Sherit sees academic side of UF with 5-star CB


For Rivals100 defensive end Jordan Sherit, every trip he’s taken to Florida has been a learning experience.

His first visit to UF was when the Gators hosted Alabama last season, and he got to experience the thrill of a night game atmosphere in The Swamp. His next time in Gainesville was for Florida’ second Junior Day, where he was shown the athletic facilities and learned more about the football program.

Then Sherit attended the Orange and Blue Debut and got to know the coaches better (as well as earn an offer from them). A late trip in April with parents provided a tour of the campus and city.

Thursday’s visit allowed Sherit to see the academic side of UF.

“Something new for me was learning more about the Honors College and the academic opportunities I’d have if I went there,” Sherit said. “That’s a real big (factor) for me, so it was great to learn.”

Sherit is an honors student at Hillsborough high school in Tampa and his academic pedigree has been a main attraction for college coaches.

“They definitely like that side of me,” Sherit said. “Not only because I would bring team GPA up, but I’m a guy that can bring order to the locker room. They want players that are smart and can lead by reading opposing offenses and directing the defense. That’s one of the reasons they like me at Florida. They know I’m interested in high academic schools like Stanford and Notre Dame, and they’re one as well.”

Sherit’s latest Florida visit wasn’t all about academics, however. He traveled to Gainesville with five-star cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III (Tampa, Fla./Wharton) and three-star receiver Richard Benjamin (Tampa, Fla./Tampa Tech). The trio calls themselves “Team Tampa” and they frequently take trips together.

“It’s awesome having them with me,” Sherit said. “There’s a bunch of clowns on that team. No matter what campus we’re at, it’s always a playground for us. So we had fun walking around the halls at Florida and goofing off with coach (Derek) Lewis (UF’s Tampa area recruiter). It was a blast, it really was.”

Sherit and Hargreaves are close friends and could chose the same school. (Photo by Scout)

Sherit and Hargreaves are the top targets at their positions for Florida, and the four-star pass rusher said there’s a chance they could both choose to the Gators.

That topic was brought up Thursday as the two watched film with UF coach Will Muschamp and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

“They told me and Vernon, ‘We want you guys to change our defense because both of you are special,’ ” Sherit said. “It was cool to have one of my best friends there with me because we could potentially be teammates at Florida. We still haven’t had the chance to sit down and talk to each about our thoughts on it. But it’s definitely a possibility.”

Sherit still claims no leader or favorites at this time. He plans to visit Clemson, Florida State and Georgia soon as well as make another summer stop at UF.


  1. I have learned over the past three years, wait until one or all of these guys commit before the excitement level rises. These kids are on an emotional roller coaster and they are liable to say things that their emotions have pressed them to say, when that emotion subsides sometimes their logic tells them they should be elsewhere. I think we should realize that and not blame or bash the kids when they go in another direction. GO GATORS!!!!

  2. Perfectly said, Creek Gator. These young have a difficult decision to make with all the offers out there. Academics, depth chart, closeness to home so many factors in deciding where to go. I’m sure every campus has it’s positives and all these coaches are good salesmen.

  3. You guys associate acedemics with where it ranks – players don’t neccessarily see it that way. They are probably looking at tutoring program and the availability of study in the field of their interest. Not everyone wants to major in engineering and bio-chemistry.