Recruit reaction from UF’s upset of LSU


Recruits couldn’t have asked for more in The Swamp on Saturday night.

They witnessed an absolute electric atmosphere and Florida’s biggest win at home in four years.

The Gators had 15 commits from the 2013 class in attendance and they had a ton of fun as you would imagine.

But UF hosted six Rivals100 members and this game was really about impressing them.

Nobody was blown away more than four-star receiver Marquez North (Charlotte, N.C./Mallard Creek). Originally planning to visit unofficially, North decided Thursday night to make the trip an official and enjoyed his first time in Gainesville.

“My impression of Gainesville was it has big-time football and great college life,” North said. “I got to tour the campus and hang out with (former teammate) D.J. Humphries after the game. He showed me a pretty good time.”

North rated his UF official a 10 and said it was the No. 1 visit of his recruiting process thus far. His highlight was watching the second half of Saturday’s game.

“It showed that Florida was well conditioned because they turned it up in the second half,” North said. “The atmosphere was crazy, the fans stayed screaming and it was super loud. I could see myself playing there and I’m ready to come back.”

North will return to Gainesville on Dec. 8 for Florida’s banquet, which is shaping up to be a star-studded recruiting weekend. North said Tennessee is still his leader, but the Gators improved their chances and made a great first impression.

“They helped themselves a lot because I learned more about Florida and what it’s all about,” North said. “I loved spending time with coach (Will) Muschamp and his staff. They said most of their receivers aren’t as tall as they would like, so they want some more size at the position and I could see why by watching the game.”

Another prospect who may be at Florida’s banquet is five-star defensive tackle Montravius Adams (Vienna, Ga./Dooly County). He unofficially visited this weekend and, like North, called it the best recruiting trip he’s taken.

“It was the top one,” Adams said. “It made me want to be a part of Florida and I could see myself going there one day. I liked everything about their defense and they did a lot better than I thought they would.”

Adams doesn’t have any public leaders at this point, but the Gators will “definitely” make his Top 5 and “most likely” receive one of his officials on Dec. 8. The UF staff told him he’ll have an opportunity to play as a true freshman, which is a big factor in his decision.

Florida defensive line coach Bryant Young is the primary recruiter for Adams.

“We’ve got a good relationship,” he said. “He’s recruiting me as hard as everybody else. I think it would be great to play for someone like him. He’s done a lot of things that I wanna accomplish and I could have him as my coach. He just got nominated to the NFL Hall of Fame and that impressed me.”

Five-star offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil (Lake City, Fla./Columbia) was on hand and liked what he saw from the UF offensive line.

“They did good,” Tunsil said. “In the second half they stepped up and won the game.”

It doesn’t sound like the visit changed much with his recruitment. Georgia and Alabama are still his leaders and he doesn’t know how much Florida’s win will change that.

“I still gotta let everything sink in,” Tunsil said.

Florida State offensive guard commit Ira Denson (Madison, Fla./Madison) attended his first Gator game and will be back for South Carolina in two weeks.

“It was great,” Denson said. “Muschamp coached them hard. When they were down, he kept telling them to battle and that winners never quit. And they stuck with it and won. They came in the second half like a whole different team.”

Especially up front with the big uglies.

“The offensive line was mauling people,” Denson said. “They went in and knew what they had to do and took care of business. When they came out running the ball more and ran right at them, that told me a whole lot. That’s what I like to see.  They ran downhill and they made holes for the running back to get through. I saw LSU players getting pushed like 10 yards back.”

Denson said he’s “pretty strong” with the Noles and wasn’t fazed by their N.C. State loss, but he’s hearing Florida out.

“They’re still my favorite team,” Denson said of FSU. “Nobody has really been talking to me since I committed. Florida is just coming into the picture and we’ve started talking again. We had a relationship back in the summer and we’re just getting it back now. This is a life-time decision and I just wanna be sure I make the right one.”

The final two targets, Notre Dame linebacker commit Alex Anzalone (Wyomissing, Pa./Wyomissing) and four-star safety Marcell Harris (Orlando, Fla./Dr. Phillips), both said Sunday they weren’t doing interviews.

Harris, however, did send this text message to the Sun: “It was a good visit and I enjoyed the game.” Harris officially visits FSU this weekend and his decision could come sometime in October. The Gators are still believed to have the edge over Texas at this time.

As for Anzalone, the Irish coaches told him not to speak with the media about his trip to Gainesville. But things certainly look positive for UF. He was dressed in Gator gear and hung out with close friend and Florida defensive end commit Jordan Sherit all afternoon. Flipping him will still take some more work by Muschamp & Co., but this past weekend could pay dividends down the road with him and the other aforementioned recruits.

For a list of recruits spotted at the game, click HERE.


  1. I dont know about you Zach, but does Tunsil really come off as arrogant or is he really cocky or does he think the world of himself? I think its been time Florida and Florida fans let go of him.

    Great insight. Keep it up!

  2. Its clear where the program is headed – and very quickly. Few big football schools measure up to Florida academically. That plus the high likelihood of winning championships make it a no-brainier. Come to Florida gents!

  3. Thanks for getting us this article today. I was really excited to read what the recruits thought about that experience. North has “The look” like Percy Harvin did and I hope we get him. Having him along with Fulwood would give us two big receivers at 6 3”. I can’t ever remember having that kind of size at receiver at Florida. Go Gators!

    • Shamrock,
      Anzalone was my source. He picked up the phone and told me so. “Notre Dame doesn’t want me to do any interviews. I would, but they told me not to. I’ll hit you up if anything changes.” There’s no unsubstantiated BS in my blogs.

  4. You knew this game would be huge for recruiting, one more reason we needed to win this “statement” game. Hope some of these guys come back in two weeks, and we get it done again in what could be even a BIGGER game, provided that UF and USCe take care of business Saturday.

  5. Anzalone’s dad told me that Alex was going to U.F. That was about 3 months ago when his dad was in Boynton Beach with his youngest son and daughter at a golf tournament. He said Alex was a really good Basketball player as well. I was shocked when I saw ND in the picture.

  6. Sounds like nothing but good news. What is the status on Gilmore after the LSU loss Zach? Were you able to speak with him? Also, With the few remaining spots left in this class, which guys are the UF staff really focusing on acquiring? It looks like several guys are showing increased interest now. Thanks.

  7. I can see why teams don’t want their recruits to take visits or comment. But anybody that “told” me not to comment would be “told” that if they did not trust me to do so I might not trust them to coach and develop me.

    Now being “asked” with some explination as to why it was best would be OK, but not being “told”.

  8. Once again, you prove that you “get it”, Zach! You have your finger on the pulse of Gator Nation and you know what information to provide. Most fans, who follow recruiting, were wondering how the weekend went and you answered the call! Great job, Zach! If the Sun lets you get away, they will be losing something special. You’re definitely a 5-star recruit! Maybe us fans need to do a “write-in” campaign and bombard the management with demands that you become the QB of all Gator football coverage, permanently!


  10. Really not trying to troll Zach. This is just a buzz topic in NDNation. This blog in particular is where the buzz has been generated. If it is inaccurate, then it’s a big issue over nothing. I’m pretty big into the ND info seen, and there has been zero evidence or report of such a gag order. He didn’t even mention anything on Twitter. Just saying. Kinda hard to believe the kid would tell you “ND told me not to” for your blog. Doesn’t make sense.

    • Shamrock,
      Well the quote in my previous comment was exactly what Anzalone said to me. We spoke for 47 seconds on the phone. I don’t know what else to tell you. I wasn’t the only reporter he told that to.

  11. @shamrock. It makes perfect sense, just like michigan or other schools who tell verbal commits not to visit other schools or risk their offer getting pulled. Don’t be naive. Recruiting is a dog-eat-dog world.

  12. @cggator if that’s the case, by your logic, Notre Dame would have told him not to visit or he’ll get his scholly pulled. Instead of “go, just don’t talk to anyone”… Like I said, it doesn’t make sense. Especially since ND has a top 5 LB class without Anzelone.

  13. ShamrockReport,
    You of all people know that if a recruit doesn’t want others to know he will pick up a phone or just say no comment. He felt the need to pick up the phone and stop Zach before he could start. He told him why and did the smart thing and stayed of tweeter. That impressed me with Alex.
    Zach, another great job. What did Gilmore and some other have to say. Like the class an so on… thanks man.

  14. HSB, I’ll tell you this. About 10 years ago, I used to be neck-deep in recruiting, and was an avid recruitnik, and what I’ve seen from Tunsil the past two months at least is that he’s all Bama. I don’t think he’s “stuck up”, I just think that he’s a really, really serious guy.

  15. @Shamrock… Why would Zach make something up like that? There has been no past instances where his credibility has been questioned and just because you dont have any evidence of it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. If a guy who specializes in recruiting and has a good track record reports something like that you should at least give him some credit instead of automatically acting like he is starting BS. Especially when it is coming straight from the recruit. It makes plenty of sense. The kid just wants to expierience the recruiting process like any other kid and Notre Dame just doesnt want there being a huge media whirlwind surrounding it so that there isnt any extra influence on his decision.

  16. @Shamrock Signing day (Early enroll) is a few months away. Why would Zach misquote Anzalone in an article and completely ruin his relationship with him when he still would like to get interviews and talk with him going forward until signing day (Early enroll)? That is what Anzalone told him and he put it in there. He has no reason to misquote him. Also, to say you’re not trolling or trying to start something is kind of hard to believe when you throw “I can write a blog full of unsubstantiated BS too” out there. One thing that is not unsubstantiated BS is the fact that you need to finally get rid of that Henley shirt you’ve been wearing since middle school that you’re wearing in your blog profile pic.

  17. Shamrock, Just because you don’t want it to be true doesn’t mean it’s not true. If you have such an inside track on recruiting why don’t you pick up the phone, call him, and ask him yourself??? Zach is an incredible reporter and has done nothing to have his credibility called into question.

  18. Guys, don’t get crappy with me for an honest inquisition. I never said it wasn’t true. I wasn’t trying to discredit him. I should have not put the “I can write a blog full of unsubstantiated BS too” in my original comment. Generally there would be a “quote” if it was was in fact a direct quote. It came off as hear-say in the report. Even Zach can probably agree with that. That being said it will all play out in the next few months. As you were.

  19. Shamrock…you are a tool. People are crappy with you because you come on here, make accusations and can’t accept the reply, stop just short of basically calling the author a liar, proceed to say that you are a top 5 recruiting class even if you don’t get your guy (sour grapes), and than say it is hear-say? This is what the kid told Zach and he stands behind it. Get a life, or wait, maybe we can come troll your blog thats sole gimmick purpose is for you….pathetic

  20. @JMD – couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks for saying what needed to be said. Zach – great reading your articles. Look forward to reading your posts until you move on to some major outlet that pays you the big bucks you deserve. Great job!

  21. Shamrock comes off as a worried ND fan and, clearly, should be (btw, We started it with “Gator Nation” and now the rest of the world is copying us…). He comes here, spouts off some crapola, calls out our recruiting honcho and then gets his chops busted for doing so. Shamrock, go home and play in the ND sandbox. You aren’t big enough to handle an SEC fan base, nor is your school big enough to handle the SEC. It’s funny y’all have your toe in the water over at the ACC, and we’ll see how long you take to sign up with them for football, too. Go ahead, make the same mistake halfassu made…lol.

  22. Man, I didn’t come here this evening to read about Neuter Dame, all I’m thinking about are my Gators. Let’s just ignore the occasional knucklehead who stumbles into our world, okay?
    Great work, as always, Zach. Thank you.

    Go Gators!

  23. @shamrock, If you didn’t want people to get “crappy” with you, you shouldn’t have been so accusatory. What do you expect when you say “I can write a blog full of unsubstantiated BS too.” There is no other way to take that statement. You came of as a tool so people are treating you like a tool.

    Oh and also your “blog” looks like it was designed in the early 90’s by a 12 year old girl who just discovered paint.

  24. A nice Italian boy like Mr. Anzalone don’t need to be bossed around by the leprecons (misspelld that way intentionally). this ain’t South Boston where the Irish mob tells everyone what to do.

    Alex come on doww. You can whip up on Miami next year AND compete aginast the best – in the SEC!

  25. @Shamrock. Go beat somebody- I’m sure we will get talked up about how good Stanford is now (it seems the media forgot Miami got whacked by k state) well Stanford got whacked by a team that got totally smashed at lsu who apparently is “struggling”

  26. Looks like Shamrock liked my suggestion to shove a shalaly so much he has become preoccupied. Either that or Zach slapped him so hard and so clearly that he has crawled back into lepercon world. (a new purposeful misspelling).

    Go Zach. You gave him the facts.

    I think its funy, no one here was saying the neuterdome coaches were doing anything wrong. But he knew it was lowdown and dirty so he jumped to claim they didn’t really do it. Well they did it and you slapped him down with the facts Zach.

    Go Gators. Come on down Alex. Muscahmp tells it like it is, Zach tells it like it is Gators are not afrai to tell it like it is and not afraid to let commits give interviews. Weather and the ladies aren’t too bad here either.

  27. Guys I am sure Zach is thankful for the love. Lets not crap on ShamrockReport. Asked a Q? and got his answer from the man. Lets not keep this up it just comes off making us look like jerks. Go Gators, Lets beat Vandy and anyone else who wants some. Zach can we get some more love on the 2014 guys or Walker and so on bro. thanks

    • J and others,
      Let me know the 2014 recruit(s) you want to know about and I’ll answer them in my Mail Stack. But my boss wants the blogs to focus on 2013 commits/targets until this recruiting cycle is over.
      The following recruits did not attend Saturday’s game and that’s why they weren’t contacted/mentioned for this blog: Clemson WR commit Demarcus Robinson, Michigan OL commit David Dawson, JUCO OL Trenton Brown, DT Greg Gilmore, Alabama DE DeMarcus Walker. If you guys have any general questions on these recruits, I’d be happy to answer. Not much new to update on them though.
      And BaldEagleJones, our basketball beat writer Kevin Brockway handles hoops recruiting and unfortunately I haven’t heard how Randle’s visit went or seen a story on him this week from other sites.

  28. @shamrock

    You dont believe Zach about his source and story? Funny how Zach put this FACT out there before ESPN which just today posted “The four-star prospect declined an interview request by GatorNation because he says the Notre Dame coaches asked him not to do interviews after his visit to Florida.” BOOM! That’s our boy Zach! Good job man!

  29. Thanks J for the respectful reply. I apologized for how a came across, BUT opened the door for all the negative replies, so I take the blame for that. It is the beautiful thing about blogs. You get a lot of fanboys that get angry when someone asks a question regarding their team, they respond with unrelated insults as opposed to sports related intelligence. It’s all part of the fun I guess.

    As far as “gatorseverywhere” ESPN just reported what was read on this blog. They didn’t talk to Alex. So really there has been no verification. But I will take Zach’s word for it. ESPN has not been void of reporting erroneous information (not implying this is, just implying your logic is erroneous).

    Anyway, good luck to the Gators the rest of the way, it was an impressive win over LSU, a lot of tough games left.

  30. Shame about Sherit. Senior season is special. Hoping he is getting top quality care (UF doctors?).
    Doesn’t change his recruiting one bit. He’ll just redshirt his first year and be 100% ready to go his second.

  31. As usual with all Notre Damew fans, this “ShamrockReport” individual lives in a head-in-the-clouds, black-or-white world where everything they hear that they like and/or agree with comprise “Facts” and everything else are “Lies”, or “unsubstantiated BS”. Living as they do in complet denial, there is no reasoning with them–hence this obsessive effort to dominate one of our sites over something that is not only likely the case, but hardly that important either way, atr least for anyone with the least bit of perspective and a sense of confidence in our larger, steadily expanding success on the recruiting trail. Get OVER it, small person. We’ll worry about dealing with y’all whenever we actually face you in a game that MEANS so,ething…in the meantime, we’ll concentrate on the things that matter in winning the game right in front of us, and we suggest you do the same if you know what’s good for you.