, better team, better history, better stadium, better fans, better women and Mo Money! Clemson isn’t the only team raping Florida’s recruits. Nobody wants to play in Florida and everyone recognizes your teams as a big joke. FSU is carrying the banner for Florida football. Once the weak SEC East gets half decent again UF will go back to being 7-5 every year. GayTurds!

  52. Oh yeah for all you Another Cupcake Conference screamers. Your SEC East heavyweight couldn’t even compete in the ACC and consistenly got throttled by pretty much every ACC team there is for 25 years. How do you explain Georgia Tech having 5 SEC Titles?