Max number of signees, possible transfers for UF


The numbers crunch has officially begun for Florida coach Will Muschamp.

About a dozen targets still remain on the board, but the Gators are already out of room.

UF has 74 scholarship players on its roster excluding walk-ons (who won’t count against the 2013 class), and 13 of them are seniors.

Florida currently has room for 24 signees (NCAA roster limit is 85), but there are now 25 recruits committed as of Dec. 17.

With that in mind, here’s how UF can/will open up scholarships for the soon-to-be signees.

Four juniors (safety Matt Elam, defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd, linebacker Jelani Jenkins and tight end Jordan Reed) have submitted their paperwork and the Gators are expected to lose at least two (definitely Floyd).

Then there’s the annual attrition that will occur in the offseason. Here’s a list of possible players who might transfer, be dismissed, receive a medical hardship or simply hang up their cleats. This is not based on any sources, just likely candidates given the course of their college careers thus far.

Quarterbacks Jacoby Brissett and Tyler Murphy, running backs Mack Brown and Chris Johnson, receiver Stephen Alli, tight end Tevin Westbrook, offensive linemen Tommy Jordan, defensive end Kedric Johnson, linebacker Gideon Ajagbe and cornerback Jeremy Brown.

For the sake of this blog, let’s say half of those players aren’t on the team come this summer and some underclassmen enter the NFL Draft. What’s the maximum number of recruits Florida can have on National Signing Day?

Per SEC rules, 25 is the most a class size can be. However, that number can be exceeded with early enrollees that count toward the previous year.

UF signed 22 recruits last February, but six of them enrolled early and were counted toward the 2011 recruiting cycle. That leaves the Gators with a 2012 class size of only 16, meaning they could sign up to 34 prospects this year if they have nine early enrollees AND enough scholarship room for them.

With 24 openings at this time, Florida would need 10 departures in the offseason for that to happen (highly unlikely). But the Gators should have enough transfers and juniors go pro (they currently need just one) to meet the scholarship needs of their incoming freshmen when they report in June.

UF has seven commits that will enroll early next month — running back Kelvin Taylor, JUCO offensive linemen Trenton Brown and Tyler Moore, JUCO defensive tackle Darious Cummings, defensive lineman Joey Ivie, linebackers Daniel McMillian and Matt Rolin.


  1. well w/powell decommiting, i guess thats an open spot now. i honestly am not surprised nor do i really care. his chances of seeing the field early were slim to none so it was fo the best. if ur scared of competition, go to a D-2 school

  2. Sharp work Zach! I hate losing good guys but it’s for the best on both sides. Wish we could have rewarded J. Johnson with a few carries for the way he came in and helped out at RB when needed! IMO, with what’s on the way, the S position (even with Elam and Saunders gone) will be one to watch for attrition. T. Murphy should have left last year -when both QBs were struggling mightily at half-time of one of the games, Coach was asked if he might ‘consider’ playing Murphy…an emphatic “NO!” jumped off his tongue before the question was complete. Best wishes to whoever moves on, in which ever direction life takes you!

  3. We didn’t lose Powell. He was never fully invested. Just look at his last interview. Love the guy as a prospect and hope he comes back. If not then I can take a FB/RB, CB and/or DE/LB. Either way I’M GOOD! This is why coach boom continued to recruit another LB when it didn’t make sense on the outside. What say you Zach? What position would you take to fill the last two spots. I would take a FB and WR/CB.

  4. I agree that Murphy should have left last year. Powell admits that he didn’t want the competition, he was committing to the wrong program. It is great that he realised this and didn’t wait and hold the spot that someone thats ready to compete, earn the scholly and be productive for the team and he move on to where he feels he can be competetive and productive.

  5. Creek Gator, I agree with you on not holding up a scholarship from another. However, the difference is Powell was going to drop us either way thus the coaches began hunting other LBs and landed M. Rolin even before he officially moved on. Everyone else appears very solid. Hopefully we can add to our pass rush with Daniels or Adams!

  6. Powell really disappointed me. If you give the coach your word that you’re committed, coming, wanting to be a Gator then stick with it & don’t crawfish. WHen I saw his interview I figured he would stick but whatever…if you don’t like the competition move on to Nowhere U. This ain’t high school where you’re the only big fish in the pond, buddy. Guys here were in the same boat-some just choose to work & earn their keep as opposed to having it given to them. With that being said let’s concentrate on securing the current young men that want to be at UF, will work hard, and will continue to improve to make UF the top dog in the conference again. I’ve heard that Matt might stay-if that’s the case the defense will be a force again next year with he, Ronald Powell, Dominique, Jelani, & Antonio they look solid again. Got my tickets for the sugar bowl the other day-see y’all there!! GO GATORS!!!

  7. if Reed leaves then that a huge mistake… he is not ready and he would be a “project” in the NFL… he should stay and have a huge senior year and go high in the next years draft… plus he’s a beast and we could use him again

  8. @ Ken

    Why would you make such comments against a player? I have no problem with legitimate criticism but I have never heard anyone question Alli’s heart. He has the physical tools but was never considered a great player even when he was in high school. Just because someone has size and speed doesnt mean they possess great overall talent. The guy was an unheard of prospect coming out of high school and everyone knew it was a reach when Florida offered him a scholarship. You act like he was a 5 star or something.

  9. In light of Powell’s second thoughts, I’m glad to see the other kids are sticking with it. We need kids that will expect competition coming in. Nothing against this Powell kid — better to realize he will be fighting for a job every day against great competition NOW, rather than coming to that conclusion late in the process.

  10. I’m not an insider or anything, but I’m pretty sure Alli is out. I think he’s set to graduate in the spring and become a doctor, or something.
    Also think Debose and Pop get the axe.
    QB transfer is possible but both Brissett and Murphy love UF so who knows.
    I think Patchan, Brown, and K Johnson get the medical ship.
    I had forgotten Ajagbe was still on the team … maybe he leaves for playing time. Same with Mack Brown and Tommy Jordan.

  11. What happened with Ira Denson? Awhile back I thought Zach said he wanted to switch to UF and would do so if the UF coaches offered. Why would they not offer a 4 star O-lineman? And not only add to your line but take away from your rival.

  12. What about Debose? If anyone is wasted space it’s him. Dubbed Percy Harvin 2.0, he hasn’t done anything other than return kicks, and now even that is being taken away from him. I’ve heard over and over how he doesn’t work hard enough and doesn’t practice well. Well, if he hasn’t learned a solid enough work ethic by now, then I doubt he will in his final year. Time for Debose to get the boot to make room for some younger talent who may actually work.

  13. Also, people need to back off of Powell. There’s a reason you’re not allowed to commit before National Signing Day. It’s to protect kids from being pressured to sign too early. Powell needs to make the best decision for himself. I read his interview and he seems like a decent reasonable kid. He doesn’t want to come into a crowded field at his position. Leave him alone, we Gators have class.

    Go Gators!

  14. I Agree with Cleveland Gator. Why is everybody so down on Powell when they were happy about Matt Rollin just days ago??? So when a kid flips from another school to U.F. he’s smart and is doing the right thing for his future…but if a pledge changes his mind about us he has no guts, doesn’t want competition and he embodies everything that’s wrong with his generation???

    Nobody complained when Rolin flipped to the good guys. Nobody complained when Fowler switched. Nobody complained when the Pouncey twins decided against fsu and came aboard the U.F. train. You can’t have it both ways guys. You win some, you lose some. Leave the kid alone. Champ will find someone of equal of greater talent to take his place. Better to have done it now than on signing day.

  15. Bravo Cleveland Gator, If you listen to Powell’s interview, it was as soft as a baby’s behind! Not only are these H.S. kids, but let’s be real, for us this is all fun, but for them it is a business decision they aren’t necessarily well equiped to make. The coaches certainly are hedging their bets as is appropriate! Even if it is competition which motivates behaviour, we are not in position to judge. Last, as a HUGE Gator fan, let’s work on exuding the kind of confidence and class befiting the awesome Football (Basketball, Baseball, etc. etc) we have. GO GATOR NATION!

  16. Florida should redshirt Brissett next year and be behind Driskel one year. Then, as a senior, he starts at QB and earns his way to the NFL possibly. He would sit out next year if he transfers anyway. So, I hope Muschamp offers him that if they see a lot of potential in him. It only takes one year to earn your strips for the draft, and he could learn a lot about play QB by watching and learning until his senior year. Seems like a good path to me.

    I read on another site that Floyd, Elam, and Reed were all going to turn pro…and Jenkins is only waiting to find out where he will go in the draft to make his final decision. I think all four will go pro. The biggest loss will be Jenkins because the Gators are very thin at LB.

    And…I wonder…if Powell will recommit if Jenkins leaves early. But, if you have seen photos of Powell…how does that guy ever play SEC LB with a body type like that. He looks like a cornerback, not a LB. He has a thin skeleton, and he will never be a big LB like Jenkins from the viewing of his photos. And the Gators do not need any more CBs or strong safeties. They are absolutely loaded at those positions.

  17. WHY on earth is everyone assuming Jacoby will transfer?!?! I think he likes the competition and he likes it at UF. If he leaves he just has to sit out another year, which is another year wasted as opposed to staying the course at UF. I think he should & will stay as he appears to be a competitor. I also think he will get a very decent shot at an NFL career if he stays-he’s a protypical NFL QB; 6’4″ 240 w/ a rocket arm and smart as a whip. After all-he DID sign knowing full well Driskel was coming here and was up to the challenge of healthy comeptition so MUCH kudos to you, Jacoby! I think Tyler Murphy would be much more suited to be a receiver or a slot/scat back. I for one have been dumbfounded as to why the coaches never even TRIED to get Stephen Alli involved in the offense in some form or fashion. Use him on the goalline from 10 yds & in for jumpball situations so he can go get it…please utilize his height!! You can teach technique, route running, etc. but you can’t teach height!!

  18. Baton Rouge…….

    Doesn’t matter how tall you are if you can’t consistently catch the ball….or even really know where to run to catch the ball occasionally. Alli obviously lacks the ball skills to play on the field in any situation other than playing in a mop up roll when the score is 52-0.

  19. Powell is gone for reasons other than depth at his position; former teammate L. Williams is out there and doing very well and Coach Kreeper worked it to his advantage. I knew of Powell’s intentions weeks ago because he spoke them – J. Jenkins came in very small, he’s bigger now but still undersized consequently he still has trouble getting off blocks and stopping runners on first contact (I do recall 1 good solid solo during the A&M game/he injured his hand on that tackle)…hope he comes back – Brissett, I’d stay unless a respected QB guru is waiting to bring him in; you know he’d let you toss it around! – Murphy and Alli?? It’s very difficult for young me to walk away from teammates, and others, not to mention a degree from UF as a former student athlete gets peoples attention! Ask a Walk-on! – Ken that was a bit harsh – Recruiting is exciting business for us to enjoy, let’s not make/take it personal. Love my Gators!

  20. Insulting a 17 year old kid, particularly when they have been as open and honest about their intentions as Powell has, is pretty cowardly thing to do behind a keyboard. They have coaches trying to sell them the world on a daily basis and with everything at stake…… yeah, I guess its an easy decision to make. Get a life people.

  21. My problem with Powell’s decommitment is not him “going back on his word.” People flip all the time and nothing is final until national signing day. My problem, as I think is most people’s problems’ is it sounds like he decommitted because he doesn’t want the competition. Which if that’s why he decommitted then it’s better he left now than wasting scholarship space. If he didn’t want to compete then he chose the wrong school to begin with. And all this “oh he’s 17 give him a break” needs to stop. Now I don’t agree with personal attacks or anything, but IF he decommitted because he doesn’t want competition then that’s inexcusable and we don’t need him. I was 17 only 3 years ago and I loved having competition. Heck I thrived with competition. Now I don’t know his true intention and if he doesn’t mind competition and wants to come back then I’m sure we’ll be lucky to have him. But if he’s scared of competition then we’re better off without him.

  22. Ken,
    You owe an apology to Stephen Alli. The guy has been a loyal Gator for a few years now. He goes to practice, all the meetings, works out and does what is asked of him.

    If you don’t offer up an apology we will all have to assume you are a classless, uninformed jerk that likes to hide behind your keyboard to take unwarranted shots at kids that work hard for the Gator Nation.

    This may sound corny, but you should be ashamed of yourself.

  23. The young man is free to change his mind. And he is free to “fear” the competition. Cant help but believe that the coaching staff was honest with him about his recruitment and how many recruits they were looking to sign at his position. If he felt like he was the odd man out, good for him for looking somewhere else. As others have stated, he was a bit undersized for an lb in the SEC anyway. Now maybe they can bring in another prototypical beast for the slobberknocker that is SEC defense. As for Alli, there has been a lot of chatter that the young man simply couldnt catch a cold if it were sneezed directly into his face! Dont know if thats acurate or not, just saying that it has been said often.

  24. Alli kind of reminds me of Earl Okine. Love what he did his last year at UF but MAN-if he could’ve harnessed all that God given size & talent he could’ve been Kevin Carter-esque! I was that dude’s main cheerleader his whole time at UF just hoping he would have a breakout year but it never transpired. He’s one of those ‘first one off of the bus’ dudes…i still think he’ll get picked up by an NFL team just based on his size alone…some team will take him on as a project but oh what could have been for Mr Okine! Good luck to him & to Stephen-you still have one more year my man. Make the best of it & catch 10 TD’s next year!!

  25. I’ve never heard a single one of these players or recruits say a negative thing about the Gators, the school, or the fans, ever. Not once. The players have done what was asked of them and worked a lot harder at being a Gator than any of us ever has, and the recruits have been nothing but complimentary about the program even when they decide to de-commit. Can’t we be as gracious as they are?
    Go Gators! Win or lose.

  26. LOVE the comment Doug! I agree, if a kid doesn’t want to come here, in our opinion its his loss, but at the end of the day its HIS life. Would love to see Powell get back on board, but if he doesn’t, I’m sure Muschamp will still sign an unbelievable class this year. Can’t wait for the bowl game and GO GATORS!

  27. @TJ – you are really showing your age with some of your comments. You didn’t even need to say you were 20, it was already obvious ……where ever he goes he will face competition. All the other schools he is looking at have similar talent to UF. So, to stamp the “he’s scared” tag on a 17 year old kid who has a lot to process right now, shows the maturity level of some posters.

  28. TJ, I’m on ScooterP’s side! 🙂 Competition is everywhere! Hell, E. Okine was ‘competition’ this year, I bet A. McCalister, T. Westbrook, B. Cox and Q. Williams didn’t see him coming. WEEKS AGO Powell said he was decommitting for USC, well before we picked up his replacement M. Rolin. Don’t expect us to seek another LB for this class other than as a replacement option. J. Hearns is our MLB recruit. We’re obviously stock-piling at positions of need. The OL is set, now I believe we wrap up with another RB, WR/playmaker and a Sack Man.

  29. I sure hope recruits and or there parents put a whole lot into this site and the forums… most guys on here are just loosers… if It doesnt apply to you, than dont worry, i wasnt referencing to you. These are kids.. one thing I wanted to say was about Debose in particular… or Ali in that matter. No one including any of you “loosers” had a problem when Debose ran those TD back.. or anything else he might have done. He never wanted to be compared to P Harvin.. that were you loosers again started. Ali.. the ultimate goal is to come to school to get in education Sports are only secondary…. scholarship or not. If he contributes to the team rather in any shape or form rather it be Practice Scout team what have you.

  30. @scooterp Wow attacking me personally? Very classy! smh. My point in the post wasn’t to degrade Powell or attack him personally. As I said I don’t agree with attacking him personally. And as I said “Now I don’t know his true intention and if he doesn’t mind competition and wants to come back then I’m sure we’ll be lucky to have him.” Point in case I DON’T KNOW HIS TRUE INTENTIONS. I’m not judging or trying to attack the guy. My point was the stories I was reading made it sound as him he didn’t want to face the competition and if that were so then Florida is the wrong place to go to beging with. Again I don’t know his heart and he may have more heart than all the other commits put together for all we know. My apologies if my post was misunderstood. But come on man chill out, calm down, breathe, and let’s try to keep these posts to a mature level rather than attacking each other. Ok?

    i did not understand next to last paragraph. with 21 openings….

    next year is our peek year, so we need briseette to be back up.

    i live in dautona & was told months ago powell was never coming to UF.



    CAN anyone remember a gray shirt player that worked out??

  32. BatonRouge Gator, Okine was a project from day 1. The coaches saw his size and offered, thinking they could transform him. Well, 5 years later, he’s still a project. And an NFL team taking him, NO WAY, thats absurd!