Hawkins meets Phillips, ready to play with Robinson


When Florida flipped Demarcus Robinson (Fort Valley, Ga./Peach County), many Gator fans wondered whether his commitment would affect the other four receivers in UF’s 2013 class.

The only one who came to mind was Marqui Hawkins (Columbus, Ga./Carver).

In-state prospects Alvin Bailey, Ahmad Fulwood and Chris Thompson have been solid since their decision, but Hawkins has expressed interest in taking all five of his officials despite calling himself 100 percent committed.

Hawkins said he was “done taking visits” after attending Friday Night Lights, but his tune changed in the fall.

The 6-foot-2, 190-pounder told The Sun last week he still wanted to take trips to Auburn, Clemson, Florida State and Miami.

That’s no longer the case after Wednesday’s visit from running backs coach Brian White and new receivers coach Joker Phillips.

Hawkins will officially visits UF this weekend. (Photo by Matt Stamey/The Gainesville Sun)

“I’m not going to take any other officials,” Hawkins said. “I know that I’m going to stick with Florida, so I don’t want to cause any problems with the coaching staff.”

Wednesday was Hawkins’ first time meeting Phillips, and the former Kentucky coach made quite the impression.

“It was a good visit,” Hawkins said. “He came up to watch me lift weights and we talked about the receiver position. I can tell he knows a lot and I’m ready to learn from him. It will be good to sit down some more with him on my official visit this weekend.”

Joining him in Gainesville this Friday will be Robinson, whose commitment to the Gators made Hawkins nothing but happy.

“Man, that’s homeboy,” he said of Robinson. “We just got off the phone. His decision doesn’t bother me at all. I’m excited about it. That’s another great receiver we need on the team. Hopefully me and him can come in and make something happen for Florida’s offense. Both of us on the field at the same time is a hell of a combination.”

Hawkins would know. Their schools played on Nov. 2 and Robinson was assigned to cover Hawkins on defense. Robinson finished with 77 receiving yards and returned a punt 53 yards for a score, but Hawkins’ team won 26-17 and he caught a 10-yard touchdown pass over the new UF commit.

“He tried to guard me, but I scored on him,” Hawkins said laughing. “It was great to go against each other. I didn’t get a chance to guard him, but I could see he’s a great player. After the game, he told me he was going to decommit from Clemson. So I’ve known for awhile that he was coming to Florida. Now we get to be teammates and I can’t wait.”


  1. Hawkins making a good decision.

    Now listen, I’m not trying to be biased here, and I think enough folks know by my postings here the past few years that I’m pretty honest and fair, but lets face it about Auburn, Clemson, Florida State and Miami…

    Not one of those programs will be playing for a national title in the next 5 years, and Florida will be, AT LEAST twice, and you can count on that.

  2. question for mailbag:
    do we have a shot to land collins friday when he visits? and also, do u think champ would still take james clark if he wanted. he’d be a terriffic return man and jet sweep/patton type player

  3. God is smiling down on The Gator Nation! Welcome aboard D. Robinson, and an EE too, SWEET! Our last few chess moves will be very interesting to watch. Do we finish up before NSD, do we hold out, or do we shuffle things around and create additional picks via decommits/replacements? What would you do? Could use a RB, DT, Pass Rusher…

  4. Questions for you Zach:
    Are Collins and Swanson a priority or a luxury at this point in the game? Are we looking to take another DT if Adams doesn’t come thru and if we are who are the prospects? When does Ogundeko (Scrooge) make his announcement? How serious are we looking at Bower and Jarrad Davis now?

  5. Lewkeys and Zach,
    Adams>T.Bower>Ogundeko<Eli.Daniel are all in the same boat I think. If Ramsey or Collins wanted in they would come first and we would be done. I think the staff would like a DE/LB speed rush guy but couldn't pass on Ramsey, Collins or maybe even Kennedy (LSU commit). Glaring weakness at FB behind Hunter makes Kennedy a little more important to me. What say you Zach?

  6. I wish we could skip this bogus bowl game and just start next season already.
    What a Killer Class!
    Fulwood is 6’4, Hawkins is 6’2, Robinson is 6’2 and Country Strong!
    Gator Fans our Undefeated Season is Coming!!!
    It’s also Sweet that our first one will be with one of Gainesville’s very own at the helm.
    Thanks Zach
    Special Thanks to CWM and Staff
    Joker’s Wild

  7. Dude, this class is done. You really think about it, if national signing day is today then we would have the #1 class and have met our needs. Everything from here is a +1. Crazy because we are going to be getting extremely good +1’s.

  8. Bogus bowl? I think getting into a BCS bowl game is a fitting tribute to the way this team prepared and persevered throughout this year. Not quite what we wanted (NC), but much more than I think any of us realistically expected this year. Can’t wait for the bowl game, then lets get ready for next year! GO GATORS!

  9. Don’t know anything about these kids other than what I read in this column, but from what this kid Hawkins said, I like the attitude of he and other kids who welcome competition and are not afraid to earn their playing time on the practice field. This bodes well for future TEAM success, on and off the field.

  10. Great FREEKIN’ job coaching staff!! I’m so proud of you guys!! Also very proud of the young men that they’ve signed-they all seem like very good, program type guys that don’t seem to shy away from hard work & competition. Good luck to the rest of the SEC for the next 4-5 yrs because UF is racking up the prospects for SEC & national title runs!! GO GATORS!!!

  11. gatorfan wrote:
    question for mailbag:
    do we have a shot to land collins friday when he visits? and also, do u think champ would still take james clark if he wanted. he’d be a terriffic return man and jet sweep/patton type player
    It’s ironic that you would ask about Collins (I assume you mean RB Alex C.) and a return / jet sweep man in the same post because I’ve been thinking about Alvin Kamara. He’s a 3rd running back that seems like he could perform well as a return / jet sweep man as well as playing a hybrid RB/WR role like Percy (not saying he’s the next Percy).
    However, I don’t remember any news of interest between Kamara and UF, so I don’t have much hope for adding him. Zach, ESPN shows he’s got an offer from us. Do you know if there is or has been any mutual interest there?

  12. This IS a great recruiting class. I couldn’t be happier thus far as a Gator Fan. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If the past five years have shown me, just because a player has a lot of stars next to their names coming, that doesn’t translate to success on and off the field. Remember, Seantrel H, now at UM? Closer to home, Andre Debose, Matt Patchen.

    What makes the difference is these guy’s work ethic. If they fully commit to Dillman, then the rest will fall into place. No better builder of character than the commitment you make to you team and your strength coach. In Dillman I trust. Remember, nearly every team will be Olympic-style lifting this year based on the amazing, very obvious results Dillman has had in one season. Can you imagine how nasty the DJ Humpries, etc will be after three more years under The Dill?

  13. Question for Zach Stack:

    If all current commits sign and if some, not all leave is there a possibility that muschamp will be force to get rid of some guys? I ask because as you can see Florida has an opportunity to play for a National championship and who in their right mind wants to leave this team at this point?

  14. The bowl isn’t bogus just our opponent.
    There were at least 17 other teams more deserving to play us this year.
    I’m still happy for coach strong tho, but L’ville has no business in the sugar bowl this year.

    at least we didn’t get stuck with NIU. lol