Scholarships filling up fast in 2013 class


Since Florida’s latest haul on the recruiting front, I’ve received a lot of questions about how many scholarships are left for 2013.

With 15 commitments on board, the class is close to full and there are currently just two spots available. The Gators will have 13 seniors this upcoming season and 81 players on scholarship, four short of the 85 maximum.

So as it stands now, there are 17 openings for the 2013 class. Attrition will happen as it does every year, and each occurrence will free up another scholarship.

It’s hard to predict which players will transfer or which freshmen won’t pan out, so I’m not going to start naming names. But I’m anticipating three guys will not see the end of next season.

Underclassmen leaving early, however, is a much clearer picture. NFL Draft declarations could come from juniors Andre Debose, Dominique Easley, Matt Elam, Sharrif Floyd, Jon Halapio, Jelani Jenkins and Ronald Powell, although Powell’s injury will almost certainly make him stay for his senior year. I seeing Florida losing two out of Easley, Elam and Floyd.

That puts my expectations for the 2013 class size at 22, although some UF recruiting reporters feel there could be 23-25 signed in February. To fulfill their needs, the Gators have to finish with a quarterback, a third receiver, an offensive tackle, a second defensive tackle, two defensive ends and at least one more defensive back (seven total).

NOTE: The three walk-ons who have been awarded scholarships (DB Tim Clark, LS Drew Ferris, RB Scott Peek) were not included in the numbers because they won’t count against the 2013 class.


  1. The LB situation looks so much better than last year, and WR and OL is really shaping up for 2013 too. But we need 5 OL and 4 WR in this class. I don’t expect a whole lot of NFL early jumpers as you do IMO, but I think we’ll sign about 22.

  2. Too bad we can’t play the Alabama and LSU game and just pull scholarships from kids that don’t pan out and sign 25 every year like clockwork regardless of how many scholarship players are on the roster.

  3. I think everyone except for seniors will come back. U gota think with dirskel and brisket whoever wins they will be jrs next year. We have a really good chance with a experience team to win a title in 2013 n i think the players will c that!

  4. Kyle- Exactly what I was thinking. Aaron Lynch is transferring somewhere in the state of Florida:

    The kid can play! He would be a huge pickup, especially with Powell missing some time. They are similar players. I don’t think Lynch would have made the announcement unless he already knew where he was going. Anyone have some inside information?