SEC recruiting progress report


In the spirit of SEC Media Days, I thought it would a good time to look at how each conference team is doing in the 2013 recruiting cycle.

All 14 teams have reached double digits in the commitment column and Kentucky is the only school that isn’t in the Top 50 of the class rankings.

Commitments: 17
Class ranking: No. 8 on Rivals; No. 4 on ESPN
Biggest Verbal: TE O.J. Howard (Autauga, Ala./Autauga Academy), ranked No. 2 at his position by Rivals and ESPN.
Next Three: QB Cooper Bateman (Salt Lake City, Utah/Cottonwood), DE Jonathan Allen (Ashburn, Va./Stone Bridge), RB Altee Tenpenny (North Little Rock, Ark./North Little Rock)

Commitments: 10
Class ranking: No. 48 on Rivals; NR on ESPN
Biggest Verbal: TE Hunter Henry (Little, Ark./Pulaski Academy), a top 150 ranked recruit on Rivals and ESPN.
Next Three: QB Austin Allen (Fayetteville, Ark./Fayetteville), S Khari Harding (Edmond, Okla./Sante Fe), QB Tyler Cogswell (Plantation, Fla./American Heritage)

Commitments: 17
Class ranking: No. 7 on Rivals; No. 6 on ESPN
Biggest Verbal: ILB Reuben Foster (Auburn, Ala./Auburn), ranked No. 1 at his position by Rivals and ESPN.
Next Three: DE Carl Lawson (Alpharetta, Ga./Milton), DT Dee Liner (Muscle Shoals, Ala./Muscle Shoals), LB Trey Johnson (Lawrenceville, Ga./Central Gwinnett)

Commitments: 17
Class ranking: No. 10 on Rivals; No. 3 on ESPN
Biggest Verbal: RB Kelvin Taylor (Belle Glade, Fla./Glades Day), ranked No. 1 at his position by ESPN.
Next Three: DT Caleb Brantley (Crescent City, Fla./Crescent City), OLB Daniel McMillian (Jacksonville, Fla./First Coast), WR Ahmad Fulwood (Jacksonville, Fla./Bishop Kenny)

Commitments: 22
Class ranking: No. 4 on Rivals; No. 11 on ESPN
Biggest Verbal: S Tray Matthews (Newnan, Ga./Newnan), a top 100 ranked recruit on Rivals and ESPN.
Next Three: QB Brice Ramsey (Kingsland, Ga./Camden County), WR Tramel Terry (Goose Creek, S.C./Goose Creek), CB Shaq Wiggins (Tyrone, Ga./Sandy Creek)

Commitments: 10
Class ranking: No. 64 on Rivals; NR on ESPN
Biggest Verbal: DE Alvonte Bell (Miramar, Fla./Everglades), who also had offers from Clemson, Florida State and Notre Dame, among others.
Next Three: ATH Khalid Thomas (Tallahassee, Fla./Godby), DT Jacob Hyde (Manchester, Ky./Clay County), S Blake McClain (Winter Park, Fla./Winter Park)

Commitments: 20
Class ranking: No. 3 on Rivals; N0. 12 on ESPN
Biggest Verbal: OT Ethan Pocic (Lemont, Ill./Lemont High), ranked No. 3 at his position on Rivals.
Next Three: CB Jeryl Brazil (Loranger, La./Lorange), TE DeSean Smith (Lake Charles, La./Barbe), WR Rickey Jefferson (Destrehan, La./Destrehan)

Commitments: 16
Class ranking: No. 19 on Rivals; N0. 22 on ESPN
Biggest Verbal: RB Mark Dodson Jr. (Memphis, Tenn./Whitehaven), ranked the No. 4 all-purpose back by Rivals.
Next Three: S Antonio Allen (Indianapolis, Ind./Ben Davis), QB Ryan Buchanan (Jackson, Miss./Jackson Prep), DT Christopher Robinson (Shreveport, La./Woodlawn)

Commitments: 11
Class ranking: No. 33 on Rivals; NR on ESPN
Biggest Verbal: RB Kalio Moore (Rosedale, Miss./West Bolivar), ranked No. 12 at his position and 130 overall by Rivals.
Next Three: QB Cord Sandberg (Bradenton, Fla./Manatee), OG Deon Mix (Batesville, Miss./South Panola), WR DeAndre Woods (Pinson, Ala./Clay)

Commitments: 13
Class ranking: No. 29 on Rivals; NR on ESPN
Biggest Verbal: ATH Chase Abbington (St. Peters, Mo./Fort Zumwalt South), ranked No. 11 at his position by Rivals.
Next Three: ILB Nick Ramirez (Lee’s Summit, Mo./Lee’s Summit West), DT Antar Thompson (Maplewood, Mo./Maplewood Richmond Height), QB Trent Hosick (Kansas City, Mo./Staley)

Commitments: 19
Class ranking: No. 13 on Rivals; N0. 16 on ESPN
Biggest Verbal: OLB Matt Rolin (Ashburn, Va./Briar Woods), an ESPN150 member.
Next Three: QB Connor Mitch (Raleigh, N.C./Wakefield), LB Larenz Bryant (Charlotte, N.C./Vance), DE Devin Washington (Orlando, Fla./Jones)

Commitments: 14
Class ranking: No. 22 on Rivals; NR on ESPN
Biggest Verbal: S Kameron Miles (Mesquite, Texas, West Mesquite), ranked No. 11 at his position and 114 overall by Rivals.
Next Three: QB Riley Ferguson (Matthews, N.C./Butler), OT Austin Sanders (Cleveland, Tenn./Bradley Centra), DT Ben Bradley (Norcross, Ga./Hutchinson C.C.)

Commitments: 25
Class ranking: No. 5 on Rivals; N0. 10 on ESPN
Biggest Verbal: WR/TE Derrick Griffin (Rosenberg, Texas/Terry), ranked the No. 1 TE-H by ESPN and the No. 2 WR by Rivals.
Next Three: QB Kohl Stewart (Houston, Texas/St. Pius X), ATH LaQuvionte Gonzalez (Cedar Hill, Texas, Cedar Hill), CB Noel Ellis (New Orleans, La./Edna Karr)

Commitments: 15
Class ranking: No. 17 on Rivals; N0. 20 on ESPN
Biggest Verbal: WR Dominic Walker (Orlando, Fla./Maynard Evans), an ESPN300 member.
Next Three: WR Carlos Burse (Alpharetta, Ga./Alpharetta), QB Johnathon McCray (Ellenwood, Ga./Cedar Grove), S Malik Greaves (Jacksonsville, Fla./Sandalwood)

My Team Rankings (as of July 19)
1. Auburn
2. Alabama
3. Florida
4. LSU
5. Georgia
6. Texas A&M
7. South Carolina
8. Vanderbilt
9. Ole Miss
10. Tennessee
11. Missouri
12. Arkansas
13. Mississippi State
14. Kentucky


  1. A Quiz for Summer Boredom: For ‘Real’ Gators, Non-Trolls and Manly Men. Nat Moore, Dolphin great ,was a Gator. QUESTON 1: In what Florida city did he play his first game? QUESTION 2: Who was the opponent? QUESTION 3: What position did he play in that game? QUESTION 4 (hard one-‘Real’ Gators only): Both the game program and public address announcer listed/called his name wrong, what incorrect name was used during that game? I, and most of the Gainesville Gator Boosters, attended that game in the 1970’s.

  2. Congratulations EMK!! You’ve been around for a long time and haven’t forgotten everything. However, that does nothing to alter the way you are viewed on this site, which I believe is due to your constant negativism. I don’t know if you’re like one of those grumpy old men, but its hard to find anything positive in your posts. While I agree that fans must be realistic to avoid having their hearts broken (like we have the last two years), its still difficult to understand why you are so down on the gators in JULY! Try to give the team the benefit of the doubt until the season starts. Most of us who come to this site do so because we are fans who can’t get enough football information even during the offseason. You claim to be a gator fan, yet seem to incite the same amount of angst among gator fans as an FSU fan would. If you are truly a gator, maybe try to have a more positive slant to your posts. Remember, GO GATORS!, and maybe this will make it easier for you not to come off like Jack Lemmon.

  3. What is up with Kentucky getting quite a bit of Florida kids? I mean I get the SEC schools getting the Florida high school kids…… But…. Kentucky? Great work Zach, go Gators, it’s always great to be a Florida Gator!!!!

  4. I am, indeed, a grumpy old man and a long-time Gator fan. The ‘constant negatism’ is a game!! BUT, I am a realist (7-5). Consequently, I am truly amazed at the immaturity of many who post here. You know, ‘your a troll’, a ‘fool’, a ‘low-life’. Football, even SEC football, is only a game. In terms of things that are important and significant in my life, it is entertainment. It is not the very essence of life. By the way, in keeping with the spirit of many of those who post here, you, Gator N NC must be a ‘troll’, a make-believe Gator b/c you obviously cannot answer any of the questions in the Mid-Summer Real Gators football quiz. Shame on you, you, ‘troll’. Go back to your North Dakota State blog! Go Gator N NC!! Have a good one!!

  5. Your corrct on Tampa. The opponent was SMU (UF won). And, the new RB for the Gators was mistakenly referred to as ‘Nate’ rather than Nat Moore. You (and I) are, indeed, Real Gators not trolls like these other imposters (a joke, guys!!).

  6. EMK, you going soft on us?!?! I actually enjoy some of the “negativism”. It helps balance the over optimism of many who post here.

    To the SMU game with Nat(e) Moore, I believe UF lost that game 21-14. We weren’t very good in 1972 (5-5-1). Definitely not Dickie’s best year (far from UF’s best or worst years).

    I think you’re a fool if you let these other trolls call you a low-life and change your posting behavior.

    Some people take this stuff way to seriously.

    GO GATORS!!!!!

    BTW, FWIW, I predict 9-3. Gators beat everyone they’re supposed to and lose to LSU, and 2 between USCe, UGA, FSU.

  7. EMK, I wasn’t even born yet when Moore played at UF. The only rb named Moore I knew of was named Kestahn. So you assume that since I can’t answer your question about what happened before I was born (I could have looked it up online, but what’s the point in that) I am a troll. I understand you getting frazzled about the name calling, but I think most wonder why you are here if gator football is nothing more than entertainment. While most would agree that it is not the essence of life, I think the majority of people on this blog feel more passion for UF football than you seem to. Hope you can understand the point I am trying to make and find a way to bring a little more positive passion to your posts.

    P.S. maybe you could contact gatorsports about starting your own blog with trivia questions. while i may not know the answers to questions from a previous era, it is always good to become a little more educated regarding things i am positive about!

  8. Sorry, but is equally as immature to ask ‘trivia’ or trivial questions, in your case, about something you may only know about or remember, very impressive…think anybody on here could equally do the same.

  9. We played in Tampa for several years in a row ranging from 1968 – 1973. Air Force, Tulane, Kentucky, and Duke from ’68 – ’71. The games you are bringing up I’m not exactly sure. It was either Southern Methodist in in ’72 or Southern Miss in ’73. It would be easy to get that mixed up.

  10. It was SMU and we did lose. We finished tied for 5th with uga and uk although we cruched uk (again) 40-0. I, too, wanted you to be yourself EMK. I am a true Gator thru and thru but don’t look thru rose-colored glasses as some do. I am positive about this season and the potential we have. However, I am also aware how important the two games at A&M and ut are. We have the potential to win both. We also have the potential to lose both and if we do, Gator Nation will not bee too happy. You guys are great.

  11. The recruiting class is shaping up to the kind of class that you have to stack on top of each other to have a top rung program.

    The team is going to be better than most of “you people” think. They are going to have an outstanding defense. Gillislee and Hines will do alot of damage from the backfield. Brissett is a cool cucumber and he will do better alot better, especially with a legit running game. Maybe we are goign to see a bit of a year 2 surprise.

  12. Optimism, pessimism, realism…..a fine line exists between those descriptors of future fortunes. For instance, cautious optimism may also be just another term for realism, or even slightly pessimistic. Either way, like EMK, I’ve been a Gator a long time, and I would use the term cautiously optimistic in my case. In any case, most any Gator’s lack of true optimism could be linked to WM’s unproven ability to inspire confidence and promote optimism. Just look at the players we’ve lost since WM arrived, and look at the number of top recruits we’ve lost from within our own state. And this is supposed to be WM’s strong suit? I’m sorry, I will remain cautiously optimistic until the Gators get back to where they belong, and that’s on top of the SEC, and competing for national championships year in and year oout.

  13. 7-5 might be realistic. I hope for an upset or two.. We will find out when they play the games. UF Gators should SHOW CLASS AND CHARACTER AT ALL TIMES, Name calling and negativism have no place with real gators.

  14. I agree with Gator Buck, however, I think the ‘negativity’ is the sum of 2 average seasons + Summer boredom…Gators tend to eat each other , espin the Summer,& usually it’s the smaller ones. Florida has the opportunity to win more games for several reasons, but the most obvious is that this 2012 Florida Gator Team is OLDER(40+ Upperclassmen), and the schedule is light on Top 25 teams. This team should compete better than last year, but I suspect they end up in 2nd in the Eastern Div. to Carolina, but they beat U.G.A. and F.S.who to satisfy Gator fans until ‘THE RUN’ in 2013.

  15. I wouldn’t fight with gatorgi70x7, that’s logical and reasonable but I’m going to add that I think If our offense give our defense a fighting chance this year our defense will give our offense some extra opportunities to get their jobs done and we could be a big surprise in the SEC. That just maybe wishful thinking on my part, thinking with emotions and not logic.

  16. Everything will depend on how the offense comes around. It can’t be any worse than last year…can it? I predict solid improvement at 8-4. 10-2 would be outstanding and 6-6 unacceptable. The defense will be stout and the special teams very good. Once again, it all comes down to the offense.