Pair of QBs visiting Gainesville this weekend


Florida doesn’t have a quarterback committed for its 2013 recruiting class.

That could change this weekend.

The Gators are hosting a pair of three-star quarterbacks in Tim Boyle (Middletown, Conn./Xavier) and Ryan Buchanan (Jackson, Miss./Jackson Prep). has Boyle and Buchanan ranked No. 23 and No. 25, respectively, at their position.

Both prospects were offered in the month of May and have high interest in UF. They could not be reached for comment Monday night.

Buchanan just narrowed his finalists to a Top 3 and the Gators made the cut along with Ole Miss and Tennessee. His visit this Friday will be his first time seeing Gainesville.

Here’s what the 6-foot-3, 210-pounder had to say about the Gators after they offered on May 8.

“Growing up in the south you hear about Florida all the time,” Buchanan told “It’s usually a top program. Tebow was there a couple of years ago … I think very highly of Florida and think it seems like a really cool place to play.”

Boyle was offered by Florida on May 16, a day after being evaluated by UF offensive coordinator Brent Pease. The 6-foot-4, 216-pounder also holds offers from Boston College, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pittsburgh and Syracuse.

Boyle doesn’t have a top list of schools yet, but UF is likely his leader based on his background with the Gators. Like Buchanan, Boyle is very familiar with Florida despite being an out-of-state prospect.

He has connections with current UF quarterback Tyler Murphy and recent UF linebacker transfer Graham Stewart, both from Connecticut.

“Graham Stewart went to my high school and he dated my sister for a while,” Boyle told May 19. “I watched his whole recruiting process and how it worked with Florida and how it unraveled. I have always been a Florida fan and I’ve taken a visit down there already this past February and watched the quarterbacks Jeff (Driskel) and Jacoby (Brissett) workout and sat down with coach (Brian) White.

“I talked to (Tyler Murphy) while I was down there and I asked him about the distance factor from Connecticut to Florida … He reassured me that the distance thing is a little tough freshman year, but that’s just how it goes and once you get over the hump it’s a great experience.”

With the latest developments on the recruiting board, Buchanan and Boyle are Florida’s best — and only — options at the quarterback position. Six of the other seven signal-callers UF has offered are committed elsewhere — Cooper Bateman (Alabama), Christian Hackenberg (Penn State), Kevin Olsen (Miami), Brice Ramsey (Georgia), Kohl Stewart (Texas A&M), and Cody Thomas (Oklahoma).

Rivals100 member Troy Williams (Harbor City, Calif./Narbonne) is the only uncommitted QB with an offer, but he looks like a long shot at this point.

If the Gators miss on Buchanan and Boyle, former USF commit Asianti Woulard of Winter Park could be considered as a possible candidate. He plans to camp at Florida on June 8.

I’m told the coaches are also still recruiting Heys McMath, even with his recent academic issues. He was expelled this month from Woodberry Forest School in Virgina for plagiarism, so his chances at an offer could be small.

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  1. Ryan….Don’t disagree with you, but living here in Tallahassee, I had a chance to watch as Bowden recruited his great classes. Essentially, he recruited a full team each year. He’d always get a QB, a few WR’s, two or three RB’s, a half dozen OL, a few DL, and some larger DB’s that he would try and grow into LB’s. The numbers might vary each year according to position, but he always, essentially, went after someone for every position.

  2. BSJGator’s comment is well taken IF W/M had inherited a stable program but as the last Gator head FB coach said before quiting, ‘The program is broken’. If anyone doubts that just look to last year’s results. At this point the objective MUST be need. At this time a 5th QB is not a pressing need.

  3. Normally i would agree with the general consensus about not taking a QB when we need other holes filled. However there is one scenario that might play out that we would need another. If either JB or JD transfer. Tyler is probably not going to see the field so I think he has two years left so he too could transfer after this year or change positions to WR. That would leave only two QBs for 2013. Just a thought….

  4. Matt is absolutely correct! We need a QB in this class and the only way you build quality depth at the position is to take a QB every year, hitting the super stud every other year. You don’t want to be starting a Freshman when someone graduates – you want them to have a few years in the program. I am quite sure the coaches know what they are doing and I have full faith in them! POW YOW!

  5. Did Jeff or Jacoby do anything last year that makes you burst with confidence about the current QBs on the roster? …NO. I’m sure with more reps atleast one of them will grow into a very good QB at this level, but the one that doesn’t will probably leave. Worst case scenario is Murphy leaves too. Then we’re down to 2 scholorship QB’s and one walk-on practice squad QB. This is not a need …… it is a MUST. Murphy and Mornhinwig are spot fillers on the roster – the 2 guys left on our board are capable to play in this league particularly Buchanon. We can’t wait another year. Hell, Spurrier always had 5 or 6 QBs on the roster every year – Its not uncommon.

  6. lakeside- you’re getting too caught up in the stars. Wuerfull was not a 4 or 5 star recruit. Shane Matthews was not highly recruited and Kerwin Bell was a walk-on. However, Brantley, Palmer, D. Johnson were all 4/5 star QB’s coming out of HS. Stars mostly measure physical skill sets – not whether or not the kid has the mental capacity to embrace a playbook, command respect in the huddle or has a ten cent head. If Pease and co. evaluated these two kids and are ready to offer – thats good enough for me.

  7. ……….. and what does a winner look like? I could name a dozen 4/5 star QB’s that have been nationally recruited the last 10 years that showed 2 star results in college. But I could also come up with a longer list of 3 star QBs that did extremely well during that same time frame.

  8. The winningest NCAA QB of all time was a LOW three star with offers from Boise State and Idaho. I don’t care if he played at Boise, Kellen Moore won games, both big and small (including Georgia in Atlanta). Oh yeah, and our own Brent Pease was on the staff that recruited/evaluated/coached him. Relax.

  9. right on Virginia gator ! seems I have more confidence in Pease than w/m .
    W/M sat on the sidelines & allowed weiss and his do nothing offense to go at it week after week with out changing a thing. He also allowed brantley to throw 3 picks in 3 straight drives against fsu ! I did not see true H Coaching leadership last year…. this year will make or break muschamp . But then what do you expect from a man who NEVER held a HC position?

  10. W/M may prove to be a ‘keeper’ as an SEC head coach but he has much to prove and, given the lack of patience of many Gator fans, he has very limited time. A REALITY: A 4-5 loss season in 2012 is quite likely. RECRUITING: He seems to be doing fairly well but let us see if it translates into wins in the Fall. High school senior Kublanow, W/M ‘personal recruit’ just committed to Georgia. This may not be the ‘end of the world’ but W/M should be learning to be a head coach at some place like William & Mary not at Forida which was in the recent past a national football power. Both on the field and in recruiting W/M is no Saban or Meyer. He may be just a young coach with one year of head coaching experience who was placed in this position by the ego of the University Athletic Director.

  11. @EMK- Not sure how you can state that WM can’t recruit with the Saban’s and Meyer’s of the wold – we can only pin one class on him and it was a consensus top 5 class. He’s a brand new HC and Saban and Meyer have been at this for years. This years class was a damn good one for a guy who hasn’t proven himself yet, especially after that cluster of an offense we had last year. The fact that we signed as many talented offensive players as we did says the guy can recruit with the best of them.

  12. The SEC Championship, actual wins-losses are determined by the results on the field. It is not determined by a staff writer’s opinion on which school has signed by the best high school players. In other words until victories are acheived on the field a ‘consensus top 5 class’ means nothing!! Saban has a resume of success; Meyer has a resume of success. W/M has one year of experience as a head coach with one less than successful record of wins-losses. This may change. I and many others will be pulling for him. But until he does so, the typical HS kid is, in many situations, going to be more attracted to a Saban, a Meyer than a head coach with one year of experience with very average success. UM put the Gator program in a very deep hole. Only time and victories in the fall not recruiting class ratings will determine if W/M is capable of getting the job done.

  13. Chill out EMK. Coaches recruit hundreds of kids every year, but you only actually land 20 of them. You’re not gonna get every one. The best way to judge a class is by looking at impact players and needs. Biggest needs last year were WR, OL, DL. Impact players there include Pittman, Dunker, Humphries, Bullard, Fowler; Matt Jones, the TEs, Morrison, and maybe Brian Poole could fit the bill as well. It was a great class, although the numbers were low at OL and WR. W/M is making that up in this class with Fulwood, Adams, and hopefully Tunsil. The LBs, RBs, and DBs so far look good too. It’s just a matter of time before these guys are the core of the team; that’s when we can truly judge W/M.

  14. Not meaning to get off topic of needing a QB or not needing a QB but just out of curiousity what happened to all the hype of Derrick Henry being interested in Florida. I read a lot of articles about him being at most of our practices last year. Did the interest he had fade away or did Florida just stop pursuing him? Just curious if anyone had read more articles or had more info on his status other than the junk ive read about him wanting to roll with the tide.

  15. @EMK- Brantley (UF), Fullwood (UF), Outlaw (UF), Washington (UF), McMillan (UF). I’m sorry we can’t land everyone on YOUR board, but Boom and co. are doing fine at recruiting and are well on there way to again, sign at top 5 class.

  16. Sorry still don’t see Ryan Buchanan making SEC type throws. No footwork in the pocket because there is no pressure, out routes, crossing routes, comebacks, digs, nothing in the highlights that shows he’s capable of sticking the ball in the tight windows of the SEC. Most of his passes are thrown with no pressure and caught in space with 2-3 feet of separation by the rec. 3Rd and 6 I need Asiantii Woulard with the ball in his hands with a run pass option

  17. Still say Chandler Register out of Lambert High School in Cumming, GA 4.4 40yd 6’2″ should be given consideration as for some reason, he is being looked over, but he is getting a lot of looks from Rice, just sayin, COME ON GATORS!!! Plus, he has the grades….

  18. ORLANDO, Fla. — If quarterback Asiantii Woulard
     (Winter Park, Fla./Winter Park) has his way, everything that happens in Las Vegas will be seen by coaches and scouts across the nation.
    Woulard will be heading west for the final Elite 11 regional after receiving a call from former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer.

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