Contact Period: Week 3 recap


Florida coach Will Muschamp and his staff hit the road one last time before the end of the Contact Period. The Gators saw plenty of prospects in Week 1 and Week 2, and this past week was no different.

Schools are now under the Dead Period until Jan. 3. During this time, college coaches may not have face-to-face contact with recruits or their parents and can no longer visit their high schools. Phone calls, Facebook messages and letters are still permitted.

The Contact Period resumes Jan. 4 and runs through Feb. 2, with Quiet Periods coming on Jan. 6 and Feb. 3. After the latter date, coaches will be in a Dead Period from Feb. 4 to Feb. 7.

National Signing Day is Feb. 6.

Here’s a recap of some recruits UF visited in Week 3.

Dec. 9
OL Cameron Dillard, 6-3, 290, Canton, Mich./Canton (UF commit)

Dec. 10
OL Roderick Johnson 6-6, 316, Delray Beach, Fla./American Heritage (UF commit)
LB Matt Rolin, 6-4, 209, Ashburn, Va./Briar Woods (UF commit)
CB Jalen Ramsey, 6-0, 190, Brentwood, Tenn./Brentwood Academy (USC commit)
2014 OL Andrew Brown, 6-4, 292, Chesapeake, Va./Oscar Smith
2014 OL Jamarco Jones, 6-5, 285, Chicago, Ill./De La Salle
2014 OL Aaron Roberts, 6-6, 285, Chicago, Ill./De La Salle
2014 OL K.C. McDermott, 6-6, 285, Wellington, Fla./Palm Beach Central

Dec. 11
WR Marquez North, 6-3, 205, Charlotte, N.C./Mallard Creek
TE Josh McNeil, 6-5, 235, Durham, N.C./Hillside (Alabama commit)
OT Laremy Tunsil, 6-6, 295, Lake City, Fla./Columbia
DT Montravius Adams, 6-3, 290, Vienna, Ga./Dooly County
S Nick Washington, 6-0, 183, Jacksonville, Fla./Trinity Christian (UF commit)
* UF offered 2015 CB Kevin Toliver (LSU commit) and 2015 LB Jefferey Holland, both teammates of Washington.

Dec. 12
WR Marqui Hawkins, 6-2, 190, Columbus, Ga./Carver (UF commit)
WR Demarcus Robinson, 6-2, 200, Fort Valley, Ga./Peach County (UF commit)
LB Jarrad Davis, 6-3, 215, Kingsland, Ga./Camden County (UF commit)
2014 DE Lorenzo Carter, 6-6, 232, Norcross, Ga./Norcross (UF offered)
2014 DT Dontravious Russell 6-3, 300, Carrollton, Ga./Carrollton (UF offered)

Dec. 13
WR James Clark, 5-11, 170, New Smyrna Beach, Fla./New Smyrna Beach
TE Durham Smythe, 6-6, 230, Belton, Texas/Belton
2014 DB Jamal Adams, 6-0, 189, Lewisville, Texas/Hebron (UF offered)

Dec. 14
LB James Hearns, 6-3, 230, Tallahassee, Fla./Lincoln (UF commit)
CB Mackensie Alexander, 5-11, 175, Immokalee, Fla./Immokalee


  1. If DRob has really flipped back to Clemson, somebody should show him a picture of CJ Spiller’s ringless hand and then the two NC rings that COULD HAVE BEEN ON HIS HAND had he come to Florida instead of flipping to Clemson.

  2. I don’t understand why he would choose Clemson over UF. UF has already has a great defense and needs offensive improvement (specifically the WR’s) to contend for a National Championship next year. Based on all the recruiting services, Robinson could have come in and provided a boost in this area. Clemson already has a prolific offense, so one more playmaker will do nothing to improve the teams overrall prospects. Furthermore, it appeared from the quotes attributed to Robinson’s coach that he was going to do everything in his power to get DR to attend Clemson. I’m sure the kid is having a tough time making a decision right now, especially if someone he trusts (his coach) is trying to steer him in one direction. No matter what happens, I’d love to see this kid play for the Gators, and if not, good luck at whatever school he decides to attend.

    P.S. I know you’re trying Zach, but I’d love to get the inside story if you can.

  3. Thanks Zach for reporting events in a timely manner. Though it’s a disappointment that DR flipped, we have to expect guys are going to flip (both our way and NOT our way) before signing day. I’d like to think in the end we’ll get everyone we need to move the program forward.

  4. I’m not disappointed in DR flipping. I’m disappointed that the truth isn’t being told. Why would he commit before his visit then flip back. Either he found out he couldn’t make the grades to get into UF on his visit or what we all think…..Clemson needs to be investigated by the NCAA. They are some shady kind of something to have had all the recruits they have had commited this year.

  5. If having a lot of good recruits showing interest in a school is evidence of cheating, then what should people say about UF? A good recruiting class is not evidence of cheating, and making such an accusation seems petty. If you’ve never been there, Clemson is a really nice place in a beautiful part of the country and there are a lot of really good looking women around, so it compares favorably with UF in a lot of ways. Oh, yeah, and they’ve got a wicked good offense, too, maybe that’s why a guy like Robinson would want to go there. I’m just sayin’.
    Go Gators! Win or lose.

  6. Doug,
    Clemson has a good O because of the key players they have been able to steal from the Gators. If John brantley had sammy W. like he was going to you think the gators would have been 6-6? Hell no! If CJ spiller didn’t flip to clemson Uf wins 3 in a row hands down. There are a lot of what if’s out there his is just at a glaring weakness we have that clemson does not. That is why it doesn’t make any sense. His coach was wrong for influencing his choice like that as well.

  7. I know we got Elam back in the fold in a similar manner, so I’m not willing to suggest that there is any cheating going on anywhere. I do question why a receiver who could make such a difference for our team would choose to go to a school where they probably won’t win and he won’t be a big fish. If his mother didn’t like her time in Gainesville and convinced him to switch back to Clemson, then best of luck, cause your family will always be there. However, his coach seems to be a little too excited about DR switching back to Clemson to not wonder if anything fishy is going on on that front.

  8. I live in SC and though I have NEVER been to the Campus, I’m frequently told how beautiful the area is and the young women are great. I also agree with Doug about the CHEATING thing, Clemson does have a good offense and we still DOn’t (NOT YET). Once we get it going we will get those athletes with no problem. Right now we can’t really show a kid that he’s going to be apart of this great offensive team, it’s just not there yet. About cheating, I don’t think they are cheating, it wold have come out by now. Clemson has been KICKING a lot of major schools ASSES in recruiting over the years, they don’t have anything to show for it because they don’t have anyone to coach them up. Look at the boys in North Florida, MUCH talent no coaching! NUFF SAID!! GO GATORS!!!!

  9. Nobody gets stolen from the Gators any more than the Gators steal from FSU or anyone else. Come on. These young guys are very talented and they are fortunate that they are given so many options to choose from when it comes to a university, and that choice is theirs to make. I’m glad these guys have coaches that they trust helping them make such an important decision. Good for them. The presumption amongst some that UF is the only school worth playing for, or worth rooting for, is ridiculous and it might just be part of the problem sometimes. You never know. These kids can read and they can visit this site as easily as I can. Lambasting and insulting any high school athlete for choosing to attend a university other than UF makes Gator fans look sort of narrow minded, don’t you think? If we want talented, intelligent players, to come play for our favorite team then we ought to treat them like talented and intelligent human beings, first, and show them some respect from the very beginning. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  10. Doug,
    There is helping and then there is manipulation. His coach was doing the latter of the two. He went so far as to admit it then post it on a message board. Not cool. That is my problem with the whole thing. I am more than confidant that there was some improper contact between his coach and the Clemson staff about DR. If he wants to go there great. But don’t tell me its because Clemson has nice girls and a nice campus. We still the number one party school in the nation with high athletic GPA’s.

  11. J,
    I live in SC and that is the talk about the campus and the young women. But I think you missed Doug’s point about bashing the athletes on these forums. He is absolutely correct,I and you see it all the time when a player chooses another school or is even considering another school or taking his time about HIS choice, some of us bash the kids. Sure we want the “BEST STUDENT ATHLETES” in our program but not at any cost nor do we want to act like SPOILED BABIES if the KID chooses anouther university. GO GATORS!!!!