Hargreaves drops USC, puts UF in first place


One week after calling USC his leader, five-star cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III released his Top 5 on twitter Friday and the Trojans surprisingly did not make the list.

His new No. 1?

The University of Florida.

“Top 5 ) 1.Florida 2.Clemson 3.Vanderbilt 4.Miami 5.Notre Dame , USF is not in my top 5 but still considering !” tweeted the Tampa Wharton standout.

Hargreaves is a consensus five-star recruit. (Photo by Rivals.com)

South Florida missing the cut is also a surprise because his father, Vernon Hargreaves II, is the defensive ends coach and special teams coordinator at the school and the Bulls were one of the favorites he named on July 1 along with the Gators and Hurricanes. Those three were the only teams that had received visits from him at the time.

Over the past 10 days, however, Hargreaves took trips to Oregon, Stanford, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Georgia, Clemson and Alabama. The 5-foot-11, 185-pounder saw enough on his cross-country college tour to narrow down his of over 40 offers to five.

Hargreaves, who is ESPN’s top-ranked CB, had the Gators leading early in his recruitment and then said everyone was even, at least publicly, in the spring. But earlier this month, he once again showed signs of Florida favoritism by spending most of his time at The Opening with the UF commits in attendance and even sporting some Gator gear.

Then USC became the front-runner following his unofficial visit on July 12, but his California love didn’t last long. Jalen Ramsey committed to the Trojans on Monday to give them two cornerbacks for the class, which likely caused Hargreaves to lose interest. The distance also began to bother him. After eliminating Southern Cal on Friday, Hargreaves told a Trojan fan on twitter that USC “was just too far for me.”

If closeness to home continues to be a factor for him moving forward, the Gators have to like their chances. It also helps that his sister, Carina, is a student at UF.

Hargreaves has no timetable on making a decision, but he plans to take official visits and see how his five finalists perform on the football field this season.


  1. Whats’s up with this kid? A week ago He named USC his leader and had their icon on his twitter, and now they’re not even in his top 5? … sounds like he’s playing games. I remember when a promising WR named Nu’keese was committed to the Gators, but a slimy coach had told him to lie about his decision to harm another team’s recruiting class. That coach is now at USC…

  2. If Jordan S. commits VH3 is ours i think. To close of a friend. VH3 likes to flirt to much for us to hold his attention. Ramsey was the nail in the coffin for USCw. If someone decommits they will be right back up there again. Its to early for him. I think Bama sealed things up with D.Walker. Letting him live like a member of the team for a week and doing all the little things. Harris feels like a repeat of Tracy Howard recruitment ended. I think he is fighting himself with the idea of following his non-fathers footsteps. Ogundeko looks like a Gator lock. UF needs to show big improvements on D this year. on a side not USC D class this year rivals that of UF 2010 hall i think. Still give UF the edge though.

  3. Take it elsewhere 62. Guys like you who show up hoping to insult possible recruits and run them off never cease to amaze me. FYI… the recruits know rival fans troll rival sites and do this! ~moron~

  4. From everything I hear he is a very good kid (as in from people who actually know him) and he is, after all, a coach’s son. He dropped USCw because they filled up at his position, simple as that. I don’t think he ends up at USF frankly, but I believe Clemson and Notre Dame will be tough competition. He is looking for a great atmosphere, and if ND lands JSherit, watch out.
    However, if UF is able to land Sherit, we are definitely the favorite, as we’d have his Tampa friend, friends Fulwood and Washington, his sister is a Gator, and proximity.

  5. He obviously comes from a bright family and for the most part is putting serious weight on the academic side of his recruitment. Clemson seems to be the school that doesn’t make sense on his list since the other 4 are all academic powerhouses. Hopefully we get Sherrit, which will all but the seal the deal. His dad is the big wildcard though, so until he signs on the dotted line I won’t be 100% convinced no matter where he commits.

  6. It ceases to amaze me how posters get attacked on here for stating the obvious truth if it isnt what some people want to hear. 62gator is absolutely right. This kid is obviously playing games and probably wont fit in if that is the type of person he is. Does anyone ever LEARN anything? Somebody brought up Nukeese. Perfect example. What about AC Leonard? He played these games too. Where is he now? IWho needs players like those? I have said this multiple times lately: some fans need to grow up and accept the truth instead of just yearning to hear all positive comments and attacking the negative ones even if they are the truth! It is extremely childish to chastise people for telling the truth because you think someones opinion on the Gainesville Sun comments section will somehow hurt your program. And even if it does, GET OVER IT! Some people do not live their lives through the success or failure of a team of 18-22 year olds and are not going to live in some type of fairy tale fantasy world so that some deranged fanatics can.

  7. @ LT comparing this young man to Nu’Keese or Leonard couldn’t be farther from the truth based on comments from people who actually know this young man! And that goes for 62Gator’s characterizations of arrogant and immature! It’s one thing to post positive and sometimes unrealistic comments about recruits and quite another to post negative comparisons and characterizations without ACTUALLY knowing them!

  8. Ya gotta take the arrogance, he is the best out there, and he’s still in highschool so immaturity is to be expected. I just hope he learns to contain both in his first year. I’d sign him anyday of the week… twice on Sunday…

  9. Lots of hating going on….wow. People are entitled to their opinions, even if you and I think they’re stupid…lol. So, put your own thoughts out there, but there’s no need to attack anyone else’s.

  10. Ah man, like no stupid comments. Only positive tings can yous write here or yous a troll likdat dub a– emk who never like wet to hiy schol. I anit attakin no one onlee trolls who writ stupid stuff. A gator alwas lik Falco

  11. Everyone Jumps on EMK for his negativity (and I’m not a fan of all that he says) but I agree with BSJGator, lots of negativity and character assassination going on. Ease up let the kid make a decision, and the system allows him until February(NSD) if I’m not mistaken. If he chose the be apart of the Gator nation fine, but if I were a recruit and read some of the BS some of you write about me and you know not ONE Da.. thing about me, I wouldn’t think this was the GREAT Gator Nation the world talks about being a FAMILY atmosphere. Some of you are simply mean spirited individuals, and should sit back and relax, take a breath and chill. The GATOR NATION has a better spirit than some of us are expressing in these blogs. HARSH!!!

  12. Good morning Gator Todd. You know not who I am. I am a proud Gator Grad, Class of 62. I am also a realist and the last time I checked, blogs were intended as a place to voice an individuals opinion without being attacked. This one is beginning to look like the Presidential campaign.

  13. What has he done to be arrogant and immature?? So what he named uscw the leader and since dropped em… We all would be glamoured w the way they treat recruits out there- after the initial excitement wore off he realized it was too far and they got the kid from tn… THAT’S IT!! His father wouldn’t allow him to treat schools bad considering he’d be on the opp end of things wayyy more than this instance… Trolls get out!!

  14. As usual emk, big man at the key board. I vote for Facebook sign in! Btw wasn’t attacking LT or 62 Gator. No name calling or ugliness. Just voicing my opinion that people should know a recruit before posting negative comments about him or her.

  15. USC or florida??? In LA you get 24/7 parties, tons of wild hot hollywood chicks at the top clubs, movie/music superstars at the games, parties at rappers’ mansions after every game…. hard to pass up at age 18–showtime in la

  16. I don’t understand how Clemson is such a big draw to these recruits. Could it be the coach’s awesome record: 28-16? How about Clemson’s dominance over rivals: .333 winning percentage vs Miami, .320 vs FSU, .338 vs Ga Tech?? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, folks.

  17. Hey LT looks like Golden Boy may have some difficulty with recruiting now that he has been fingered by TWO former staff members as have in knowledge of Pew Wee’s recruiting violations while ur Golden boy was in charge of the program.

    Cheat baby cheat its what U do.

  18. Im a Gator thru and thru class of 96′. Having lettered in football and being a part great accomplishments on the field, I see these silly attacks on one another to be fruitless and shameful. You all sound like a bunch of old ladies
    bickering over who grows the best flowers. Its embarrassing and needs to stop
    RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!!! BTW: GO GATORS!