Gators lead for Staver, now the new target at QB


In the past 30 days, Florida’s quarterback board has been all over the place.

It started back on May 16, when Cooper Bateman (Salt Lake City, Utah/Cottonwood Senior) committed to Alabama. He was Florida’s top target for quite some time and the Gators had appeared to be in good shape.

UF then turned its attention to Ryan Buchanan (Jackson, Miss./Jackson Prep), who unofficially visited with his family on May 26 and said there was a possibility he could commit in the days that followed. But Buchanan decided to make a trip to nearby Ole Miss the next weekend and then chose the Rebels on June 4.

Despite the disappointment, it was assumed that Florida would have no trouble landing Tim Boyle (Middletown, Conn./Xavier). The lifelong Gator fan also visited on May 26 and wanted to commit on the trip, but the coaching staff told him he had to wait on Buchanan’s decision. So Boyle did and then made his two days later — to Boston College.

It was a big shock to say the least, but UF was not out of options yet. Asiantii Woulard of Winter Park was scheduled to throw for the coaches on the opening day of Florida’s football camp and expected to earn an offer. Surprisingly, Woulard was a no-show and re-committed to USF on Friday.

But even though Woulard didn’t come on June 9, the Gators still found their quarterback on that day — and he’s better than the last three they’ve pursued.

ESPN300 member Max Staver (Brentwood, Tenn./Brentwood Academy) came out of nowhere to steal the show and outshine every signal caller that camped. The 6-foot-6, 238-pounder quickly became the guy UF coach Will Muschamp and offensive coordinator Brent Pease wanted.

Staver could commit to UF any day now. (Photo by 247Sports)

“It was awesome,” Staver said of his workout with the coaches. “I met with them for two hours afterward. We talked about their offense, what their looking for at the position and their decision time on offering a quarterback. They said I’m now their No. 1 guy.”

Shortly after his visit, Staver said that Florida and Mississippi State were his top two schools. But UF took the outright lead on June 11 after the Bulldogs got Cord Sanburg (Bradenton, Fla./Manatee).

Staver favors the Gators because of the bond he’s built with the coaching staff and the 2013 recruiting class they’ve assembled.

“You’re kind of in a sense married to a school for four or five years,” Staver said. “So you have to like the relationships you have there and I really do with the coaches at Florida. Another really appealing thing is the recruiting class they’re putting together. They’re No. 2 in the country right now. So the talent is definitely there and that’s real awesome.”

“Florida has one of the best football programs in the SEC, great academics and a great college atmosphere. I think it’s just an overall good fit for me.”

Staver said the coaches told him they would offer the quarterback they want at the conclusion of camp. With Woulard now off the board, Staver should be getting some good news soon.

“There’s a couple other guys they’re looking at in camp,” Staver said. “At the end of the evaluation they’ll probably give me an offer and I’ll go from there.”


  1. Yes!!!! finally. we can be done with this QB thing. Stronger arm than cam Newton at this stage with more accuracy. Speed is his biggest need and foot tech. of course is the second. hope he comes in ready to compete.

  2. I am sure this comment will bring the typical howls of derision from the ‘real’ Gator fans who post here but I am not impressed with going after a kid who probably is a great kid but does not have the talent to play QB in the SEC. Being from Tennessee the kid was probably evaluated by every SEC school and found wanting. So, here we are competing against Tennessee State, Northern Colorado, Memphis and L’ville for his services. At this stage in life he has a ‘stronger arm than Cam Newton’, is ‘more accuracy’ than Cam Newton and is certainly bigger than CN was in HS. And, only the four schools name above and UF ‘discovered’ the kid!!

  3. Someting to consider is that Muschamp said numerous times he doesn’t look at the # of stars but how the player fits his system. Also, if you recall, the quarterback at Boise State wasn’t particularly mobile but he was accurate. Let Pease and Muschamp do their thing.

  4. I was at the camp and saw Max throw a lot. Very competent in the drills and in great shape. Average arm strength and nothing special about his throwing motion. I don’t see this guy doing much. More of a tight end body than a QB.

  5. Regardless of the number of stars this kid has, even Muschamp and Pease were not interested until EVERYONE else had turned them down. Maybe the kid will end up surprising us, however, that is a real longshot and programs like Florida should not have to take longshots and pray something works out. Too many people use examples like Kellen Moore. The exception does not disprove the rule. Most QBs who are rated low and have virtually no interest from top programs are like that for a reason.

  6. I wonder if, when they told him he was there #1 guy, they also told him how many others had turned them down? Well I do hope he commits and pans out, but I agree with others in wondering why “NO ONE” was looking at this kid in the heart of SEC country. The term “lack of options” is starting to come to mind for the Gator QB situation.

  7. A program striving to once again become a factor in the SEC, to be competive against the conference elite such as Alabama, Georgia, SC, Auburn, et al, should not be competing against Northern Colorado, Tennesses State. Memphis and L’ville for a QB. Staver is being offered b/c WM appears to be determined to sign someone, anyone in this class, after going 0-6 on other better qualified HS QB’s.

  8. When judging QB’s based on stars, other schools recruiting them,etc., please keep one legendary Gator QB in mind. Kerwin Bell! 8th string walk on nobody, I mean, nobody had heard of. He worked out pretty well for UF. Just sayin……..

  9. You can’t look at the number of stars with these kids, especially QBs. Examples…Sam Bradford with OU was also a 3 star prospect. Ben Rothlisberger Played at Miami of Ohio and didn’t even start at QB in high school until his senior year. Staver is a tall kid with a good arm, and has as good of chance as any 4 or 5 star QB prospect. With the right work ethic and coaching, he can be an awesome QB. Go Gators!

  10. Chandler Register from Lambert High School in GA would commit tomorrow if the Gators would offer. At 6’2″, 180lbs this up and coming senior runs a 4.4 and he is right for the Gators. Rice wants him bad.

    Just sayin.

  11. ALABAMA OFFERED THIS KID!!!!there was a story on here not long ago about it.its so early in recruiting right now you dont have everyone evaluated by now[its not even football season yet] and we dont want running QBs anymore, like Chandler Register . we want a big dude with a huge arm, just like the NFL wants and this kid has that. this guy will be better than tim boyle and Asiantii Woulard for sure and id bet he has a better college career than Ryan Buchanan

  12. I think you all make some really good points. We never know how a player will pan out. As for the stars beside a players name…its completely subject. One player might be a top 10 prospect in the ESPN list and rated 120 in rivals. But, I also like the points of why aren’t more big schools going after this guy. But, I really do like the direction this young team is going. I think we’re on the right track and once Pease installs this offense and all the offensive recruits this year and to follow sees what they can be a part of they’ll jump back on the Gator train quickly. Gators4Life!! CHOMP CHOMP!!

    S/N: Gators baseball tonight. Hope we smash the cocks!!

  13. Truth is, we didn’t know how good he was–few did outside his less-followed Class 3A district. This is why I reject most talk of us “missing” on anyone, especially QBs, especially ESPECIALLY this early in the process. He really put on a show at Camp last weekend–dazzled everyone in every aspect of his game. I’m told that behind closed doors in the UF Athletic Offices there is much smiling relief, not just for it looking like we finally have our long-term future prospect at QB, but because of the very chain of complex action and reaction, the various “unforeseen factors” of impatience, and sudden changes in attitude and circumstance–or “happy accidents”, if you prefer–that cleared the way for us still to have the slot open, and Staver to be there at the right time and place for us to “discover” the right guy, when it so easily could have gone otherwise–and we’d have unwittingly settled on someone with less talent and boundless upside than he.

  14. So he wasn’t our first option. BFD. All of us can name low-profile players who came out of high school and wound up killing it in college, and conversely, we’ve seen more than our share of five-star flame-outs at Florida Field. I’ll take strong coaching and a creative offensive system (followed by a strong O-line) over 4 or 5 stars any day. Here’s hoping Pease is the real deal and that the O-line lives up to its press cilppings from the spring.

  15. The post starting with the words, ‘I did some more reading——‘. was not posted by the same person who posted the previous comments as ‘EMK’. It hardly matters in the scheme of things. These comments, regardless of who is the actual writer, are for the most part hardly worth the time. So, I, the true EMK, write the following, “I did some reading—-Staver’s is actual a SIX-STAR (6). He is known for his 3.5 in the 40, his ability to throw a football 120 yards and through a brick wall, he is 6’5′ and 310 lbs. and still growing——and, no one except UF anf Northern Colorado know about him. Go Gators!!

  16. We had very little chance of landing a superstar QB this year, with 2 of the nations top young QB’s, who have 3 years of eligibility. This kid is much better than many seem to believe and I’d be very happy to see him commit!

  17. I am the true EMK. The former author is a buffoon. I would never write anf — I don’t even know what the word anf means! Regardless, He is a ESPN300 prospect and a good target. Obviously from the poor grammar seen on these fake posts the psudo-emks are either Georgia or FSU rejects.

  18. I know everyone wants to belly-ache about the idea that we keep striking out on QB prospects. But has anyone even consisdered maybe its because our offense has looked like a pile of dog crap for the past 2 years. The kid looked impressive to everyone except “wayne”, who must be a recruiting genious, at camp last week. And the coaches who are calling the shots and who’s employment depends on QB production are excited. I don’t give a damn if we didn’t rip this kid from the hands of Kitten, Satan or Richt – if he’s pumped about being a Gator and Pease is fired up – then come on board!

  19. I think everyone is missing the point here. This guy may or may not be any good. Truth is he will probably NEVER see the field (unless we have multiple injuries). We have two highly regarded YOUNG Qbs. WM has said he wants a QB in every class. Just to CYA. He will recruit another next year and will probably get one of those 4 or 5 star guys that is being recruited by all the big boys. SO if Staver comes in and develops into a hidden gem, GREAT. If not, we should have other options to play by then.

  20. I think as GATOR supporters we should respect other peoples post, not saying you have to agree with them. But all the name calling and disrespect to each other is a step backwards to another Gator fan. Even if a troll is on the site if he is not disrespectful and has a valid point, yeah argue with them. Argue the point, especially among the GATOR faithful but be respectful. GO GATORS!!!!

  21. I agree with you CREEK GATOR. I see it all the time on here anymore. Gator fans fighting with trolls and, more often than not, fighting with themselves over their opinions of players. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion on here, that is why the comments section exists. Even if someone is wrong, why does it have to deteriorate in to petty name calling and snide remarks? I saw one guy sarcastically referred to as a “recruiting genius” simply because he stated what he saw when he watched the kid work out. He did not say something off the wall or inflammatory so why do people have to be rude and start feuds over another persons opinion that could be completely valid?

  22. Keep in mind: After high school, Southern Mississippi offered Favre a scholarship (the only one he received). Southern Miss wanted him to play defensive back, but Favre wanted to play quarterback instead.

  23. I looked this kid up. he had good stats? He played for a school thta had 780 students! That is 780 form 6th – 12th. How does that translate into SEC material? Why aren’t we looking at QBs who play and have stats in some big High School divisions, not these little private little schools with little competition.

  24. Yes, Kerwin Bell came out of nowhere to become one of UF’s greatest, but also think about Shane Matthews. He became the starter a week before the season started after Dale Dorminey got a career-ending knee injury while standing and watching a routine drill. A player was knocked down and rolled into him.

  25. Just watched some of his film. Nice prospect. Just a couple of things I noticed.
    -He doesn’t necessarily walk through the follow through on his throws, but he doesn’t fade to the left either, so thats a positive
    – He does have a tendency to to point the nose of the ball out instead of keeping the nose down on his drop
    – I like how he keeps the ball at his chest and doesn’t wind up to throw
    He looks good though, I like what I see.