UGA commit officially visiting UF for Bowling Green


Florida usually doesn’t have big prospects officially visit for season openers, but you don’t turn away Trenton Brown.

And he’s huge — literally and figuratively.

The 6-foot-8, 350-pound JUCO offensive lineman confirmed to the Sun that he will be on hand for the game against Bowling Green.

With the recent departure of Rod Johnson and not many replacement options on the board at offensive tackle, Brown is an important target at the position.

He unofficially visited UF on June 2 and named the Gators his leader afterward. But over the course of the summer, Florida fell behind Georgia and Ole Miss before his commitment to the Bulldogs on Aug. 3.

However, Brown has maintained all along that he would still take an official to UF and will do so this weekend. With Florida in need of a tackle and Georgia in the driver’s seat for five-star Laremy Tunsil, maybe the Gators can get Brown to rethink things.

Another Georgia verbal, cornerback Shaq Wiggins, will be in attendance.

The Florida commits planning to unofficially visit will be receivers Ryeshene Bronson (2014), Ahmad Fulwood, Marqui Hawkins and Chris Thompson, defensive linemen Caleb Brantley and Joey Ivie, linebackers James Hearns, Daniel McMillian and Quinton Powell and safety Nick Washington.

Two notable 2014 prospects visiting are defensive end Bryson Allen-Williams and cornerback Duke Dawson, who both received their first scholarships offers from UF and have high interest in the Gators.


  1. We have to get five O linemen in this class for future depth. Pickings have been sort of slim this year though for OL. We have 3 on board right (Maryland transfer Garcia is the third), but we have to find two more for this class.

  2. There are so many questions for the upcomming season! (1) Theres no way florida gets a commit to leave from UGA (florida has shown an inability to recruit decent OL players over the years. (2) floridas rivals are stockpiling talent at the position. (3) Muschamp will be gone if he cant provide an great O line to lift his failing offense.

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  4. @Falco- OL is a position where NSD doesn’t seem to mean a whole lot right now. 90% of all the big fish have already committed elsewhere. Tunsil is the only one left. We could still flip someone, but I only see that happening right now with Dawson (Michigan) and Denison (FSU) – and as I’ve stated many times before, I hate the practice. So, unless we sign Tunsil, which at this point I give that a 20% chance, or Rod changes his mind it will be yet another disappointing OL class.

  5. Just saw that Mann has switched from defensive tackle to offensive guard. Assume he will redshirt this year so we will have another player on the offensive line next year. Look forward to the mailbag to tide me over until the games start on Saturday. Zach, do you think this switch by Mann will affect who we look at from here on out (i.e. another offensive line prospect or focus more on defensive line prospects)?

  6. The switch of Mann from DL to OL looks like UF has given up on getting another quality recruit for OL in this cycle. It is frustrating to lose high-priority, top level talent to other SEC schools, guys like Walker (DL), Tunsil(OL) and Theus (sp) (OL). The issue remains: ‘why’ does this happen and can it be corrected. (Imposter EMK jump in here if you feel up to it).

  7. Let’s see….take your two nat’l championships, Nick Saban’s at LSU and Alabama, and Miles at LSU…what do they all have in common??? ALL THREE COACHES ARE OHIO STATE AND MICHIGAN grads…..p.s….check out the academic rankings of Big Ten schools vs. SEC. PITIFUL…sucks to be you! GO BUCKS! (see U.S. News & World Reports rankings of U.S. colleges!)

  8. eMaryKay seems to think that nothing good can come of anything Gator. That sort of makes me want to puke. The Gators are going to be fine on the OL and at every other position on the team. Muschamp has the whole process under control and a bunch of sky-is-falling keyboard cowgirls can’t change that no matter how tightly their panties are wadded up about recruiting. These fairies bore me.
    My prediction: The Gators go 9-3 this year. Losses to LSU, FSU and a surprise somewhere along the way, but they win the East. Love the Gators.

  9. Doug, you are 100% correct!! I, because I have the temerity to disagree with you, am 100% wrong. Is that how it works? If so, you are the clear winner of this week’s Knuckle-Dragger Award. And, I think my beloved Gators will go 12-0 and win the National Championship!! Can you top that one, son?

  10. The Florida Gators are by far the most overrated team in the SEC. The last time I was in Gainsville all I saw were KNUCKLE DRAGGERS. You know if you drive by the campus slow enough I have heard that they will actually throw a degree through your window. Now that’s commitment to excellence. Muschamp is a retard. All of his ranting and raving is getting old already, The SEC referees will show him that his childish behavior will not be tolerated and I can’t wait to see that. Good luck Gator Nation Morons! P.S. Your girls are hot though!

  11. Where is all of the sentiment that UF cannot recruit quality offensive lineman coming from? The Steelers have 3 of these non quality lineman starting for them right now. Redskins have one, The Dolphins have one. Patchan was a five star before his injuries, Xavier Nixon was the country’s top tackle, DJ Humphries the same, Halapio is a road grading guard with an NFL future, Chaz Green, Jessamen Dunker, and James Wilson were 4 or 5 star guys in high school. I never post on websites as a former UF player but I couldn’t take this anymore. Great job as always Zach!

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  13. I understand your feelings MACK, I think some of these conversations should be on facebook or twitter or one of the social networks. I wish we could keep to comments to sports or sports related topics.

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  15. Zach, You may want to consider having comments submitted for post approval that way you can let through only relevant comments and keep this form worth reading. There is way to much garbage being written on here now…. Just a thought.