Gator Prospectus: LB Quinton Powell

Powell starts off senior senior with a big-time win. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

This is the first in a series of profiles covering the 2013 Gator commits from the state of Florida.

Name: Quinton Powell
Committed: Feb. 18
School: Daytona Beach Mainland
Position: Outside linebacker
Height/Weight: 6-foot-2, 200 pounds
Scouting Report: Versatile athlete who lines up at linebacker, defensive end and tight end for Mainland. Plays with a high motor and brings a lot of intensity to his team. Has a nose for the football and is aggressive in the trenches. Excellent rusher off the edge with the speed to chase down ball carriers or save himself if he gets out of position. Improved his pass coverage skills this summer by competing in various combines and 7-0n-7 tournaments. Very skinny, especially in the lower body, and will need to bulk up when he reports to Florida. But he has the frame to put on weight and could be the total package once he has more size and strength.
For The Game:
Powell missed Mainland’s Kickoff Classic on Aug. 24 with sprained ligaments in his foot and the Bucs, ranked third in Class 6A, lost 30-13 to Altamonte Springs Lake Brantley. He returned in the season opener this past Friday against arch-rival DeLand, ranked seventh in Class 8A, and led his team to a 19-3 upset victory over the Bulldogs, who had won the last two games in the series. Powell sat out most of the third quarter with cramps, but he still finished with “a bunch” of tackles and three sacks, which is almost a fourth of his season total from 2011 (13). Powell’s presence helped the defense force five turnovers and hold DeLand running back Jojo Kemp, a South Florida commit, to 53 yards on 19 carries.
Video: Click HERE for my interview with Powell after the game.
Quotable: “Last week he wasn’t in the game and we missed the impact he has. Just the sense of him being on the field for his teammates gave the rest of the team energy and confidence because of him being a captain and the leadership he carries. It was a huge difference. The kid just has a motor that’s not going to stop and he’s a phenomenal athlete. I really have not seen or coached anybody better at this level. He makes plays in so many different ways and has that never-quit attitude.” — Mainland coach Scott Wilson
Notable: A consensus a four-star prospect; won linebacker MVP at the Orlando Nike Football Training Camp in April; won the 7-on-7 championship at Gridiron Kings in July; also competed in The Opening and IMG Madden Southeast Regional this past summer; ranked No. 8 positionally and No. 84 overall by ESPN, ranked No. 15 positionally and No. 199 overall by Rivals.


  1. Sean: This may come as a surprise to you but he is not a Gator, or anything else until February of next year. These articles are called ‘filler’ in the journalistic trade. Meaningless articles written when there is almost nothing ‘on topic’ going on.

    • EMK,
      I don’t appreciate you calling this a meaningless article. I drove a total of five hours on Friday night to evaluate him in person, put together this profile and get a video interview so readers that have interest in these kids can get to know them and their talents better. Although you refuse to recognize them right now, most if not all of them will stick with their UF commitment and be the future of the football team you root for. I announced on Wednesday that I would be doing these profiles throughout the high school football regular season and reporters from the other recruiting websites cover games every week as well. So this is very much is ‘on topic.’ Now, if you don’t care about this particular topic then that’s perfectly fine. But don’t discredit my work and dismiss it as ‘filler.’ Quinton and his coach were very appreciative that I came to their game and would strongly disagree with your sentiment.

  2. EMK,
    I understand he hasn’t signed his letter of intent. But he seems to be one of our stronger “commitments”. That pleases me. On the other hand, I can see you are in your usual negative form. If these articles are meaningless fillers, why bother reading them? Why comment on them? Geeeze, give it a break already.

  3. Thanks Zach. I am also appreciative of the good work you do! Every time I see your name attached to an article I always read it because I know there will be something of substance in there. We who crave Gator news appreciate your fine work. Go Gators!

  4. Zach: Since the internet began, there have always been handfappers like EMK who can only get their jollies irritating people with their inflammatory posts. What matters is what the vast majority of your readers think, not off-subject crapola that some jerk with a personality disorder posts. You do a great job. EMK doesn’t bother me and you shouldn’t let him bother you. Just ignore him.

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  6. Zach, I believe your research, efforts and writing style are appreciated by most of us. I also believe showing up to the commits’ games and writing exposes are appreciated by those commits. For the rest of you, ignore the poster who has a “personality disorder.” I have, and my posting life has been better for it:)

    “Don’t argue with idiots because they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”