Notebook: ESPN300 updated, 5-star CB names leader


ESPN updated its recruiting rankings on Thursday and Florida still has a dozen verbal commitments in the top 300 and seven in the ESPN150.

All but one of the 18 members in Florida’s 2013 class, which is ranked No. 3 nationally, are four-star rated recruits as well.

Three commits (wide receiver Ahmad Fulwood, safety Keanu Neal and linebacker Quinton Powell) moved up one spot, defensive tackle Caleb Brantley stayed the same and the rest dropped no more than 10 spots.

Here is where the future Gators stand in the latest ESPN300 rankings:

No. 22 Kelvin Taylor (No. 1 running back) — down 1 spot overall/same positionally
No. 31 Caleb Brantley (No. 4 defensive tackle) — same spot overall/positionally
No. 43 Daniel McMillian (No. 3 outside linebacker) — down 2 spots overall/same positionally
No. 47 Ahmad Fulwood (No. 7 wide receiver) — up 1 spot overall/same positionally
No. 64 Keanu Neal (No. 6 safety) — up 1 spot overall/same positionally
No. 82 Quinton Powell (No. 8 outside linebacker) — up 1 spot overall/same positionally
No. 136 Nick Washington (No. 11 safety) — down 5 spots overall/1 positionally
No. 168 Adam Lane (No. 14 runinng back) — down 2 spots overall/same positionally
No. 210 Marqui Hawkins (No. 32 wide receiver) — down 6 spots overall/up 1 positionally
No. 260 Max Staver (No. 16 quarterback) — down 9 spots overall/1 positionally
No. 276 James Hearns (No. 10 inside linebacker) — down 7 spots overall/1 positionally
No. 285 Dillan Lawson (No. 17 outside linebacker) — down 6 spots overall/up 1 positionally

Trojans take lead for Hargreaves

Vernon Hargreaves’ west coast tour, which included stops at Oregon, Stanford and USC, ended Wednesday night with the five-star cornerback naming the Trojans his leader.

This comes less than two weeks after the Tampa Wharton product called Florida, South Florida and Miami his top three schools. Furthermore, Hargreaves spent a considerable amount of time hanging around Florida commits at The Opening last weekend.

Those factors, combined with Gainesville being close home and his sister currently attending UF, made it look like the Gators were gaining the edge once again on the one-time Florida-lean.

But his first time in California turned out to be a charm and USC is now the clear-cut favorite, as evident from his profile picture on twitter.

Fortunately for Florida, there is still a lot left in his recruitment. National Signing Day isn’t for another six months and Hargreaves is scheduled to see Notre Dame, Ohio State, Vanderbilt and Tennessee this summer and take five official visits in the fall.

If the Gators can land his close friend, four-star defensive end Jordan Sherit, their chances should improve considerably because the pair of prospects want to play together in college.

But as it stands now, Florida is on the verge of missing on an in-state cornerback — ranked first positionally and top 10 nationally — for the second straight year (see Tracy Howard).

As was also the case in the last cycle, Hargreaves would be another five-star recruit from Tampa to spurn UF for USC (see Nelson Agholor).


  1. I would let my kid play anywhere he wants – ND, Georgia, Bama even half ass U. I would’nt be happy about it, as long as he did his research. But god as my wittness, I would absolutely forbid him playing for that snake oil salesman Kiffen. No integrity. Caught in one lie after another. Total dirtbag, and I don’t understand with all the negativity surrounding that piece of crap, why other parents are OK with it. Mind boggling.

  2. Mr. Hargraves, just remember what that snake oil salesman Lane Kiffen told top WR recruit Nelson Agholor just before NSD this year, and then five days after Agholor signed, USC’s WR coach, Nelson’s main reason for signing there, found another job.

    Just sayin’…

  3. Hollywood is full of glamor and lairs and Lane Kiffen family is the biggest pack of say anything fake butt lairs I have had the privilege of ever knowing. Sprinkle gold flakes on dog crap and you still have dog crap. As GatorTodd would say, “Just sayin’….” Lets go get LeonQ3 if that’s what he wants to do then God bless him.

  4. It blows my mind how any parent of a young man with his choice of schools would approve their child to play for a SLIMY piece of whatever like Lane Kiffin. A LIAR and CHEAT, UNETHICAL. I despise Kiffin as much or more than I despise Nick Saban. The only difference between the two is Saban has won a couple of rings and unfortunately built a dynesty at Ala. Saban is SLIMY, but Kiffin is SLIMIER.

  5. Remember, all that glitters is not gold. I am still in tune with coach Muschamp. He will recruit and sign kids that have morals and the will to win. Look at what Boise State has done year after year with few top rung recruits.

  6. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If I was 17 and didn’t know any better, USC would be my top choice too. The kids father is a football coach. My guess is that he’ll be having a talk with his son about Kiffin’s (lets at least spell his name right) track record for saying things vs. doing things.

  7. Stop recruiting Hargreaves. If he’s the kind of person who’s excited about Kiffin as his head coach and leader, he’s certainly not UF material.
    Mackensie Alexander should be our top target. He’s an excellent CB and can’t have worse character than Vern “the next Nu’kees” Hargreaves.

  8. Vernon Hargreaves is an outstanding young man and is the furthest thing from being a Primadonna. I know, my son is entering his sophmore year at Whaton as one of the slot receivers and Vernon has been exceptional
    in being a leader to the younger players. He is a yes sir/yes mam type of young man and is very well grounded and humble despite all of his achievements. Of course, I would like to see him at UF but wherever he lands he will be an upgrade to their program both on and off the field. He is a reflection of his parents whom both are people with high character.

  9. I’m just waiting to see if some of the things they think they are getting at USC, are actually what there end up with (especially Nelson).
    It doesn’t bother me that they are going to USC (per sa), it’s the fact that they are leaving to go play for Kiffen. And NO, I would not prefer they go play for FSU, or Ga, or Bama. One thing FSU and Ga are already waisting enough talent and Bama has too much.GO GATORS!!!!

  10. Anyone else amazed why these kids keep flocking to USCw? I don’t think I’ve seen a class as stacked as they have with limited #s. Top QB in the nation, power back and speed back, 3 sick receivers, they just pulled 2 OL, the big kid Bigelow from MD and they just got Vanderdoes a new 5* plus another DE, I think Cali’s top LB, #1 safety 5* Cravens, and a few others … every single one is a 4* or better who could have gone anywhere, and with their last few spots they’ll take Hargreaves or Jalen Ramsey and another top 5 safety. Gosh I have no idea why they want to play for the kitten so badly but boy do they ever. And they’re coming from everywhere, Cali, Washington, Texas, the midwest, Maryland, and Tampa too. What a shame.

  11. Looks like some of the writers here are more bent on hate for Kiffen than understanding that USC pulls in great recruits because of its obvious advantages over other schools. Such as: 1) Starting the season as a top 5 team despite scholarship limitations; 2) great football program; 3) top academic school (look it up meatheads); 4) being in L.A. has slightly more appeal than, say, every school in the SEC; 5) no humidity; 6) girls; 7) other great players want to go there; 8) an excellent coaching staff all around regardless of what you think of the guy at the top. Not sure why someone would want to play at Florida…..

  12. Wow. Lot of haters on here. Lane has cleaned up his act thanks to USC legend, Pat Haden, and also since it’s USC, the greatest job opportunity in all of CFB next to ND. Besides, Lane doesn’t recruit in south. That territory belongs to Tee Martin and Ed Orgeron.

  13. SEC hatred towards Lan Kiffin is truly a phenomenon, considering the SEC is known for cheating, lying, stealing and playing criminals on their football teams for hopes of winning. Y’all really need to get a life and move on to think about better sthings other than Kiffin’s “knuckleheaded” comments from his tenure at Tennessee. Remember, he recruited well for that team and brought them out of the doledrums of a suffering program to a 7-6 season… a winning season.

    Every one of you would leave your girlfriend in a heartbeat for the wife of your dreams, so don’t hold Kiffin to a different standard than yourself. Nothing is permanent in life, and even Kiffin will leave The Program someday, though we all hope it’s after a considerable run of Pac-12 Championships and BCS & FCS (if that’s the new name) Championship Gmaes and wins. Another 10 year ride at SC has begun and we’ll look forward to kicking your teams butts each and every game…. assuming an SEC team will have the guts to play OOC games against strong programs, and SC.

    Fight On brothers and sisters.

  14. @VirginiaGator

    Why are you surprised at USC’s class so far? In a way, the scholarship reductions helped us a little. Limited schollies could mean that recruits can play almost immediately and make an impact on team unlike the huge classes Carroll had where some guys got lost in the mix. And secondly, and most importantly, THIS IS USC WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!! The NFL network called us the greatest football factory of all time. Most players drafted all time. 11 national championships. 7 Heismans. Beautiful weather. Beautiful women (SEC has them too).

  15. From a USC fan, I honestly will be surprised if Hargreaves ends up at USC. Tracy Howard loved USC before committing elsewhere. There is plenty of time left. Calm down and let the process play out. If the kid does end up at USC, then instead of spitting venom his way, congratulate him for going to college.

  16. When i went to visit Cali last year i was reading up on how to move out there and set up shop the minute i stepped off the plane. By the 10th day i was ready to leave. Cali has its glimmer, but that distance will wear on you if you’re not ready for it. I think that feeling will gravitate him over what is the best option. i don’t see him leaving the state.

  17. @Creek- I was reffering to my own kids not Fla kids in general. No, I would not hold them back if they really wanted to play for Richt, Jimbo or just about anyone. But I would have to pull rank on ’em because of the charactor flaws that have been so widely seen with Kiffin – if he started talking USC.
    @ALUM Dad- I don’t think anyone means anything by the comments. I think its just frustration over possibly losing out on another instate player – to Kiffin of all coaches. I’ve read nothing negative about the kid and I’m sure he’s a fine young man.

  18. Wow..all the canes fans were waiting to see if he could make the starting team next year with what they have this year.. Anywhere but Kiffin..Do your homework and see what people from the last eight years have to say..

  19. Can you believe that maybe that USC presents a more attractive total package than schools in Florida?

    LFK and CEO were the main recruiters during the Carroll years and guess who’s manning the helm now?

    It may very well be that SC doesn’t get VH III but, if you read his mom’s comments on the visit, you’ll realize that she’s pretty grounded and know what’s best for her child….

    LOL about the LK comments, makes you guys look bad…

  20. You guys are pathetic. You have no clue about Kiffin’s. You’re just sour because thou can’t believe he dropped the SEC for USC. The fact is, he has tremendous character, and has been straight forward, and honest with every recruit and their parents. Speaking of snakes, the SEC is full of them. A bunch of deceitful, back stabbing, double crossing, no good poachers, and you have the nerve to shoot off about kiffin? Exactly what has he lied about? Exactly how is he a snake? You guys remind me of those classless fans who send kids death threats just because they don’t want to go to your school. Here’s a novel idea, why don’t you support these young athletes, do some research before opening your mouth, and take off the SEC bias goggles, and see the truth. That southern cool-aid really does a number on you guys, wow.

  21. Thanks for the clarification Scooterp, This is just my personal opinion to all of the USC fans on the Gator network. I PERSONALLY think that USC is given (as is N.D.) all of the hype and publicity and they have GREAT athletes and live in a weak (well weaker than the SEC, but who isn’t in a weaker conference than the SEC) conference. They go out and play N.D. once a year and that is suppose to be a big game, Oregon and Stanford has pulled the conference up slightly but Oregon is expected to decline a bit this year, so the hype machine is at it again to try and get USC back in contention for the BCS. But guess what they will lose again to one of those weaker teams and not get a chance to play the SEC for the BCS Championship. I know you will say what has FLORIDA done lately?? We are down currently BUT we are in that 6 STRAIGHT SEC championship run. Like I said this is just my opinion, and as I said in my other post I just don’t like Kiffen. He is not going to lose sleep over it, neither will I. Go GATORS, Go SEC.!!!!

  22. Guys, read Gregg Doyels article on Kiffin at Doyels has written some harsh stuff about Kiffin over the last couple of years, I think this article will give some perspective. Tennessee great Tee Martin left Kentucky to work with him, I dont think he wouldve done that if he was the villain you all make him out to be.

  23. Isnt the SEC home of Les(incapable of halftime adjustments) Miles who went on stage to spew hate at a 17 year old kid for flipping to ND? Saban who went on national tv to say he wasnt going to Bama and then end up there a few days later? …Petrino? USC was always Kiffins dream job. Wouldnt we all take our dream job if it was offered it? Barkley put off making millions and stayed. Kids love playing for Kiffin

  24. Yes, the SEC is home to some similar shenanigans, I won’t be so naive as to deny that. But keep in mind that in his ever-so-brief time in Rocky Top, Lane Kiffin stood out from the rest for all the wrong reasons.
    I just don’t see what he has accomplished as a head coach that has people so excited … a losing year in Oakland, a mediocre year at Tennessee, a mediocre year at USCw and then one 10-win season. I also think he’s a coward for the way he coached the UT-UF game in 09 (hey, I know I have no chance to win, so I’m gonna play to not get blown out and call it a moral victory) as well as they way he pursued Kenny Pola without having the decency to call his boss, Jeff Fisher, about it beforehand, as is done in the business.
    Alas, just my humble opinions. I think USC stumbles and loses at least 2 games (Utah and Oregon?), but we will see.

  25. oh this is what I live for…….. pissin on each others party….. lets be clear…. I would rather everyone keep it up…. but lets be honest… the girls of the SEC are SMOKIN HOT…. theirs no pollution, no smog, no traffic and in a world where there is NO JOBS left….I would rather get great women and live in a trailer in the woods, then have some ugly plastic chick and live in south central …. how bout we put MUSCHAMP and KIFFIN in a ring…who do you think would get the beat down….. oh and by the way…is Kiffins wife from UF… shes not even a pretty one

  26. I don’t think any SEC fans other than Tennessee care that Kiffin is at SC. Who is sour about it? UF is undefeated against Kiffin. And I don’t care where a recruit goes, that’s his choice. We both have great recruiting classes. We have 2 BCS titles (a third title was won I think the year before the BCS started), USC has zero.
    As for LA having more appeal? When I visited I was astounded at how dirty everything seemed. And graffiti was on every wall and street sign. We went to a wal-mart there, and it felt like we were in a foreign country. We were the only american born people in the entire place it seemed. I didn’t find LA appealing at all. But if someone else does, that’s fine.

  27. Hey Bill,
    Grew up in the valley. No place more plastic than LA. USC’s program has been a joke since the ’80s. Either can’t win or can’t keep from getting caught cheating. You are right about the humidity and girls (total sluts).

  28. Nothing but respect to VH3. USCw is an awesome school. But most D-1 schools are just as good if not better. Stanford is gorgeous as is ND. An don’t even go there with the academic comments USCw fans. Academic quality is largely if not entirely perception. UF’s numbers are pretty darn good. Best of luck to him on making a choice. I would love the idea of playing for Kiffin’s Dad and T. Martin, who left UK and UT for more money. I still wouldn’t play for Lane though. Even though the SEC and every other college has seen its day in the dirt. USCw isn’t exactly a hall of glimmering upright behavior. Your under scholarship restriction right? Why? Don’t go slinging mud you don’t want in your own face. LA’s Fires, Gangs, Smog, Traffic Jam Shootings and Earthquakes… lets move in now. lol

  29. Lane won’t slip up again because of the new president/directer at USCw won’t stand for his style of doing things. To USCw fans: People don’t say things about you your entire career and he is all of a sudden changed now that he is at USCw. Nelson A. went up there and fell in love. But the main reason he went is a coach that left not but five days later. You think they were honest with him about that coach he wanted to play under? Just sayinz’…

  30. The worse possible place for a five star recruit is USC. Simply look at L. Kiffin and E. Oreg records at Tennesse, Ole Miss and now USC. 80% plus of their five star recruits have dropped out, failed academically or transferred to non elite schools. Kiffin and Oreg. are great recruiters but the worse developers in college football. In 2010 USC had one of the highest ranked classes in recruiting history with Five Five Stars. Only Woods remains with the rest falling into a black hole never to be seen again.

  31. Let the young man go where he wants and wish him the best. Lame Kitten is a great recruiter, but still a little boy among men as a coach. He has accomplished nothing as a head coach and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. As soon as his old man hangs it up, he’ll be coaching for Pete Carroll again within 2 years.

  32. Anyone saying Hargraves is not a high character kid just doesn’t have a clue. He comes from good family, is a leader on his HS football team….and much more. The kid and his family will figure it out and do what is right for him and his family (I guess everyone knows his dad is a coach at S. Florida). If he ends up at USC….and there is a long way to go unless he commits this week….then he and and his family made the right choice for them….and good for them. Kiffin was a slime ball at Tennessee….but he is one hell of a recruiter and head coach. Hargraves will be seen more by playing in the SEC than the Pac Ten…..and I believe he wants to play in the NFL….so I think Florida still has an excellent chance with him. Muschamp and friends will work hard I am sure….if they want him at Florida. But Maybe Hargraves does not want to be a Gator….and that is fine…..plenty of talented CB recruits out there. You don’t win with one player.

  33. Is Alshon Jefferies pumping gas, today? Oohhh wait he was a 1st round pick, for Da Bears! That is proof of how much of a complete idiot your coach is Trojans!!! Reality sucks, well maybe not today! Just wait Kiffen will run your program into the ground! So no sour grapes when he does, ok?

  34. Benow



    “top clubs, media/music, hot chicks everywhere”…what are you in elementary school…were did this idiot come from… pretty sure you have the same music that the rest of the world has… do you even know what a hot chick looks like… is not CALIFORNIA BROKE….. hmmm, yea….. I think so…you know we still have jobs here in Florida…

  35. LOL……..

    let them tupac Cali tug playaz go to USC.

    They can play the arizonas, utah, and colorado cupcakes.

    We don’t need those soft west coast loving boys here at UF. We need men who can play SEC football. Vern isn’t Gator material . (period)

  36. Also why do these folks keep calling SC soft? If i remember correctly the last teamd from the SEC SC played ( Arkansas and Auburn) we blew out. You can have your own opinion but you cant have your own facts folks.

  37. Teen age kids often view their hometown as boring and stifling because it’s all they know. Far away places like California seem exotic and intriguing, right or wrong has it has appeal to the naive. Recruiting is just a contest to see who can paint the rosiest picture. We (UF) has done the same. What do you think Meyer told those kids in 2010 to get the top class, including Ronadl Powlee from Claifornia. It became obvious the next year had no intention of coaching at UF much longer, some could argue he didn’t coach at all in 2011. Only difference is Meyer had proven his ability. Kiffin has not. He has grown up in his Daddy’s coaching shadow, he is not there yet so he overcompensates with contrived confidence. The slimyness the UF supporters refer to I’m sure is when he was at Tennessee, calling everyone else out as cheating when in fact he was the one breaking the rules. Right now however Kiffin and Muschamp are in the same boat, both unproven at good schools who have enjoyed recent success and both having to clean up someone elses mess. Time will tell…but thus far Muschamp has not been caught cheating or lying.

  38. It’s simple anyone with half a brain would pick USC over any school in the SEC. It is the perfect combination of academics and football. The reason more southerners don’t go to USC is because they are to DaDaDaDaDaDumb. Most of them can conduct a proper interview. Seriously have you ever listen to a USC commit talk compared to an SEC commit. It’s night and day. And stop hating on KIFFEN for coming back to the BEST coast where he belongs. Only idiot’s from the south would reference Kiffin as a “snake oil salesman”. Last thing i leave you with, if football doesn’t work out where would your rather have a degree from…….USC or SEC, minus Vanderbilt, but they suck at football. Fight on!!!! SC doesn’t want your retards.

  39. I think many of you guys are talking harsh about recruits because of a decision you expect him to make, in my opinion (that’s wrong), and that decision is up to him and his family and they should not be dragged in the mud for it because we don’t know them nor their decision process. If we want to go back and forth with each other about the leagues and records, that OK because it’s a matter of record who most of the college football world believes is the VERY BEST college conference in the NATION. One last point, sure Arkansas and Auburn (neither were VERY good at the time) lost to the team out west, but if you could get the team out west as well as N.D. to play in a REAL conference like the one most of the nation believes is the VERY BEST in the nation it would be proven that they are Soft and could not stand the HEAT. That’s the number two reason N.D. will not get in a good conference. The number 1 Reason is money, right now they have the best of both worlds, play a baby schedule and still reap the financial benefits of a GIANT KILLER. Boy do you realize how many Fans monitor the GATOR NATION, what are they doing on this site, don’t they have Trojan things to address?????? MAYBE NOT!!!

  40. By the way G8rgr8, Alshon Jefferies attended school at the University of South Carolina (not USCw) if I’m not mistaken and if he’s pumping gas or not I’m not sure. I really didn’t get the point of your post, nothing personal, I just missed your point I guess.

  41. @ Ben USC – I’ll concede that you’re an expert on what it must be like to have half a brain. Since you want to compare conferences, don’t forget Utah, AZ State, Oregon St, Washington St, AZ. Sure, no weak links in that chain. When you wake up tomorrow, be sure to check the updated list of CA cities that are filing for bankruptcy to make sure your city isn’t on it.

  42. @Ben- If you went to USC, then god help your school because the stupidity of your rant doesn’t deserve a response, but I couldn’t help myself.
    @Theo- SEC schools convert more third downs on running plays during the 2nd quarter of night games than the PAC-12……… Exactly, Who Cares! 6 in a row.

  43. There’s no disputing USC’s academic prowess but we all know that without Monte, Lane wouldn’t have half of the top recruits he’s been signing. Once the elder Kiffin retires watch the wheels come off. For the record, everyone in the south hates Lane because how he handeled his departure from UT and the fact that he cheated while he was there.

  44. Theo, why no comeback on Two Bits post? Could he be right and you can’t say what have you done for me lately, because of those LAST 6 SEC CHAMPIONSHIP, notice in the South were the idiots and stupid southerners live, we don’teven call it the BCS championship. Its just another version of the higher level SEC championship. I really thought you were on to something until Two Bits burst your bubble. THANKS TO TWOBITS FOR DOING HIS HOMEWORK!!!

  45. I lived in Newport Beach for 5 years. I went to a USC/UCLA game that didn’t sell out and was saddened (fact). I went to a Rams game that was a joke (fact). I went to a Raiders game that was a bigger joke and was concerned for the safety of my wife after the game (fact). It’s a terrible football town with terrible football fans (fact). Every educated football fan in the country knows that if USCw (who still has fewer titles than Bama) played in SEC they would be a good team with half the rings they currently possess (accepted opinion in 49 states).

  46. I am amused at the commentary generated by one 17 year old’s trip out west. All you SoCal folks promise me that you will come back to this room in a couple of years, when Kiffin has embarrassed your football program permanently, and then make your wise comments……You don’t understand the south, or the SEC, and you don’t understand why Kiffin is reviled by most fans in the SEC. It’s about integrity, he has none. It’s about honor, he has none. It’s about truth, and Mr. Kiffin wouldn’t know the truth if it was written on his hand. More disconcerting to me is the fact that this conversation is even taking place. it is the UofF, we should have these five star recruits locked up in-state, and for some reason, we struggle recruiting the elite players in the state. Just an observation.

  47. bhamgator,
    I agree , we have much trouble recruiting the very best talent in one of the MOST talent rich states in the country. Why? I don’t know why, we lose very talented athletes to (in my opinion) lesser schools (I mean overall, not just sports). They find their way off and some of them get lost, do to many different things but the talent is lost. Many if they would have stayed at home could have achieved some of their goal (in my opinion), don’t get me wrong some of them to succeed, but many just lose sight and are never heard from again. WE NEED to do a better job at attacking the top talent in state, and hopefully WM is working on that and he will get his most help in that area with some solid wins this year. Yes that is going to be a real big recruiting tool for next year. GO GATORS!!!!