Muschamp, Quinn gain Walker’s trust


It’s been well documented that four-star defensive end DeMarcus Walker is best friends with Florida commitments Ahmad Fulwood, Daniel McMillan and Nick Washington.

DeMarcus Walker (left) with UF commits Ahmad Fulwood and Nick Washington. (Photo taken from Fulwood's twitter account)

This talented group of Jacksonville products call themselves the ‘Fantastic Four,’ and Walker is particularly close to Fulwood and Washington.

What wasn’t known until now is that Walker’s relationship with the coaching staff at Florida was quite the opposite.

Although he almost committed to the Gators at the Orange & Blue Debut and has always included UF among his favorites, Walker never got close enough with the coaches to have trust in them.

That changed on his visit Friday, where he spent most of his day talking with UF coach Will Muschamp and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

“I’ll give it to you straight,” Walker said. “I’ve always felt love from the coaches, but at first I didn’t feel like I could really trust them. After this visit, I definitely feel like I can. This time me and the coaches sat down and had more one-on-one than we’ve ever had. We were in the staff room basically all day and I kind of grew close with them. It meant a lot to me. I got to see more of what they’re about. So they helped themselves a lot because you have to play for coaches you can trust.”

You also need ones that will take care of you, and Muschamp told Walker he would do so better than any other school.


Muschamp is obligated to.

“He told me, ‘DeMarcus, if you come here and you’re not happy and we treat you wrong, I can’t go back to Sandalwood and recruit any more players. Your coaches wouldn’t let me.’ ”

Just ask Sandalwood coach Adam Geis, who accompanied the ESPN150 member on the trip.

“My head coach made a very good example,” Walker said. “A couple years back we had a great tailback named Maurice Wells and he went to Ohio State. When he got there they pushed him aside and lied about the promises they made to him. Now coach Geis tells all his players not to go there because they messed up once and they’re not going to do it again.”

Muschamp’s pitch for Walker to stay in-state seems to have hit home with him.

“It made a lot of sense to me,” he said. “An out-of-state school doesn’t have to come back to Sandalwood and recruit. They’re only here this year for me. So if they don’t take care of me like they promise, it really won’t matter that much to them. Coach Muschamp has to come back every year.”

Walker said he’s still getting the full-court press from Fulwood and Washington. Their recruiting tactics include random texts about the Gators and surprise stops at Walker’s school and home to talk Florida football.

“It’s a real good feeling,” Walker said of their efforts. “I trust those guys and I love them like they were my own brothers. Just playing with them on the same team would be a blessing because I’ll have people that I’m very close with by me at all times. At the end of the day it’s my decision, but playing with those guys would be fun. So they’re still a big factor.”

Walker, who is scheduled to make his commitment on Aug. 3, plans on making trips to Alabama, Florida State, LSU, Tennessee and USC before giving the Gators his last visit on July 27 for Friday Night Lights.

However, if Walker isn’t ready to decide at the end of July, he said his announcement will be backed up to a later date. He claims no leader at this time.


  1. Boy, I hope I am wrong but too often WM acts like a guy trying to learn the recruiting part of being a head coach. But wait!! He is trying to learn how to be a head coach (resume: one year experience-worst record in 30 years). Last year, at the 11th hour several 4-stars turned down UF for USC (west coast version). This year it seems like WM is just starting to recruit Walker. I just seems strange!! If Walker opts for UF it seems that much of the credit goes to his HS team mates. Frequently that is the case but with the current recruiting reality it just seems a little late to start developing ‘trust’ with a top-level kid. Like I said, I how I am wrong but just wondering——-.

  2. EMK, tsk tsk. Muschamp is a great recruiter and you can’t judge a coach by 1 season with players he didn’t recruit and mostly with players that don’t fit the pro style attack. We should do much better next season and the seasons after that.

  3. EMK, they have been recruiting him hard. Until now, he never seemed to gel with the staff. If you read earlier articles, it seemed he was Alabama’s to lose. It appears he had a good visit and he was swayed back in Florida’s direction a bit. They obviously made a good impression on him. Go figure, I read this and thought, “That’s great!” You read it and thought, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” Try and be positive for a change in pace. It’s great to be a Florida Gator!

  4. EMK,
    I’m not piling on but, but I think you need to give WM some slack. As you have said MANY TIMES it’s only his second year and he did not walk into a loaded team. Give him a chance to either prove or disprove his abilities as a recruiter and coach. Sure we have lost some prized recruits in the last two cycles but I believe we are on the right track. I did not like Charlie Weis when he came to Florida, but I had high hopes the his (so called star power would help) recruiting would bring in some top talent. I must give him credit for 1 (in my mind) great pull and that was getting Brissett to come here and compete for the QB spot despite have the Nations #1 rated passing QB already on campus. I LOVE players that will take the challenge and say “I’m as good or better than that guy and I’ll show you, only if you give me a fair chance”. Some coaches make promises like you are the heir apparent to so and so, so don’t worry about who we bring in they are just a back up. Tell them the competition is open from day one and you will have to beat out whom ever we bring in (earn your way everyday).

  5. EMK: why even post if you have no idea what your talkn about? sounds like he pretty much sealed this up[figures crossed] over this past trip. were the number 2 team in terms of recruiting on and like 5th on rivials[it switches from 4th to 6th] and coach is recruiting the type players the nfl wants, like big RBs, big WRs, big saftys. your just a dumbass EMK and you keep proveing it with your stupid comments and lack of florida football savy.
    ima start callin you out every time you say something stupid

  6. EMK, As Bill Murray said in stripes, Lighten up Francis. We missed out on a couple guys last year. I will bet you money will not be sorry that we didnt end up wth Diggs. Still has a pretty much consensus top 5 class. We are on a path to putting together a well rounded top 5 class. Your right he has to prove he can put it all together and coach’m up but he’s bringing in the raw materials.

  7. Wow, This is good. We have some Great Comments and thoughts here. This class ranks in second place right now! It marks the beganning of our new era in Florida’s Great Football History.

    As I said, earlier I am quite sure it takes a little more than a year to clean-up the Big Mess Urban, Left!
    For the Last Two or Three years our teams were Undisciplined, Weak, and Very Fractured! This is a new year!
    A lot of Dead weight gone! Our team will play hard and will be better. As the year moves forward they will continue to improve! I believe Coach Muschamp, was a great hire! Time will bare this out!
    His new Offensive Coordinator, Offensive Line, and Strength coaches will do a super job this year!
    Last year all three areas where of great concern and embarrassment! Not His Fault! “See the LAST STAFF”!
    Recruiting is going super, it has been very good so far and will get better! A little Winning will see to that!
    After All, We Are “THE MIGHTY GATOR’S”!
    It’s So Great To Be A Florida Gator!!!!!
    It’s So Great To Be A Florida Gator!!!!!
    GO GATOR’S!!!!! GO MUSCHAMP!!!!! and GO STAFF!!!!! Oh, and by the way – – – – –
    RECRUITS, COM’ ON DOWN!!!!! Better to be a GATOR than GATOR BAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. lets see what happens. Its a strong class as we’ve ever had top to bottom. At least Champ isn’t having to dig out of the hole like UT. You start to complain, just stop. Look at what Dooley has to do and thank GOD it great to be a Gator!

  9. I think Muschamp is doing one helluva job recruiting. I really believe every year as he builds more and more relationships with the high school players and coaches, his recruiting will get better and better. Plus, we have never gotten all of the talent out there anyway and never will. We will always lose out on a few guys every way. We will begin to get more of our share in Fla and continue to do well in other states also. Go Gators.

  10. I love to read the comments of all the experts, those who reply only with what they think are insults to me (usually complete with mispelled words and grammatical mistakes). Yelling, GO GATORS and ‘yow an dumd as, emk’, will not alter a couple of realities: (1) WM is tough, determined but with virtually no experience as a HC (please at this point save the Stoops stories), (2) WM has 1-2 years to turn things around or all these GREAT to be a FLORIDA GATOR guys will be calling for his scalp, (3) WM’s coaching fate will be determined by wins-losses, not what is written on a post by fans who are bored b/c its baseball season.

  11. EMK, (1) Well documented. (2) That may be true. On the other hand, you have been doing that from day one. (3) Thank God for that. Especially considering your post. Oh, and baseball season is over for us. (FOUR) You just reaffirmed what everyone said about you. Congrats! You win the pessimist of the year award!

  12. I’m beginning to think you are not a Gator emk. You sound more like a recruiter for our opponents, say, Bama, FSU, UGA…Always harping on Coach Muschamp’s inexperience and how he’s going to be gone if he doesn’t turn this program around soon. Nothing like instability to scare off recruits? I smell low Tide! Go troll else where. We are all tired of your same old story. Bitching like a little girl. I’m not suggesting we view the present state of the football program though rose colored glasses, but have some faith and patience in Jeremy Foley and his hires! My goodness have you noticed the year we have have had? Not to mention all the Gators at the Olympic Trials! How bout the 2 young men, Taylor and Claye, that made the team in the triple jump, doing the Gator chomp for all the world to see? Not too mention Ryan Lochte. So if you not a Gator, quit your trolling. And if you are, go see a therapist!

  13. Just as I had predicted,’—–you are not a Gator emk’–(sic). Falco: I am SO sorry. I was wrong!! WM has 25 years experience as a HC and as I also forgot has won 4 national championships. So sorry, please forgive me!! And, I REALLY believe the Gators will go undefeated next season and win yet another NC. For me it is real entertainment to read most of the nonsense that is written. But, alas, it has become so predictable that for me it is no longer fun to bait the likes of po’ Falco, Sean and the others who are so insightful about Gator sports and the motivations and thought processes of others. So, I shall sit back and watch as Falco, Sean, et al attempt to master the ability to communicate in the English language.

  14. EMK, do you realize the mess Urban left behind? Not only did he leave a team that had no chance of being turned in to a winning group; but, he left a lot of doubt in mind of HS kids, coaches and parents. After all the crap that came out of UF, about Meyer and the program, Muschamp has had an uphill battle repairing relationships and the reputation of the program. I think it’s obvious Muschamp has done a phenominal job thus far. We will see a much better team this year and many experts are picking us to play for it all next year.

    As for Muschamp needing to win, to keep his job; well, Saban must win to keep his, too. That’s just the way things are. You are obviously a troll, because no Gator fan, with half a brain, would say the things you do!


  15. I don’t think this gets said often enough. When WM gave his initial speech introducing himself as head coach, he said something that stuck with me. He wants to recruit kids that want to be Gators. I’m glad he’ll take the time to sit down with a kid, but won’t bend over backwards. If you’re from Jacksonville, and your three best friends are coming to Florida, and you say you can’t decide where you want to go, chances are you’re probably lying and are looking for a little bit of wining and dining. If that’s the case, we’ll see how you feel on NSD; Saban will be glad to see you in T-Town; thanks for your time. But if you want to come to a place where you’ll get a first rate education, your family can easily come to home games, and your three best friends are obviously ecstatic to be heading, then commit. It’s that simple. We want kids that want to be Gators. After all, if you’re not a gator…

  16. THIS is why you have to recruit the kids that are even strong leans to other schools. We made a great impression with this young man, and even if Bama wins through and gets his ervices, rest assured, we have have kept strong in-roads with the Sandalwood program. Recruiting isn;t just about getting “one kid”, it’s about bringing in LOTS of kids like these every year from a large area. That said, I do like our chances a with with this young man a lot more than I did before.

  17. Hell of a job COACH BOOM alabama had this guy in the bag n now were back in the picture. he’s coming to UF i gota feeling n EMK u suck dude go bash sumone else team n u gota think it wasn’t mushchamp fault that urban left him a shity team!

  18. Dear Mike: Thank you and congraulations on your very thoughtful, articulate and well-reasoned posting. We will all be looking forward to you next post. Keep up the excellent work. Best wishes, EMK

  19. I’ve read a lot of opinions but here’s the bottom line: What will ultimately make or break WM are his staff hires. Those are the guys who have to identify and recruit the talent then coach it. It is of utmost importance that a head coach has the ability to recognize talented assistant coaches and co-ordinators. Without wasting a lot of words on Weiss other than to say I’m glad he’s gone, we’ve now got Pease and I believe he’ll make a huge difference starting this year. If we see steady improvement then we know the message is getting through. I’ve said before, for the 2012 season, I’m happy if we don’t lose games we should win, maybe pull an upset or two, and show improvement as a team, particularly in the second half of the season. Do that, and the program will be on it’s way back. Let’s not get carried away projecting 10 or more wins and an SEC East championship for this season.

  20. People, EMK is a POSER. I doubt he went to Florida, let alone any SEC school, but is obviously a bandwagon fan of one of our rivals. Just ignore him. He thinks that recruits will actually read his comments and be influenced to go somewhere else. Jeremy Foley is the man. So is Muschamp. And Donovan. Every school wishes they had 3 NC in football and back-to-back in basketball. We’ll be back where we belong before you know it. Go Gators.

  21. “It feel good to be known as james wilder jr again instead of a number.”

    Tweet by Mr. Wilder after spending a week in jail….let out one day earlier for good behavior, I guess.

    It be nice to know Mr. Wilder had be taking them there English classes over yonder at…… F….S…..U.

    Obvious…..the FSU coaches were outside the jailhouse to welcome Mr. Wilder back into the fold.

  22. Someone standing outside the jailhouse heard one of the FSU coashes state:

    “Toughern ya up, didn’t it James. Most of our boys get to spend at least a day or two in there. Makes ’em men. You got a week. You must be a real Giant man now. You will run all over those Gators boys now. Good job, son.”

    Just think……he could have been a Gator.

  23. Tampa Gator,
    I do not reside in the state, so I never got the story on Wilder going to jail. Can you share that story briefly on what happened?
    Also Guys let EMK go, he’s just trying to engage in negative responses from you. What will he do if no one fires negativity back??? GO GATORS!!!

  24. Dear ER: Rest assured any recruit who reads your articulate and thought provoking posts surely will not go anywhere other than G’ville. You set a sterling example for all those who want to be knowledgeable about SEC sports in general and Gator sports in particular. Please keep those wonderful posts coming. We, all Gators, are so proud of your writing ability, the way you just put those words down, one right after the other!!Keep up the good work Best wishes, EMK

  25. ER, I totally agree with your last post concerning this yahoo EMK, whoever he or she is and wherever he or she is from. Negative thoughts, ideas, and feelings about the U of Fl is detrimental to all the Gator sports programs and to Gator Nation as a whole. I can’t wait till fall practice. I’m excited to watch the growth of Muschamp and the future of Fla football. Go Gators.

  26. I realize “Coach-in-waiting” does not count for any wins or loses but when a program like Texas names you “Coach-in-waiting” they must have some faith in your abilities. Our defense will be stong and our offense has only 1 way to go and that is up. I don’t see us blowing many teams out but we will be competitive in every game.

  27. you guys should lay off EMK AND the koolaide you’ve been drinking…
    my house speaks Gator. my friends speak Gator. but will muschamp is still unproven as a HEAD coach !! he was an embarrassment last year !! we once had a HC who could recruit like nobody else but at game time he was out to
    lunch .. does the name Zook sound familiar to you? for a guy who has NO HEAD COACHING EXPERIENCE, WM has much to prove !

  28. Sir chomps, Agreed. Muschamp does have a lot to prove. I think what you’re seeing here is that most people are tired of emk’s constant negativity and over all bit*hiness. Most probably can’t remember a single post he’s made with a positive tone. That’s not just being “realistic” or “taking the orange and blue glasses off”. THAT’S A CHARACTER TRAIT. It is obvious to everyone here he enjoys baiting people with his negativity.

    I hold myself partly to blame. When I see his name I try to just skip over it without wasting my time reading his same old rhetoric over and over. But it’s kind of like being in a traffic jam after an accident. When you get close to the scene you realize the only reason traffic is moving so slowly is because everyone is slowing down to look at the wreckage. You resolve yourself to not look and just drive right by. But in the end, you can’t help yourself. Something within you forces you too, to slow down and have a look. And after you’ve done so, you almost immediately regret it.

  29. These comments are exactly why I am sometimes ashamed to be a college football fan. It is a great sport with SOME really horrible fans. One poster makes some very credible and truthful comments and he gets attacked simply because some people are apparently not mature enough to hear something negative about their school so they throw an internet tantrum. I see it all the time with almost every cfb fanbase. If someone says something they dont like, even if it is true, they attack. They even attack their own fans! They attack someone if they say something negative. Its like we are all supposed to be part of a propaganda scheme where nobody says anything negative and we all put on rose colored glasses and just predict great things for our program regardless of the whether it is logical or not. Where did this mind set come from? When did sports fans become so thin skinned that they can not tolerate anything but happy thoughts? I see some people saying EMK is not a Gator fan and is a troll. Maybe he is, I dont know. However, read his first post. He uses facts like Muschamp just had one of our worst years in decades and he really has missed on some recruits that should not have gotten away. It is the truth! So, please be mature enough fans to handle the truth instead of acting so childishly.

  30. @Mark T…..

    Just goes to show you I am a retired Gator….if I remember Lou Saban of the Buffalo Bills fame. But I think you to whom I was referring. He coaches that team not good enough to win the SEC title….but good enough to win the national title.

  31. Concerning Dante Phillips…..

    Someone on the Gators coaching staff needs to take some blame for stringin along the kid to this point. He is academically qualified and OK’d by the NCAA….but denied entrance. Well….Muschamp or someone should have known about the “problem” long before now and should have withdrawn the offer long ago so the kid could have committed to Miami or FSU……neither of which would have denied him entry. But…I guess….that explains everything….but I hope not. Somone has some explaining to do, I think. And if Bullard and Fowler are denied…or just one of them….then the coaches have some real explaining to do. It does not look good.

  32. EMK should be an ohio fan. They are arrogant, think they are entitled and are absolutely stupid in their arguments.

    Let’s hope D bag fans like emk dont try and run this coach out before it even gets started.

  33. Why I even commented on this negative nelly is beyond me. I could care less about the stupid arrogant Gator fans that can only point out ridiculous banter. Go ahead and banter kid, you are a zero not a hero

  34. TampaGator, I agree with you. This should not have happened and has put some egg in the face of the staff. Did they not know? They should have. AND if they did suspect this might happen they were obliged to tell him where he stands. I feel sorry for him and am a little embarrassed this happened with my beloved Gators. I hope they straighten out this mess and he suits up for the orange and blue. Although it doesn’t look like that will happen. Sad really.

    – LT, Have you read emk’s post over the last year??? I agree he should not be named a troll and tar and feathered for honest and unbiased opinion. Some of what he says is spot on. Most of what he says is the same thing over and over and over again. It is the tone in which he takes that people are simply tired of. He has a right to his opinion. And those who frequent these blogs and message boards have a right to be tired of his constant negativity.

    – I am not one of those overzealous fans who think we’re gonna win it all next year. Do I think 8-5 is probable? Yes. (9-4) Sure, it could happen. (10 wins?) Not likely, but with a few breaks it could happen. And that would be a great sign of things to come. More than 10 wins? Not likely. I consider myself a pragmatist. Most consider emk a pessimist…and that’s putting it mildly. Read his post over an extended period of time and judge for yourself.
    Last year we had only two players drafted in the NFL. With all those high ranking classes we pulled in, in the end Muschamp had less talent to work with than what we’ve had in years past. So I am choosing to be optimistic and believe that with enough time and talent he will turn this team around. There was only a one game difference than the previous year when we still had two time NC Meyer at the reigns. Champ had arguably less talent to work with. I have high hopes for him. And we all know that if he doesn’t pan out, Foley will go out and find another gun for hire. That’s business and that’s football. We’ve wasted enough time talking about emk. He probably loves that. I’d rather read and talk football!

  35. It is good to see that some mature Gators also read and post on this site and I do not FORCE anyone to read my posts. I just try to tell the truth as I see it, realizing that all may not agree. I do not know what happened with the Phillips train-wreck. But the damage it has done and will do coming from those recruiting against the Gators is terrible. WM must show some leadership and explain to the Phillips’ family, the families of all recruits and to all Gator fans how such an embarassment can happen. Like or not WM is our ‘horse’ and we need to ride it. At present, there is no alternative.

  36. EMK- not trying to pile on, but hammering Muschamp for recruiting??? Thats the one thing I think he’s proven he is good at. Yes, he does have a lot to prove as a HC. Last years pile of dog crap we called an “offense” is proof of that, but I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt for now. We could have gone out and hired a guy who wanted to pad his resume before going to the NFL, or we could have got a dye in the wool, old college re-tread (like Spurrier), but we went with a young energetic coach who was in demand and wants this to be his last stop in his career. If this works out we have a guy who is committed to Gator Nation for the next 25 years. Lets finish year #2 before passing judgement. Recruiting, so far though, I would give him an “A-“.

  37. Hey emk, it is quite telling that your negative posts never appear when the site requires a Facebook login. I am present with an accurate photo and name! Btw, did you miss my comment regarding rose colored glasses? Thankfully, my ability to communicate in the english language allowed me to graduate UF cum laude:) I, for one, will not engage your negativity any further. I pity the people that are exposed to it daily.

  38. Scooterp: I am not critical of WM recruiting in general. He seems to be doing well. Time and wins on the field will be the measuring stick on that. If he does not win, his tenure in G’ville will be another two years!! The Phillips situation is ALL about recruiting. I do not know what happened. No one posting knows what happened. (except the poster who’s sister is married to the 3rd nephew of —etc.). Those recruiting @ the Gator will beat WM over the head with ‘The Trust’ Issue. Ironically, the title to Zack’s article uses the word ‘trust’. It may not be fair, or accurate, or whatever, but the SEC is tough in everything and it has the potential to hurt us in years to come!!

  39. ScooterP, I would agree with you about the best thing he has done up to now was pretty good recruiting. But this Phillip’s Bulls…. is unacceptable as it stands right now. Of course we don’t know the whole story, but apparently neither does his FAMILY (something we are trying to build here). This type Bulls… will hurt future recruiting if a very logical explaination doesn’t come out real soon. Have our coaches fallen asleep, someone should have been abreast of what was happening with all of these questionable recruits. If if was known that even if he was cleared by the NCAA he was not quite eligible to acedemically qualify for FLORIDA, he and his family should have been told up front. If it stands as we know it right now, I for one will be VERY disappointed as a GATOR fan and I’m sure others will feel the same way. It will hurt recruiting in the future, I guarantee you other coaches will use it as an example in the coming YEARS. I believe we did a POOR job if this is true as written.

  40. Falco: I am truly proud to communicate with a person of your considerable intelligence. whow—-a ‘come lorde’ graduate and all that. As for the Facebook challenge, son, I am afraid you just got me. I’m from a generation who is lucky to be able to use email. Facebook, smart phone. I-that and B-this is just beyond this poor, old guy!! Finally: I love your sense of the ironic. Having stated not to engage my negativity, you proceed to engage my negativity. My, my from a ‘come lorde’ graduate no less. Best wishes, EMK

  41. @Creek- From what I’ve read on other sites, UF layed it out academic wise what he needed to do – he didn’t come through. The same idiots who pound Muschamp for not persuing Coley more aggressively are the same dopes who are now saying he should have backed away on Phillips. Believe me, I feel bad for the kid. He was a verbal for a year and half and I hope he comes through this with some school, but you can’t hammer Muschamp because he failed a class that he knew he had to pass. The truth is, A TON of these recruits are on the fence academicaly – most pull through when they see light at the end of the tunnel – it just didn’t happen with Dante.

  42. Long term the Phillip’s situation should be a recruiting PLUS for the Gator program. Due to privacy laws the general public will not learn all the details. But having respectable academic standards is a good thing for the university and the program. When WM and staff tell kids they need ‘grades’ if they really want to be a Gator, they are more likely to listen and act. Decent students in general make better players, more mature and more disciplined.

  43. Thanks ScooterP, I didn’t want to think that the story as we had gotten it was all of the story. It appeared that the family was shocked and felt they were “blind sided.” Ooh, I know there are plenty of athletes that are on the fence and have time to buckle down to make it. As long as they knew what was expected, then the burden is on them. As the story was written, it appeared we had wronged this young man and his family.As you can see my opinion was based on the story and how it was written, if you recall I mentioned “if the story is as written.” I don’t want to jump to conclusions because people tend to tell stories to their advantage. I’m not worried about him going to another school, someone will pick him up. And I fully agree that the academics is the responsibility of the student. Again Thanks for the update.

  44. Anyone heard any news on Jonathan Bullard. Deadline was at around 5pm today for paperwork and approval for the summer semester. Anyone….news? The Gators need this kid to enroll….especially now that Phillips is out. Fingers crossed.

  45. ZACH: Please interpret for a dope like me: Admissions—A student is either ‘accepted’ (for admission) or ‘denied’. You wrote, ‘Bullard was not denied—‘. Then can we assume he has been ‘accepted’ for admissions. But, he ‘just hasn’t been cleared—-‘. What does that mean? Does one have to be both ‘accepted’ and ‘cleared’? Then, you write that he, ‘—-should be fine to enroll—–‘. He ‘should’? If he has been ‘accepted’ there should be no question that he will be admitted, in which case he is not’should be’, rather ‘he is’. Again, maybe I just do not have the ‘book learnin’ like these other posters. Interpretation, please

    • EMK,
      A signee must be cleared by the NCAA and accepted by the school before he can enroll. To my understanding, Bullard has the grades to get into UF but the NCAA flagged his transcript because it was turned in late and they want to review his paperwork to make sure it’s legit. So he has to be cleared by the NCAA before UF accepts him. Unfortunately for Bullard, they didn’t do it in time for Summer B. A lot of people thought that him not being able to register for Summer B meant he was denied by UF like Dante Phillips. That’s not the case. Phillips was cleared by the NCAA but his grades weren’t good enough to get into Florida. The reason I say Bullard should be in by the fall semester is because his academics are fine according to him and those close to the situation. He just has to wait for the NCAA’s ruling, which will happen before August.

  46. EMK: I think that denied means they have made a decision and he won’t be allowed to enroll, while as it stands no final decision has been made. However, according to what I’ve been reading, all signs point to him being cleared once a decision is finally made. It appears he also has to gain approval from the NCAA Clearinghouse, which is different from UF admissions.

  47. Gator N NC,
    I was under the impression that there was a late submission of paperwork. If that’s not true , then it seems that all of this other stuff should have been cleared by now. Surely all of the officials know what the deadlines are and they wouldn’t (I wouldn’t think) put this type stuff off until the last minute. Surely they have other students to worry about also, but it seems to me the Athletic Department would stay on top of these things even if they had to walk them through at a certain point to ensure timeliness. As you can tell, I don’t know how this system works either, it seems to present much confusion.

  48. Any take on what’s going on this year with getting our recruits paperwork in and qualified? Are the coaches going after the wrong guys who won’t qualify? Is our admissions office not doing their job keeping the coaches informed about what’s going on and needs to be done? Are the players not getting their work done in time?
    This seems ridiculous to have 3 big time recruits all struggling to get “approved” at the last minute. Where is the process breaking down?

  49. EMK,
    No problem. You live in a grand world of delusion if you believe you have anything insightful to add. You’re like a 5-year old throwing a tantrum, and constantly on the defensive. It is fun to read your rants though! It’s like reading The Onion–pointless but entertaining. Thanks.

  50. As has been metioned ad nauseum above WM has only been a HC going into his second year. He also had to deal with a OC that jumped ship. Which by the way I could not be happier about. Still, I can see where trust could be an issue for kids and their current coaches because it takes several years to establish relationships that instill trust. Sure many kids will jump on board because they grew up a Gator or for whatever reason but I do not discount the trust factor taking time.

    Having said all of that I think WM has done and is continuing to do a fantastic job in that area by all accounts. The two big time WRs last year had a serious issue when CW left. Of course that may not have been the biggest reason but it was a legit one. From what I have also heard our new OC is a guy that is making great strides in the recruiting area.

    Bottom line as long as WM et al does not break trust then it will continue to build. If we land four Jax kids (including this one) what does it say to all the other Jax kids considering Florida. These kids will be our best recruiters in J-ville much like we are starting to do more so around Tampa and even Tally!

  51. I am a gator grad and fan, I actually think EMK is making good points even if he is erring on the side of rational. However, elevating his excellent command of the english language to elevate his status as a poster is annoying and arrogant. I think this means that I agree with everyone and everything.