Walker still speaking with Muschamp, UF commits


Jacksonville Sandalwood defensive end DeMarcus Walker remains solid in his commitment to Alabama, but Florida won’t walk away without a fight.

UF coach Will Muschamp told Walker on Aug. 25 — the morning after his decision — that he will hate how hard the Gators still recruit him.

The pursuit has persisted.

Walker may attend one of Florida's next two home games. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesvile Sun)

“Muschcamp called me (Friday),” Walker said after his game last week. “He was asking me if I can come down for a visit. He asked me how I was doing and just checking up on me. He started talking to me about his family and things like that. I might come for the LSU game or the Kentucky game.”

Muschamp continues to have help from Walker’s fellow peers as well. Leading the pack is his close friend and UF safety commit Nick Washington, whose Jacksonville Trinity Christian team defeated Walker’s Saints 13-7 this past Friday.

“When me and him hugged (after the game), he was like, ‘I still want you to be a Gator.’ Him, Ahmad Fulwood, Caleb Brantley and Quinton Powell, they always stay on me. It’s just non-stop with them,” Walker said.

Muschamp gained Walker’s trust over the summer and has kept that bond going with the four-star prospect. Florida’s recruiting efforts haven’t quite made Walker ‘hate’ him, but he’s still sold on the Tide at this time.

“I still trust him, still love him,’ Walker said of Muschamp, “but right now all I can say is, ‘Roll Tide.’ I’m 110 percent committed. I just don’t like getting stuck in the house so I might go take some visits. I don’t know (if that will change things). I feel like right now, nobody can beat Alabama. They are recruiting me real hard and with everything I want to do in my life, they got it for me.”

Walker will visit Alabama on Sept. 29 for the Ole Miss game.


  1. Someone please send Mr. Walker this list of names: (Burton Scott 5, Melvin Ray 4, Kerry Murphy 4, Tyler Love 5, Brandon Lewis 4, Alonzo Lawrence 4, Star Jackson 4, Destin Hood 4, Robby Green 4, Devonta Bolton 4)

    Who are these guys? This is a list of recruits committed to Alabama in 2008 (thought to be their best class) and their star ranking. All of these players thought, “I’m going to Alabama to win championships” and they would have been right, but Alabama over recruits and only a few actually make it to see any action on the field. None of these players had a significant career at Alabama and they’re all 4 & 5 star recruits. This is just 08. Every class has a similar list. At any other school, these guys would have been stars, but Alabama is not like other schools. I know all major college programs do a little over recruiting, but nothing like Saban and Alabama. I hope you reconsider and give other programs a listen.

  2. This kid will regret not being a part of what Muschamp is building. The Gators will be fine either way, wish him the best in whatever he chooses. I will not lose any sleep over a high school student’s decision on where to attend college. However, I will lose sleep to watch the Gators on DVR over and over analyzing miniscule details. Crazy for football in the south, I know we are! Go Gators!

  3. Really impressed with how relentless ‘Champ is on & off the field. Things looked shaky at first, but I feel we are in good hands now. Pease is awesome as well, what a 200% upgrade from Weiss, just hope someone doesn’t try to pry him away!

  4. down 7-
    according to the 2012 NFL rosters , there are currently 32 in the league who are Gators (not counting javaris jenkins) and 28 from Bama.Bama dominated last year’s draft, just like Florida did a couple years ago. If you can play, they’ll notice you-anywhere.

  5. how about that thing called coming back home after college in Gator Country, and looking for a job, and telling your Gator grad hiring manager you spurned the Gators for Bama. How’s that gonna roll over with The Man? Then again, you might just want to stay there in Alabama after you graduate. I hear that’s a great state to live in compared to FL

    let’s be honest about Bama. Nick Saban is not that great of a coach. Put him in as coach at Duke or Vandy, and call me about 3-4 yrs later. Anybody could win at Bama if they have half a brain. Kids go there because of tradition, not the coach. What if you put Spurrier at Bama and Saban at SC. What do you think the results would be?

  6. Saban may not be liked by many but it’s rather silly allowing hate to coat your vision of him. Except for the Dolfins, he’s been a winner wherever he goes. I’m not a Saban fan, but one has to be fair if you want to be credible in your comments. You really don’t think Duke or Vandy would be MUCH better with Saban as the coach??? He just about out-recruits anyone.

  7. MJ you have lost it. Do you really think an employer will remember this kid or even think he spurned the Gators as a hiring factor? Not a Saban fan here either, but he is a great coach…kids go to schools for the university and the coach. If Saban left, Alabama would not be as succesful. IF he went to Vandy or Duke, like you suggested, in 3 – 4 years, they would be significantly better; it’s called a track record. Some coaches have it, others don’t. Sorry to say, but Saban has it.

  8. Down7:
    Did you see the list posted by Brent? The odds of going to Bama and developing into an NFL player aren’t BETTER, they are WORSE. Bama is where 4 and 5 stars go to sit on the bench for 2 years, never sniff the field, then “decide” to transfer, end up nowhere and never graduate.
    FAR better to go to Florida, play for 3 years, have just as good if not a better chance of going to the pros, and if not, go back to Jax with a college degree and the welcome of the many Gator alum who own businesses in town and will hire a gator football player over a Bama washout ANY day.

  9. Too bad the locals make idle threats. It must make you people real proud
    threaten and scare a young man like that. No wonder the Gator program is the most hated in the SEC. Underhanded acts by students and alumni do not make it a more attractive option. This is why the FSU program flourishes so well in all of FLA, you people, along with crazy Muschump, make it easy pickins’ for the ‘Noles.

  10. When football is over – the UF degree is going to be so much more valuable – and getting a good career in Florida vs a state like Alabama is a no brainer.

    Look to the future DeMarcus – there is no comparison. This is a life changing decision and you have to look past just the football.

  11. In a year or two the Gators will be pushing Bama and LSU at an equal level. Its always a better ride to be a part of growth and success each year, rather then be stale on the bench with other “so called potential stars”. Your odds are better in the long run with the Gators.

  12. You seem like a great young man and we’d love to have you DeMarcus. Florida leaves nothing the table to Alabama. Everything they have, we have – and then some

    Your decision is about your future, not current rankings. Come to Florida and Will Muschamp will make you a champion.

  13. You seem like a great young man and we’d love to have you DeMarcus. Florida leaves nothing the table to Alabama. Everything they have, we have – and then some.

    Your decision is about your future, not current rankings. Come to Florida and Will Muschamp will make you a champion.

  14. Marcell Dareus, Rolando McLain, Kareem Jackson, Julio Jones, Mark Ingram, James Carpenter, Donta Hightower, Dre Kirkpatrick, Trent Richardson, Mark Barron, and Andre Smith are players Alabama sent in the first round of the past four NFL drafts. When discussing NFL talent, one should take a what have undone for me lately approach. That is an astounding 12 first round picks, not to mention the five projected first round picks of this coming draft and the second round picks of the aforementioned drafts. No team in the country can compare to the NFL factory Nick Saban is seemingly building at Alabama. To say u have a better shot at Florida or any school for that matter would simply be ubsurd . Riding of the coat tails of some players Ron Zook helped recuit and develop has no basis in the argument of the best place to go to reach the NFL, and last time I checked every football player dreams of being a first round pick. I’m jus saying!!!!

  15. Sorry Gumps, while the list of kids going to the NFL is nice, the list of kids who THINK they are going to the pros but never get a fair shake in Bammerland is HUGE. Heck, I’ve seen where the Gumps stick greyshirts on kids who were about to move their stuff to campus, only to get a last minute call from the coach “sorry this other recruit became eligible, you’ll have to wait a semester”. You aren’t a person at Bammer, you are a number.
    Come to Florida, Mr. Walker, where you will be appreciated for the wonderful and unique person you are, rather than merely being grist for the mill at Bammer.

  16. Wow, I have to ROFLMAO at Larry.
    UF is 3-0, 14th ranked, two tough road wins under our belt and not another difficult road test until FSU, but dadgum, our season is DISMAL.
    I wonder if Larry could come back and explain his standard to be considered MEDIOCRE. Two time defending national champs, perhaps?