Decision day for Greg Gilmore


UDPATE: Gilmore committed to LSU.

Four-star defensive tackle Greg Gilmore (Hope Mills, N.C./South View) announces his college choice tonight at 5 p.m. ET on ESPNU’s Recruiting Nation show.

Gilmore will pick between these two hats.

The finalists for the ESPN150 member are LSU, Florida and Oklahoma, but Gilmore admits his decision will be between the Tigers and Gators. The two teams have been tied for the lead since Gilmore’s official visit to Florida on Sept. 22.

LSU:  “I like the coaches. I like the crowd. I like that all the fans know who you are. I’m also feeling the situation of them losing six defensive linemen this year, because I can go in there and play right away.”

UF: “I like that they’re winning games with a young team, and they’re losing a senior and probably Sharrif Floyd. Plus I know the freshmen from North Carolina and they told me they’re real comfortable there.”

After his visit to Florida, Gilmore said his LSU official “better be right” because the Gators amazed him. He went to Baton Rouge last weekend when the Tigers hosted No. 1 Alabama, and while it was the best game he’s attended, UF was still his top trip.

“Out of my three official visits, the Florida visit was the one that wowed me,” Gilmore said. “LSU didn’t really wow me that much because I know how it is there with the crowd. But I didn’t expect to get as much out of my Florida visit as I did, so that’s why it was the best.”

The Under Armour All-American called the winning team Wednesday and delivered the good news. Gilmore said he was not influenced by his parents. His mother wants him to go Florida, his father LSU.

“Because they’re split, I’m not going to worry about it,” Gilmore said. “I want to make my mom and dad both happy, but it’s my decision and I have to be comfortable where I’m going. They’re going to support my decision no matter what.”

Gilmore posted this picture on instagram Wednesday.

Gilmore has been very pro-UF on social media in the last few weeks. On Oct. 19, he posted two pictures on instagram wearing Gator gear and then another one Wednesday. He also sent out these tweets.

Oct. 30: “im really liking #Florida. i can see myself playing there”

Nov. 1: “WHATS UP #GatorNation … #Florida is where its at!”

Other than tweeting Monday that he had a great time in Baton Rouge, Gilmore has not said anything recently about LSU on his twitter account.

Prediction — All signs seem to point to UF, and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he commits to the Gators, but I still think the Tigers land him because of the early playing time they promised. That’s one thing Will Muschamp, who personally recruited Gilmore, does not do.


  1. One thing worries me…in his interview he says “no matter what school I go to I will stay in touch with them”…meaning the guys from NC on our team. Makes me think…NO! Won’t say it! C’mon Dub G!

  2. I think he will be a Gator. He’s stated that his trip into Gator Country was his best and he likes it there. Plus submitting posts wearing Gator gear and comments are a strong indicator. Don’t come here to LS-Ewwwwww…go to UF. Where else can you get top notch, hands-on NFL caliber coaching with the likes of Bryant Young, Dan Quinn, & Coach Boom himself? Go Gators!!

  3. I don’t get these kids. I would rather a kid say “I can beat the current guys out for playing time” rather than “A bunch of guys are leaving so I’ll play now.”

    When the chips are down I want a kid in the middle that will fight, claw, scratch, and ‘will’ his way to victory, not a kid that is seeking the path of least resistance.

    In this league if you can’t win Monday to Friday do you really think you are going to win on Saturday?

  4. I Like Delray Mike’s comment. As a competitor and a top notch high school prospect, early playing time shouldn’t make your decision for you. You should know and have the confidence that wherever you go, you can beat out whoever is in front of you on the depth chart. I love to see the kids that thrive off of that competition and know that it will just make them that much better in the long run instead of the kids who are looking for a place that they can squeeze in because the team has a lack of depth. Derrick Henry for example, he commits to Alabama when they already have TJ Yeldon and 2 other RB prospects already committed in 2013 and Bo Scarbrough in 2014. He chose them because he liked the school, coaches, and atmosphere the best and didnt worry about the depth chart because he believes that he can beat out anyone for the position. That is the type of mindset that helps a kid make it to playing on Sundays.

  5. I can always tell who they are going to choose, just by the hats they use. The Gator hat is a generic $5.00 Wal-Mart hat. The LSU hat is authentic, probably from Lids. As much as I hate to say it, he is going to LSU. Of course I predicted Romney would be our next president so what do I know?

  6. Really good comments Delray Mike and Kent! Recruits need to not listen to a coach promising you ANYTHIG, playing time is earned thru blood, sweat. J. Clowney for example, coming in, we all saw/see his supreme talent and yet he did not come in as a starter. A thin depth chart at a position simply means the team is going to add others via recruiting, position change, JUCO, or transfers. THIS IS A BUSINESS. Coaches are going to load up with the best players they can get and play whoever gives him/the team its best op to be successful. A guy could be a 5 star in HS and fail to blossom at the next level for whatever reason or could be #3 or #4 on an SEC team when all of a sudden his ‘lights come on.’ Regardless to where you go, learn to fight from your back and always hit first! Gilmore said some insightful things about our team (young players, ahead of the curve progression, sees Caleb Brantley as a compliment to his own game, travel times, direct flights, etc.) I like our odds and will be watching.

  7. When a dude is always posting pictures of himself in one team’s gear it usually means he trying to create a dramatic set up to pull out the others on national TV. My prediction- LSU, but here’s hoping he comes to be a Gator!