Dawson decommits from Michigan, will visit UF


David Dawson, ranked the nation’s No. 1 offensive guard by ESPN, decommitted from Michigan on Sunday and will officially visit Florida for the South Carolina game.

Dawson is an Under Armour All-American. (Photo by 247Sports)

The 6-foot-4, 282-pounder named UF his new leader, and he’s actually been a Gator fan since he was in the eight grade.

Dawson also has interest in Alabama and LSU and said his desire to play in the SEC is what drove him to part ways with the Wolverines.

“It was nothing against them,” said Dawson, who is from Cass Tech in Detroit, Mich. “I just want to be in the SEC because I know I’ll be facing the best defensive linemen in the country every week, and that’s going to prepare me well for the NFL.”

Florida offensive center commit Cameron Dillard (Canton, Mich./Canton) has a close relationship with Dawson and will also be on his official visit this coming weekend.

“We’ve been friends for five years,” Dawson said. “We started going to camps together and both of us always dominated. He’s been trying to get me to come down there since he committed, saying we could be a tag-team in college.”

Dawson was originally going to visit UF for Friday Night Lights, but he cancelled his trip because of Michigan’s policy against commits visiting other schools. Florida coach Will Muschamp and offensive line coach Tim Davis continued to recruit Dawson and now they have their chance to land him.

“I can’t wait to come down and see everything they have to offer,” Dawson said. “I really like what coach Muschamp is doing with the team and coach Davis has improved their O-line a lot. I also know some of the commits in their class already. So I think I could fit in down there.”


  1. So, at the end of last year and the start of this year I heard some people saying they were down on Muschamp and the Gators were going down the tube so to speak. . . . What say you now? See, now that the Coaching Staff has had some time to get this program turned around things are looking much better. Huh! The Coaching Staff is recruiting great and the team is playing pretty good. Just think how good this team is going to be in a year or two! GO GATORS! GO MUSCHAMP! And, welcome back to all the other ones (you know who you are)! Lov this team. They are WORKING AT WINNING! Nice Job as always, ZACH!

  2. @Gatorstrong, Yeah I was one of Muschamps biggest critics and I don’t apologize for it. No one is happier than I am how things turned out this season, but if you think Muschamp deserves praise for last seasons debacle or that some criticism wasn’t warranted – then you’re NUTS. He has done a great a job this year, but we have a right to have high expectations.

  3. You have a right to have high expectations…for sure Scooter. But, the guy inherited a depleted roster from that scum bag Urban. Anyways, welcome back…
    This program isn’t where Will wants it yet but we sure are taking the right steps in that direction. I would love to be able to pass better…but that will come.
    As for Dawson…this is a huge get…’if’ we get him. And, OmahaGator…you’re exactly right. I’ve been saying and asking about this for about a month now. We have tons and tons of top tier recruits showing interest now…What the hell happens when they all want to come and we only have roughly 5 spots left…I know we can’t take them all but I want them all damnit! LoL…Anyways, thanks Zach!! Quality material as usual!
    Gator Nation, I love chatting it up with you all. BEAT THOSE GAMECOCKS!!!

  4. This coaching staff has done a great job recruiting and an even better job developing players.

    So many guys that were playing pretttty good are playing much better this year and beginning to live up to potential. AND when was the last time you saw a staff develop so many young guys and new guys (Damein) at one time. We are putting SO many guys out there and they are al performing! They have helped players improve tremendously and quickly AND built quality depth almost instantly.

    Champ, staff, current players and commits keep worling hard and bringing a great group of highly talented guys that are motivated team players and lets go get some rings!

  5. Gator Nation how does 9-3 sound? Is 12-0 a possibility? One game at a time, anything is possible. #2 in the nation after 6 games. 6 more games to go, 3 probable wins, 3 tossups, who knows. Hopefully Gator nation is more accepting of Muschamp and his staff. I hope Gator Nation can accept 9-3, 10-2, 11-1, whatever. Hopefully a couple of losses will not bring out all the negative voices in Gator Nation. Where is EMK?? Go Gators.

  6. I sure hope the negative voices don’t show up if we get a couple of L’s. What coach is out there that you would want more then Muschamp? He has us going in the right direction no matter what our record ends up being at the end of the year, and is a loyal gator. I sure don’t want to become like Tennessee, Arkansas, or Georgia if their fans run Richt out of there. We ran Spurrier off with the lofty expectations year after year, and Meyer also to some extent. I wish Florida fans would be more like South Carolina fans. Those jokers show up to games and support their team if the are 1-10 or 10-2. They deserve everything they are getting right now. Go Gators

  7. I just want to say how proud I am of Coach Muschamp & Staff and the job they’ve done, as well as the players too.

    BUT… temper your enthusiam. I still don’t think we got undefeated this season but do think we have a shot at a 10 or 11 win season if we play our cards right.

    Most of all, I’m worried about all the injuries we have on the OL with USC coming up. If we don’t get our starters back, I don;t think we win this weekend.

  8. Gator Todd…echoed my thoughts, we still have USC, UGA, FSU, and possibly SEC. We are going in the right direction and should keep each week in perspective, let’s forget about the ‘what ifs?’ There is not a single person, who would have thought before the season, that we would be sitting #2 in the BCS standings right now. I also agree with Pat that each week is its’ own game and nothing should be based on what we are supposed to do, or expected to do. One play can and will change the tone no matter who we are playing. Credit to Muschamp, coaches, and players for where we are at so far.

  9. I said time and time again to give the staff some time to build the program. I am actually a little surprised that it has come together as quickly as it has. We still have ALOT of work to do so lets get behind our team and support them thru thick and thin….thru all kinds of weather! Go Gators!

  10. JMD is right. As great as things look now, we still have four brutal games to go. Five if we make it to the BSC game. SC, Georgia, FSU and probably Alabama, but possibly LSU again. Our defense is stellar. Vandy looked better than it should have with seveal defenders not playing. Hopefully they will be healthy for SC. As far as offense, I’d feel better if our passing game was stronger. I hope Driskel and his receivers will keep getting better as time goes by. Running game is excellent. Driskel is a different style of runner than Tebow, but just as big and much faster. All in all, we are a much better team than anybody predicted – even the most die-hard Gator fans. The best part is we are still young and improving and the teams confidence is growing week by week. They know they can compete with anybody. I’m starting to get flashbacks to 2006, Urban’s second year, when we took it all against the odds. But, as JMD noted, we’ve got a tough, tough road ahead. If we get to the big game and win, look out. Florida will be starting a new dynasty that could last a very long time.

  11. Its going to take us Gators a while to get used to Coach boom’s philosophy on winning football games, especially the ones that enjoyed watching the ole ball coach’s fun & gun for so many great years. You have to remember that coach “boom” is a Nick Saban “diciple” and shares many of his habits / philosophy’s such as no fan/media access to practice’s, defense first, etc. He will show nothing more than ais bsolutely neccissarry to get a win . That one CAN occaisionally get you beat, (see Dumbo fisher and FSU @ NC state last week) but who is complaining right now? Actually some of us gators are! Remember last year when nobody thought bama could pass the ball around either until McCarron went 23 of 34 for 234 in the air in the title game against Lucky State U? If you listen to Coach in the Vandy postgame, he said as much. ( said he has confidence in our passing game when needed ) That was coachspeak for “settle down boy’s, our passing game is going to be fine when needed”.. Just my opinion obviously. Nothing Greater than a Gator!

  12. Muschamp is the antithesis of the old fun-n-gun, and that’s what had most of us Gator fans confused and worried, but nothing beats winning, by 1 point or 50 points. It just takes some getting used to the new style of play by Mushcamp. Muschamp is a Gator and was a Gator even though he went to UGA. We all know his roots are here in TitleTown. Gators are rolling, and it’s only going to get better and better, and the recruits see it now and want to jump on board. Muchamp has the MoJo going for sure!!

  13. Great information as always, Zack. After watching D-risk use his running talents to get the win, it would be refreshing to see us get at least a few more receiver commits for next year. Maybe even an athlete, like Burton or Harvin, an x guy that gives defenses one more thing to worry about. With the remaining spots left, we should round the class out with WR, OL, DL. That’s just my opinion.

    As for this year, can’t blame really anyone for much, because this is what, their third OC in three years? The receivers will come around when we need em this year, they’re a diverse group of character guys that can win games for us.

  14. How does 9 and 3 sound?

    At the start of the season I’d have said that sounds like solid improvement. And it certainly is. Muschamp and his people deserve serious kudos.

    And if 9 and 3 is the way the regular season goes I’ll still be very satisfied with the performance of the program (barring any sort of obvious collapse.) Particularly since it bodes very well for the next season.

    Some people want championships every year, and that is just not realistic. There are always ups and downs when dealing with college players. The only thing I don’t want to see is entire seasons where the Mighty Gators simply are not in the national picture.

    Good seasons mean more airtime, and more prominent airtime, and that attracts talent like nothing else. When Muschamp and crew can pick and choose among recruits to build the team that suits their vision we just might see a run like Alabama is currently experiencing.

    I’ll take a solid and sustained program over a flash in the pan (hint, hint) any day of the week and twice on Saturday.

  15. This is great news! I hope he commits! Remember both Saban and Muschamp have the same record their first year at Bama and Florida respectively (7-6). Saban’s 2nd year at Bama (10-2), with one of the losses coming to Tebow when we won the SEC & NC! Here’s to Muschamp (the student) outdoing the teacher (Saban).

  16. When there is a coaching change the new coach and staff should be given up to five years to see what they can do. This is especially so when the new coach has not been a head coach before. Wil has been a coaching star in the making at a number of top Division I schools before coming to Florida so the current success should not be suprising!

    Keep up the good work and keep the players’ heads screwed on straight because the toughest part of this year’s schedule is still ahead of us starting with the Olde Ball Coach this weekend! South Carolina did not lose my much at LSU and is fully capable of beating the Gators.

    Go Gators!

  17. Im going to man up & admit my criticism of WM. Deserving as it was, As a Gator at heart ,I must always support my team & give credit where its due.
    Im so joyously surprised at how well this coaching staff has developed this team. Though far from being where we need to be; (stupid penalties by senior leaders & petty motion/ offside penalties still show a lack of discipline)
    Im proud that we HAVE progressed far from the torture of last year.
    GO GATORS ! thanks for showing up on saturdays!!!


  19. Sir chomps alot, are you looking at last years film? This team is not half as bad as last years penalty box team and stupid mistakes. Much of the penalties are from enthusiasm and aggressiveness, I can live with that because they make up for it later. Last years team could not overcome their mistakes. You are right they are showing up on Saturdays!!! Go GATORS!!!!

  20. @Creek- I always respect your passion and believe me, no one is happier with where we are than I am…. but we are not playing at a championship level yet. Not saying 12-0 can’t happen, but we have to have more production offensively to finish our schedule 12-0 and I think if you hooked each member of the coaching staff to a polygraph they would agree with me. Having said that we are light years better than last year….and yes, for the most part if EVERY part of our game is clicking we can compete with anyone.

  21. scooterp. – Couldn’t agree with you more, I actually have the same feelings but I just didn’t want individuals to start doubting so early. I realize our offense still has some work to do but if they can get by Carolina this weekend, I can actually see them running the table. Not that it will be a walk in the park but it can be done if we continue to improve each week. I think our passing game is still suspect at this point. Let it be known, our offensive line will be put to the test in this one more than the LSU game. Again the line of scrimmage is where this game is won on both sides of the ball. I think our depth and talent level can be the difference in this one, ONLY if we come with our “A” game for “60 minutes”. GO GATORS!!!!