Back from broken ankle, Lane looks to shine in spring game again


This time last year, Adam Lane was on top of the world.

After a rushing for 1,000 yards as a sophomore and scoring five touchdowns in Winter Haven’s 2011 spring game, the coveted running back was receiving tons of recruiting attention as he looked forward to his junior season.

Then on Aug. 19, 2011, his world came crashing down. On the last play of the final practice of summer conditioning, Lane landed awkwardly on his leg.

“I made a spin move off of a guy in the secondary and ended up in the air,” Lane recalled. “And I came down in kind of a diagonal way and it just snapped.”

Lane had to be carted off the field and taken to the hospital, but he wasn’t hurting much. He hoped his lack of pain indicted a minor injury.

“At first, I thought it was just a simple break and I’d be back in 4-6 weeks,” Lane said. “But that wasn’t the case.”

Lane's broken ankle cost him his entire junior season. (Photo by Gatorcountry)

X-rays revealed a broken fibula in his right leg, but doctors considered the injury an ankle break because of the closeness to the ankle. The discovery didn’t deliver the good news Lane expected.

“They told me I would be out for the rest of the year and I was really disappointed,” he said. “For the first two weeks I was just completely down. That was my first time ever breaking a bone.”

Following the injury, a big concern for Lane was that schools would stop recruiting him and possibly pull his scholarship. He said Alabama, USF and a couple other schools backed off, but there was one school that stayed supportive from the beginning.

“Florida made the extra effort,” said Lane, who eventually committed to the Gators on Jan. 21. “Every athlete hates to have an injury, especially during the time of being recruited because that’s a crucial time in your life. So I was kind of nervous when I told all the schools. But Florida understood injuries happen and they were still behind me. And that meant a lot.”

Lane credited his teammates for lifting his spirits and helping him get through his recovery.

“I kept going to practice and the guys kept motivating me,” Lane said. “It made me realize that I can’t mope about it. They helped me through the process of being hurt and out for the whole season.”

Even with their star player sidelined, the Blue Devils went 10-1 last season. Those results made Lane even hungrier to return.

“It was kind of blessing in disguise because those guys really stepped up and made things happen,” Lane said. “I was really proud of them and I wish I was out there to enjoy it with them. But at the same time I really saw that team grow right in front of my eyes. It made me want to play that much more.” national recruiting analyst Mike Farrell says Lane could give SEC schools absolute fits. (Photo by The Lakeland Ledger)

After months of rehab, Lane finally got that chance with the start of spring football in early May. On his first day out on the practice field, Lane reflected on the rough eight months he went through.

“I thought about all the things that happened,” Lane said. “Going to therapy and having the desire to be back, all that came into play. I just put all my emotions into one and it helped me ball like I knew I could. I just felt wonderful out there. I had little jitters at first, but once I saw that (my health) was the same, things just clicked for me.”

With 19 practices now under his belt, Lane looks to go out with a bang in Thursday night’s spring jamboree and build off his 305-yard, five-TD performance from last year.

“I’m ready for it,” Lane said. “I couldn’t be any more anxious because I’ve been really practicing hard and working out. Just doing the extra things it takes to show everyone that the injury couldn’t keep me down.”


  1. I hope that Muschamp will play all of his RB’s and FB’s, give them all carries, keep fresh legs in the lineup, Pound, Pound, Pound and not just give 1 guy most of the carries. If the young guys don’t mind rerdshirting to get bigger or stronger that’s one thing. I think Gillislee should have played more last year and Mack Brown, too when they were healthy. Go Gators.

  2. Went to the game last night to watch Mr. Lane in person. He is the real deal. Built like a tank. Very powerful and explosive. Not just a straight line speed back, he has very quick feet and is elusive. He can break tackles, which is something we have not seen very much in Gator RB’s recently. Very business like attitude on the sideline and in the huddle. The Gator coaching staff have landed a real keeper. I look forward to watching this young man play in The Swamp next year, he is a good one.

  3. I agree with GoGator on this one, I sincerely hope we can throw a wave of running backs at our opponent this year. Yeah, I’m another one of those guys that never have liked Weis. I know he was successful in other places, but I never thought it was because he was genius. I guess he proved some of us right, HE could not adjust to the SEC game. Just my opinion, he never adjusted during the game. They would talk about what was missing from his arsenal(players), but never said we didn’t adjust to this or that and it cost us the game. I digress, we should be a better running team with a better and more experienced O-Line. GO GATORS!!!!

  4. You don’t see schools like Bama using 4/5 backs. A good back gets stronger as the game goes on, so, you have to let one guy run the ball and have capable guys go in and give him some rest. It’s difficult to sit on the sideline and then go in to the game every 15 minutes or so. I was a RB and I did not like to go to the sideline, unless I got winded on a long run.

  5. GI-Gator,
    What RB that was on the field last year performed as you are describing, none. I don’t know you and don’t know what your capabilities were, but if you had other RB’s on your TEAM that were just as talented as you, fresh legs should have been in the game at different intervals of the game. It does two things keep the RB’s fresh to some degree and wears down the D. When you continue to chase or are being slammed into by fresh RB’s, it takes a toll. I know, I was a linebacker. Florida appear to have a nice stable of capable RB’s, they will use them accordingly I hope. If the next man comes in for ten to fifteen plays fresh and performs as good or better than his running mate, Thats good for the TEAM. I noticed you said that YOU didn’t like to go to the sideline(and maybe your team couldn’t afford for you to come out) but this is a TEAM sport, and most coaches usually do what is good for the TEAM.

  6. […] During his time at Winter Haven High School, Lane was a three-year letterwinner. He had an explosive sophomore season as he rushed for over 1,000 yards on just 80 carries, good for a whopping 12.5 yards per carry. As he started to receive attention from colleges around the country, Lane had to deal with a bit of bad luck. In his final summer workout before his junior season, Lane broke his fibula after landing awkwardly. The break was so close to the ankle that doctors decided the recovery time would be longer than a simple fracture. He ended up missing his entire junior season with the injury. With the injury, schools backed off, but not Florida. “Florida made the extra effort.“Every athlete hates to have an injury, especially during the time of being recruited because that’s a crucial time in your life. So I was kind of nervous when I told all the schools. But Florida understood injuries happen and they were still behind me. And that meant a lot.” – Adam Lane to […]