Zach’s Mail Stack 9/5


Last Saturday certainly wasn’t the way Florida wanted to open its 2012 season. Recruits saw a sloppy performance from the team and another Gator game that didn’t sellout.

But those negatives didn’t seem to really bother those in attendance. The commits had fun being together again and 2014 prospects such cornerback Duke Dawson considered pulling the trigger. In general, visitors just enjoy spending time with other recruits and the Florida staff (specifically the female tour guides), and some don’t even pay attention to the game.

Speaking of visitors, USC cornerback commit Jalen Ramsey has scheduled his official to Florida for Sept. 22 with his teammate and UF quarterback commit Max Staver. Also attending the Kentucky game will be four-star defensive tackle Greg Gilmore.

Just to remind you guys, I’m covering the Columbia-GHS game on Thursday and the Crescent City-St. Pete Catholic game on Friday. So follow me on twitter (HERE) for live updates and stay tuned for stories on Laremy Tunsil as well as commits Chris Thompson and Caleb Brantley.

On to the questions!

What’s the story with Caleb Brantley? Travis

For those who missed it, there was a tweet sent out from Brantley’s twitter account on Tuesday night that said, “Go Noles! #NoleNation!”

This obviously caused concern for Gator fans, but Brantley later tweeted his cousin did it as a prank and that “y’all know it ain’t never like that.”

I know Brantley wavered in May and has expressed interest in taking visits, but he solidified his commitment in the summer and I think it’s very unlikely he doesn’t stick with Florida based on the conversations I’ve had with him.

What did the UGA OT commit say about his visit? — Leroy

I’ve been unable to get in contact with Georgia JUCO offensive lineman commit Trenton Brown since his official to Florida and he hung up on me last week during my preview story for his trip.

Now I know why he’s been ignoring me. got a hold of Brown on Tuesday and he said the UF game was an eye-opener for him because he saw the opportunity at offensive tackle. Brown also revealed he’s upset with the Bulldogs because rumors are they plan on moving him to guard so they can get Tunsil.

When asked who his current favorite is, this was Brown’s response:

“Florida,” Brown said bluntly. “I feel like they are being more upfront with me than Georgia, because Georgia didn’t say anything to me about playing guard when I went on my unofficial visit in early June.”

Despite his displeasure, Brown remains committed to UGA and will visit there soon to clear things up. But he’s definitely one to keep an eye on moving forward.

Missing out on DeMarcus Walker, do you think the Gators can bring in Ebenezer Ogundeko? If not, what are some other replacements? TJ

Well for starters, they don’t affect each other because they’re being recruited at different positions (Walker for strongside defensive end and Ogundeko for the Buck position).

Fortunately for the Gators, they already have players committed for those spots and getting either would be sort of a plus-one deal.

The key for the coaches in this recruiting cycle was adding depth behind Jonathan Bullard and Dante Fowler Jr., and they’ve done that by landing Joey Ivie, Antonio Riles and Jordan Sherit.

That being said, Florida is still in great shape for Walker and Ogundeko and they will officially visit this fall. I don’t see the Gators taking anybody else at those positions besides them.

Is there any way you see the Gators taking another RB/ATH in this class? Doug

I doubt Florida will add a third back or an athlete in this class. There just isn’t room or a need. The coaches got the top two running backs on their board and called it a day. They had some interest in athlete Nadir Barnwell and he came down for Friday Night Lights, but he would either play WR or CB and the coaches seem to be satisfied with their commits and targets at those positions.

With the addition of Alvin Bailey, are the Gators done at WR? What about OL and DT? — Brian, Bob and Tamayo

With four receivers now in the fold, I wouldn’t be surprised if Florida didn’t or couldn’t get a fifth wideout. It’s not a necessity at this point. However, if Laquon Treadwell or Marquez North officially visit and want in, the coaches would surely welcome them with open arms. There’s also the possibly of a committed receiver flipping such as Demarcus Robinson. That’s a situation to watch out for, too.

At offensive line, the Gators might have solved their need for another guard with Jafar Mann moving over from the defense. They still have to sign a tackle and the top targets are Brown, Tunsil, Kenny Lacey and former UF commit Rod Johnson. That position will work itself out closer to NSD.

As for defensive tackle, the most likely prospects to join Brantley in this class are Gilmore, Montravius Adams, Maquesdius Bain and Jaynard Bostick, but Gilmore appears to be the only real option right now.

How do you feel about Marcell Harris after his three day weekend in Texas? Jeff

Harris hasn’t spoken with the media yet about his official to Texas, but I assume he had a great time. I saw of the several pictures he posted and it looks like he was impressed with what the Longhorns had to offer.

But him taking and enjoying the visit doesn’t come as a surprise. He loved his previous two trips to Austin and Texas has always been right there with Florida for his services.

He’s scheduled to officially visit UF for the LSU game and then will go see Oklahoma on Oct. 20. He may also take trips Clemson, Florida State or South Carolina.

But in the end, I still believe the Gators will win him over because of all his family ties to Gainesville. Staying close to home and playing in the SEC appeal to him as well.

That’s all for this week! Be sure to put your questions for the next mailbag in the comment section below!


  1. we will be fine at QB guys. The battle between Bressett and Driskal is three year battle. By that time Wig Jr. and Max So. and what ever Frosh will battle for the QB spot. Still worry about Harris. If he is not in the class the week of NSD then I think it is a lost cause. If we get Brown then I would close the book on Tunsil. He is just messing around with us. Georga and Bama will have some elite OL next year or two. Wish I could say the same for us. But we’ll be fine. Champ will get done. thanks Zach

  2. Zack

    I went to school at Crescent City and played ball with a lot of the current coaches and one “Pooh Bear” Williams (Former FB at FSWho) I will tell you this, Crescent City is infested with FSWho fans. Don’t know how Caleb will fare with the possible pressure. The fact that he wavered once and and has to deal with an area that is pro FSWho has me concerned.

  3. Zack,

    If the coaches were alerted to an upcoming defection from the QB lot at season’s end, would they try and add another QB prospect? I know Starver is committed, and we have 3-4 scholarship QB’s even if one leaves, but is there anyone out there you think they’d take a chance on for this class?

  4. We need to recruit OL and DL to fill any extra spots in our scholarship numbers. To win in this league we need to improve at the line of scrimmage. I say we go hard like a Russian after some sleepers in this area.

  5. Zach,
    Hargreaves says he will wear #7 or #11 when he gets to UF next year, what does this mean for the current #7 (Powell) and #11 (Ball)? Thought this was quite interesting seeing all three are defensive players.

  6. Zach, could you pull back on the effort a little bit please? At this rate you’ll get snatched up by a national publication sooner than later. This blog has a habit of sending guys to the next level. But seriously, you do an outstanding job here. Gator Nation is very lucky to have you writing Gator Prospectus.

    EMK was nothing more than a cane troll. Great move.

  7. Totally second Daniem M. So glad to not have to hear from EMK. Dude needs some love in his life. But really though Zach, the rest of us appreciate all of your hard work and always look forward to your columns. We’ll just have to enjoy having ya while we can. On a recruiting note, have you heard anything new about Quinton Powell’s commitment? Heard he’s talking to the UM coaches.

  8. Zach love your work but banning people with different views isnt fair.EMK is pessimistic but he still has a right to post his thoughts.Never liked him but at times he was right or thought provoking.SadPat for president.

  9. Fan, I agree that banning people could be controversial, but it was past time for it to happen. I don’t always agree with others on this blog, but I’ve never found anyone who is truly as annoying as EMK. And on top of that, I’ve never found anyone so ready to attack another blogger. I salute you Zach and hope you keep up the good work! As for the game today, I was extremely nervous at halftime and was ecstatic to see Muschamp & Co. made adjustments which seemed to stifle the Aggies offense. Wonderful win to welcome A&M to the SEC & GO GATORS!

  10. Zach, all this talk about early playing time and guys opting out because of it. How does Bama and LSU stockpile guys, who are still there in years 3 & 4 and seemingly happy to show up as Jr and Sr and be really good…

    Bama and LSU are amazing it keeping guys happy and not playing…

    How do they do it…