UF coaches hit the road for Evaluation Period


Florida’s coaching staff is about to feel the economic effects of high gas prices.

Today is the start of the Evaluation Period, a 47-day window for assistants coaches to travel around the country and evaluate prospects. Head coaches cannot take part in these evaluations.

From Feb. 3 to April 14, the UF staff was under the Quiet Period, which only permits prospects to communicate with coaches by phone/mail or on unofficial visits to campus.

Now the coaches have until May 31 to visit high schools and watch practices, although they can’t have any in-person conversations with prospects or their parents during those two trips. Any communication still must be on Florida’s campus or by phone/mail.

With the 2013 class filling up fast, this is a crucial time for the coaches. It allows them to see how prospects are performing on the field and in the classroom. This will help them address the recruiting board and re-rank their targets based on the results they find.

From the NCAA recruiting calender:

An authorized off-campus recruiter may use one evaluation to assess the prospective student-athlete’s athletics ability and one evaluation to assess the prospective student-athlete’s academic qualifications during this evaluation period. If an institution’s coaching staff member conducts both an athletics and an academic evaluation of the prospective student-athlete on the same day during this evaluation period, the institution shall be charged with the use of an academics evaluation only and shall be permitted to conduct a second athletics evaluation of the prospective student-athlete on a separate day during this evaluation period.

Another Quiet Period begins on June 1 and lasts through July 31. Muschamp will hold his summer camps and Friday Night Lights during that two-month time frame.


  1. It is the “illusion” of strict rules…naturally with a little “loophole” thrown in, for comfort’s sake, I imagine–how confused would everyone be if there weren’t any little “wrinkles and extras” somehow available, giving at least the impression of access-to-more if you just do something “backdoor”?
    Heaven forbid it just be simple, logical, efficient and fair–rather than stupid, convoluted and the maximum pain-in-the-butt.

  2. If the rules only require 2 visits, wonder how many meyer is able to manipulate out of it… hope his past catches up with him & exposes the real urban for who he is : a slithery coach who lives only for the “win” at ALL costs while spewing “coach speak” out of the other side of his mouth…

  3. Word is Tunsil wants to play LT and DJ Humphries may turn him off … which makes it more likely we take 5 “lesser” prospects (R. Johnson, Outlaw, Dillard, Montelus, Crowder). But of course, the “word” was that Ahmad Fulwood was going out of state, so who knows …