UF visit trumps all for Muschamp’s personal recruit


Brandon Kublanow has been around the block of several schools in the Southeast, but none have compared to the University of Florida.

The four-star offensive lineman took his first trip to UF earlier this month and walked away gushing about Gainesville.

Brandon Kublanow is a member of the Rivals250

“UF is the best school I’ve seen,” said the Marietta, Ga., Walton prospect. “I loved it a lot. Everything is really, really nice. They have a pretty big campus, too. Just being on the practice field and seeing the team go through drills was pretty cool. And obviously (Will) Muschamp was very involved during my visit.”

The UF head coach has personally recruited Kublanow since he was offered, giving him a distinction that only few have felt.

“Florida was a really big offer for me,” Kublanow said. “And then to be personally recruited by Muschamp was a huge honor. It means a lot to me because I know he really wants me. He’s writes me on Facebook all the time and we also talk regularly. It’s just an awesome feeling.”

Kublanow is the No. 2 ranked center by Rivals.com, and Muschamp repeatedly reminds him of the need at the position.

“He just always stresses how important I am to them and lets me know that they need me there,” Kublanow said. “And they’ve made it clear that I would fit into their offense.”

Although playing time isn’t key for Kublanow, the opportunity to see the field early with the Gators “definitely” gives them an edge.

“I’m not looking for someone to tell me that I’m going to play right away. That’s just not realistic,” said Kublanow, who will base his decision on academics, relationships with coaches and program direction.

“I’m going to work for a starting job and earn it myself. But knowing Florida needs help definitely factors in. They don’t have that many offensive linemen, so they definitely could use more and I’m not afraid to compete.”

Speaking of competition, Florida’s biggest challengers in the race for Kublanow are currently Clemson and Georgia. Both schools have recruited him the hardest along with UF, and the Bulldogs used to be his leader.

“They’re both pretty solid programs and they have really good coaches,” Kublanow said of Clemson and Georgia. “I’m pretty wide open right now and there’s no leader for me.

“I’m going to take a couple more visits to Vanderbilt, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Then I’ll talk it over with some people and make my decision before my senior season. And it’s going to be real hard.”

Photo by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution


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  3. Zach, What about some basketball recruiting news? A status update? The Gators have three guards coming in next year with only Erv graduating, how many scholarships are available? What about some big men like Chris Walker and Anthony Bennett? Can Billy sign both or does someone have to go pro or transfer? Are there others interested?