Alabama DT visits Gainesville again


Rod Crayton drove down to UF on Saturday for the second time this year.

The Dadeville, Ala., defensive tackle, who previously visited for Florida’s first Junior Day on Jan. 28, watched the Gators’ first practice in pads this spring.

Crayton is an ESPNU 150 Watch List member

“It was good,” said Crayton, who made the six-hour trip with two teammates and his coach, Matt Harris. “I really liked the things they did in practice.”

Crayton paid close attention to the drills of defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and defensive line coach Bryant Young.

“The things they do on the defensive line I really liked a lot. I think I can fit into it,” he said. “They do the same things that my coach taught me, so there’s a lot of similarities.”

He also spent time with his primary recruiter, tight ends coach Derek Lewis, and received a surprising welcome from UF coach Will Muschamp.

“(Muschamp) came up to me,” Crayton said, “and before I had my name tag on, he already knew who I was.¬†We were on the practice field speaking and he told me to enjoy everything.”

The ESPNU 150 Watch List member has only been to Gainesville twice now, but he’s already sold on the city.

“I like everything around here,” he said. “It’s a good place, good school, good community and good people.”

Crayton was hoping to receive an offer from Florida during the visit, but he said the coaches still have concern about his height. The 285-pounder is currently listed at 6-foot-1 on ESPN and Scout, but he looks closer to 6-foot in person.

He plans on returning June 9 to participate in summer camp and show off his strength.

“I’m short,” Crayton said, “but my arm span is 6 foot, 7 inches. I did 450 pounds (on the bench press) three times the other day, and I’m actually doing 150 (pounds) in dumbbells, and that’s the highest one they make.”

He currently has 12 offers and LSU, Michigan, Mississippi State and Tennessee are his favorites.

The Gators are still in the picture, but they need to offer before making his leaderboard.

“I like Florida a lot,” he said, “but I wouldn’t put them in my top five right now because I don’t have an offer from them yet.”

Photo by Zach Abolverdi


  1. What are we waiting on the kid isn’t going to get that much taller. 450 three times, doing 150 with dumbbells all this in high school. The kid sounds like a beast and to be in the top 150 and we haven’t offered is astonishing to me.

  2. We should at least make an offer, sounds like a big strong solid body for the middle. He could be more of a run stopper rather than a pass rusher who really needs the height. At this point we just need big physical bodies that are strong, this kid looks & sounds strong. What are we waiting for?

  3. It’s called being selective, already have Caleb Brantley committed and the next target is Montravius Adams … we won’t take more than 2 DTs in this class after signing several last year, focus is on LB, RB, WR, OL

  4. Compared to arguably the two greatest nose tackles of all time, Curley Culp (6’1″ and 265 lbs) and John Randle (6’1″ and 287 lbs), he compares very favorably in size. He’s bigger right now at this age than Curley Culp ever was during his pro playing career, and he’s the same size as John Randle was during his pro playing career. Offer him already!

  5. Let’s not jump the gun. We are Florida and we should be selective. let UGA throw out offers to anyone with a pulse. I love the spot we are in with recruiting. Muschamp is kicking hind tail in G-ville.

    Go Gators!

  6. Does it really matter if you get this kid or not? There’s now way UF will be even remotely relevant within the next four years. And, you will never get past Alabama again as long as Nick Saban is coach over there. That’s got to be a painful reality.

    How can a bunch of fans who are watching a QB battle between Driscul and Briscet get so excited? Your team is a JOKE!

    Gonna get rolled by the ‘Noles YET AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Jacky Boy,
    If you are an FSU fan, why are you perusing our site. Oh wait you are an FSU fan I need to reword so you can understand. Why are you lookin round this here website? Go back to your log cabin in Williston. I know you don’t get to go into the big metropolis of Lake City very often but its time to get off of Starbucks free wifi and return to your tin roofed shed where not less than 10 animals heads hang from the walls. You, me and everyone else knows that UF is FAR SUPERIOR IN EVERY SPORT TO YOUR COLLEGE. Thats why when you are at home drinking moonshine in ur rocking chair we will be watching the Gators play in the Sweet 16! Get a life loser and stay off of this site. You aren’t good enough to be on here!!

  8. Jacky, Jacky, Jacky. I really don’t get why you bother to come on here! UF is No. 1 in baseball, still playing in basketball (who does FSU play this weekend?) and while you’ve beat us the past two years in football, I don’t see that trend continuing either (by the way, we won the PRIOR 6 before you beat two HORRIBLE UF teams in the last two years). Gator Sports are still stout, and football is heading back in the right direction. Everyone knew our program would be down last year, and we finished right where most knowledgable experts predicted. FSU was picked preseason top 10 and many thought with the poor conference they played in had a legitimate shot at a national championship. How did that work out for you? If I remember correctly, you didn’t win the lowly ACC, actually you didn’t even make it to the title game. Face it, FSU has become an also ran, and the best you losers can hope for is to beat UF 2 out of every 8 years.

  9. Jack the Quack! When are you going to grow up and act like a mature adult? Well, you are a Nolio fan, so, we can’t expect too much from you. Don’t worry about us, cause Muschamp is catching up to Saban; however, Clemson is eating FSU’s lunch and will continue to do so. FSU signed a great defensive line group, but, they will continue to be weak offensively. You guys continue to sign QB’s that can’t play at the college level and UF will gobble up the top RB’s and WR’s, with Pease running the offense. So, get a life, you regurgitated hair ball!