Hearns ejected from FSU camp for Gator chomp


If you follow James Hearns on twitter, you probably saw @JamesHearns21 on your timeline a lot Saturday.

The UF linebacker commit was competing in a 7-0n-7 tournament at Florida State with his Tallahassee Lincoln team and got ejected for doing the Gator chomp.

After he tweeted what happened, a Gator-Seminole war erupted on twitter between fans, recruits and current players.

Hearns said the chomp was in response to a quarterback that was upset about his pass being picked off.

“I was running back an interception and the quarterback tagged me out of bounds,” Hearns recalled. “Then I was just walking back to my side and he comes up in my face and says, ‘You suck, you suck.’ I didn’t really react too much to it. I just threw the chomp at him once and walked off. Then the ref threw the flag and they kicked me out of camp.”

Hearns had already experienced problems earlier in the tournament.

“They had ejected me previously from the second game for being too physical,” he said. “They told me I tagged a player too hard. Come on man, it’s football.”

Though many assumed FSU coach Jimbo Fisher or one of his assistants tossed Hearns, he said it was a member of the Florida State staff.

“The actual coaching staff didn’t throw me out of the camp, it was some guy who works for FSU,” Hearns revealed. “The coaches were actually watching the game when it happened and didn’t do anything. He just kicked me out himself.”

Hearns has no issues with the FSU coaches — even after what went down.

“It had nothing to do with them,” he said. “They’re good people. I actually talked to coach [Mark] Stoops while I was at the camp and he congratulated me on being committed to Florida. So I don’t have any problem with them.”

Does Hearns have any beef with the Seminole faithful?

“Yes, definitely,” he said. “As far as the fans and people around the program, it kind of turned their stomach a little bit that they let a local get out of Tallahassee. But they hype it up and say, ‘FSU didn’t want you.’ I know they did, but you know fans always give their opinion.”

Hearns' team still won the tournament without him. (Photo by 247Sports)

They did so more than ever Saturday, as he heard from dozens of fans on twitter about his Gator chomp. Florida State offensive lineman Daniel Glauser even weighed in, tweeting to Hearns, “have fun loosing in doak this year.”

And yes, he spelled losing wrong.

“It caught me off guard,” Hearns said of Glauser’s response. “You’re a senior in college and you’re entertaining a junior in high school? Get out of here. He was talking about how he would get at me on the field and told me to have fun losing in Doak [Campbell Stadium] next year. I won’t even be graduated yet. So I really laughed at him. It didn’t bother me at all.”

Many Florida commits and fans took to twitter to defend Hearns, while the FSU fanbase (and more current players) continued to attack him.

“To be honest, I never thought it would blow up when I tweeted that,” Hearns said. “I was just tweeting what was going on with me. It wasn’t a big deal to me. It just got blown out of proportion. But FSU fans can hop on it and get whatever they want from it. At the end of the day, I’m going to a great college in the University of Florida and that’s all that really matters to me.”

Will Hearns remember this fiasco when faces Florida State as freshman?

“Oh yeah,” he said. “When the time comes for me to play FSU, it’s something that I’m going to think about. I’ll use it as even more motivation than I already have.”


  1. Good for you J-Hearns, I live in Tallahassee and I am all GATOR………Can’t wait ti see you knock some heads off up here, The fsu faithful are so cocky….we gotta bring them back down to reality. The past to 2 years have been plain painful. Go GATORS!!!

  2. LOL! I LOVE this kid! Hearns… YOU ROCK! Tell you what folks, as a life-long Gator who has lived up here near Tally all his life, I have seen just about everything that goes on in Tally with FSU’s program. They are UBER-SENSITIVE about UF and have possibly the worst insecurity complex about UF as any fans ever have had about an arch-rival. It makes them feel important, it makes them feel like they matter. It makes them feel like UF needs them instead of the other way around. The part about the FSU fan spelling “losing” wrong, well that’s just demonstrative of a classic FSU “edju-ma-cation”. LOL! I know for a fact that the FSU coaches have offered hearns but this kind of stuff just makes me feel good. Btw FSU, don;t be too quick to talk about “beating UF” next season. Your 90-yards-a-game offense doesn;t scare too many people and your O will be hurting even more this year with a younger OL and no run-game again. Not to mention that your recent success over UF and Miami has been because both were having down or conversion years, but not because FSU is suddenly “all that”.

  3. Nice one! THAT’S how a Gator-commit SHOULD deal with any crap he takes at an FSU-Camp. Not so sure about this kid McMillan’s true character, though. I know a lot of these kids commit to us but want to experience the whole “official trip”-thing, get to travel and meet people…but when I hear “just to be sure”, I wonder about their character, and if they understand or even care about the word, “commit”–or “honor”, for that manner. If you really aren’t sure yet, then don’t make that commitment ’til you are–and I think our coaches, starting with Coach M who has himself stressed these issues in the recruiting process, may rightly rethink THEIR place in our plans if and when they waver in those promises.

  4. DRU…..

    If I committed to a school and wanted to go have a good time on recruiting trips (and then be a Gator)…..I would say “just to be sure” in ensure the opportunity of taking those FUN trips.

  5. DRU2012- I think you’re being a little over sensative about the “commit”. College coaches play games in recruiting all the time. Yes, even our own. They are 16 year old kids that have huge life altering decisions to make that will utimately follow them for the rest of their lives. And the ones that always seem to judge are those that are not 6’3″ 235lbs and run a 4.5 40 and have coaches tripping over themselves trying to sell them the moon. Cut McMillan some slack.

  6. Gator Todd–A “younger OL” for FSU in 2012? That will be hard to do considering how many freshmen FSU played on the O-line last season. It should be a great game this year. Who knows, with how good the two teams figure to be on defense the 7 points UF has scored in each of the last two seasons might be enough to win.

  7. Wow, how childish are the FSU fans? Us beating them for so many years in a row really injured them. Even them winning a couple of games hasnt helped them heal. Its not gonna be good when they start losing again. Cant wait! Go Gators!

  8. I see the gator fan base have left the swamps and their natural light long enough to comment. Well James throw on the jean shorts and grow out the mullet and prepare to become a member of the church of tebow. Glory days are over gator nation. When’s the last time the gators beat the noles? When’s the last time the gators went undefeated? Ah ha ha ha ha FTW

  9. A grade level behind and short on core courses. Maybe he will graduate.lol
    Maybe thats why he’s lying. The men in the black and white stripes are officials. Multiple incidents of taunting got him ejected.

  10. The ‘Noles will always feel inferior to the Flagship Gators because they have been and as long as they are in the ACC – will be. Jimbo must have some line to sell 4/5 star kids on “banging heads with the Demon Deacons, the Cavaliers, the T(w)erps and now the Orangemen”. Strikes fear into my heart. Go Gators Always!

  11. @Bob–Zero national titles the last 10 years. The last one was 12 seasons ago. Recent history gives the impression that UF has always owned the Seminoles, but in the post-Spurrier history of the rivalry FSU leads UF 12-11-1.

    Both teams look to be on the rise once again. It will be interesting to see if FSU can win the ACC and get back to a BCS bowl, and interesting to see if UF can finish higher than third in the SEC East.

    Thanksgiving weekend in Tallahassee should be fun. I hope to see you there.

  12. Paul,
    Please remember that these are 16-17 year old kids that you are trying to ridicule, remember he is also a kid that FSU wanted, but since he’s not going there he’s a dummy and a liar. I understand he was ejected from the first game by the Official (black and White stripes), the second incident he was thrown out by a staff member from FSU. I’m just reading the story, I was not there and maybe you were that’s why you can HONESTLY (maybe I shouldn’t use that word) say he was NOT thrown out by an FSU official.
    I hope the grown up FSU officials would not stoop that low to a player, because he didn’t choose them for his college career. If so, you guys need to step back and look at yourselves. PLEASE REMEMBER the kid was there competing in a 7 on7 tournament, not a recruiting visit to FSU. Keep in mind he was INVITED and that type politics is very poor taste, even for FSU.

  13. When I heard of the James Hearns expulsion from the FSU camp and that Number 67, Daniel Glauser, Offensive Lineman, a senior from Rheinfelden, Switzerland made some uneducated statements concerning the situation, I could not help but add to it. So much for the FSU – (Free Shoes University) comment. It is time for the new and continued deserved respect that FSU is due. FSU – (Foolish Senior University), (Foolish Swiss University), or (Factually Stupid University).
    God bless Bobby. I miss him. Please add to this and humor our Gator Nation. Rivalries are awesome. They need our best
    creative support. My wife says the Swiss bit is politically incorrect.
    Sorry! Gator J.

  14. I was watching the replay of the FSU spring game the other night to see what they have developed. For a team with overflowing talent I didn’t see a championship team (I’m talking ACC championship) Also the guy with all of the mouth that misspelled losing got beat several times. He should be concentrating on on his abilities to do his job and not be worried about a high school kid that he will never compete against (he would probably get beat anyway).

  15. As an FSU fan its a little embarrassing to read what went down. Its true that our guys do the chomp all the time to “taunt” and nobody gets ejected. I admit were on the rise again and maybe a little ahead of you guys currently. But when one of my fellow Noles talk of history i cringe. Who the h*ll cares about undefeated when we play in an inferior football conference and lost a National Championship to the Gates and losing in the overall tally. Obviously the kid is excited and the coaching staff is a little sensitive. Shouldn’t be a big deal and yes, we wanted him. Happens. peace.