The Opening preview


The Opening, regarded as the nation’s most notorious combine for high school football prospects, begins Thursday in Beaverton, Ore., and runs through Sunday.

Florida will be well represented at the event with seven verbal commitments, tied with Michigan for the second most participants (USC has eight).

Here are the UF commits attending:

RB Kelvin Taylor (Belle Glades, Fla./Glades Day)
WR Ahmad Fulwood (Jacksonville, Fla./Bishop Kenny)
DT Caleb Brantley (Crescent City, Fla./Crescent City)
LB Quinton Powell (Daytona Beach, Fla./Mainland)
CB Tre’ Bell (Jersey City, N.J./St. Peters Prep)
S Nick Washington (Jacksonville, Fla./Trinity Christian)
S Keanu Neal (Bushnell, Fla./South Sumter)

ESPN National Recruiting Director Tom Luginbill included Taylor, Fulwood, Brantley and Powell in his list of the top 20 players to watch.

You can tune in to ESPNU to catch some of the action on July 6 from 8-9:30 p.m., July 7 from 8-10 p.m. and July 8 from 8-10:30 p.m. (all ET).

The Florida targets in attendance will be defensive ends Ebenezer Ogundeko, Jordan Sherit and DeMarcus Walker, linebacker Alex Anzalone and defensive backs Marcell Harris, Vernon Hargreaves III and Priest Willis.

Anzalone will be making his decision at The Opening on July 7 or 8 between Florida, Notre Dame and Penn State. He is not expected to pick the Gators as they are rumored to be in third place.

However, Ogundeko is announcing his college of choice on July 20 and Florida is the favorite over Notre Dame and Syracuse.

Stay tuned for a story next week on how the UF commitments performed.


  1. With all the stuff happening at PSU and all of Notre Dame’s momentum I’d be shocked if Anzalone doesn’t pick the Irish. However, I’d be even more shocked if Ebenezer didn’t pick UF (some even believe he’s a silent commit). Suppose Lawson is dropped, that leaves us with 4 more spots. I expect those to go to Marcell Harris, an OL (Fennell?), a skill player on offense, and a DL (Demarcus Walker first, Sherit second). VHIII is a +1 that they’d find a spot for if he wants to come here.

  2. Good analysis VG. I think VHIII ends up at USF with his father (hope I’m wrong). Let’s hope the OL is Tunsell. It’d be really bad to lose the top OL in Florida to UGA for a second year in a row.

  3. Tunsell = UGA, unless Richt gets the boot

    I would love to see walker and Sherit at UF, we need both. I don’t see us keeping Lawson, as I heard that he may have grade and off the field issues.

  4. I’m really not sure what to make of VHIII right now. I hope he realizes that the average life span of an assistant coach is less than 4 years at one school, meaning odds are that he wouldn’t even be playing for his dad at USF in time. He’d have to REALLY love USF to go there and it’s hard for me to see a consensus 5* spurning every major school for them but who knows. Miami is a mess but they landed the nation’s top corner and best player in the state last year and could easily do it again. VH is also about to go look at tons of out of state schools such as USC, Oregon, and the big ones in the South, so chances are he falls in love with one or more of them and puts them near the top of his list. Basically, his recruiting is just getting started and will probably have a lot of twists and turns, but I bet we’re in it till the end.

  5. As for Tunsil, watch Zach’s interview with him if you haven’t. He wore red and black to Gainesville and brought every question back to Georgia somehow. We’re going after him hard but it doesn’t seem like he wants to be a Gator very badly.

  6. I agree with VG on Tunsil. At first, after talking to some of his family, I thought he would be a Gator; however, now they are waivering. Georgia did something to ring his bell – I just wish I knew what that was. Oh well, if he doesn’t want to be a Gator, we’ll get ours. UGA has had some great OL in the past and we still beat them! I can’t help but feel that something is going to bust lose at UGA and Right will be gone. Just like Clemson, there’s something going on for them to be able to grab so many top recruits, all of a sudden. rich was on the ropes and was desperate enough to turn a blind eye to some things that may come back and bite him.

  7. Zach, I know that prospects have to pay their own way to schools camps. The opening however is a Nike event. Is Nike allowed to pay for transportation and lodging for the kids? I can’t see how the kids could afford the costs associated with it.

  8. Zach: Thanks for the clarification on the Bullard situation. I appreciate it and the consistently good work you perform. To the rest of you posters, thanks for the entertainment. I have read that it is healthy to laugh on a daily basis. And, if one needs a good laugh just read some of these posts. Some of these guys should write for SNL. Best wishes, EMK

  9. Wow EMK. I read each person’s posting on this story. Not one mentioned you and yet you take a shot at every person that posted. Are you just that egotistical or are you so bored with your life you feel that you need to pick a fight to have something do you. This is the first and only time I will address you and I suggest everyone else simply ignore this buffoon. Perhaps his mom will let him out of the basement for some fresh air!

    Best Wishes you sarcastic ass!

  10. Dear Matt: My friend, these posting are made under the title, ‘Comments’. What I write are my comments, observations, impressions and conclusions. Not all will agree but they are mine. Matt, you write, ‘—you take a shot at EVERY person—‘. Not accurate, my friend, in fact I wrote, ‘—read SOME of these posts–‘. Finally, my friend please try to be more disciplined. You wrote this is the FIRST and LAST TIME you will read my posts. Yet, you ‘attack’ me a second time after AGAIN reading my post. Matt, my friend (and you are my friend) no hard feelings on my part. Good Luck, EMK

  11. Man i’m looking at The Opening DB/WR face offs and all i’m seeing is Alvin Bailey breaking kids off! Why isn’t this guy in our fold? I get the height thing but whatever….. playmakers make plays and I think he is one. He wants to be a Gator and all these primadonnas we are chasing have to be convinced and wooed. I sincerely hope this isn’t one that comes back and bites us.

  12. Hey Zack,

    Any way that Florida can get 25 recruits this year? I was wondering if some early enrolled recruits would count back to last year or if there may be some guys you have heard that might not happy about their playing time that will transfer during or after this season if that is not addressed?



  13. Recruitment of LB Anzalone”

    ‘—-his Florida visit probably helped Notre Dame more than the Gators’.

    ‘—not one Florida commit made it to campus during his final trip to Gainesville’.

    Obviously written by a ‘troll’, a ‘dumb ass’, a ‘buffoon’, a ‘sarcastic ass’.

  14. Troll, buffoon – are you saying Pat “AKA uh da ya wanna know what song I listened to yesterday” Dooley wrote it?

    Fat man Pat, please retire. its not to save face, you have already coastes and embarassed yourself too lonmg for that. We want you to retire so someone new can come in and actually write about things Gator fans care about. PS we don’t care about waht song you hear, we don’t care about your deseparate attempts to get speaking engagements. Waht’s next you gonna tell us when you fart?

  15. Hey Zach, can you expand on Braxton’s question above? I know we’re still in the beginning stages of the recruiting season, but what is the magic number? How many spots do we have before we’re oversigned? How many count towards the class of 2012?