Brantley visits FSU, when will he return?


UPDATE: Florida State defensive line coach Odell Haggins called Crescent City coach Alvin Carter on Monday morning and told him FSU has rescinded Brantley’s offer and will not allow him to visit its campus again.

Crescent City defensive tackle Caleb Brantley attended the Florida State game Saturday and had a great time with his mother and uncle.

So when will he back to Tallahassee for another visit?

“Never,” the UF commit said after Florida’s 37-26 victory over the Seminoles.

The next time Brantley is in Doak Campbell Stadium, he will be a sophomore suited up for the Gators.

The consensus four-star recruit had previously planned to return to FSU for an unofficial and official visit in December, but that’s no longer the case. Brantley said Saturday’s trip was for UF and he wore his heart on his sleeve.

“I was head-to-toe in Gator gear,” Brantley said. “Me and my mom were standing and cheering for Florida the whole time and we made a lot of people in the stands mad.”

Brantley’s interest in the Seminoles stemmed from his relationship with FSU defensive line coach Odell Haggins, who has recruited the UF commit relentlessly and built a father-son bond with him.

“I was supposed to have a meeting with him after the game, but I left as soon as it ended,” Brantley said. “Me and him are close and I have a lot of respect for him, but at the end of the day I’m going to Florida. I can’t wait to play for them next year.”

It’s unlikely Haggins will give up on Brantley, but right now the Under Armour All-American sounds completely solid with the Gators.

This was his Sunday morning status on Facebook:

“It’s been coming to my attention that I will be playing for the Florida gators! That’s been my dream as a kid! And the opportunity is there! That’s the best feeling in the world! Can’t nothing bring me down right now! I love it!!”


  1. This is music to my ears. I was a little worried about him being a little pissed about Cummings coming in and us trying to land Reed. But, I’m glad he’s re-confirming to UF. We want him, we need him, and more importantly he wants us. He may not start next year but he’ll defintely see a lot of time. I’m sure this was already answered somewhere…sometime. But, is he one of the possible EE’s? Love for him to get in there early and work with our S&C coach.

  2. we have seen that if you work hard….you PLAY!!!
    Dante Fowler, Jonathan Bullard and a ton of true freshmen played this year, some guys played ALL year….. come in and be an early enrollee, work your ass off spring and summer and fall camp and you will play a TON, maybe even start…………..ITs NEVER about what you cant do and ALWAYS about what you can do….work hard, work your ass off…….and its YOURS

  3. With the great FSU win behind us what are the chances now of flipping any of the current FSU 2013 committments and just as important, which of those would the Gator coaches have the greatest interest!! Any updates on this would be appreciated!!

    Heard on a sports radio program after the game that Jumbo might be interested in jumping the FSU ship for one of the, currently Auburn, Tennessee and Arkansas, open SEC head coaching positions. This possibility was not built up but they said it was from a reasonably reliable source. After his team’s whipping by the SEC Gators, he just might see such vacancies as greener pastures, though I doubt it!!

  4. @Human Race – AMEN BROTHER! (or sister if you are a chick). These kids have to be committed to working hard and viewing practice like it is game time. Muschamp’s players are passing the eyeball test, they seem to buy off on the work-hard-and-you-play mentality.

    In all honesty I’m OK with a 4 or 5 star kid that passes on the Gators simply because he doesn’t think he is going to play now. We need hard-nosed grinders that aren’t afraid to compete for their jobs.

  5. Boom! Great job CWM! Way to right the ship in a flash. This team showed a lot of heart and surprised folks all year (myself included). Now let’s finish this class out and build some momentum going into next season…GO GATORS!

  6. Proud of our team and their poise when momentum changed and bad calls by the refs were made! I am convinced, the W is all that matters. Love my GATORS and can’t wait to see how we blossom in the spring.
    We’ve got a helluva recruiting class going and should only improve. Let’s put M. Adams down beside C. Brantley…hope to see them both at the banquet next month! The future is very bright in Gatorland.

  7. Hey Zach,
    Thanks for a great year of reporting! Any chance of lifting the ban on EMK for a week just so the twit can come back here and eat some crow? All he and some of the living-in-mommy’s-basement crowd did for the first month of the season was badmouth Muschamp and the Gators, and it sure would be nice to hear from some of those children now.
    Go Gators! Win or Lose.

  8. Nole recruits need to understand that FSU doesn’t have the money to finish that practice facility they’ve been promising, that the DC and maybe the HC are looking for a way out of Dodge, and that next year’s home schedule is so full of cream pies that the administration is worried they won’t get 40,000 fans in for games.

    In other words, jump off the sinking ship while you still can.

  9. As for guy flipping, I only want them if we have space. Nobody who’s been offered and accepted should get booted.
    However, if we have guys who are opening up their recruiting, or only giving a “soft” verbal, they need to either firm up and stop looking or be put on notice that we will find someone who wants to be here. Anyone still taking visits should be told they are playing with fire.

  10. One last thing. I’m glad Brantley was on an unofficial visit. If he had been on an official visit, it would have been very disrespectful to wear Gator gear and root for us.
    Even with it being an unofficial, I’m not happy about him skipping the scheduled meeting after the game, but since he knew they were going to give him the high-pressure talk, and he had already planned to go to UF, I understand it. Still, I hope he at least texted the coach that he wasn’t going to meet and that he had chosen UF, rather than have him waiting around for a no-show.
    It’s just that I believe kids need to respect their elders (even if those elders are Noles).

  11. I really dont care about these recruits until they sign…BUT to have him at the FSU game in Gator gear is funny!!!! The fallout of the FSU win and the Sugar bowl national attention is just going to make the Gator War Machine even better next year!!! We should have a huge haul in Feb and if the entire staff stays and wins coach of the year and asst of the year then I really think we can win it all next year!!! Driscol and all the new talent in the backfield as well as the wideouts coming in will really make this a heck of a team….We will be lights out on Defense next year too!! And the O will catch up with a second year with Driscol…..He is going to be a monster QB as far as game management by next year…..Go Gators.

  12. Great job by our guys Sat. Outstanding coaching and you could tell this was treated like a rival game. Hey Gator nation the future looks bright like it should, and could we please stop saying we’re gonna look like bama in a few years? We are the MIGHTY GATORS and that’s all we should ever want to look like.

  13. I predict ‘Bama and UGA will stink up the place Saturday and the human polls punish both due to SEC fatigue, thus allowing UF to slide into second place in the BCS and play for the NC.
    It’s still possible! Don’t buy your Sugar Bowl tickets just yet.
    Go Gators!

  14. Why would any recruit want to play in a conference as clearly second or third tear as th ACC?

    FSU will NEVER win it all as long as they play a soft ACC schedule. In the big games with the big kids you can’t just “turn it on” and expect to keep it close much less win.

    Last weekends ACC v SEC games tell a pretty clear story.

  15. Premier program in the state? Great win over FSU? Yeah, FSU up by a touchdown in the 4th quarter, despite 5 turnovers. Now FU plays mighty LOUISVILLE from the Big Least, and soon to be in the ACC. FU didn’t even make the SEC championship game! Get ready to get plunked again next year by FSU. but it least you’ll be in a good conference.