Brantley redeems himself at Rivals100 Challenge


Since struggling at the Orlando Nike Football Training Camp in late April, Florida defensive tackle commit Caleb Brantley has had a chip on his shoulder.

He brushed it off this past weekend with a dominant display at the Rivals100 Five-Star Challenge in Atlanta.

The sole goal for Brantley, who was dropped out of the Rivals100 on May 29, was redeeming himself so he could once again reach the century mark in the rankings.

“I had my mind set to go get back in the Rivals100 and let everybody know that the Nike Training Camp wasn’t me,” Brantley said. “I showed them what I’m about on Saturday.”

That he did. Brantley was named the top 2013 defensive tackle of the event by analyst Brian Perroni.

Here was his breakdown of Brantley:

“He made sure the offensive linemen would remember his name. He had an incredibly high motor and did not give up on the play, even when the offensive linemen got in a good punch early. He won most of his 1-on-1 reps and really showed a competitive spirit. The nation’s No. 8 defensive tackle was certainly one of the best at his position on Saturday.”

Brantley, who became a soft verbal to UF in early May, says his commitment is now solid. (Photo submitted by Caleb Brantley)

What bothered Brantley even more than his decline in the rankings was the criticism he heard over the past few months. With the recognition he received Saturday, he feels his doubters won’t have much to say now.

“I wasn’t really worried about the rankings,” he said, “but it made me mad that people were talking bad about me. So last weekend was a perfect opportunity for me to prove them wrong and I did that.”

After the event, Brantley said recruiting analysts Mike Farrell and Chris Nee told him he would return to the Rivals100 when the rankings are updated.

“After every drill I did, people were telling me I dominated and shook my hand as I got back in line,” Brantley said. “And I saw people like Mike Farrell and Chris Nee looking at me like they were amazed. They told me afterward I’m definitely going to move back up.”

Brantley was in Gainesville earlier this month for The Will Muschamp Football Camp, and you can watch the video interview he did with HERE.


  1. these claims that he ‘dominated’ are false.

    Brantley was arguably the only DT there, that is listed as a DT (kenny bigelow for example was listed as a DE but built like a DT).

    He has some footage of winning reps, but he lost his fair share and didn’t beat Josh Boutte, Grant Hill or Khaliel Rodgers at the camp..

    Losing to the best linemen there doesn’t mean you ‘dominated’. He took 5 seconds to get the QB dummy despite not getting taken down by a linemen, that’s considered 1 second too slow to be called a sack.

    Brantley was beating up on 3-Star and lower 4-star linemen, but wasn’t beating the best linemen there.. Dee Liner and Carl Lawson never got touched in 1v1s, that is dominant.

    He won most of his reps, but considering MOST of the D-Linemen ‘won’ their reps but few of them beat the best OL there. I think he did decently.

  2. I hope Brantley see this most recent experience as a learning curve as to how much more it takes to compete in the SEC. You have to bring it everyday, 90% of the O-Lineman he will face will be legit 4 and 5 star players looking to dominate D-lineman. The SEC is the SHOW CASE for athletes looking to the next level and you have to bring it every time you hit the field or your stock could suffer a hit. You can get labeled early and you are lost in the pack (for the most part) and that next level dream gets harder to realize. Therefore, when you get on campus have your GAME FACE ON, you have two to three years to establish yourself and move on. GO GATORS!!!

  3. I watched all the OL/DL vids … Brantley has the physical tools and flashes game but doesn’t seem to have a lot of consistency at this point. It seems like he gets indecisive at times; he has an array of moves, he just needs to use them. While he wasn’t the best lineman there or anything – Carl Lawson is a freak and could make a case to take Nkemdiche’s spot – Brantley had a good showing and beat most of the guys he should have beaten.

  4. Rivers, most players who would jump at a chance to play for the Gators without any consideration of other top programs are the players who are not talented enough to be heavily recruited. I want a team full of heavily recruited guys who had to make a tough decision between UF and top tier schools. I don’t want guys who are mediocre and more Gator football fan than top notch football player. At the end of the day great programs have to RECRUIT, ie battle tooth and nail, to the very end of signing period to get and keep the top players. If our coaches don’t have the recruiting chops to handle the recruiting wars of top players, losing some to “flip flopping” but gaining more who flip flop our way, I don’t want those coaches. Meyer dragged more players out of the clutches of other top programs than any coach we have ever had and the championships were the results.

  5. Yeah, but I am tired of the HOOD RATS that give our program a black-eye due to their off the field behavior. I know it is all about winning rather than getting an education and that is the sad part as these kids that are being recruited have not intention of getting a degree from UF or any other university out there. However, they are bumping good decent kids from an opportunity. Kinda backwards if you ask me.

  6. Thanks a lot Rivers, and I think that both you and Gatorsidney are correct. Both of your statement should be married and we will get back to the Championship level. I truly think that is what this coaching staff is trying to get done. Get QUALITY ATHLETES period. I like kids that WANT to be a GATOR also, but I want him to be worthy of the Scholly. GO GATORS!!!!

  7. Rivers the kind of football players you want to see and the kind of football you want to see, is Academy football; IAA football. Those guys would gladly represent UF and line up against Saban and Miles. Sure we would get our butts kicked 60-0, but it sounds like you would be comfortable with who they are as people. I am interested in knowing how you define “hood rate?” I do know you are either perpetuating a stereotype that athletes are not interested in an education, or you are just now aware of what it takes to get into a D1 program these days, what it takes to be eligible, and moreover the number of players who get there degrees and go on to be productive citizens after their Gator playing days are over. I digress. Explain to us what a Hood Rat is. And name some Gator names who are hood rats.

  8. Hood Rat is defined as someone who is constantly in and out of trouble, can not speak English without using ebonics and can not qualify academically to get into a major university without lowering the bar. I understand this is all about winning at no cost. However, it just stinks that potential recruits that do things right and stay out of trouble get passed over for these types of players that are SELFISH and cost the program i.e. Jenkins, Dunlap, and the list goes on and on.

  9. Rivers,
    I think Jenkins as bad (or stupid I should say) as he was off the field and Dunlap (poor Judgement) did more for the program than whatever recruit YOU think should have gotten their Scholarship could have. What was wrong with their academics?? Have you ever had a conversaton with Dunlap? You are sterotyping (Black) athletes. This conversation came up before and I asked a question, why do you not put the two White Basketball players Stealing a Car stero in St. Augustine, or the two White female softball players that were thrown off the team because they were rascist according to the story from the Sun.

  10. Hey CREEK GATOR, have You? This is BS! Do not even get me started on a racist deal as what Rivers is saying is true. UF along with all Div 1 schools WASTE scholarships on ebonic speaking kids who can’t even freakin read and have ZERO business playing for UF!! They have no intention of getting an education but only to use the university as a stepping stone to the NFL. What he is trying to say is many potential good recruits that would stay all four years i.e. Tebow but get passed over or bumped for Tyrone Shoelaces.

    Cut the kid some slack as the TRUTH hurts!!!

  11. Hurts Who, You seem to be very excited but you did not address the question that was posed to rivers. You didn’t answer any of the questions either. Let’s talk about the stepping stone, those same ebonic speaking kids have found a way to make MILLIONS and you blame them because they left to go get them, I hope you remember Tim Tebow also considered leaving at one point.By the way you are insulting a GREAT UNIVERSITY when you insinuated that the (Ebonic speaking) athletes that attend and complete their studies (DUNLAP attend summer school when he’s not making MILLIONS working for the Bengals). When you say things like that, you are putting the UF in bad company because you want to insult a particular athlete or group of athletes. If they are not racist comments, where is the ebonic characterization coming from? AGAIN, tell me why other races of athletes are not being singled out and characterized in such a negative way. I’m not saying he’s racist, the statements and characterizations are racist and that goes for you also, your statements are racist. Now read my post again (the last one) and answer my question, don’t just rattle off what you say is true it maybe for some athletes, but you are grouping all of one race and characterizing them and that’s wrong (in my opinion.

  12. Rivers, i thought I was pretty sure you were going to reveal yourself to be who I thought you were. Here are some facts that I am sure you are not going to let get in the way with the stereotypes you are comfortable with:

    1. D1 football players have to attain standards in high school which qualify them to go to college. They can read. All of them.

    2. UF football players historically are making more academic progress than programs at UF that don’t have “hood rats” ie blacks that you loathe, but rather predominantly white programs like swimming and golf:

    You and To Tell the Truth don’t have to say amen to the truth…you can say ouch!

  13. Bottom Line,

    Rivers and To Tell the Truth are correct:

    Until these young men grow up and take responsibility for their actions, – these stories will continue to make news. These athletes who have such incredible God-given abilities are being “handed” the golden ticket to make a better life for themself and their families. Plucked from the streets, the farm, the hood or where-ever, they are being given the chance of a lifetime that many of their high school classmates can never imagine – free access to a college education at the country’s most esteemed universities. At some point, they must realize that they have some responsibilities to uphold their part of the contract and not give the university a black-eye with their off the field stupidity.

  14. What are your facts? I have no problem or hesitation about stating a person is making racially bigoted statements born out of ignorance at best or out of racism at worst. Accusing someone of playing a race card is not some type of get out ridicule free accusation. As if saying someone is “playing a race card” automatically absolves you of your baseless ignorant comments and impugns the person pointing out your crass comments as race based ignorance. I have provided all of the followers of this blog facts about athletic admissions standards for NCAA D1 players, which UF football players have met. I have cited the statistical facts regarding academic progress for UF football players have been making. You have only been able to throw around cliches and racially incendiary remarks, but you have yet to proffer any facts to your blanket statements. So here is your opportunity to state some facts. Floor is yours.

  15. Gatorsidney as you can see I didn’t even respond to the childish response becauseof your discription of his post, non-factual and incendiary. I figure someone with all the attitude would love to come back and disprove at least something that you posted (facts). But I guess Rasism and lies can only find an audience amoung the ignorant. GO GATORS!!!

  16. Creek, you can filibuster all you want for all of us to see. You have no facts to back up your ignorant statements. You just have your general negative feelings about football players being “hood rats” and you are going to stick to those ignorant feelings no matter what evidence is produced to the contrary. Your last response is laughable. When given the opportunity to prove your point you choose double talk and subterfuge. You are thin in all of your responses. I backed you into a corner with facts that are irrefutable, and you have produced nothing to get out of that corner other than saying “I am not going to produce any facts because you are going to retort with facts.” Religion is blind faith in a belief, regardless of facts. Did Jesus walk on water or turn water into wine? Did Catholic saints perform the miracles attributed to them. When a person of a particular religion is asked about what proof they have that their religious icons did what they believe, they come back with I don’t have proof “it is just what I believe.” So in your case you are asked to prove your bigoted remarks and you present no facts perpetuating you just believe in your comments without any facts or proof. Which lets everyone know bigotry and racism is your religion.

  17. Creek. My apologies. I saw your comments and misread them as co-signing on River’s remarks. Upon reading them again, I see you were co-signing with me that Rivers was not worth responding to. My sincerest apologies. The remarks I made in my previous post are intended for Rivers.

  18. Funny how you all want to call out someone for being racist when all the guy was saying is that to stop going after players with records or a shady past. He is correct in his assessments that there are many college players that do not speak with proper English but that does not make him a racist. “Judge ye not for you shall be judged”. Remember that quote? As far as Dunlap and Jenkins, YES, they were STUPID in their decession making which did affect the team in a negative way, so do us all a favor and stop defending their DUMB actions!

  19. BJ Hartman,
    What was shady about either of the two players mentioned specifically Jenkins and Dunlap past or what record did they have before coming to Florida. I’m not defending any dumb actions, I admitted that they made a stupid mistake. Take a few minutes, go back and read all of my post . If you read them, my point is Rivers lumps all athletes of one race and characterize ALL with negative characterizations. That may be how he feels, but its considered by the civilized world as racism or a racist mentality. I’m not trying to change him nor you about the way you see anything. Just like you and Rivers, I’m just expressing my opinion on what was said. Go back and read my comment about the white athletes that did things that affected the TEAM in a NEGATIVE way and tell me why they were not slandered in the same faction. This again is a point neither of them nor since you made the comment of “do us all a favor and stop defending their dumb actions.” Please take time to address that for me , and by the way ONE of those white basketball players DID have a prior history with the LAW, look it up.

  20. Understand. All I am saying is if one screws up, then they should lose their scholarship. However, I will say that most Whites are type-cast in Div 1. Meaning, if you are White, you must be a lineman instead of playing in a key position. I get fustrated because my kid does everything correct, good grades, stays out of trouble, and is a great player, but he gets passed over because of his color. Meaning, he can play Div 1-AA but not Div-A. Good banter. GO GATORS!!!

  21. Again Understood, and I agree with your point that you see very few white players in (so-called) skilled positions (except QB), the last high visibility RB I can remember was the kid out of Stanford (I believe) about 3 years ago. GO GATORS!!!!