UF pulls even with LSU for Gilmore



That’s how four-star defensive tackle Greg Gilmore (Hope Mills, N.C./South View) describes his official visit to Florida.

“I was amazed,” Gilmore said. “They turned me around.”

Heading into the trip, LSU had been the leader for the ESPN150 member since April 18.

But the Gators chased down the Tigers this weekend in Gainesville.

“They’re both even,” Gilmore said. “Everything is neutral now and it wasn’t like that before.”

Gilmore said LSU better impress when he officially visits on Nov. 3. (Photo taken from Gilmore's twitter account)

On a scale of one to 10, Gilmore rated his UF trip an 11 and called it the best visit of his recruiting process thus far.

“Amazing experience,” he said. “The game was great, the tour was great and my dad loved the academics. The coaches maximized that visit and they made a big impression on me. That wasn’t something I expected and I really thank the players for that, too. All of it was just amazing.”

Gilmore was hosted by true freshman defensive ends Alex McCalister and Jonathan Bullard, who are both from North Carolina and made him feel at home along with Tar Heel State products D.J. Humphries and Rhaheim Ledbetter.

“Hanging out with those boys was pretty cool,” Gilmore said. “I can only compare this to one school and that’s LSU. They have a defensive end from (Greenwood) South Carolina named Sam Montgomery. Last spring he told me that it’s hard coming from The Carolinas and going to LSU with them Louisiana boys. You don’t have anybody to hang out with.”

“But Florida has four guys from North Carolina and they’re all a year ahead of me. I played with all of them either in a game or at the Shrine Bowl. So I’m way more comfortable around them guys. They’re all just like me and getting to know them was the highlight of my trip.”

Another was spending time in the film room with defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and defensive line coach Bryant Young.

“We sat down and watched some film,” Gilmore said. “They want me to play end in their 3-4 scheme because of my agility and they want me to play the 3-technique (defensive tackle) in their 4-3 scheme. That turns me on because it’s 50-50 in the NFL and I played defensive end in my first three years of high school.

“They’re selling me on Sharrif Floyd leaving early and a couple guys that might not be good enough to stay there. So I’m a big priority to them and they want guys that don’t need a lot of development and can play early. And they think I can because I’m a perfect fit for their defense.”

Although Gilmore is sold on Florida’s scheme, he’s still intrigued by the staff at LSU.

“I think because the Florida coaches are kind of younger, it’s like a family environment there. I know coach Quinn and coach Young have a lot of experience, but it’s also fun being around them. However, I think the coaches at LSU are always concentrated because they’re older and they have more knowledge. They might not have the family feel, but it’s all business and they really get on you when you do something wrong.”

So what does Gilmore prefer to play around, a family atmosphere or a business atmosphere?

“Man, I really don’t know,” he responded. “Now I’ve seen what Florida is all about and like I said I was amazed. I can’t really comment on that because I don’t know where I am with everything. This visit made things way more complicated and I need to make sure I’m making the right decision.”

Making sure entails taking a second trip to LSU on Nov. 3 for his official visit. Gilmore said he will make his decision days later on the fifth or sixth.

“It all lies on my LSU trip now. It better be right, I’ll tell you that,” Gilmore said. “It better be a good visit and I’ll be comparing it. Florida put an amazing visit together for me, but is it the best place for me? I gotta figure that out.”

Something that might help him?

The UF-LSU matchup on Oct. 6.

“Thankfully I’m a USC Trojan fan, so I won’t be rooting for either team,” Gilmore said. “I was thinking about driving to the game, but I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to go down to Florida and watch it. If they beat LSU, it might get me. I don’t know. But if Florida beats LSU, I will be amazed.”



  1. “They’re selling me on Sharrif Floyd leaving early and a couple guys that might not be good enough to stay there.”—I wonder who’s not good enough to stay? I love Sharrif but how is he rated so high on NFL draft boards? Is it just because of his size? He’s mostly underachieved in his time at Florida, whether it be because of injury or not playing his natural position.
    On another note does Ron P. redshirt hurt recruiting the buck position at all?
    Thanks Zach, oh and can we change the recruiting tab to have the correct URL anytime soon??

    • Omaha_Gator,
      I’ll ask about it tomorrow, but I don’t think the recruiting website exists anymore. The guy who created it was through the New York Times Company and we’re now with the Halifax Media Group, and we weren’t able to find someone in the summer that could make a new site for us because it was too short of notice. My blogs and the web stories I write are the only recruiting content we have on GatorSports at this time.

  2. Good to see his father was there and concerned about academics. I know you gotta sell schemes and playing time to these kids but I wonder if any of them truly understand how hard it is to get in to UF nowadays, the academics you need to have…if you’re not a gifted athlete. Do they know how many other kids would kill to get in, much less get a free ride?

  3. He sounds like he is being very level headed about his decision process. I like that! However, I don’t like him repeating that the coaches said some players may not be good enough to stay. The current players will then lose trust/confidence in their coaches and it could negatively impact their performance and team chemistry. I hope our coaches don’t really tell recruits that we have players that are bad.

  4. It sounds like the coaches have really sold him on playing time and his position in their schemes. I just hope we can pull off the win against LSU next saturday and I think that would push him over the edge to join this class. I would really like to see us snag one more big time O-Linemen before this is all over with and that would really make us very stout on both Lines of Scrimmage.

  5. Hey Gilmore-good luck in your decision making process but I live in Baton Rouge (hence the name) and I can tell you this-go to Florida! The fans here are a total TRIP!! If you fail then they will turn on you in a hot second. They won’t be loyal to you unless of course you have 10 sacks, 20 tackles for losses, and 3 interceptions-and that’s per game! Why would you want to come here? I mean UF has the family atmosphere you mentioned plus the NFL pedigree along with great academics. Make the smart choice & choose the Gators-you’ll have plenty of guys from home to make the transition smooth for you. GO GATORS!!!

  6. Also agree about his quote regarding playing time and some others not being good enough. 1.- I am hoping he took what the coaches told him out of context, such as competing for playing time with others. 2.- I don’t think it is fair to print such a damaging quote considering some of these kids say just about anything without thinking first…very poor decision in my opinion.

  7. I disagree with the section of his comments that the coaches said that some of the guys are not good enough to hang around. Someone mentioned that the guys may feel or lose confidence and perform at a lower caliber. It really should be a motivation for the guys that feel threatened by the comment. I hope it DOES, this should make them aware that getting in the door doesn’t mean you get to eat the meals. You have the (not) free ride now its time to earn it, the recruiting process doesn’t end the hard work, it begins the hard work for the one’s that want to be successful. GO GATORS!!!!

  8. I’ve raed multiple quotes from recruits that have stated that the Florida coaches have been the most honest with them during the process. Just because Gilmore said that doen’t mean the coaching staff put it quite that way. I’m sure it was something similar, but not as direct as Gilmore put it………….. Also have read multiple times from different recruits that the Florida coaches recruit them the hardest. I think if Florida pulls off the win next weekend or keeps it very competitive and Gilmore sees some of his Caroliana Boys on the field alot making plays – its over. He’s orange and blue all the way.

  9. OMAHA, unfortunately, you always have kids who don;t pan out, have discipline problems, won;t go to class, etc. Floyd, Easley, and Elam are no-brainers to leave early after this year anyway.

    Like this Gilmore kid. Sounds like a level headed young man, regardless fo where he goes.

  10. Gator Todd,

    I am not so sure that Easley will leave after this year. He reminds me of Lattimore at USCe…..good but not all the way back yet from that ACL injury. He needs another year to get healthy and improve his draft stock. Elam and Floyd will be gone if they remain as first round projections. This recruiting class has to hit a home run on the d-line if we want to win championships in the next few years.

    Line of scrimmage league!!

  11. Regarding the “good enough to stay” comment, I don’t think the coaches were saying they’re bad players. I took that as them indicating to Gilmore that if they were to get a recruit of his caliber, he would possibly pass a few guys up on the depth chart and they would in turn decide to transfer. I know the comment comes across as a bit harsh, but Gilmore didn’t say it in that manner and I’m sure the coaches didn’t either.

  12. Either way you take the comments I dont think it is going to hurt us in any way. If nothing else it should push the other guys at that position to get better and it lets Gilmore know that with his caliber of talent he could come in and compete for a starting job with Shariff being a definite early exit (if he stays healthy) and possibly Easley as well. I still feel like Florida controls their own destiny with him. If we come out next saturday and hand it to LSU that might be all the kid needs to pull the trigger and may keep him away from taking that November visit.

  13. About a D-line this year…Am I the only one in thinking we’ve under performed??? I know we’re using our substitutions early in the game but what do we have for sacks this year….Pressure….It seems the run defense is better up the middle but loose on the outside. I just keep thinking we’re all way to hyped up. In that Tennessee game when we faked our punt and missed then Rodgers dropped the 3rd down pass, it saved us. If they convert and score, do we respond? Or do we pull the Tyler Bray attitude? With our schedule what happens if we lose to LSU, USC then UGA, do we fold into nothing? I’m in the thinking we won’t lose those games, at least not all three , but what if? Time will tell but I’m completely nervous moving forward. If LSU wins by 30 or something is that the season right there?? I might just be too nervous but GO GATORS!!!

  14. @Sam,
    The season is still early and you know ALL of those guys have the talent to play at the next level, now if they perform to that level in the remaining games will determine how their numbers wind up. I think most people realise that these guys have the talent and can move their stock alot higher in this competetive league. That’s one of the advantages of playing in the SEC, You can boost your stock by performing against great talent and these guys will face some pretty good talent in the next 6 -8 weeks. GO GATORS!!!!

  15. One site means little,Mel and Todd will vouch.Reed,Elam,Floyd,Jenkins,Easley will be on the way out.Now throw in a Mo Collins or an Ike Hillard.Both had big games at FSU which shot them up the boards.Then add a Major Wright or Will Hill,could see as many as six or seven jr’s declare.Pro leagues have no problem drafting on potential see Tim Tebow and Brad Beal as good examples.Boom set this staff up to be a Hurricane type fast track to the Nfl.Nothing wrong just make sure you evalute well,which I think the coaches do a good job.Really though Combine is where you get paid so you never know.

  16. Listen, i understand everything you have replied, and more. But the point is there seems like major hype on players that are guaranteed anything right now, just as they may improve by end of year. We all agree though that they havent reached their potential and i would say that this is the year that they must show something more.
    And actually i thought Elam would be way higher, and its not just ONE site or ranking, but S is a position that unless you have the right size and speed you wont be a first rd pick.

  17. I would never use a bleacher report article to further my point….most of those writers are guys like the ones commenting on articles not sports writers themselves nor do they have first hand knowledge…they write off their own opinions and what info they get from guys like Zach here.