UF-leans Brown, Ogundeko recap their visit


Florida had three top targets on hand for its 23-0 victory over Jacksonville State this past Saturday.

The two official visitors were defensive end Ebenezer Ogundeko (Brooklyn, N.Y./Thomas Jefferson) and JUCO defensive tackle Darious Cummings (Scooba, Miss./East Mississippi C.C.), who committed to the Gators following his trip.

Ogunkdeo visited UF back on June 8 and enjoyed seeing The Swamp this time around.

“That was my favorite part,” Ogundeko said. “It’s a great stadium with a lot of fans. You can’t really ask for more when it comes to a gameday experience.”

The Gators have been Ogundeko’s front-runner since the summer and he said their lead is even stronger after his trip, due in large part to the hospitality of some UF commits and players.

“I sat with Nick Washington during the game and then talked to Caleb Brantley afterward. Both those guys want me to join them. I also had a lot of fun with Dante Fowler and some of the other freshmen. I spoke to Dominique Easley too and he told me I need to come down there and represent New York like him. So I just loved the vibe at Florida and I could definitely see myself playing there,” Ogundeko said.

The ESPN150 member will visit Clemson (Nov. 24), Ole Miss (Dec. 1) and Syracuse (Dec. 8 ) before making his commitment the second week of December. His three leaders (in no particular) behind UF are Arizona State, Clemson and Ole Miss.

Saturday’s game was the second JUCO offensive tackle Trenton Brown (Milledgeville, Ga./Georgia Military) has attended this year after officially visiting for the season-opener against Bowling Green.

Like Ogundeko, Brown has favored Florida for months and that’s still the case.

“They showed the same love last weekend they’ve been giving me since the beginning, and that’s what keeping them on top,” Brown said. “I love the loyalty and faithfulness the coaches have and they’ve been upfront with me throughout the whole process.”

Brown spoke the UF staff on Saturday about his shot at early playing time, which is one of the determining factors in his recruitment.

“We had a good conversation, we always do,” Brown said. “Most importantly, they wanted to make sure that I know my opportunity is there to see the field next season. That means a lot to me because I have three years to play two, so I need to go to a school where I can come in and hit the ground running.”

The 6-foot-8, 350-pounder visits Florida State on Wednesday and Oklahoma this weekend, then he will commit sometime next week. He said the Seminoles and Sooners have their work cut out for them.

“They have a chance to be a school I sign with,” he said, “but they’re going to have to do some exclusive stuff to beat out Florida.”


  1. What is the deal with McMillan being a soft verbal? Is he really looking around? Was he put off by the interest from other LB’s or is being told to lay low to help us get other LB’s? I really hope he sticks with Florida.

  2. So we now have Cummings committed, Ogundeko, Brown, Harris as very probables, Denson a possible flip, Daniels decommited and a Florida lean, Ramsey still a possible. Doesn’t seem like we can take them all. Do we then back out on some lower rated commits like ivie, Riles? Seems like a lot on the O and D lines. What if a receiver or a LB got interested at the last minute?

  3. Once again a kid hooked on ‘early playing time’. AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH! Even if the kid is thinking that why does he say that? I would much rather have a kid that says ‘I want to compete with the best for a starting job’. Besides I can’t think of hardly any JUCO kids in the last 10 years that dominated at Florida.

  4. I am sitting here watching my recording of the Georgia game…I am a Debose fan, but he’s running soft and allowing the other team set the tone in a major way! Our team leaders HAVE TO check that on sight! We’ve got to hit first, often and last!

    We have several areas where recruiting can help us but IMO, OL is our biggest need. A dominate OL will improve QB, RB, WR play and help the defense. Brown has the size, so if he has the heart, let him in. I would endorse signing 1-2 additional OL to the class! I. Denson, R. Johnson. Don’t come to UF asking about playing time, TAKE IT! We can’t afford to miss at this position.

  5. It cracks me up to hear fans blog about perspective recruits and declare if its acceptable or non-acceptable for UF to sign these student athletes. It gets more entertaining when these fans decide which current players are not performing to their standards and how the other players should respond. Thank you Zach, for providing great first hand and informative information on prospective recruits. Blogging is great as long as bloggers get a grip on where they actually have the authority and position to direct the University of Florida Football Department.

  6. Let’s see, that illustrious list of JUCO studs includes Reggie Nelson and……….Reggie Nelson. Maybe we could compile a list of JUCO kids who didn’t pan out, perhaps that would make my point a little bit better.

    Regardless, my point wasn’t to knock kids taking the Coffeeville route to D-1 but to cast major dispersions upon the whole ‘I-can-play-now-’cause-they’re-thin-at-the-position’ mentality that seems to prevail with some (not all) big time recruits.

  7. @ Instagator: Happy that you’re reading and entertained by Zach’s work and the responding post made by the ‘fans.’ Some ‘fans’ actually know some of what they are talking about and have stuck their face in the fan so others like you can ‘crack up.’ Sharing one’s perspective is the one goal of this blog. I don’t believe any of us are using this blog in an attempt to direct our team or staff in any direction – to think otherwise would crack me up too.

  8. Doug, early enrollees count towards the previous year’s recruiting class. So a total of 31 signees with 6 EE’s will keep Texas Agricultural & Mechanical’s present class at 25 total. It’s an NCAA regulation, not SEC. And I think you meant max, not min. TWO sentences and you can’t proofread them? (sharp knuckle shot with a yardstick) I am glad to see that you saved a whopping four keystrokes by abbreviating the word “minimum”, even if it was the incorrect word. I hope I satisfactorily answered your question and I fully expect you to raise your grammatical game.

  9. TigerCat…..,

    I was talking about you not Zack he does great work. I’m glad you noticed I was talking about your work…..You crack me up! I speak for myself and that is my opinion. You have no influence at the University of Florida. Go read what I said! You don’t need to try to speak for other people. Other bloggers who’s work I might find funny is not your concern to speak for. They are bloggers and quite able to respond. If they see your works as theirs they will respond. Just keep me laughing…….