Florida’s top receiver target visits, will return soon


There’s two things Demarcus Robinson has been wanting to take care of for quite some time now.

The consensus four-star receiver from Peach County in Fort Valley, Ga., handled both of them over the past couple days.

The first priority for Robinson was dismissing the notion that he can’t run fast at 6-foot-2, 200 pounds.

“I kept hearing people on the internet saying I was slow,” Robinson said, “and I was like, ‘hold on now.’ I had to show something.”

He did just that at Friday’s MVP camp near Atlanta, where he posted an eye-opening time in the forty-yard dash and won the award for top wide receiver.

“I went out and ran a 4.39,” said Robinson, who ran a 4.45 on his second attempt. “It went really good. I don’t really do combines and stuff like that. But I competed well and I guess I did pretty good because I came out on top.”

Rivals.com ranks Robinson as the nation's No. 13 receiver.

The second thing on Robinson’s agenda was visiting Florida again. On Saturday, he drove down to Gainesville with his mother for an unofficial visit, his first trip to Gainesville since the home game against Tennessee last season.

“I hadn’t been there in awhile and I really wanted to see the campus and the coaches again,” Robinson said. “They gave me the red carpet treatment. They had a jersey for me and it looked good when I put it on. I loved the atmosphere and the excitement there. I really love the stadium and all the fans that can fit in there.”

Robinson also checked out the classrooms, the bat house, the alligators at Lake Alice and McKethan stadium during Florida’s game with Georgia Tech.

Robinson is the top WR target on Florida's recruiting board.

Robinson is the top target remaining on the receiver board, and the UF coaching staff said he is perfectly suited for the system that new offensive coordinator Brent Pease runs.

“They told me how much I fit into their offense and how coach Pease could put the ball in the hands to make plays,” said Robinson, who has a top three of Florida, Clemson and Notre Dame with no leader at this time.

Robinson said he was tempted to commit to the Gators this weekend, but held off because he wants to see more schools and stick to his December decision time. He will visit Clemson on June 14 and return to UF on July 27 for Friday Night Lights.

Photos taken from Robinson’s Twitter account.


  1. This kid great and UF is in the mix for several high level WR prospects but I hope & pray that Stacy Coley by some miracle ends up at UF. That kid is a game changer and no disrespect to any other recruits but he should be UF’s #1 priority at the WR position. Whatever his grade issues are I hope he gets it worked out and I hope the coaches don’t give up and keep recruiting that kid hard. I hope they can get them both but Coley should be a must get.

  2. For those who are wondering: Stacy Coley may be a Gator if he can learn to read and write at, at least, an 8th grade level. A more likely choice is North Alabama or perhaps a ‘directional’ school somewhere. Then, off to the NFL. Yes, educational institutions of higher learning and the concept of the ‘player-mercenary’ can successfully co-exist. Go Gators!! Go Whatever!!

  3. This kid is a beast! asked Edward Askoff about this kid 2yrs. ago,everygame he’s either double or triple team,the kid just make plays if we can lock him up we’ll have a nice wr group 4 the next couple of yrs.Demarcus also come from the same school that produce 1 of the Gators all time wr( Jaques Green#5)haven’t seen Stacy Cole,but been watching Demarcus the last 2yrs. i’ll put my money on this kid any day.GO GATORS!!!!!!!

  4. 8th grade level? that would put him above a bunch of other fla players who get admitted under some special rules not available to regular students with high GPAs and SATs—just so they can make big money for fatcat uf administrators and coaches.

  5. @EMK
    UF has lost a lot of kids over the years because they didn’t have the intellect for college. Not all universities have UF’s scruples, though. FSU has benefited handsomely, as has Georgia and even Tennessee. So while yes, your smarmy “8th grade reading level” comment is valid for college football in general, it is not for UF.

  6. EK,
    You have a knack for putting people down, but in this case you are actually putting the UF down. As I read what you are saying, all you have to have academically is an 8th grade education and you are eligible to enroll at THE UF. I personally think thats an insult to the entire GATOR NATION. I’m not sure if you are a Gator fan or not but if you consider yourself as a member of the Gator Nation, don’t always be so quick to down grade people you don’t know first, second consider what you are saying and the perception it gives others.