Florida commit out for the year with torn ACL


On Wednesday morning, Florida defensive commit Jordan Sherit will have his U.S. Army All-American Bowl selection ceremony at Hillsborough High School in Tampa.

Unfortunately, Sherit won’t be able to play in the game or the rest of his senior season.

Sherit committed to Florida on July 28, one day after his visit to Friday Night Lights (Photo by Matt Stamey/The Gainesville Sun)

The 6-foot-5, 234-pounder tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in the fourth quarter of his team’s 36-28 victory over Jefferson this past Friday. Hillsborough head coach Earl Garcia informed The Tampa Tribune of the injury late Monday night. He said Sherit’s knee buckled running downfield and was not the result of any contact.

“I feel bad for him and for our team,” Garcia told the paper. ”He’s just a great kid. It doesn’t seem right or fair but like we told him, it could be worse. He could be the great player Plant lost (offensive lineman Richy Klepal), whose career is over (due to a serious concussion).”

“He won’t be playing for us the rest of this season but he’ll be ready to go for Florida,” Garcia added. “I have no doubt of that. Jordan will work the rehab.”

Garcia said Sherit will have surgery on his knee in about two weeks and then rehabilitate for eights months before reporting to Florida. U.S Army All-American Bowl officials will still fly Sherit out to San Antonio in January so he can experience the event.

Sherit unofficially visited UF for the LSU game and has spoken with coach Will Muschamp and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn since receiving his MRI results Monday.

“Both coaches got in touch with me and they said they are behind me 100 percent and just want me to get healthy so we can do great things over the next 4-5 years,” Sherit told ESPN on Tuesday. “They talked about Ronald Powell and how hard he’s working to come back from his injury.

“Overall I feel fine, I’m trying to look at this as a positive and I understand that everyone deals with adversity. I’m going to try to work harder than anyone has ever worked to recover from this. It’s just a small setback.”

For those who haven’t see it on YouTube yet, American Family Insurance did a great video feature on Sherit last month that you can watch HERE.


  1. I wouldn’t reference Ronald Powell with recovery form an ACL tear given he had to get a second surgery due to, one can assume, trying to get back too quickly. This could be just minor for Powell or a career changer.

    We wont know until next year, ya know when espn does some story about how he was trying to gt back to get in the trenches with teammates and win a SEC championship,,Less than 6 months after surgery!!

  2. He will certainly redshirt. Why rush your recovery if all you’re going to see is spot duty and special teams? Also, having seen Powell overdo it and reinjure the knee makes me leery of pushing these guys to get back too fast. ACL really needs a year to heal completely. He can redshirt and come back for Spring 2014 100% and raring to go.

  3. Jordan is the kind of student/athlete the Gators want and will attract other top guys. It’s neat he’s going to the Army All Star game anyway as a Gator commit. More good press for this Gator class. I agree that Spring 2014 is the target for playing and he needs to get bigger and stronger anyway. Go Gators Always.

  4. I agree with all of you guys. I’m glad we’re sticking to our cmmittment to him as he has us. I have no doubt he’ll bust his a** to get back. But, there is no rush to do it you all have stated.

    With regards to Powell…I don’t know if he was really rushing it. May have just been a freak accident while trying to rehab. We’ve seen players make quick revcoveries from this very accident (Welker, AP, Mendehall, Jamaal Charles). Anyhow…I’m not disagreeing with any of you just to make that clear. We just don’t really know what happened…except the WM called is a “setback”. Anyhow, Love the Gators…Glad to see Gator Nation rising again. Let’s whip Vandy. One game at a time. GATORS4LIFE!!

  5. I also had a torn ACL many years ago while in the Army. I had surgery and it took a full year for recovery. The repair of my knee lasted less than 3 years. He is probably in better shape (lifting weights etc.) than I was when I injured my knee. I wish him the best-its a long road to recovery.

  6. I hope all of Gator Nation will get behind Muschamp and his staff and support them 100% without all the negative comments. I think Muschamp and his staff have proven that Foley made the correct choice in hiring them. Fla will continue to recruit well and growth and unity will continue. Go Gators.