Gators on top for RB Josh Mercer


With Kelvin Taylor and Adam Lane committed and an anticipated 2013 class size of 22 already at 16, it appears unlikely Florida will take a third running back in this recruiting cycle.

However, if that happens to be the case in the coming months, it may be Josh Mercer.

Mercer has Florida atop his leaderboard. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi)

The three-star prospect from South Effingham in Guyton, Ga., camped at UF on Saturday and stood out at his position.

“It was a real good camp,” said Mercer, who was offered by the Gators in February. “I felt like I did good. The coaches liked me. They said it was obvious I was out there.”

Following the work out, Mercer named the Gators his leader and rounded out his top five with South Carolina, N.C. State, Georgia Tech and Tennessee (in order). The latter three are recruiting Mercer the hardest, he said.

The 5-foot-10, 190-pounder credited running backs coach Brian White for Florida’s edge, and he was told not to worry about the two tailbacks on board because the coaches can use him in a variety of ways.

“I just like how coach White coaches, how he encourages us to keep going. I feel like I could bring a lot of talent to this program,” Mercer said. “They’ll put me at slot, they’ll put me at running back. They said I can do everything, so it doesn’t even matter that they’ve got two (running backs) committed.”

Mercer plans to visit South Carolina next week and will take trips to Georgia, Auburn and Alabama later this summer. He wants to go through more of the recruiting process before setting a timeline on his decision.


  1. I don’t think he could commit if he wanted too.Until Ryan green makes a move we wont accept his commit and then they still might not.This year it sucks cause there is a lot of talented players out there but you cant take them all.So some guys wont be able to be taken I think there are six spots left and you have to go into signing day with one or two spots open gonna be interesting.

  2. Take a look at the QB situation with Woulard, he realizes there are a couple of higher caliber QB’s ahead of him and as another poster said if he does not work out at that position he should be a Hell of a receiver. If you have talented players willing to contribute whenever or wherever you build a much stronger TEAM. As far as the Schollys go if we have pressing needs and real prospects for them a few should be saved for that as well as 1 or 2 for NSD, but only if you have been given good reason to believe the kid(s) that you are holding them for are legit, otherwise use them.

  3. Ryan Green scared of depth at the position. Alvin Kamara looks like a good fit. He could compliment Patton on Spec. teams and play the slot/RB like C. Rainy use to do so well. I hope they go after/offer Max Staver at QB. That could be a huge pick up. Looks like a great developmental QB but may go TE if it didn’t workout.

  4. The QB answer could be coming soon, folks. Reports are that Florida and Max Staver are at the top of each other’s lists. The staff will honor their commitments to evaluate four other QBs over the rest of this camp, and will make their decision probably over the weekend. I expect Staver to get the offer, upon which he will have one week to commit. His other top choice was Mississippi State, who just took the commitment of Cord Sandberg. Thus, it is very possible that we will have our quarterback by the 24th or so.

  5. We only have six scholarships left. One is reserved right now for whoever we get at QB. Another is probably being reserved right now for Laremy Tunsil, another for VHIII, and then at least one for a DE. That only leaves two scholarships available, and Florida still has plenty of top recruits left. I can’t see them taking another running back until the end of the cycle if a spot is still open, unless Ryan green or alvin Kamarra want to commit earlier than that. They already have all the running backs they wanted and they wont take another unless they can get a top tier one

  6. 6 spots planA/planB
    1- Laremy Tunsil / Do they take a 4th ol no matter what?
    2- Demarcus Walker/ Greg Gilmore
    3- Vernon HargreavesIII/ MAlexander – take another cb no matter what?
    4- Demarcus Robinson / SColey – another wr?
    5- Jordan Sherit / Joey Ivey 
    6- QB
    Yes it looks like 2 DL – or is Gilmore A and Sherit B?

  7. VHIII’s decision holds the entire defense in flux. By the end of the summer if VHIII is a strong UF lean and Anzalone is on board, I think its over for Harris. I believe those two to be higher on the coaches board …. but if either one doesn’t pull the trigger for UF – or we don’t at least feel we’re in the drivers seat expect the full court press on
    Harris. As far as DL goes its walker then everyone else.

  8. First off, I think that at least one extra spot will open up. Almost guaranteed to be a transfer, and I bet Floyd cashes in on the NFL (maybe Elam, maybe Easley?). I think we get 7 more: 3 offense and 4 defense.
    Offense should be 1 QB, 1 OL, 1 skill. Ideally QB Staver, OL Tunsil; skill could be TE McNeil or WR Robinson/Coley or perhaps RB Green (Mercer at the bottom of all this).
    Defense should be 3 front 7 and a DB. We’re all in for VHIII, giving us a full set with him, Bell, Washington, and Neal. Next up is Harris, who would send Washington to CB. Not sure we have a shot w/ Alexander.
    The other 3 are some combo of DT, DE, Buck, or OLB. Top DT is Gilmore, then Ivie; DE is Walker, then Riles; Buck is Sherit or Ebenezer; LB is Anzalone, then Freddie Stevenson.
    My guess:
    QB Staver
    WR Robinson
    OL ??? (Tunsil – UGa or Bama, we’ll get someone random)
    Buck Sherit
    OLB Anzalone
    DL Ivie
    S Harris (VHIII follows pops)

  9. Hey guys don’t rule out Derrick Henry the Georgia decommitt, he has Florida on his list of schools that he’s interested in and his family are all Gators, it would also be great if he stayed in state and played for Florida.

    Ryan Green is NOT interested in Florida his top two schools are Florida State and Notre Dame but I doubt he’ll choose FSU cause he wants imediate playing time but he can’t do that with James Wilder Jr. and Mario Pender etc but with the Irish the RB position is kinda thin.

    Alvin Karama’s top schools are Georgia, Clemson, Alabama, and Florida.

  10. Derrick Henry is this years James Wilder Jr., he should be on defense, has no chance of playing at SEC school as RB. He could play some in the rotation but he is not of the caliber of previous Bama RB’s or Georgias current lineup at RB. Henry needs to convert to LB, period, if he wants to play past CFB. James Wilder Jr. will not see much for carries at FSU this year, as he will be 4 deep.

  11. I saw Wilder (only) in H.S. and was not as impressed as his press clippings. He seem to take off a lot of plays(maybe because he was playing both ways), I (JMO) didn’t see the heart in him, just the “I’m the Star”. Like I said that was just my opinion, he may become a great player, I didn’t see much of or from him at FSU so far.
    As for Henry NEVER SEEN HIM PLAY. But if he’s talented and can play both positions even sparingly at RB, I wouldn’t just kick him out the locker room. Two positions for one scholly, something to think about. GO GATORS!!!!