Muschamp boasts about in-state recruiting base


During his press conference at the 2012 SEC Media Days on Wednesday, Florida coach Will Muschamp was reminded that his team’s Gator Bowl victory over Ohio State prevented UF from having its first losing season since 1979.

Muschamp fields questions during Day 2 of the 2012 SEC Football Media Days at the Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover, Ala., Wednesday. (Doug Finger/The Gainesville Sun)

“Yeah I know,” Muschamp said. “I was told a couple times.”

Then he was asked how Florida has been able to reel off 22 consecutive winning seasons while other top-tier SEC schools have suffered some losing seasons over the last two decades.

Muschamp credited UF’s facilities, administration and previous coaches for the success, but his primary praise was placed upon the pool of prospects in the Sunshine State.

“You’ve got a great recruiting base,” Muschamp said. “You’re able to have access to really good players. Within a 300-mile radius, you can win your league by recruiting just those players. And that’s what we’re trying to do.”

With the state of Florida producing the best prospects in the nation annually, it’s easy to understand why.

In the 2013 recruiting cycle, Florida has more recruits in the ESPN150 than any other state with 29. And that’s the case nearly every year.

The Gators have 18 verbal commitments for the 2013 class and a dozen of them are in-state recruits. All of UF’s seven commits in the ESPN150 are from Florida as well as 10 of the 12 that made the top 300.

With recruiting resources like that, few head coaching jobs rival the one in Gainesville.

“I work in a great state for players and high school coaches,” Muschamp said. “When you have a recruiting base like we have, it makes your job a little better than some other places because you have such a great recruiting base (in Florida).”


    • EMK,
      This is a blog not a beat. Everything on here doesn’t have to be breaking news. The point of the piece was that Muschamp thinks Florida’s run of 22 straight winning seasons is due to the in-state recruiting base more than anything else. It’s also worth noting that on ESPN, Florida prospects make up 20 percent of the top ranked recruits this year and the Gators have already landed a fourth of them.

  1. Zach: Why are you so sensitive? Whether blog or beat or whatever, there is hardly a person in the entire country who does not recognize that Florida, along with Texas and California produce an extremely large number of football prospects. And, no, neither I nor any other reasonable reader expect ‘breaking news’ in every piece. My comment was pointed but respectful without personal attack on you. Perhaps I should be BANNED for LIFE from this site or blog or beat for not writing something everyone else can and will agree with. Let’s take a vote!! Off with him!! He does not agree with us!!

    • EMK,
      Wasn’t being sensitive, just answering your question. You asked where the news was and I told you. Also wanted to add that there doesn’t always have to be news in my blogs as I can now see you are well aware of. Keep your comments coming. There are much appreciated.

  2. @EMK
    I do not think Zach is so sensitive as you put it. He is simple educating you on what Muschamp has accomplished so far with this recruiting season. Yes everyone knows that Florida, Texas, and California produce elite talent every year but then recognize what the Gators are doing in the state of Florida. I did not get to watch the media day and so I appreciate the info Zach. No need to be immature EMK.

  3. Ban this foo. These are the same people that complain you don’t do enough blogs or complain you can’t predict the future for what 18 your kids will do on National Signing Day. Florida got away from dominating Florida during the last few Urban years and most of Zook’s time. Dominating our backyard is what I love about Muschamp and is worth discussing. Maybe UF won’t keep losing the best Florida RB to Clemson and Alabama every year.

  4. I think Muschamp is realizing that it is easier to recruit in-state and keep the in-state kids here instead of recruiting other talent elsewhere and not having home advantage working with him. It is tough to pull kids from other states further away. If there is elite talent here, then secure them. Plain and simple. In the past few years, we have missed out on the talent in-state and Muschamp seems full aware of that.

  5. Agreed, that we have not been as dominant in state as we once were…… but we’re recruiting more on national level now than we ever have before. 25 years ago you didn’t have every CFB power poaching down in Forida like you do now. Half the ACC and Big10 schools have a staff member specifically assigned to Florida – you didn’t see that back in the 80’s and 90’s.

  6. So Florida is successful because it recruits Florida, Texas is successful because it recruits Texas, and so on. So how does Boise State — well, let’s hope that our new OC can combine some of that Boise State creativity with the sunshine state talent. Should be interesting!

  7. I thought his comment was funny. There is a lot of passion for Gator football so it’s going to stir people up. Not every article is going to be a home run. You have a tough job Zach and you do a great job. Keep the faith.

  8. Actually, I have BIG problems with this — 22 winning seasons? Since 1979? Is this 2002, people?! And what’s with this lovefest, all of a sudden? Let’s get back to basics. I’ll start — EMK, you’re a weasel. There. The natural order of this board has been restored. Go Gators!

  9. Ohio, Georgia, and Alabama are also some of the best recruiting states too. With the exception of 2011, UF has consistently owned the recruiting title in the state of Florida our rivals from Tally over the last half dozen years or so. The Gators have recruited the most ESPN top 150 players the last seven seasons than any other program, and have out-recruited FSU and Miami for the 5 star prospects for years on average. We out-recruited FSU quite convincingly this past class. Muschamp has done a great job and is establishing some serious recruiting momentum within our state. Nothing wrong with pointing that out.

  10. SEE IT HERE FIRST—–Gator Record 2012—7 wins and 5 losses. Wins: Bowling Green, A&M, Tenn., Kent., Vandy, LSU (directional), Jax. Losses: LSU (the real one), USC (again), Georgia (again), Missouri and FSU (again).
    BOOK IT!!

  11. I don’t know what the final income will be as far as the 2012 record goes, but I don’t think there is a team on our schedule that we shouldn’t be able to beat. Though I disagree with EMK, LSU seems o be the more likely loss. The rest should be HIGHLY competitive win or lose!! GO GATORS!!!!

  12. With one exception, I AGREE with CREEK GATOR. I think ALL games will be very competitive including LSU. I just think WM and friends are one year away from the possibility of doing something really good!!

  13. EMK is obviously not a Gator fan. I wouldn’t pay his comments or predictions any mind. Every game on our schedule is winnable with the defense we will field this year even LSU. We will see soon enough of what UF can do. Just don’t sleep on us all we need is a smidget of an offense and evryone on our schedule has to bring their a game.

  14. ‘Real’ Gators and those who claim to be ‘real’ Gators: The mental state of DENIAL will not alter reality but rather makes adjustment to reality a more painful process. Please do not reply or even acknowledge my existence. Rather remember where you read it first. 2012 Gator Football: Seven (7) wins and Five (5) losses. Peace and a rapid recovery for those who must do so.

  15. Gatorbread,
    I said that there is NOT a team on our schedule that we can not beat, I said LSU is the more likely lost. We have a TEAM that is capable of beating everyone on the schedule, I don’t think it is likely that we can put that type of string together to run the table. I think that’s asking too much of this TEAM. I think there are too many things for them to put together in the time period they have been together and to come back from where they have been in the last two years. If they do it it will be great and unbelievable, I do not agree with EMK with the five (5) loses. I expect a heck of a lot more from this team, the “D” should be “GREAT” and with some modest improvements by an “O” that I think will surprise many, we will be the talk (surprising) of the SEC. JUST MY OPINION. GO GATORS!!!!

  16. i like a lot of things about what what we have been doing. But i still think he needs to do a better job of locking down the boarder. Demarcus Walker spent the entire week living with an working out and training every morning with Bama’s players. Now he is ready to announce all of a sudden. Muschamp lost another one. Kiffin could have taken VH3 if he wanted but took Ramsey. Then VH3 jumps over to ND. With VH3 and Jordan being such close friends, if we lose one of them to ND we both. All top Florida talent going out of state. You can’t really blame him for D. Henry going to Bama, Tenn. or UGA. But Nelson A. and Tracy H. leaving UF after being personally recruited by Muschamp is not acceptable. I have to believe he will get the boarder locked up better.

  17. All this NEGATIVISM by this joker EMK!?!? Is he for real? Is he a Gator fan? I doubt it! What a waste of energy! All Gator fans should be positive about the upcoming season. Fla should most definitely be improved from 7-6. Games are won on the field, not on paper or EMK’s negative thought process.

  18. Prove the REAL GATORS of the USA that you know something about Gator football: Maybe all you ‘real’ Gator heard of Nat Moore, former All-Pro Dolphin Receiver. QUESTION: In Nat’s game as a Gator, who did UF play? In what Florida city they play? Who won? Moore’s name was wrong in the game program, what was he mistakenly called? Go negatism, please!! Everyone have a POSITIVE attitude and some CORRECT ANSWERS!! And, I and other memebers of the Gainesville Gator Booster were present for the game!!

  19. Sorry—- I was just so excited. Should have written in Nat’s first game as a Gator. I also have considered that the most critical among you will have no idea of the answer. Just shows that me, a ‘joker’, a troll, an imposter knows more and has been a Gator longer than most of you. Wow!! Have a great day, folks.

  20. EMK, you occasionally provide informative information and have valid points, yet all your comments seem to have a negative slant to them. Why do you take it so personally when someone calls you out on this? Do you not realize this is the way you come across to others on this blog? Hopefully you can provide a more positive outlook in your future blogs, since you seem to want to validate to others that you are a true gator. While I agree that expecting a national championship this year may be a little unrealistic, finding positive ways to discuss the gators would go a long way towards removing the animosity others feel towards you on this blog.

  21. I think EMK feeds off all these comments , I think he loves all of this attention he is getting. I think he likes getting everybody worked up with his comments. I think I’ve got him figured out. Maybe he does need Ritalin or Addarall, but I think he is just playing with us because he is bored.

  22. EMK, let’s talk Gator football. You got a very good memory. Let’s see if you can give me the name of the Gator linebacker who had the most impressive performance in Gator history, in my opinion, what game it was and when it was. I bet most Gator fans do not know this one. I don’t think he ever received the credit due that performance. I started going to Gator games in 1971 in Gainesville and when they played in Tampa. I began listening to Gator games on the radio, back in 1967.

  23. Emk, why are you so sure everyone in the world has heard that Cali, Florida etc. are the hot beads of recruiting? thinking of only yourself. And Zach is so correct its a blog.
    Try the other side of the bed tomorrow. Nice read Zach!