Rivals250 WR & Gator-lean Burse feels the love


If Carlos Burse becomes a multimillion dollar player in the NFL, there’s already some young Florida fans prepared to cash in on his memorabilia.

Following Saturday’s Orange and Blue Debut, the four-star receiver felt the love from the next generation of Gators.

“I enjoyed the environment,” Burse said. “The whole Gainesville community down in Gator nation, everybody there is lovely. When I was walking out of the stadium after the game, I actually had to sign autographs for some little kids. That was really fun.”

It was the second visit to UF for the Alpharetta, Ga., prospect, but his first time seeing the Gators in action.

“It was legit,” Burse said of the trip. “It’s always a lot of fun to see any college team play, but Florida was really nice because of the caliber it’s at.”

“The last time I came was for a camp, so I didn’t necessarily see exactly how everything was. It was definitely different this time. I got to take a tour of the campus and see what the football program has to offer.”

Burse is a member of the Rivals250 and ESPNU 150 Watch List

The 6-foot-2, 194-pounder spoke highly of new offensive coordinator Brent Pease and sophomore quarterback Jacoby Brissett.

“I really like the new offense, it’s very nice,” Burse said. “They pass a lot more and there’s a lot more patterns they run. I’m sure if I did decide to go there, I’d be able to do some crazy things in the passing game. I really like No. 12. He has a cannon. He has a really nice arm.”

After the game, Burse chatted with head coach Will Muschamp and receivers coach Aubrey Hill — his primary recruiter.

“They had a nice talk with me and let me know exactly what they’re looking for,” Burse said. “I talked to the receivers coach and he would like to watch my film so he can see how I play. I’m also coming back for their summer camp again. He’s hoping I pick Florida, but I still have a lot of time left in my recruiting process.”

UF has been the front-runner for Burse since late last year, and that lead increased Saturday. Burse said the Gators are his favorite because they recruit him the hardest and treat him with “southern hospitality.”

With all the love he’s received from coaches and now fans, why not pull the trigger?

“I just need to go see other places,” said Burse, who likes Alabama a lot and hopes to earn an offer from Nick Saban in his camp this summer. “I’m trying to see what everybody has to offer. I’m going to take all of my visits and not rush anything. I won’t make a decision until the end of my senior season.”

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    • UF has 81 scholarships players (not counting walk-ons) and 13 seniors, so right now UF has 17 spots available. Any attrition (underclassmen leaving, transfers) that takes place will increase that number. I expect UF to sign around 20-22 recruits.

  1. Zach, any truth to the rumors that Brissett is actually the better prepared QB at this point. We keep hearing the battle is even, but like Burse, and anyone else who was at the Spring game says, Brissett has an absolute cannon. Maybe coach is playing to both egos to keep one from transferring. I like Brissett’s pocket presence and demeanor. However, Driskel looks like he is still waiting for things to slow down for him. Both are incredible kids and fantastic athletes, so who would you guess is the frontrunner at this point for QB next year Zach? Thanks, Go Gators!

  2. Brissett seemed to have better pocket presence as well as command of the offense. Driskell seemed to telegraph his throws at times and his deep ball seems to hang too long. Brissett threw the ball with authority and confidence.. He made better reads earlier in the play that allowed the players to make a move after the catch. He also took more chances down field. The players level of play seems to elevate when he is in the huddle. Driskell did improve but Brissett is the better fit for this team at this time. The recruits that were there seem to see the same things that I did. Driskell numbers were a lttle misleading with all the short dump passes.

  3. Neither QB proved ANYTHING this past Saturday! Both had miscues and both messed up formations. I am still waiting for one to separate himself from the other. Regardless of which one that ends up being…. I think we will be far better off than last year. Both these young men bring something special to the game when they play. Both would/will be great players. GO GATORS!!

  4. I agree that both are good QB’s and both had miscues, but if I were having to choose one tomorrow it would Brissett today and Five times on Saturday. Everyone in my section seemed to think the same thing. Driskells a great athlete but he doesn’t seem very comfortable in the pocket. In this offense you have to have a pocket presence and as of right now he doesn’t. He’s very jittery back there. So yes Brissett proved he was ready and Driskel proved that he has gotten better. Driskell is a great runner and roll out option but that is not our offense. I’d take either over Brantley. These guys really push each other and that’s good competition. Go Gators!!

  5. Im just happy we have these QBs on our team and we have this problem of discerning which is the better of the two. I just pray we can keep them both on the roster and we dont loose either one of them. We are in so much better hands this yr with Pease. Thank God WM held out for the right guy! Go Gators!

  6. Great article man I hope this kid chooses UF. He seems to have his head on his shoulders and he values the right things. Brissett is better for the offense we are running. We dont need a Tim Tebow like QB anymore. We need someone to stand tall in the pocket and deliver the football with accuracy. Brissett is also not afraid to go deep and he does it better than anyone else on our team. Driskel is great and he can help us win but right now Brissett is better for what we are trying to do. Brissett knew when Meyer left that he could start over Driskel in a pro style offense and thats exactly what should happen barring Driskel getting better in the pocket.

  7. Two comments/Questions:
    Where is everybody getting that Brissett has a stronger arm?
    This is the opposite of what I see. Driskel clearly has the stronger arm, Brissett seems to have a better demeanor and presence. Brissett floats the ball while Driskel zips it. I am for the one that performs better but let’s not confuse reality.

    How can Alabama be offering him a scholly when they have like 26 commitments already and are currently 3-4 over the existing limit of 85?
    I guess a lot of kids will be sustaining career ending injuries over the summer without realizing it.

  8. @ Mark T, I don’t know what game you were watching but Brissett threw the ball with authority. Driskell does have a strong arm but tends to hand the ball. He never completed any passes down field because of it. The paass to Debosewas caught at about ten yards and Debose did the rest. Reality is Brissett is better and both Pease and Muschamp know it. Brissett came out throwing while Driskell came out running the option. Enough said.

  9. Have a friend/assoc. close to the coaches & am told that it is driskell who seems to hold a slight edge at this point..they just dont want to make a decision right now because this is still too close to call…

  10. Brissett reminds me of Doug Johnson – way too confident in his arm.
    Driskell reminds me of Tebow – keeps grading out higher in my book when it comes to decisions. Touchdowns to turnovers is what matters – not pocket presence. Driskell threw it 60 yards in the air – that’s a cannon in my book. Pocket presence is great, but if the o line breaks down, there is no pocket. We have true freshmen and some starters from last year. My guess is that the line will break down several games throughout the year.

  11. Gator Alum, way to have confidence in your o line. You can throw it 100 yards, but if it isn’t accurate who cares. Ask Tebow!!! A good defense would keep driskell in thepocket and make him beat them with his arm and he can’t. Driskell threw zero touch downs last year. Get over Tebow folks!!

  12. Did you see the O line last year? Add a couple true freshman and it is actually improved. True freshman plus terrible leftovers against LSU, FSU, UGA, South Carolina’s d line = need for some scrambling.
    Driskell’s passing is great. He throws the deep out better than any other QB that I have seen at FL in more than 20 years. I never believe the hype – I only grade the players on what I see. Doug Johnson, Terry Dean, John Brantley, Chris Leak, and now Brissett are not impressive in their decision making when I watch. Wuerfell, Tebow, Grossman ( usually) and Driskell do impress me with their decisions.
    Whine about people getting over Tebow all you want – it has nothing to do with the current set of players. Driskell is and will be the better QB. I just hope that it is at UF.

  13. Gator alum, I think Driskell is a good player as well and I am rooting for him as I am all of our players. I just saw Brissett as the better qb for this team right now. I am not the only one seeing this. From what I saw and have been hearing it is Brissett’s job to lose. He isn’t afraid of making plays like some of our previous qb’s. Qb’s can’t play conservative and be succesful in this league and especially not on this team. The plahers even raise their level of play for Brissett and it shows.

  14. When you get inside the 20 against a good SEC defense there is absolutely no doubt that a strong mobile running quarterback teamed with a 247 lb fullback and two large tight ends gives you a much better chance of scoring a touchdown (Tebow showed this time and time again before Urban went nuts). I would play them both, but Driskel is my clear choice if we are to win a championship. Let them both play a half against Bowling Green and then decide.
    Driskel is my choice.