Will Muschamp Football Camp starts Saturday


The 2012 Will Muschamp Gators Football Camp kicks off this Saturday in Gainesville.

Florida’s head coach and his assistants will be hosting hundreds of campers over the course of 11 days.

There will be five different camps that take place:

Mini camp 1 — June 9
Session 1 — June 10-13
Session 2 — June 13-16
Mini camp 2 — June 16
Kicking camp — June 17-19

Throughout the two mini camps and sessions, the coaching staff will have dozens of prospects from the 2013, 2014 and 2015 recruiting classes working out and visiting. Several of Florida’s 2013 commitments will also be on hand, but likely none of them will participate in the actual camp.

The most notable commit is Crescent City defensive tackle Caleb Brantley, who became a soft verbal to the Gators on May 7. He’s coming down Friday and leaving Saturday.

Here are some of the top 2013 targets planning to be at UF this weekend, and all have the Gators at or near the top of their list:

QB Heys McMath,6-4, 190, Woodberry Forest, Va./Woodberry Forest School
QB Asiantii Woulard, 6-3, 205, Winter Park, Fla./Winter Park
WR Richard Benjamin, 6-0, 194, Tampa, Fla./Tampa Bay Tech (Thursday)
DT Greg Gilmore, 6-4, 275, Hope Mills, North Carolina/South View
DE Antonio Riles, 6-4, 260, Lawrenceville, Ga./Archer
DE Jordan Sherit, 6-3, 245, Tampa, Fla./Hillsborough (Thursday)
DE DeMarcus Walker, 6-4, 276, Jacksonville, Fla./Sandalwood
CB Vernon Hargreaves III, 5-11, 185, Tampa, Fla./Wharton (Thursday)

Stayed tuned for updates on these recruits and follow me on twitter (link HERE) for news and notes from camp.


  1. Several persons have commented critically about WM recruiting and a perceived inability to ‘finish strong’. WM appears to be doing fairly well. On that score time will be the true indicator. He has, however, missed on a good number of ‘targeted’ recruits. That can change ONLY with VICTORY on the field against SEC opposition. Right now programs such as Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Auburn and South Carolina are the conference leaders. These programs combine on-field success with a stable, experienced, top-tier coaching staff. I do not blame WM for the situation. The primary fault rests with UM for his inepitude at the end of his stay and Jeremy Foley for his ego and for not being serious about the hiring process for the new head coach.

  2. Was hoping for a commit this weekend but from that list I don’t see ant that sucks.The last six spots will be hand picked guys that we really want.Surprised Benjamin is coming don’t think we would even take his commit interesting.

  3. Our program is in Great Hands, Now! We will be much better and stronger this year. No one is going to push us around any longer. We’ll need a little luck with Health Isues as our deepth is still a little thin in some areas. But, We will NOT BE SOFT ANY LONGER!!! GO GATORS!!!

  4. Don’t think the staff is interested in McMath or Benjamin anymore. Gilmore= LSU, Riles= Bammy probably. Walker changes his mind by the day, don’t think he’ll commit for a while. Word is Kent Taylor is hard on Sherit and VH3 to commit together this weekend, it’s a stretch but what a day that would be.

  5. […] The Gators will host a solid number of recruits from each of the next few recruiting classes, but don’t expect any from the 2013 class to participate. Among those in attendance will be: quarterbacks Heys McMath and Asiantii Woulard, wide receiver Richard Benjamin, defensive tackle Greg Gilmore, defensive ends Antonio Riles, Jordan Sherit and DeMarcus Walker, and cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III. Current Florida defensive tackle commit Caleb Brantley is also schedule to be in attendance. […]

  6. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say we snag someone this weekend. The probability is as follows, in order:


    Benjamin – not high enough on our board to accept his committ even if he wanted to.
    VHIII – He’s all USF, as long as his father is there.

  7. Gatortracker (whatever that is supposed to be): After re-reading the post about which you commented, I stand by the accuracy of what was written. Next time perhaps you might call me a troll, whatever that is. Best wishes and warmest personal regards, EMK

  8. For those who STILL talk about how we “missed” on this guy or that, it’s time y’all woke up and saw the big picture:
    We’re getting and will continue to get our share of the guys we want and need to get where we’re trying to go–the very top of college football’s elite few teams competing annually for first the Conference, then the National Championship…Since you appear to have missed all the signs, evidence and explanations of the forces and choices at work in this process, Ill try to put it simply for you one more time, once and for all: “WE WANT THE GUYS WHO WANT TO BE GATORS”. OK? Bit of an oversimplification, no doubt, but we’re sorry–y’all appear to need it that way.

  9. A bit of oversimplication: (1) The signing of a Letter of Intent contract by son and parent is voluntary; (2) No kid is DRAFTED into the University of (where ever); (3) Given that manifest reality, every kid who agrees to attend the University of (where ever) is GOING THERE B/C THE GUY WANT(S) TO BE THERE. Is there really any confusion about that rather obvious sequence of events? Some of you will be happy to know that this is my last post. I love UF BUT——(I cannot deal with the thought process of some of you) Good luck and best wishes, EMK

  10. EMK,
    Remain on the site, whatever someone post is their opinion and it should be respected as that, none of us have to agree with you or anyone one else that post, it’s an opinion. If we all thought, spoke, and had the same ideas as to how things are or should be there would be NO DIVERSITY that’s boring. If you chose to stop posting, that would be shameful, because you have just allowed others to control your life and how you see the world. If you chose to stay be aware some will seek you out because they thing that you are a easy target and want to get under your skin, so they can feel like they have dominated you. Voice your opinion and argue only the points you want to argue, the rest let it go. GO GATORS!!!

  11. To: Creek Gator—-Thanks, I really appreciate your thoughtful comments. What you wrote makes me realize that we are and should always remain part of the Gator family. Better days are indeed just around the corner. EMK