Hawkins visiting Florida for first time


Almost all recruits visit a school before they commit to it.

Marqui Hawkins, however, isn’t like all recruits.

Hawkins says he is 100 percent solid to Florida, but will still take all five of his official visits. (Photo by InsideTheGators.com)

Not only did the four-star wide receiver pledge to the Gators on May 14 without seeing UF first, but he’s been to Auburn, Clemson, Duke, North Carolina, North Carolina State and Tennessee since his decision.

Hawkins plans to return to Knoxville for an official visit, wants to take others as well and said any school recruiting him hard will be considered.

Yet he claims to be completely solid in his verbal to Florida.

“I’m open to schools in the sense that I’m going to go on all five of my officials, but I’m still 100 percent Gator,” said Hawkins, who is from Carver High School in Columbus, Ga. “I don’t plan on changing. There’s nothing to worry about.”

The 6-foot-2, 190-pounder said his summer trips were all for camps and that he didn’t go for recruiting purposes. He also added that he hasn’t seen many new places and wants to get that opportunity, which is why he will take officials.

In the meantime, Hawkins is looking forward to his first visit to Gainesville for Friday Night Lights.

“I can’t wait to see the great campus they have,” he said. “I heard it’s real nice. And I also want to get to know the coaches better and the commits in my class. We’re going to have a good one.”


  1. If you want to know the reason he committed sight unseen, its becuase he new how good this class was going to be and he wanted to lock in a spot. Plus the WR position race is wide open. With Jumbo TE and Big WR being a premium at UF he has a shot.

  2. Like coach says…..Weare only interested in the ones that want to be here…..IF they are not passionate about being a gator then they will NEVER play 100%…..Very few Tim Tebows in the world but I think he is kind of the ” Gold Standard! Go Gators

  3. This class seems to be growing and moving forward, they don’t seem to worry about anyone else that don’t want to be apart of this great class. They will help recruit you but if you are not “REALLY” a Gator they will see you as “GATOR BAIT”. The ones that have committed see their “CLASS” as the “JEWEL” and you should want to be apart of them, not them being apart of you. They can see now that they are already a special group. GO GATORS!!!!

  4. With the season rapidly approaching it is time to leave the ‘flat-earth’ boys in peace and direct a little negative toward our last HC. In an ESPN article by staff writer Schlabach quotes our last HC as saying ‘At the other place, you couldn’t take two steps’. For those who get the ‘warm ‘n fuzzies’ over the thought of UM, the ‘other place’ he is referring to is G’ville and the UF program. Despite what some perceive as total negativity toward WM and the program, that is indeed mere perception. I hope WM the ‘best’ and he seems to be going the the right direction but the process requires patience. The program is still about 2 years away from the goal.

  5. @EMK, what does” at the other place you couldn’t take two steps” mean, I know where he is talking about but WHAT is he referring to? And I don’t think we are two years away, “Just My Opinion”.

  6. He was referring to the crowd at SEC media days being more intense. I read the article. Look, if some of you guys want to hate on Meyer, thats fine. I get it, but I don’t. The guy gave us the best 5 year run this school has ever had and transformed UF into a household name. I’m grateful for that. He left for whatever reason, but basically I think he was mentally and physically spent with the grind of the SEC and the expectations every year ……and so what? It wouldn’t have mattered what reason or excuse he would have given, the fact that he felt it was time for him to leave – all the goofball fans would have beat on him regardless.

  7. Creek Gator: UM was referring to the demands and pressure the UF fans put on him and his time. The Setting: UM was being driven to Big Ten Media Day and his driver stopped at the front door of the Hotel. Expecting a large crowd to greet him, he told the driver, ‘Not here (not in front)’; ‘At the other place (remember he used to refer to FSU and Utah State that way); ‘you (UM) couldn’t take two steps’ (translated: the fans were always imposing on his time and self). Scooterp may be correct about why UM left–you know, the ‘burned out’ thing but TWO POINTS on UM’s departure: (1) UM knew better than anyone the condition of the UF program when he left for good, (2) To this day, nothing has been reveal about his ‘health’ problems. Strange!! I don’t ‘hate’ him just do not like, trust him

  8. I like it! Let’s turn the topic from a recruit visit back to Meyer. I also like the enthusiasm of placing such rich rewards upon the achievements of Meyer. Sure it was a great run. It’s kinda like a financial adviser making you filthy rich, and then finding out that the money you got rich on was embezzled from others in a ponzi scheme. At the end of the day you’re still rich, so what do I care about all the innocent people that were hurt in the process!

  9. Scooterp……

    I think Spurrier is the coach that transformed the Florida college football brand into a household name…..and him doing so is one of the reason Meyer came to Gainesville in the first place….and now Muschamp. Spurrier also had a long run of winning than Meyer…even though he won only one NC…..(I feel strange even saying that…one is a lot)……and his time in Gainesville was the most “fun and gun” time I have ever had watching Florida football. I will tell you this…..I sincerely doubt that 2009 team….with all that future NFL talent…..would have lost to Bama in the SEC championship game….because Spurrier would have had the entire team ready to play…..and he might have even pulled Tebow when he was not playing well in that came and put an unknown in the game…..Cam Newton (I think he was still with the team then). Meyer was a great coach one year at Florida…with mostly Zook recruits…..and had disappointing to terrible years other than that…with 2009 being the most disappointing team….and his best team. I think Muschamp will accomplish more….for longer….than wimpy Meyer did. And I think he will do it with a lot more class and honesty. Go Gators.

  10. RealityBites: Under SEC Regulations, Federal law and the laws of most states. Those who ‘get rich’ from a Ponzi scheme DO NOT GET to keep any proceeds received during the operation of the illegal activity. The term used in Federal courts is called ‘claw-back’. The Reason: You cannot claim the money belongs to you b/c it was stolen from other victims of the scheme. And, latest rumor for the rest of you, real Gators, is that Billy Bowlegs is starting to list toward North Dakota State A&T. Have a good one!!

  11. I’m no UM hater either, he gave us some great years and I do believe he was burned out, made a BAD mistake with Addazio as OC. But VERY successful teams in the SEC (when you are on a long run, as we were) will burn you out. Because of the demand and the expectations, the ole “whats next” is always on the Nations and coaches mind, that got to be taxing. But All of the coaches that except any high profile SEC job knows this and they take the challenge, but just doesn’t know how long they will last or if they will be successful in this league. UM was good at what he does but it caught up with him faster than many expected. Many say UM left the program in a bad way, well if you look at the class that he was amassing it was another good one, those kids decided to leave or not sign with FLORIDA when they knew UM would not be there. I AM NOT MAD AT HIM. We are beginning to pick up the pieces and put the puzzle back together and the new picture is beginning to come into focus, JUST KEEP WATCHING. GO GATORS!!!!

  12. Sounds like sour grapes, TampaGator. We’ll have to agree to disagree. In no way shape or form am I suggesting HBC is less of a coach, I justthink people let their emotions get in the way when judging Meyer. To say he had one good coaching season is about the silliest statement, aside from EMK rants, that anyone has made on this message board…….. and by the way SOS didn’t have them ready against Nebraska in’95.