Ogundeko pushes back announcement


The Florida Gators were expected to gain a commitment from four-star defensive end Ebenezer Ogundeko (Brooklyn, N.Y./Thomas Jefferson) this coming week.

Now, they will have to wait.

The ESPN150 member has decided to push back his announcement, which was scheduled for Tuesday at 11:45 a.m.

“I’m just not ready,” Ogundeko said. “I don’t feel completely solid with my decision. I felt like I was at The Opening, but over the past couple of days I’ve realized I need more time.”

Ogundeko will officially visit Florida this fall. (Photo by 247Sports)

Ogundeko’s top three schools are still Florida, Notre Dame and Syracuse and he claims no leader. But earlier this month at The Opening, word out of Oregon was that Ogundeko had silently committed to UF during his unofficial visit on June 8.

A source close to the situation told The Sun that while the Gators are still the favorite, Ogundeko — who is being recruited as a Buck — is concerned about the amount of depth at the position.

The 6-foot-3, 229-pounder also wants to take advantage of his official visits.

“I feel like it’s best for me to not rush things and go on my officials,” Ogundeko said. “I want to see all three of my finalists again so I can be 100 percent sure.”

Ogundeko said he still has interest in Alabama, Arizona State and Clemson and may visit those schools as well. He doesn’t have a new date set for his decision, but he knows it will come before the end of the calender year as he plans to be an early enrollee.


  1. Level headed, I’d rather for him to be sure and once committed be whole hearted and dedicated to whatever school he choses. I know some will say he’s a premadonna (without really knowing the kid, and I don’t know him either) but I applaud a level headed decision by saying I’m not ready yet.

  2. Good call, Creek Gator. Can’t blame a kid for taking his time so that once he makes a commitment, he can stick with it. Hope he chooses the Gators, but either way it sounds like he’s doing things the right way.

  3. That vicious cycle is coming back around at certain positions again, we recruit well, but now the depth chart works against us! I just hope the depth we already have pans out for us so we don’t really miss the misses! Go Gators!

  4. I hope he will make his commitment before National Signing Day, so if he decides to go elsewhere, Fla will have time to go after someone else, before they commit elsewhere and are gone. I can understand both sides in the schools wanting early solid verbal commitments and the young guys wanting to take their time in committing.

  5. So close to filling already that i’m not worried about about a Diggs or Nelson scenario.Even if he does choose another school I’m sure with this much time Boom has other options on the back burner.

  6. GoGator, it’s usually the ones who commit before NSD that are easier to keep in the fold. Mind you, there are those who get swayed, because even in a lot of large, early classes (which is the “MO” in today’s recruiting world), you’re going to lose 1 or 2. A good example is 5* DE Fowler who UF swayed from FSU last class. Bot overall, when you get them in the fold, it’s easier to keep them.

  7. Harold,
    I too realize that the depth chart many times seems to be a problem once you start to build some. But there are two ways to look at this, 1. It hasn’t seem to hurt schools like Bama, I don’t know how they continue to stack players in 4 & 5 deep (very good athletes at that) and most of us can’t seem to get 3 deep without kids being afraid to commit. 2. It would seem to me if I’m considered a 4 or 5 star athlete I want to go somewhere that I’m going to be pushed for one and know I can get rest during the game which will make me more effective when I’m on the field. If you are looking at the next level you don’t have to be the only fish in the pond. Example: Look at Kentucky’s basketball team, if you have talent the scouts will recognize it and you will get your shot. Most of these kids don’t see it that way.

  8. GoGators… We wil not have to wait until NSD for this one…
    “He doesn’t have a new date set for his decision, but he knows it will come before the end of the calender year as he plans to be an early enrollee.”

  9. I hope we stay away from the PSU players. They signed with PSU, so they weren’t Gators to begin with. You get to see who the real classless cheese Richards are. I hope Saba never says a word about Kiffin. He’s just as classless. That goes for Mark Rict, Dooley, and any other coach calling on their players. It’s different if the player reaches out to a school first.