Gators looking for fifth WR again


Florida’s home run hit with Demarcus Robinson turned out to be a foul ball.

The four-star receiver from Fort Valley, Ga., recommitted to Clemson on Monday after officially visited UF over the weekend and pledging to the Gators last Wednesday.

Robinson's coach sounded pro-Clemson in his recent comments. (Photo by

Robinson’s recruitment is certainly a head scratcher, but the latest chapter makes some sense. Chad Campbell, high school at Peach County, revealed Friday that Robinson was “50-50” after meeting with Clemson coaches the day after his flip to Florida.

And based on Campbell’s comments in this article, it’s pretty obvious where he wants Robinson to go. The two met Sunday night to evaluate both schools. When he switched his commitment back to the Tigers, Campbell wrote “He is going to Clemson!!” in a text message to ESPN.

Robinson’s mother, Alexis, also wasn’t the biggest fan of the Gators. She was openly supportive of his decision on her Facebook account, but privately she preferred Clemson and Notre Dame over UF and that played a factor.

When you consider those two influences along with Robinson’s displeasure with Florida’s passing game and his relationship with Dabo Swinney’s staff, it’s not surprising this happened. Robinson may or may not have been convinced to go to Clemson by his inner circle, but he definitely wasn’t encouraged to stick with Florida.

So who does UF turn to now for its fifth receiver? The Gators will continue to fight for Robinson, but with the Dead Period now in effect until Jan. 3, it won’t be easy to change his mind before he enrolls early.

Some names to watch moving forward are James Clark (New Smyrna Beach), James Quick (Louisville, Ky./Trinity), Marquez North (Charlotte, N.C./Mallard Creek), Tony Stevens (Orlando Evans) and Laquon Treadwell (Crete, Ill./Crete Monee). The latter four appear to be long shots at this point, while Clark might commit on the spot if he gets offered. If the Florida coaches can’t get Robinson back in the fold, they will turn up the heat on these targets and others in January.


  1. I would love to ask this kid would you rather go to a decent program in one of the weakest conferences, almost no shot at a title, and you probably still will be pushed back in the depth chart or would you rather go to a phenomenal program on the rise, in the best conference in college football, that is almost guaranteed to win at least 1 national title before you graduate, and you have a chance to play early and be an immediate impact? Dude it’s a no brainer. Come on

  2. And from what it sounds like, his high school ought to be ashamed of himself. It sure seems like he’s shoving this kid into the Clemson program just for some personal reason or preference. Now if he really truly thinks Clemson would be the best place for Demarcus (which we all know it’s not) then you can’t get mad at the guy for trying to help his player. But it really sounds like he is pushing Clemson out of his own interests and not for Demarcus’ interests. But no big deal. Either the coaches will get to Demarcus and show him the light again, or we’ll find somebody else and our coaches will coach them up and we’ll be competing for SEC championships, while Clemson fights for second place in one of the worst conferences in the league

  3. A confused kid but I admire him for following his coach’s advice, even if the coach may be misguided. I’d rather have a player that just wants to be a Gator, like unrecruited Chris Doering who walked on to become a Gator legend.

    Last year the team was criticized for being soft and the staff responded in a big way.

    This year the criticism centers on lack of a downfield big-play threat. I’m confident that will be addressed in a very big way next season regardless of how many “stars” are attached to a player’s name.

    That being said, I can’t remember the name of a single Clemson player in history- maybe Demarcus Robinson will be the first. Then again, maybe not…

  4. Get out of here, he won’t say what Clemson is selling him but he puts us out there.. that’s BS.. Let’s call a spade a spade, this has to do with coach greased palms and not Demarcus. This young man made the right choice in UF, his HS Coach is only out for himself.. mark it down!

  5. lets be honest…..our passing game has been awful for a LONG TIME…. why should any kid with a chance for the NFL come to a school that is NOT going to give them a good chance…. Muschamp and Co. are gonna have to show what they can do with what they got and until then, no receiver with a future should give the gators a chance. I love my gators, but if I had a son who was a wide receiver, there are plenty of schools out there that use wide receivers a hell of a lot more than us. Our passing stats are NON-EXISTENT!!!

  6. Agree with HUMAN RACE, until we show we have or will feature a dcent passing game we will struggle at getting mor than one or two good receiversm maybe one great one (someday). If this decision would have been the KID’s, it would not bother me, but I believe it was the COACH and possibly mom’s. If he can live with it down the line I’m happy for him. I just hope he (a year from now) don’t think “man they pointed me in the wrong direction, I did want to go to Florida and be apart of that great team” GO GATORS!!!!

  7. Guys, we all realize that an ACC school like Clemson probably won’t pay for a national title. Buy you don’t get to the NFL just because you went to a good school and played for a championship. We’re going to continue to miss out on big time receivers as long as we continue to struggle in the passing game. If the O catches up with the D, watch how many big time WR’s start coming to Florida. Patients grasshoppers.

  8. If the boy doesn’t want to be a gator then dont waste time on him. Yea we need playmakers to improve the passing game, but I wouldn’t dwell on it. If he doesn’t want a top notch education and the opportunity to play in the best conference in the US then hes missing out. Demarcus don’t let the door hit you backside on your way out.

  9. Clemson sticks out among other ACC schools and could make a kid that may not be great, look better because of the competition. So, maybe for Robinson, who may or may not be great, this could be a good move. But, we will do well with, or without this kid. Go Gators!

  10. At the end of the day one needs to go where they are most comfortable. But I do not buy that he would have any better opportunity at CU. In just 3 weeks he would already receive a lot of attention and would be pushed at UF. Our spring depth chart is so small this kid would have a chance to showcase his talent and play as a true freshman in the best conference in college football

  11. I don’t know what Dabo is doing at Clemson but it is just a matter of time before he gets “Clempson” on probation. I live only about 40 minutes from there and the Campus is tiny, town is nothing but these kids in NE Georgia about climax when you mention Clemson.

  12. If you are a true believer in your talent and you look at UF and realize the only thing missing from the program is big-time receivers then you commit to UF. Jeff Driskel was a highly recruited QB that threw the ball well in HS, did that talent just disappear? Given the athletes at WR, I believe JD will flourish, we will have a strong OL and good RB’s. If you are wishy-washy about your talent then go to Clemson and compete for a shot to play a third or fourth best SEC team in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

  13. We only want players that want to be Gators. Let’s move on to other targets and let Demarcus languish at Clemson.
    Clemson has a long history of doing things outside the rules but so do several other schools we recruit against.
    This kid has everybody in his life telling him to go to Clemson with variable motivations (mom wants him closer to home, coach wants to earn his payoff) so I do not blame him in the least.

    Good luck Demarcus, you are now Gatorbait!!!!

  14. Do we really need a fifth WR in this class? Can’t they take the 4 they have combined with the receivers on the roster and coach them up? Showcase an effective passing game next year, take the SEC and possibly the national title and it becomes a non issue next year when recruiting WR’s.

  15. Robinson’s probably a really nice kid that’s trying to please everyone around him. His coach sounds like a real tool allowing Clemson to bait him like that. Robinson should follow his gut and go where he wants to go. Time to start making your own decisions and go where you really want to go; stop listening to a coach that’s treating you like a pawn and never listen to your mother unless she attended college and she’s advising you accordingly.

  16. Lance, I couldn’t disagree with you more when it comes to listening to your mom. While he should go where he feels the most comfortable, I think his mom’s opinion should definitely play a part in that, no matter what her level of education is. However, it appears that the coach for some reason is trying to steer his players to Clemson, which makes you question his motivation. I saw an article where the coach (Campbell??) was excited because Clemson was looking at a 2014 prospect at the same high school. I know that recruiters have to build relationships with high school coaches, but I can’t recall seeing a HS coach be this outspoken in his support of a particular college.

  17. No problem Gator N NC. I wasn’t disrepecting a mothers input; however in this case it sounds like the his mother has had to much orange punch and he could use someone looking out for him or he needs to just follow his gut and choose the school he wants to attend and graduate from. This is his choice, his foundation for his future and career. Momma should just be happy he has these opportunities to choose from and back his decision unless she can provide some other kind of guidance. I used her college experience as an example and didn’t mean to use as a pre req for helping her kid.

  18. My only problem with it is commiting before the visit then going back on it. Just take your visit….see if you like it…. weigh your options…. then commit. Maybe we should hold off on publicly announcing a commit until you know its for sure, or maybe its just rivals and such wanting to be the FIRST to break a story.

  19. GATOR N NC, James has 31 offers as of right now. He’s a friend of mine, plays football with my son. He not only has speed and very athletic (very exciting to watch) but he is an awesome person and great student, straight A,s. Very lowkey and humble. I would love to watch him play for the Gators.

  20. I second the motion of the last several posters in that i would love to see James Clark get the offer and come join the Gators! His video is a human highlite reel. Further, i agree with the point Lance made about playing with the hand we have. Add Clark, let Joker coachem up and see what you get. I suspect that with the upgrade in Oline and the emergence of Jones along w Taylor,Lane, and perhaps Collins, that our run game is going to open up the pass next year. Let Dris have a big year, get the commitment tomorrow of the gunslinger Grier and wr recruits will be lining up soon for their turn at a down and out route!

  21. Sorry to see you go Demarcus. Good luck.
    Maybe you can be a big fish in a smaller pond called the All Chumps Conference and reach your goals.

    Lets Go Gators. lets go get:
    Clark OR Marquez North OR Stacy Coley
    Attracting Coley would be nice, always like to snag anonther WR out from under the SCuM’s noses ala Frankie and Quinton.

  22. Maybe the kid actually wants to catch a pass since he is a receiver. Also remember that the he committed to Clemson back in the summer, so what did the Gators offer to try and get him to play in the swamp it sure was not a passing game.

  23. Sounds like some of you UF fans are as delusional as the rest of the $EC fanbase. Clemson won’t get a whiff of the National title because of a weak conference while you guys play bama, LSU, USuC, and Georgia on a regular basis? yeah ok. Sounds like you have more thinking to do. This is why Bobby Bowden had no problem joining the ACC in the 90’s and brought home championships…less competition=clear road to the title. Enjoy getting the snot beat out of each other and pulling for your $EC conference while Clemson cruises to a championship…

  24. I agree with several people here. One, Clemson has produced one of the top WRs in the country in Watkins (still not sure how he went to Clemson in the first place); two, we have not produced squat at WR in the past few years; three, I could easily see there is something funny going on at Clemson: they constantly beat out bigger & better schools for top recruits, and for a kid to be so excited about Florida, but then a day after Clemson visits him, he changes….really? You don’t think something was offered there?
    However, one thing I don’t agree with is everyone complaining about the coach steering him to a school. If Clemson is paying him, then yes, it’s illegal. But, you don’t think Jacquez Green doesn’t try to steer his Tallahassee players to UF? How’d we get Andrades? Recruiters try to make relationships with high school coaches so they can have an influence on their decision. That’s part of the game.
    All that being said, I’d love another WR just for competition sake. We have 4 coming in, but you know that not every recruit lives up to expectations. So adding another in our weakest area, can only help!
    Go Gators!! And buy Sugar Bowl tickets people! Support the team that just missed the NC game. You can stay in Biloxi so it’s not as expensive a trip.

  25. Before trashing Clemson maybe you should listen to what Meyer had to say about the place a few years ago…

    “I remember when I was coaching down at Florida, we would always lose kids in recruiting battles to Clemson. I would tell my coaches that we shouldn’t be losing kids to Clemson. Charlie Strong responded ‘coach have you ever actually been to Clemson?’ I hadn’t but I’ll tell you what, I’ve been here now and I get it. This is an exceptional, special place.”

    -Urban Meyer after commenting at Clemson this past Saturday

  26. As far as his Mother’s advice I would say that being close to home for some folks is very important, having them at your games etc. Those are valid (somewhat) reasons to choose a school.

    What is not very helpful is that the individual is dependent on his parent or that they just don’t want them growing up.

    I don’t know which might be happening here and as some others have indicated if you don’t want to be a Gator, I don’t want you here.

    We have an exceptional school with great academic opportunities. We also have a great football program with all the support to make someone a success. We run a pro style O with a coordinator who has shown success. Now if our HBC will have better feelings about his O (new receiver could help) I bet we become more balanced on O. Good luck to him and we probably won’t be playing Clemson, after all they have all the SEC competition from the old HBC that they probably want and we should get too good of a bowl for them to be our opponent.

  27. We have 4 already, this is hardly a deal breaker on whether this is an elite class. If we can’t pindown Treadwell, I say move on. I would rather have Collins, Eli, Scrooge, AMac or Ramsey than trying to fill a 5th spot at WR…….unless its Treadwell.

  28. Have no problem with James Clark, in fact the highlights of him look amazing. However, if he gets an offer, I feel it will be on NSD like Raphael Andrades last year. The coaches have offers out to multiple receivers, who they obviously like better

  29. The opportunity at UF is much better than Clemson. We have one of the best OC’s in the business, who will move UF’s passing game ahead, next year – it will show in the bowl game. Much of our problem, this year was a decimated OL. Plus, Joker has shown that he knows how to coach WR’s. the bull crap about UF’s passing game is an excuse that his coach used to get something for himself. If I had a son, that was a talented WR, I would encourage him to go to UF. No HS Coach should push a kid to any school. They should facilitate and let the kid and his family make the decision. We’re going to be just fine.

  30. Y’all really hate Clemson this much? Dang… I think it’s a real nice place and they never play the Gators, so I really don’t get all of the angst over one WR who wants to play there, and I’m not surprised so many good players every year want to do the same. Kids like it up there and they don’t have to be bought to feel that way.
    He was committed to them for about 6 months, and to the Gators for about 6 days before switching back, but y’all can act like jilted lovers if you want to. Whatever.
    Personally, I’d rather trash FSU.
    Go Gators! Win or lose.

  31. @ Doug: I think people are mostly questioning the facts surrounding the situation (the involvement and bias of his HS coach). As far as the area, my in-laws have a lake house on Lake Hartwell and I agree that Clemson is beautiful. However, they seem to play a level below when it comes to football. To me its odd that he would turn away the opportunity to be a difference maker on a team that just needs a little more offense to potentially be playing for a National Championship, instead choosing a team that the only reason it even made it to the Chick-fil-A bowl is because of its offense. It will be harder for him to come in and stand out initially at Clemson than it would be at UF.

  32. Question: Why are you Clemson fans on a Gator page? If you aren’t a Gator fan then you shouldn’t be on here talking about championships that you haven’t won since 1981. Let’s just forget about Robinson and move on to people that want to be a Gator. We will have a great passing game next year so any excuses will be out the window.

  33. How is it odd? Its not like Clemson is Rutgers. If you watch their offense, I can completely understand why a receiver would have interest. Yes, UF has the pedigree and they play in the SEC, but we have not done anything offensively in 3 years that would make our program a magnet for top of the line WR. We’re fortunate to have the 4 we’re getting. Just be happy with that amd we hope we sling it around more this year.

  34. @Sean Really?? I’m the “moran”?? First, you can’t even spell morOn! Second, You don’t even know basic punctuation! Third, you have to resort to personal attacks because you have no clue what you’re talking about. So sit down and get ready to learn because school is in session. Lesson 1: Football is a team sport (GASP SHOCKER!). It takes more than just good receivers to win championships. Florida has a complete team and coaches right now to win a championship in the very near future. The only thing we really lack right now is playmakers at the receiver position (this is why DR would play early here), which we are recruiting and developing receivers, and we’ve proven we can win even if our receivers aren’t elite. Clemson, on the other hand, is stacked at the receiver position (which is why DR would probably get pushed back on the depth chart), but the rest of the team and coaches are not up to national championship level. Therefore, UF is much better than Clemson and can compete for national titles, while still giving DR a chance to make an immediate impact. Win-win for DR

  35. @KO Reall it’s easier to “cruise to a championship” in the ACC than it is to win a championship in the SEC? Remind me who has won the last 6 national titles (soon to be 7). Clemson may someday be able to make it to the title game (probably not), but there’s no way they beat the SEC champion. Game, set, and match.

  36. And to the people who think UF wouldn’t be attractive to receivers because “we haven’t had a passing game in forever!” 1. It’s only been a little slump. It wasn’t that long ago that we were slinging the ball around to the likes of Harvin and Murphy. Now I’m not saying these last 3 years are just ignored by receivers. The last 3 years of ineffective passing is very unattractive to recruits. I’m just saying some people are making it like we haven’t had a decent passing attack since Spurrier coached and that’s just not true. 2. We want to throw the ball more. Everything else is in place and now all we need is the talent at the receiver position. If the coaches aren’t completely dumb (which they’re not) they’re telling the recruits this. This should make UF look even more attractive in the eyes of recruits because receivers get a chance at early playing time and a team that wants to throw the ball more. Now if Muschamp came out and said no we only want to run the ball, and all receivers will be doing is blocking, then I could understand why receivers would want to keep away. However, he hasn’t said that and receivers have been a big focus of this coaching staff so we can get a passing attack back. Now not all receivers are gonna be convinced that our passing game is gonna be back soon, but for receivers like DR, who liked UF and believe they can be that playmaker, then playing early at a school where they are more likely to get a national championship should be more attractive than a school where you might get pushed back on the depth chart and still probably won’t win a title