Gators in front for Ivie after extending offer


The last time UF offered an in-state defensive end named Joey, Mr. Bosa bolted from St. Thomas Acquinas to become a Buckeye.

The Gators are now going after another Joey — Joey Ivie. And while the unranked Ivie is not as coveted as Bosa, the nation’s No. 2 DE in 2013, they still have a lot in common besides their first name.

They’re both from the Sunshine State, they have similar playing styles, their measurables are almost identical and they could probably pass for brothers.

And like Bosa, Ivie now has a Florida offer.

After being evaluated by UF defensive coordinator Dan Quinn last week, Ivie spoke with head coach Will Muschamp Monday morning and started off his week wonderfully.

“I got on the phone with coach Muschamp and he offered me a scholarship,” Ivie said. “He told me that he wants me to be a Gator and he was pretty excited about it.”

Ivie currently has 14 scholarship offers, including UF, FSU and Miami

For the Dade City Pasco prospect, a life-long Florida fan, it was more than exciting for him and his family.

“It was overwhelming for me,” he said. “I grew up a Gator fan so it’s a pretty big offer. My grandma called everybody and told them. A lot of my family graduated from Florida, so they were excited because I could be a Gator. To think that I might play for the team that I grew up watching is pretty neat.”

That neatness has put UF in the drivers seat for his services, even though he won’t release a leaderboard until the summer.

“My doors are still open to a lot of colleges, but Florida is the top team for me,” Ivie said. “I was there three weeks ago and it went very well. It was cool because I was the only (recruit) visiting, so I got to spend a lot of one-on-one time with the coaches. It was very inspiring and special. I definitely had a great time and it’s only an hour and a half away.”

The 6-foot-4, 270-pounder will return to Gainesville in June for summer camp, and he also has a handful of other trips planned before he makes a decision.

“I’ll be going to Auburn, Tennessee, Georgia and the in-state schools,” Ivie said. “I need to look at all those colleges and go to a couple camps. I’d like to wait until I can take some official visits in September, but I’ll probably commit earlier than that.”

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  1. It does not look encouraging. Offers are now being made to ‘back-up’ guys like Ivey (or whatever his name is). OSU got one of the best in Florida with Bosa. Nkemdica is Bama bound. Walker is shaky and Sherit, who knows.

  2. If Florida players go out of state, than we don’t want their sorry carcasses on our team! UF will be back on top this year or next and we want champions that want to be here not some flake chasing a shadow. I have faith in the players that want to be here…period! GO GATORS!!!!

  3. I agree with Gator Ed….We only want the ones that want to be here.
    We are really coming back fast….The Offense had a full year to prepare unlike last year when we threw in Freshmen Qbs!!!!
    I think this is at least a 9 win season….And could be better.
    Go Gators…Bob in Jupiter

  4. Looks like we’re going to sign another Earl Okine. Taking a boy because of his size and upside instead of taking a man who’s ready to knock heads when he steps on campus. Get one from out of state coaches, or go after another ranked position player, but we dang sure don’t need another bench warming DE

  5. WOW !!! I have never seen a bigger bunch of arm chair coaches than on this site. Maybe you all should let the guys that get payed the big $ decide who they think the best position player is? Unless I’ve made a mistake and GBBOLT and EMK are on Foley’s next big hire list. Build up that D Gators !!!!!!

  6. Some of you sure have some strong comments to make about something you know nothing about. It’s one thing to say, ‘Havn’t heard of him before. I wonder if this may be a reach?’ But to declare him a bench warmer before he’s even played his senior year is a but pre-mature. Why don’t you trust the coaches who are actually in the business of evaluating talent to make the right call for what they need to be successful. Bunch of key board hacks! Most of you probabally never even played a down of football. Geeeesh!

  7. I have great faith in the ability of WM and his staff to evaluate talent. That said, consider the following. Fact: The Gators made an offer to Bosa before making one to Ivie (why?); Fact: The Gators made an offer to Nkemdica before making one to Ivie (why?); Fact: The Gators made an offer to Walker before making one to Ivie (why?); Fact: The Gator made an offer to Sherit before making one to Ivie (why?). I really don’t know why, just wondering!!

  8. I agree with Sean. Trust more in WM & staff. Also agree that Ivie has a solid list of top schools to visit – a good indicator of talent. Too many of you “experts” are full of hot (negative) air.

  9. Sean is right. I’m gonna trust Dan Quinn over you keyboard coaches. Because he’s not one of the first choices doesn’t make him a bad choice. The kid and his family obviously have good taste. Lets see what he’s got before you cast stones.

  10. When Bosa, Nkemdica, Walker and Sherit were made offers it was probably done after WM, Dan Quinn and others on the staff made their evaluations. It is unlikely that ‘keyboard coaches’ made these decisions. At some point after the prior four were made offers, it was decided by WM, Quinn and other coaches that an offer should be made to Ivey. Just wondering why!! Or to say it another way, ‘Facts are Facts’.

  11. If it were up to some of the self-appointed experts, we would have never signed Pittman, last year, because he wasn’t ranked high enough! Some of you people crack me up! Bosa has ties to OSU. He was never coming to UF to start with. This kid will play a lot of football at UF and we’ll be glad he chose UF!

  12. We would be glad to have him. Its not about the rankings every single time. He obviously has talent or he wouldnt have so many offers. Cant we develop players anymore or do we have to have top 5 rated guys every time we make an offer? I guess our coaches arent good enough. He is a life long gator fan and his whole family are gators, we need talented kids like him. I hope he commits.

    Do you do any research on a recruit before you criticize them?! Did you even watch any film on the kid? Go to Rivals and look him up. Joey Ivie is a feakin beast! He has never been second tier. He was a sleeper, because he got his junior highlight tape out late. He has 18 offers and counting. He was a thirteen game starter and 1st team conf and suncoast. He is rated the number one DL in Florida by BCPs. Not to mention he benches 425lbs! This kid takes a back seat to none of the players you mentioned. At least do some homework before you trash a player that could help Florida win!

  14. I’m with Dan on this. He’s talented enough to have a great list of schools courting him, and he’ll be more motivated as a player for the school he’s been rooting for since he was little. The UF coaches know what they’re doing, and should be able to coach him up to be the equivalent of the other DEs that were offered.

  15. This “we only want the ones who want to be here” is the retort of the naive. The players you want are the ones that are hard to get and wants to know who really wants them. Bama’s talent quotient has gotten better than UFs because they have players that are hard to get. It is hard to get the kind of defensive lineman they have. Those player have every option available to them and Bama doesn’t sit back and say “we only want the ones who want to be here.” They go out and bust tail and sell out to get the ones who might otherwise go elsewhere.

    When you sit around waiting for a player who “wants to be here,” you end up with this guy. A kid who but for the fact that a baller decided to go elsewhere, would end up at FIU. Then he gets on the field and you end up in dog fights with Miami of Ohio for 3 quarters, and get poll axed by LSU and Bama. And your one time whipping boy teams like UGA and FSU have you smelling their exhaust.

    You can’t trade ballers for “ones who want to be here” guys and expect to compete for championships. You will win your preseason cupcake games. You will clean up your Mississippi schools, Vandy, Kentucky, UT, but everything one else you will be climbing up hill.

    Could you imagine this kid on Bama’s defensive line? No, get serious. I called out Muschamp for bringing in that scrub from Connecticut. The LB. I took a beating on Gatorsports Forum. But I know a kid who can’t get on the field for the Gators, without the Gators being at a competitive disadvantage when I see one.

    Back in the day we used to reserve a lot of spots on our team for alumni members kids. Boosters kids. Kids sponsored by booster clubs. Those were days we were irrelivant. We moved away from those days as we closed out the Spurrier years. Meyer went after kids who would didn’t necessarily care about UF or were fawning fans. He went after hosses who wanted to play with winners, more than they wanted to play for UF. Sure after they got here the were Gator fans. But they came here to play with other great players first. Not play with scrappy over achievers who are slightly better than Rudy….

    This kid will be another special teams guy who will take 4 years to start to earn his 4 year scholarship. It will be 4 years before he could because a starter capable of holding up against LSU and Bama.

  16. FSU and Miami may want this guy. But they don’t play in the SEC and have to get through Bama or LSU, NFL defensive and offensive line based teams to win a conference title. They can afford to take him in the leagues.

  17. I guess you were sounding as dumb as you sound now when CWM took a commitment from Tre Bell too. Didnt know who he was? Well you should now, because he’s headed to The Opening. Given this is just beginning of the 13 cycle, by the time it ends I guarantee he’ll have blown up and attain a few stars for you to gaze at!

  18. SO, How did we end up with a top 3 recruiting class if we only get “guys that want to be here”? You are just dumb, and you think your’e smart which makes it worse. I trust the coaches and if you actually followed recruiting like I do, you would know Ivey is one of the hottest names out there right now. He has beem DOMINATING at the various camps and combines and has a huge frame. Get your mind right.

  19. Gatorsydney:
    Don’t be foolish. The first thing Muschamp did when he got here was run off about a dozen of Meyer’s prima donnas who thought they were God’s gift to football and didn’t have to work hard. Yes, we all want elite talent, but not at the expense of hustle and desire. Let this Bosa go to Ohio State. He will figure out his mistake soon enough. As for Ivey, I will look forward to him being a player in Orange and Blue.

  20. I really have to wonder about the reading apprehension of some who post on this site. Let’s do this again real slow and very basic: When it comes to recruiting every the coaching staff of every football program in the country (1) first, determines ‘need’ (what positions must be filled, (2) secondly, each possible recruit is evaluated by this staff (not people on this site), (3) then, those who are deemed to be acceptable are priorized (who is # 1, # 2, # 3, etc.) (4) then offers are made. (5) Try to think about what I have just written and then try to relate it to what I have already written. Think really hard (RR) and give it a try!!

  21. Why are we still hearing the “Just trust the coaches” stuff? I’m sure that was being said while Ron Zook was here and I’m sure it was being said in Meyer’s last 2 years. And NO!!, I’m not comparing Will to the Zooker. What I am saying is let’s quit acting like coaching and recruiting are brain surgery. Probably none of us have ever been the President, a Senator, a Representative, a Governor or member of the Supreme Court,however, when anyone criticizes those positions you never hear–“Hey, you’ve never been a Chief Justice. Just be quiet” There have been enough MISSES with Florida recruiting the last few years to give anyone reason to not trust any particular decision. Does that mean Timmy from Titusville has more info on a guy than Florida recruiting coordinators? No, but the idea of treating recruiting as a science more than an art–and sometimes a crap shoot–is really crazy.

  22. By the way, Dan Werner played basketball for the University of Florida and was “Mr New Jersey Basketball” his senior year. Now anyone who watched Florida basketball would have come to the conclusion there were only 7 kids playing basketball in New Jersey a few years ago. Evaluations can be wrong even if made by guys making over 3 million a year to make the right call. The same guy who saw something in Horford and Noah–when most big time programs didn’t–also saw an SEC power forward in Dan Werner. It’s an art. It’s not a science.

  23. EMK:

    Why was Ivie offered late? That was your original question…Please try reading this time, because I said this in a previous post!

    Because Ivie was a sleeper-sleeper-sleeper. He got his tape out late and didn’t go to his first combine until last month. But its all probably moot because Alabama was at his spring practice last week (247